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Explore movement patterns with Viktor Uygan as he takes you back in time. You'll rediscover how to power your Pilates practice as you move from supine to prone and side-lying. Discover the pathways leading us into the Pilates Mat exercises and recharge your practice.
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Jan 12, 2021
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Good morning, everyone. I'm Viktor Uygan, and welcome to second week Rise and Recharge challenge by Pilates Anytime. Today's theme is grounding, and let's lay down on your back. And let's start to breathe. And here, once you lay down on your mat, I would like you to just inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth.

Continue breathing and think about the word of grounding, what it means to you. I asked before the chat, there was a lot of centering. There was a lot of centering within yourself, rooted. So feel yourself down close to the floor, to your mat. On your own timing slowly, we're gonna bring both arms up and reach up and above.

And right here, there's no right place to be with your arms. Just the space that they want to be. So if you need to bend your elbows, go ahead, bend your elbows. And once you get here, continue breathing, inhale, and exhale. While you're breathing, start to feel the weight distribution.

How much weight do you have on your heels? How much weight do you have on your calves? Hamstrings, glutes? How about on your lower back? What is the weight on your upper back, your shoulders?

Any weight on your elbows, your wrists, your hands? And the back of your head? Right in here, pretend your toes are a brush. And I want you to paint the wall, very small and fast movements. So you're pushing your toes back and forth from your ankle, and that's gonna start to rock your body on the mat.

So feel that, pretend your body is a giant bucket of sand with big rocks or the small rocks. And when you rocking this, all the small rocks, all the sand is going towards the bottom, and it's being very grounded. Good, and slow down. And relax. Continue breathing.

Reach up towards the ceiling with your arms and put your palms together and bend your knees in. Feet on the floor. From here, we're gonna start just with the arms. You're gonna open up your left arm to the left side. Look towards your left arm, left arm straight, right one bends.

And once the left is to the floor, right one pretends it's shooting a bow and arrow. And elbows bent. You press them down to the floor. Inhale, come up to the ceiling again. Let's do other side.

Right arm straight on the floor. Left one stays bent, pretend you shooting a bow and arrow. And really ground your elbows and the back of your palms, the right back of the palms to the floor. Inhale, come up, and stay there. Now we're gonna add the legs to this movement.

So when you go to the left with your arms, you're gonna tilt your knees to the right. This is inhale, and be grounded with your arms again while you're reaching down with your knees. Inhale, come up, meet in the center. And to the right, inhale. Beautiful. And center.

With your arms, let's go to the left and pull your elbows. And let's go back to the center, now to the right and bend, and pull, pull pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Come back to the center, stay there. And from here, bring your arms back, and extend your legs. Beautiful.

From here, you're gonna bring your right knee and right hand towards each other, right foot on the floor, and right hand applying a pressure to your right quad. So your right side should feel really nice and grounded to the mat. And inhale, extend up and over. Let's go to the left side. And the left foot on the floor, press to your left quad with your left hand.

Feel that side grounded. And inhale, extend. And the right side grounds himself. Now, while you're grounding the right side, let's extend the left heel and left arm away from each other. So one side of your body is grounding, and the other side feels like extending away from each other.

And bring the right side next to the left. Now both extending away from each other. And then left comes in and grounds you, while the right continues lengthening. Inhale, and come back and exhale, ground, ground, ground. While you lengthen, lengthen, lengthen.

And inhale up and over. And left one comes in, ground yourself while the right one is lengthening, and bring the right one in as well, both feet on the mat, and your hands right next to you. From here, we're gonna go bridging. Let's warm up our pelvic movement by rocking forward and back. If you want some imagery, I like the one that you can have a marble between your bellybutton and your pubic bone.

And roll the marble to your bellybutton, and then bring it to the center of your pubic bone and belly button, and then roll it forward to your pubic bone. And belly button to pubic bone. Let's do two more, and one more. Bring it to your belly button, stay there. From here, we're gonna exhale.

Keep pushing your hips up towards the ceiling and hold in the top. Trying to not over push it, lengthening from the back, and push forward your knees while you're pulling your heels to your glutes. And exhale, roll down. Pay attention to articulating your vertebrae. Inhale, hold, and exhale.

Let's go up. Now when you inhale here, you're gonna bring your right arm up and over and keep it there. And exhale, roll down while the right arm is up and the left arm's down. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Go up. (blows) Now, this inhale, left arm goes up and over.

And exhale, roll down. Beautiful. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Go up. (breathes deeply) Right arm comes down. And exhale, roll down. Inhale. Hold.

Exhale. Go up. Inhale. Left arm comes down. And exhale, roll down. Beautiful. Now we're gonna change when the arm moves, also we're gonna do a stabilize vertebrae.

So we're gonna actually, instead of articulating, you guys are gonna keep your spine in one straight position. So from here, while you're pushing your hip up, move the right arm up and over. This is exhale. Inhale, hold. And exhale, roll down while the arm's there.

Now, next time you push back, you're gonna do straight up with the left arm and spine goes up. Exhale, inhale, hold. And exhale, roll down. Once again, when you go up straight, right arm comes down. Inhale, hold. Exhale, roll down.

And last one. Exhale, push up, move the left arm down. Inhale, exhale, roll down. Beautiful. Let's reach your legs and your arms away from each other once again, and we're gonna do a roll up.

Inhale from your nose. Have energy on your legs. Reaching forward away from you. You can flex your foot. Exhale, start the movement, closing your ribs, tucking your chin, bringing your arms up and over.

Hover over your legs. Stay here. Let's do some preparation for our rollover for the next ones. You're gonna bend your right knee, hold your knee with your hands, and feel yourself nice and tall. Exhale, round your spine. Keep holding your knee, trying to pretend you're gonna roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down.

There's gonna be point you cannot go anymore, because you're holding your knees. Take that static energy, and trying to apply to create a little bit more range of motion in your lower back. And then inhale, bend your elbows, pull yourself up, and feel nice and tall and extended. And exhale, round. (breathes deeply) Inhale, extend, up, up nice and tall. Use your arms.

Feel yourself grounded with your legs once again. Exhale, round, round, round, round, round, round. Inhale, come up, and we're gonna change legs. Extend the right leg. Bend the left in.

Feel nice and tall, energy grounded, exhale. Round your spine. Inhale, come up. Feel nice and tall. And two, exhale, right about here. It feels like nothing's happening, but there's a lot happening in my lower back and your abdominal section.

Round it, and inhale, come up. And one more time, exhale. And inhale. And extend your legs. Round your spine and let's do roll down.

Think about same thing what you did, what you practice. To go back, inhale, hold, and exhale, roll up. It should feel a lot easier. Inhale, exhale, roll down. Trying to maintain your arms right next to your ears if you can.

If you cannot, let the arms help you by going forward before your head comes up. And but if you keep your arms next to your ears, it's gonna be more challenging, and let's do one more time. Up and over, and relax. Beautiful. From here, let's turn towards the camera, facing towards me, facing towards each other.

And we're gonna bend your legs feet together. So we're gonna be kind of in butterfly position here. And put your hands on your feet. So you're holding yourself. From here, you're gonna exhale and round your spine while you're squeezing your knees in.

Squeeze yourself, squeeze yourself, squeeze yourself. And inhale, press your knees down, and feel you being really grounded with your legs while you're lengthening with your spine with the top of your head. Again, exhale, round, round, round, round, round, round, round, round, round. Feel yourself grounded. And inhale, open up, smile with your face.

Smile with your chest. And exhale, round, round, round, round, round, round, round. Keep squeezing. Inhale, open. We're gonna do one more set like this.

Exhale round, round, round, round, round. And inhale, open, open, open. Relax your hands. From here, we're gonna tilt towards the left, and you're gonna turn to the left with your arms while you're bringing the right foot back. So you're trying to touch almost the right toe with your left shoulder, and you look at your left.

And then inhale, come back, center. And let's go other side. And rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate. And exhale, come back in center, rotate to the left. And inhale to twist.

Feel nice and long. Don't think short, lengthen yourself. And come back and to the right. Pay attention, this knee, the left knee, is not forward. It's trying to reach back while you're rotating.

Use your arms to give you a rotational help. And we're gonna do one more set to the left, and rotate, rotate, rotate. And center, and to the right. Rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate. And come back center.

From here, we're gonna lay sideways on the mat. On your left side, everyone. And you have a choice to lengthen your arm here or support your head with your hand. I'm gonna choose this one. The bottom is bent 90 degree, and the top leg is straight, and both feet flexed.

From here, we're gonna lift the top leg up, right? So let's go up, exhale, and press down, down, down, down, down. And lift up and hold as much as you can, and press down. Now squeeze the floor. Feel grounded, and open.

Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, and press down, down, down, down, down. Each direction you're searching more. Can I lift more? Can I lift more? Can I press down more? Can I press down more?

Now stay here. You're still reaching forward so you're not collapsed on your left side. Now without moving the left quads, you just gonna externally rotate to lift the left foot up, and then bring him down. And external rotation and down. Two more, rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate, and down.

One more, rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate, down. Beautiful, now, lift the right leg up again. We're gonna do our first combo of today. So from here, when you press the right leg down, the left one goes up. They squeeze towards each other.

Now they open away from each other. The more you want to lift the right leg, more the left one presses down to the ground. And they squeeze towards each other. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and open, open, open. And lengthening, reach towards the wall.

And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Two more, open, open, open, open, and close. One more. Open, open, open, open, open, and close. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and relax.

Beautiful, from here let's come up and seated. So this is the highest we're gonna get in today's class, okay? Today is the grounding theme. This is the highest point that we're gonna reach in our class. Sit nice and tall in here.

If this is difficult for you, you can bend your knees. You can use the regular modifications that you like. Open your arms to the side, and let's start with the twist. We're gonna inhale, inhale, turn to the right, come back center, and repeat same thing to the left. Beautiful.

Pay attention, the rotation comes from the spine, not from the shoulders. And please do include your neck, right? It's a part of the spine. Do look to the right or left. Center to the left, come back and stay here.

Open your legs to the side, wider than your shoulders. Now we're gonna do a saw. The right hand is gonna reach outside of the left. Right palms down, left palms up. And reach forward as much as you can.

And inhale, come up, feel nice and tall, and repeat the same thing to the right. Left hand reaches to outside of the right foot, left palm down, right palm up, come back center. And exhale, saw to left foot. And come up. And now you're gonna saw the right.

Beautiful Inhale up. Last set to the left. (breathes deeply) And to the right. And come up. Now we are ready to do the right side. So from here, find yourself in the middle of the mat, support your head with your right hand.

The right foot is bent, and the left one extended, reaching out and away from you. And left leg goes up, hold. Down, squeeze, squeeze, ground yourself. Again and up and down. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and lift three.

And squeeze in, and lift, and squeeze in, in, in, in, in, in in, in. Really reach forward as much as you can. And the bottom leg externally rotates and comes back in. Now it wants to do internal rotation almost, but it doesn't move, because there's the floor. Now external again, and then press down.

Feel grounded, grounded, grounded. And externally rotate, rotate, rotate, and press down, grounded, grounded, grounded. And one more time, externally rotate, and press down grounded. Beautiful. So from here, lift the left foot up and hold.

They're gonna move together the combo. And press towards each other. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And open away from each other. Lengthening, lengthening, lengthening.

And two. And open, open, open, open, open, open. And three. And open, open, open, open, open. One more, squeeze towards each other.

And open, show energy, and then relax. Beautiful, we're gonna come up seated position again. Do you guys remember what we did before we did the second side of the side lying? We did twist and a saw. Now we're gonna combine those two exercises.

So we're gonna do twist to the right, inhale, inhale. When you come center, open up your legs, get ready for the saw. With the right hand, go to the left. And the one saw. When you come up, put your feet together.

So we are ready to do the left twist, come back center, and saw. Inhale together. Twist, twist, open, and exhale. And come up. Inhale to the left.

Open, exhale, saw. One more set. And right, right, open. Exhale, come up, and left, left, open. And saw, and close your legs, and relax.

You're gonna go prone on your stomach. From here, you're gonna reach forward with your arms. And you're gonna maintain looking down to the mat with your head. So just hover, basically. Your nose is barely touching.

Keep your legs together. Have energy reaching away from your hands. Feet and hands reaching away from each other. And without bending your elbows, let's pull your hands down towards your hips, and then inhale, reach away from it. So reach to the wall, and you're gonna feel your shoulders is gonna come all the way up to your ears.

Now move your shoulders away from the ears and push forward. Now, we're gonna add mini saw onto to this, and you're gonna pull in. At the end of the in, you're gonna lift your chest up little bit, and don't lift your neck only. Keep the back of the neck matching the extension of your upper cervical spine, upper thoracic spine, sorry. And we're gonna come up and down.

And one more, and up, and down. Let's mix those two together. So one without coming up, just the arm, scapular glides, and push forward. Now add the swan, come up and down. One more time without the swan, just the scapular glide.

And now with swan. And come back in and relax. Bring your elbows underneath your shoulders. Palms up to the ceiling. So from here, push your hips down.

Pretend there's something fragile underneath your knees. So I don't want you to put pressure to the mat with your knees while you're doing this exercise. And the exercise is leg kicks. You're gonna bring the left leg, flex the foot, and kick to your glutes twice. Inhale, inhale, and extend.

Repeat the same thing to the right. Inhale, inhale, extend. One more set, inhale, inhale, extend. And the right one, inhale, inhale, extend. Now let's do exactly same the thing with your arms.

Watch the position. And so you're not collapse. You're really pushing the floor away from you. And we're gonna bring the left hand in, in, extend, press down. Now the right one.

In, in, and extend. Left one. In, in, extend. Right one. In, in, extend. Now, you know what's next. I'm gonna combine these two.

So left arm and right leg works together, and we're gonna go inhale, inhale, extend. Inhale, inhale, extend. Keep the leg parallel as much as you can. Inhale, inhale, extend. Inhale, inhale, extend.

Inhale, inhale, extend. Last set. One more and relax. Beautiful, and you can turn your head to the right. I'm not gonna put it down all the way for those they observe everything.

Because I have a mic. So I'm gonna hover my head, but you can put your head down and just relax. You can also open your hands to the side a little bit. So we did work our extenders. You might feel a little bit pressure on your lower back too.

Today, the way we're gonna release that, to be grounded, you're gonna bend your left knee towards the left elbow and just breathe and relax there. Beautiful. Bring the left leg back. Look down, turn your head to the right, and bring the right knee towards the right elbow. And breathe.

Let's go back with the leg. Turn your head to the center, and repeat to the left. And come back to the center and the right. And one more time to the center, and turn your head to the right. Beautiful.

So from here, you're gonna turn on your back. We're gonna lay down supine. All right, now, you're gonna hold the right knee with your hands. We're gonna use the knee, the power of the knee or the hip, actually, the right hip, to help us to come up to flection. And then we're gonna roll down once again.

So the arms are straight. I'm pushing my knee forward to go to flection. Good, and roll down. And one more time. Let's go up.

Now stay there. Without lowering yourself down, exhale, pull the right knee in. And inhale out. And one more time. Pull the right knee in and out.

Last one, pull the right knee in, stay there. Lift the left foot up a little bit and hold. And relax. Beautiful. Let's change the legs. Bring the left side in and extend the right leg out.

Use the left knee, left hip to push forward. And that's gonna help you to come up, and inhale, roll down. And exhale. While you're using your leg's power to come up, really ground yourself, sink your lower abdominals or the upper abdominals even down, down, down to create a nice, flat base foundation for you to do hundreds. Now from hundreds, you're gonna lift the right foot up, and right in here, choose which hundreds you're gonna do.

Lower legs, bend the legs, forty-five degree, or even 90, whatever fits you. I'm gonna start with the low, and I'm gonna add some different element towards the 50s. Ready, and extend both legs, and let's go. Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, two. Exhale, two, three, four, five, three.

Two, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, four, five. Five, two, three, four, five. Ready for a new element? Lift your legs up. Five.

Down, two, three, four, five. Two, three, four, five, down two, three, four, five, seven. Two, three, four, five, down. Two, three, four, five. Eight, two, three, four, five, down.

Two, three, four, five. Nine, two, three, four, five, down. Two, three, four, five. Last two, three, four, five. Down, two, three, four, five.

Bend both knees to your chest. And inhale. Slowly roll down and do some knee circles. So put your knees together, bring them close to you, open them apart and move it away from you. Beautiful.

Let's reverse that. This is cool. And one more. And relax. So we glide once again.

If you need to towel off, do so. I'm going to right now so I can see you guys. Here we go. We are on this side once again. So from here, once you find your spot, bend the bottom leg once again, and the top leg is flexed.

And your left elbow right in front of you. So from here, I want you to bring the left knee over to the left elbow, and it's almost you squeezing and you're grounding yourself. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and extend. Again, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and extend. And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and extend.

One more time. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and extend. Now, let's go back to the elbow, hold it here. Now keep that leg 90 degree, and reach back, reach back, back, back, back, back, back. Like you want to touch the back of your left shoulder with your left heel, and then come back in and forward.

And reach back, and come back, and two. And reach back. And three. And one more, and four. And last combination with this, we're gonna actually kick out, come back down, lift up, and bend into the elbow again. And up kick, and down, and up, and bend.

And up, and down, and up, and in. And one more, down and up, and squeeze in, and relax. So from here, we're gonna come up, and let's go to the other side. Support your head, (indistinct) and the left leg, and the right one, it feels nice and long. Your right arm is strong, and right knee over the right elbow.

Squeeze in and extend. And bring it, and squeeze in, and extend. And again, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and out. And one more, squeeze, squeeze. Now from here, you're gonna keep it bent and reach back.

And come back forward. And reach back, extend, and forward. Trying to keep it as much as you can the parallel. Don't do external rotation. And one more, and come back in.

Let's do the, (indistinct) lifts up and down, lifts up, comes back diagonally in, and kick. And down and up. Diagonal in, yes, two more. Down and up and bend. One more. And down and up.

In, in, in, in, in, in, in, and relax. Go back supine. You're gonna roll on your back. And we already done a couple of times some preps. As you guys notice, I try to connect my movement, my body, with each other to ground myself.

So this one is the right leg extended. You're gonna hold the left knee with the right hand, and you're gonna do a chest lift. And you're gonna reach with the left hand underneath your left foot. So from here, inhale, push the left heel forward directly. Keep your left shin straight.

You're pushing it. You're trying to help yourself to come up as much as you can. And then exhale, pull the knee in. Inhale, push out, out, out, out, out. And exhale, pull the knee in without rolling down when you exhale and pull the knee in.

Inhale, push again out, out, out, out. And exhale, pull in, and relax. And change legs. Left-hand to the right knee. Right hand reaches underneath the right foot.

Inhale, push the right foot away from you while you're keeping the right shin in one straight line. Keep your height of your shoulders. Exhale, pull the knee in. Inhale, push out, two. Exhale, pull in.

One more, inhale, push out, out, out, out. Exhale, pull in. Ready? Point both feet. Hands to the side and single leg stretch from here. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale.

Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Two more sets. Exhale, exhale.

One more set. Exhale, exhale. Bend both knees to your chest and roll down. And once again, let's do some knee circles. Beautiful.

How are you guys feeling? Very good. All right, so after you reverse your circles. Now let's do once again side lying. Find the position that you like, and here really trying to pay attention is the lengthening your legs.

Really reaching away from you. So you're not sinking to your left side right in here. So really reach forward, forward, forward as much as you can. The left side is really grounding down, lengthening yourself. And the right leg is gonna kick forward.

Kick, kick, and extend back. Kick, kick, extend back. Bring it to the side. Now do the same thing with left knee bent underneath you. And from here, now the left leg is gonna kick and bend.

And then it's gonna kick and bend. Now from here, one leg is back. You're gonna start the kick with the top leg, kick kick. When you reach back with the kicking leg, you're gonna extend the bottom one. Again, kick, kick, extend.

Yes, kick, kick, extend. Kick, kick, extend. One more, kick, kick extend. Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, and relax. From here, come up.

Let's do other side. Feel the preparation, the lengthening once again. Bend the bottom leg to tabletop. And we're gonna start with the top, and we're gonna go kick, kick, reach back, back, back, back. And kick, kick, reach back.

Kick, kick, reach back. And one more, kick, kick, reach back. Good, now the bottom leg. And extend and bend. Extend and bend.

Two more. Extend and bend. One more. Extend and bend. Now we're gonna do together. And kick, kick, extend. If you like, you can also add your arms.

And kick, kick, extend. And kick, kick, extend. Lengthening, lengthening, lengthen, and relax. Beautiful. And last one, we're gonna lay down on our back.

Now we're gonna do double leg stretch. So from here, hold both knees, inhale from your nose. Exhale, push your knees away from you to create this preparation step that I do again. And then roll down. Next rep, push your knees away from you.

Help yourself to come up. See how high you came. Hold that height. Exhale, pull the knee to your chest without dropping. Inhale, extend.

Exhale, pull in. We are ready to go. Arms and legs together. Inhale, extend away from each other. Circle the arms, exhale, come back in.

Stay here. Just move the arms only. Inhale and come back in. Now arms and legs together. Inhale, exhale, stay.

Keep your arms there. Just the legs, inhale. Exhale, come back in. All fours again. Inhale.

Exhale, come back in. Just arms, inhale. Exhale. All fours, inhale, exhale. Next, just legs. Inhale, exhale.

And all this time. and come back in. And relax and breathe. That was beautiful. Now from here, after you do a couple of circles, we're gonna go prone once again. Lay down on your stomach.

Find your comfortable position. Your hands is gonna be right in front of your shoulders. The farther away from the shoulders away from your head, it's gonna be easier. The closer is gonna be more difficult. We're gonna do kind of like a combo swan cobra.

So find your cobra, maybe elbows touching down. And from here, continue extending your elbows to swan. And come back down to your elbows. And relax yourself by sliding your elbows to the side. We're gonna do it again.

So first, inhale, and come up, elbows. And extend, feel nice and long, and then bend your elbows and relax. Let's do one more. Inhale, pull yourself forward when your elbow's on the mat, lengthening your spine. And extend your elbows, elbows down.

Now look towards the camera. You're gonna bring your hands back, cross your fingers, and place it behind you. We're gonna do double leg kicks. And pointed foot, again, something very fragile underneath your knee. So don't put too much pressure with your knees.

Push your hips down. You're gonna kick your heels to your glutes three times. One, two, three. When you extend the legs, extend the arms, arch your back, and look straight up. And then go down, look to the opposite direction with your head, and repeat the same thing.

Inhale two, three, and up. (exhales) One more set. One, two, three, extend. One more time, extend. And come back, and bring the arms forward. As you guys know, I like combos again.

Now I'm gonna do double leg kick swan combo. It's gonna be mini swam. So from here, we're gonna do our mini swan. Circle the arms back and start to double kick. One, two, three, extend.

And arms forward to swan and reach. One, two, three, inhale. Arms forward, and mini swan. One more set. One, two, three.

Hands forward, mini swan. Last set. One, two, three. Exhale, and come back down. Mini swan and relax. Beautiful. Now, your hands a little bit wide.

It's not close to your body. A little bit away from your body. It's shoulder height, elbows up. So elbows is not down. Lift the elbows to the ceiling.

From here, if you're looking to your left elbow like me. So you're gonna lift, you're gonna turn to the left while you dropping the right shoulder down and left shoulder up away from the floor. And inhale, come back center, and repeat other side. Now the left shoulder goes down while you're lifting the right shoulder up. And you're looking to the right side.

You're trying to turn with your neck to the ceiling. Inhale center, and exhale to the left. You will feel this is a great stretch for the neck, for the shoulders, and for the back. And to the right. And come back center, and to the left.

Nice, and center, to the right. And one more time to the center, and to the right. Beautiful. All right. It's time to turn on your back. So from here, you're gonna hold your left knee is underneath.

So your hands between your hamstrings and your calf, and don't make it too high, make it kind of like the middle of your hamstring. From here, I would like you to pull your quad to your chest as much as you can and squeeze your heel to your glutes, like trying to squeeze your hands, make a toast. And then extend the top of your leg to the ceiling. Don't extend the knee. Don't let the quad go forward.

Keep the quad in, and bend your heel in, an extend, extend, extend. Two more. Squeeze in, squeeze in, squeeze in, and extend, extend, extend, extend. One more time. Squeeze in, in, in, in, in, and extend, extend, extend, extend.

Now you can straighten your knees all the way, point your feet, and open your arms to the side. Point both feet has the energy. We're gonna do Joe's version leg circles. You're gonna cross the top leg medially and all the way down. Let that hip come up and circle it down.

Both hips on the floor. And circle the leg from outside, come back center. We're gonna do one more. And then come up. Now watch the third one.

When I bring the leg third one, I go to my side, and I'm gonna kick that leg back, and I'm gonna do bicycle. And forward one. And I'm gonna do second bicycle, and forward. Now from there, I'm gonna bring it straight leg down, and I'm gonna do Joe's flex circle again. And one and two.

I'm gonna pick it up a little bit to show you guys how it flows. And one bicycle, and two bicycle. One more set. And circle, and two, and bicycle and bicycle. Beautiful.

And come back middle. And lift yourself up, and let's do the other side. And we're gonna lay down on your back. We're gonna start with hamstring stretch. Right knee to your chest.

Exhale, pull in, and squeeze the heel to your glutes. And inhale, open, open, open, open, open. Three more. Exhale, squeeze in. Inhale, open. Two more.

Don't forget to squeeze and open. One more, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and open. And point your feet, both of them. Hands on the side, Joe's circle. And one, and two, sideline bicycle.

And one and two. Beautiful. Lay down on your back. Circle the leg up and turn. And one and two. Now bicycle one and two.

Last one. And down, up and over. Two. And let's bicycle. And last one.

And just come to center. Let's go up. Now it's time to go prone again. And we're gonna lay down on your stomach. So from here, cross your fingers, and rest your forehead on top of your fingers.

Elbows bent, energy on your legs, and hover your hands and elbows off the mat. And from here, without changing the distance between your elbows, your hands, we're gonna go sideways. The elbows to the hip. You're gonna turn to the left, come back center, and turn to the right, come back center. When you go to the left, keep the right hip down, center.

When you go to your right, keep the left hip down, center. Two more sets, left and right. One more set, left and right. Come back to center and relax. From here, lift both elbows up as much as you can, and drop it down and squeeze the floor.

Again, lift up and down. Good, now both legs lifts up, keeping the hips down. And down. And up and down. Now right elbow and left leg goes up.

And up and down. Other side, up and down. Okay, contralateral movement. And one more time, and down. Now we're gonna lift your hands up so they're not touching the floor.

Lift your legs up, they're not touching the floor. And we're gonna do the contralateral movement again. Left leg and right elbow and come back. And other side, and other side, and other side. It's like swimming.

Once you find the rhythm, extend the arms out, and let's do swimming. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. And start to flutter and find the speed. Go as fast as you can, lengthening your neck. Keep going, come back to center with your arms, and relax your hands down, elbows down.

Open your hands to the side. Once again, the lizard position we did from here. This time, it's a little bit more challenging, but it's fun. You're gonna actually pull the knee and look to the left. And come back center.

Now right knee up and look to the right. And come back center. And the left, and center. And the right, and center. One more set.

And to the right. And come back. And push yourself up and sitting. From here, arms up to the ceiling. We're gonna point your feet.

Exhale, reach forward towards your feet. Brush your hands on the mat all the way back. Flex your spine and hold. Inhale, extend, feel nice and long. Reach up to the ceiling.

Exhale, go forward again. And then come back in and inhale. Reach up to the ceiling. Now this time, bring the hands behind your neck, and we'll do a neck pull. So we're gonna start going down first with straight spine as much as you can.

Once you can't, articulate your spine down and roll down. Inhale from your nose, exhale, tuck your chin in. And come up. Reach forward towards your toes to lengthening your spine. Reach up and forward.

Brush the mat, inhale, extend. And reach up, arms behind you, lengthening back and round. And let's come up one more time. Exhale. Feel nice and tall, arms up.

Reach forward. Articulate back, push off to the ceiling. Feel nice and tall. And hold there, breathe, and gently release. Good. Now let's do this.

From here, reach forward with your hands. And exhale, roll down once again. And start to think the beginning of the class what we did. We just inhaled from your nose and exhaled from your mouth. From here, let's bring the arms up and over too.

That was the feeling that we had. If this doesn't feel comfortable to you, you feel free to keep your arms in here. Close your eyes and start a big tornado on your feet. One of each. It's spinning really hard, and it's taking all the tightness and the negativity out of your feet, the muscles, and it's traveling through your shins, and it's in your knees now.

Now that tornado is spinning, relaxing the knee, and it's in your quads. It's doing the same thing. Now bring the tornado to your hips. Feel the tornado spinning, relaxing your hips. All the negative thoughts and energy and leaves with the relaxation.

Now that tornado merges in your belly. It relaxes your abdomen, travels to your chest, and splits again to each shoulder. After we relax the shoulders, it goes to your elbows, and it goes to your hands. It relax your hands and comes back up to the shoulder. Now it merges again.

It's a really big one. It travels to your neck, and now the tornado is in your head. It's in your mind. Let him do his job, spin fast and collect all the negativity, all the stress, and let you ground to your mat. And say goodbye to your tornado because tornado spins one fast time, one more time, and leaves your body.

Now you are here on your mat, relaxed and grounded. All right. (blows) I hope you guys enjoy my first class. This was the theme ground. Tomorrow, we're gonna be in all fours. Once again, thank you so much moving with me.

See you guys tomorrow.

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Thank you for this nice grounding class yesterday! Being grounded means for me, being connected with my body, mind and soul!
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Great class! Thank you so much šŸ™
Lina S
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Thank you! What a creative class! It was fun! I've really enjoyed the side leg series.
Awesome class as always!!!
Claudia Samaniego
Love the way he teaches
Taghrid K
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Thank you Viktor for an Awsome class, loved the grounding, the sequences and variations. Body felt amazing.
Thank you Viktor so much for the grounding class. Loved the sequences and variations.
Laurence F
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A great class! I loved the mix of classic and creative moves. The transitions were very smooth and inspiring. Thank you!
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Thanks this class brought in som lovely new twists on excercises. I did find the instructions a little unclear at times especially through new transitionsĀ 
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What a fabulous class to introduce beginners to Pilates and ground those of us who have practiced and taught Pilates for years! Ā I will enjoy doing this again.Ā 
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