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Rise and Shine

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Get ready to rise as you build your Pilates body from the ground up! In the third class in Viktor's program you'll transition from all-fours into lunges and learn the strength to take yourself vertical. Fire up your legs with this workout and keep your body moving.
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Good morning, everyone. My name is Viktor. And today's the third day of the week two for the Rise and Reach Out challenge by Pilates Anytime. Today's theme is Rise and Shine. We're gonna do the exercises.

Brings us from the ground to the standing. So as past two previous classes, we're gonna start on our back, lay down. And we're gonna continue building with what we did. Find yourself on your mat. Extend your legs straight out and bring your hands gently up towards the ceiling first and then up over your head.

Beautiful. Right here, just breathe. Inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth. Continue breathing very deep and start to notice what's happening in your body, which part of there's a movement. See your chest rising up and down.

See what's happening in your hips and your knees, ankle, wrist, elbow. Good. Continue breathing and start to notice, pay attention the weight distribution of your body, how much weight you have on your heels, on your calves, hamstrings, glutes, hip bone, your lower back, your upper back, shoulders, elbows, forearm, hands, the back of your hands, and back over your head. Awesome, from here, let's move your ankle back and forward, very small movements. Pretend your toes facing towards the sailing.

And then you doing a small, like brushing a painting the ceiling with your toes. So you're doing very small, fast movements. That's gonna shake your body back and forth. It's gonna rock it. Continue doing that.

You could do maybe little bigger ones and little smaller ones. You can keep changing. See what happens in your body. And then slow it down and let it settle again. When I do that, I always think my body is like a giant bucket with sand and rocks in it.

And I'm when I'm rocking, the small sands, it just settles down onto the bucket. I get close to the earth. From here, let's start to move in. So the first class, we just connected on the mat with your legs and with your arms. Second class, we actually hold the knees and we pulled up.

Now the third one is gonna start exactly same way. Begin to hold the knee and push the knee away from you and lengthening the left side. And open up. Now the left side, hold the knee. Push the left knee away from you, and lengthening the right side.

And extend the left side. Now we're gonna add something. Hold the knee. When you push the knee, let your chest come up with your arms and exhale, small chest lift. And let the knee lower you down and extend away. Exhale, connect your left hand with your left knee.

And come up (exhales). Controlled down. And exhale, beautiful. One more set, right hand to the right knee. Lengthening the left foot With the left hand while you are up.

And lower your self-control and extent. Left hand to the left knee. Exhale, push the left knee forward. That's gonna help you to come up. And lower yourself.

And extend your legs and extend your arms. They should really feel they're reaching away from each other. And then bring your arms right next to you. Bend your knees. From here, we've been doing just knee sways.

Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna add the left ankle is on top of the right knee and open your arms to the side, palms up towards the ceiling. And we're gonna bring the legs towards your left side and use your left ankle to push the right knee down. Press it down, press it down, press it down. You can look at your right hand and keep your right shoulders down. Inhale. Come back center.

Now from here, let's go other side. So the left ankle still pushing. And while it's pushing, you're rotating to the right. So right now left knee wants to touch the floor and the left ankle is almost resisting towards your right knee. And keep looking towards your left hand and relax your left shoulder.

And come back center. Let's do one more set. And tilt towards the left. Remember to press the left ankle down towards the floor. That's gonna bring your right knee down to the floor.

Come back center. Now resist with your left ankle. You trying to touch your left knee down to the floor . And applying a pressure to your right knee with your left ankle. And come back center and change legs.

Right ankle on top of the left knee. From here, you're gonna tilt your legs towards the right side. Right ankle applying pressure on top of the left knee is pulling the left knee down. You are looking to your left hand. Inhale, come back center.

Repeat the same thing, tilting your legs the other side. Now from here, do you guys see I could look like this, but what I'm trying to do, I'm pushing my right knee down and resisting towards my left knee with my right ankle. And center. One more set, inhale to the right. And come back center.

And to the left. Come back center. Beautiful. Both feet down. We have done last two days regular bridges with articulation and with straight spine.

Today we're gonna try something else. You're gonna extend your left leg straight out. And the right leg is bent. Inhale from your nose. Let's don't articulate.

We're gonna go straight spine. You're gonna push your hips up. Let straight leg come back, little bit, move on the mat. So you are up as much as you can. And down and let the left heel move forward and reach towards the wall.

Good, again. And two. At the end of the bridge, you are using the straight leg. I'm pushing down with my straight leg to support me. And down.

It's not just the single. And two more. Exhale, push. And come back down. And one more time.

Exhale, push, and hold, hold, hold, hold. And down. Change legs. Right leg is extended. Left leg is bent, lifted on the floor. Inhale from your nose.

Exhale, maintain your spine as straight as as you can. Push your hip up towards the ceiling. Apply pressure in both legs. Left foot and the right heel pressing down and down. Repeat three more times.

Exhale, (exhales) inhale, lengthening, and down. Two more, exhale, push up (exhales). Push both hips up. The right hip is up, too. And down.

Let's do one more time. And down. Extend your legs and arms away from each other. Let's do a roll up. Inhale from your nose.

Exhale, tuck your chin in, arms next your ears as much as you can. And come up. Hover over your legs. Inhale, expand the flection of the spine more. And exhale. Start to roll down. Reverse exactly what you did.

Inhale from your nose. Exhale, tuck your chin in. (exhales) Leave the arms next to your ears as much as you can. Come up and over your legs. Inhale, hover, big smile with your body. Exhale, roll down.

Let's do one more time. Inhale (inhales), exhale (exhales). Hover up and over and bend your knees and let's go All Fours. Beautiful. So we are in All Fours position in here.

And strong shoulders over your hands and knees underneath your hips. You're gonna start to warm up your wrist, your shoulders. Let's start with sternum drops. Drop your sternum down and lift them away from the floor. The elbow is gonna stay straight from here.

Don't try to squeeze your scapula in. Just let the weight drop. And then push and move your scapula away from each other. Now, while we're doing this, I also like to add external and internal rotations of the arm. So when I push my sternum up, I do external rotation with my arms.

So inside of my elbow facing forward. And when I drop my sternum, I do internal rotation, the inside of my elbow facing towards my hips. Let's do a couple more times up and down. Exhale, push up. Inhale, down.

And one more time. Exhale, push up. Inhale, down. Exhale up and hold it there. That's where we want to live when we're doing all four exercises.

Tuck your toes under. You're gonna sit back. Use your hands to push yourself backwards to your heels. You can even walk with your knees gently to stretch your toes. Feel nice and tall with your spine.

It's not rounded. It's not a child pose. It's more kind of like you're sitting. You're ready to just attack, jump forward, lunge forward, which that's what we're gonna do, but slowly. You're gonna come back to center.

Now with that straight spine feeling, lean forward, up and over with your hands. So you're gonna feel a lot of stretch on your wrist or in the forearm. Make sure arms are externally rotated, so the inside of your elbows is facing forward. Let's do a couple more times dynamically. Sit back and push forward.

And sit back and push forward. One more time back and forward. Come back center. If you need rest little bit, just turn your palms facing up towards you, fingers facing towards your knees. If that's too much pressure, you can walk back and keep your weight on your legs to stretch your wrist, just move it a little bit.

Or you can stay here. It gets better with time. You just have to practice. Beautiful. Now from here, you're gonna hover your knees off the mat half an inch and halt.

From here, I said Cat Cat. So, we're gonna do exhale, round your spine. And inhale next time. And exhale (exhales). Nothing moves except your spine.

And inhale. Two more, exhale. Inhale. One more, exhale. And inhale.

Come back neutral, put your knees down, relax your toes. From here, we're gonna lift right arm. Actually, let's do left arm up towards the ceiling. And we're gonna thread that arm between your right arm and right knee and place your left shoulder on the floor. And your left side of your head is down on the mat, if you can.

Stay here and breathe. (exhales) Continue breathing. You can sit back gently a little bit or move forward, or shift your weight, right to left to get a different stretch on your shoulder, the left side. And inhale, come back to starting position. Reach up towards the ceiling and bring the left hand down.

Let's repeat the same thing to the right. Right arm reaches up towards the ceiling. Rotate from the thoracic spine as much as you can. Bring the right hand between your left hand and left knee. Place your right shoulder and the right side of your head down on the mat.

Breathe, trying to find a comfortable spot that you can relax. You can turn. You can shift right to left gently, or you can shift back a little bit. And then lift up again and bring the hand down. Beautiful. We're gonna do one more set.

Left one up. And we're gonna go down again between the right arm and the right leg. Now this time, once you find the position, you're gonna reach up to the ceiling with the right hand as well. Lift, lift, lift, trying to twist as much as you can. Open up and bring the right hand down on the mat.

Support yourself with the right. And open up to the left with the left. And to your mat. And last one, right hand up towards the ceiling. Go between your left arm and the left knee.

And open up the left arm to the ceiling. Feel nice and long. Keep smiling. Bring the hand in. Open up. I almost forgot. And then come back down All Fours. Beautiful.

Now what are we gonna do? So from here, we're gonna go back to Butterfly exercises with it. So you are holding your feet with your hands and you're gonna go to flexion like you want to roll down and squeeze both knees together. And inhale, open. This was the first day.

Second day we did the same thing with one arm back. Keep reaching forward. And then come back to extend it. Today, we're gonna open with extended and go back around at squeeze. So when you open your knees and come back to, you're gonna open up your arm and twist as much as you can.

You can even look back. Let's do that. And then come back in round, down, down, down, and squeeze. Now open the right arm and look back and extend, extend, extend while you pushing your knees down. And exhale. Go back and squeeze your knees.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, beautiful. And inhale, open up. And exhale, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And inhale, open up, open up, open up. And come back center.

Good, another thing that I've been layering, we are turning to the left with your hands. And when you turn, the right foot is actually turns in and reaches back. So you trying to touch them to each other, right toes to your left knee. And then come back in. And then the second day, we actually lift the arm up when we're doing the same movement pattern.

And today, we're gonna layer one more thing. The arms up, find your twist. Once you find it, push your hips up and over so you're on your knees. Keep reaching back. And come back down and to the right.

First, find your rotation. Once you do and push with your right arm, both hips up. You are on your knees, lengthening. Reach back to the wall and then come back in. Find your Butterfly.

This feels so good. I hope you guys enjoying it as much as I do. And push, push, push, push, push, push. And then come back in. And one more side and to the right and push.

Show some nice strong arms. Push your hips, lengthening with the left. And then come back center. And find yourself in the middle. Beautiful.

Next, we're gonna sit straight legs. Let's do this. Let's walk forward that your heels kind of like closer to your mat. From here, this is another thing we've been layering it. You're gonna bend your right knee in.

You're gonna sweep your arms towards your left side. And you're gonna turn to your left side, have energy on your left leg. I am literally on my left side and I'm getting a nice stretch on the left. So you can look to your shoulder. You can look to the other shoulder.

And the second layer we did from here, we turn to All Fours. So your hands doesn't move and your right leg doesn't move at all. So I'm gonna come back again. Look at me. Right foot is nice and strong.

Right hand is here. Left hand is here. Nothing changes, just I bring the left leg back. Once we do that, we're gonna go exhale, round Cat. And inhale. Let's do one more, exhale and inhale.

Let's add today's element. We're gonna step up next to the left hand with your left foot and step up. Beautiful, from here, lean forward and bring the right hand forward. Then step back and sit to stretch. You can keep your right toes tucked under and lean forward, or you can relax them down.

So when you go back, you can be sitting all the way back. Two more. And lunge forward and step back. And one more, lunge forward and step back. Leave your hand back now.

From here, we're gonna bring the left foot down. So you are All Fours again. And then from here, tuck your right toes under so we can turn to starting position and smile. So we're gonna add one more element to this, actually a couple of more. So the next one is we go back again.

All Fours. We do Cat. One Cat is enough. After here, we step. We lunge forward and we step back and stretch.

Come back forward, take in, tuck your right toes under. Now extend the right knee. so you're not touching the floor anymore, so only your left foot and your right toes. Beautiful. And bend and extend.

And bend and extend. Stay there. Now from here, open the left arm up towards the ceiling and come back in. Bend your knee and extend. Again, left arm open. Come back in. Bend your knee, extend.

Two more, open. Come back in, knee down, extend. And last one, come back in and bend. From here, step back so your right hand, next to your right knee. Come back forward.

Left foot back and turn. Beautiful. Next element, are you guys ready? Find yourself nice and strong. And rotate to All Fours.

And let's do one Cat Cat. Good, and step next to your left hand with the left foot. From here, step forward, bring the right hand forward, and bring it back and sit and stretch the left hamstring. Good. Come back forward again. From here, extend the knee.

Open the arm to the ceiling and bring the arm down. Next element, step with your right foot next to your left. Good, down and back. And down and back. And down. Feel grounded.

Keep your hands there. And one more and back. Beautiful. Knee down. Step back to stretch. Go back forward and bring your knees back.

And from here, come back to starting position. I hope you notice how I layered that. So the next step obviously will be just the standing up from there, but we're not gonna do it yet. All right. So, beautiful. From here, let's lay down on your back and we'll do some abdominal exercises.

This is another exercise that I've been layering. It's a double like stretch exercises. Bend both knees to your chest. Feel nice and long. From here, once again, I'm holding my knees.

You exhale and you push your knees away from you. That's gonna help you to come up. Now, I feel like I have a static energy here. I'm pushing with my knees. I cannot go up anymore.

I take that energy and I apply it to sink my belly down. Feel more grounded. Every inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, feel grounded. One more time and grounded. Beautiful.

From here, double leg. We're gonna do the double leg stretch. Reach with your arms and with your legs away from each other. Circle your arms and come back in. Beautiful. The first day I did some variations by doing just arm and then just legs and then together.

The second day, I did unilateral. Today, we're gonna do contralateral. So from here, right hand over the left knee, left hand over the right. Always the bottom arm moves. So the right hand and the left leg goes out, comes back in over.

Now the other side comes back in. Now both and cross. Again, the right side and right arm, left leg, exhale, come back. Inhale, left arm and right leg. Exhale. Come back in.

Together. Inhale. Exhale. Fantastic. Two more sets, inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Together, exhale.

Beautiful. And last one, inhale. Find your control lateral. Come back in. Other side, come back in. Together and come back in.

Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, and relax. Beautiful. If you need to, do a couple of circles with your knees. I will, begin to reverse it. And from here, begin to do criss-cross.

Beautiful. So let's push both knees away from you. And let's extend the left leg out and bring the left hand behind your neck. And then do the same thing with the right hand. And twist towards your right.

We're gonna do inhale, inhale, exhale. Hold there, but do one more exhale, right? So two exhales. So we're gonna go inhale, inhale, exhale, hold exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale, hold exhale. (breathing) Take that hold to cross more and switch, switch, switch and hold.

Switch, switch, switch, and hold. Two more sets and hold. One more set and hold. Bend both knees to your chest. And then relax.

Beautiful. Find yourself up, turn to your side. And we will do the same thing we did on the other side. So from here, we'll be actually sitting, but we're gonna face the opposite direction of the mat. And arms up.

From here, you're gonna bend your left knee. Sway the arms from the right side, right? So the left arm in front of your right hip. And you are literally on your right side, stretching the right side of your body. From here, turn to the right look.

Turn to the left. Good. And don't move your hands or the left foot. Just the right goes back to All Fours. Exhale round. Inhale arch.

And from here, step the right foot up. And then step back. And forward and back. Again, step up. Stay to stretch.

Go back and lean forward. And step back. Let's step. And sit back. When you go forward, bring the left arm forward.

I forgot the first two. I apologize. So come back, step back. Once again, step, lunge forward. And sit back. And come back in All Fours.

You're gonna rotate the starting position, feel nice and tall. And let's go to the next element. So look over the shoulder. Look forward, turn to All Fours. Give me a Cat, exhale, inhale.

Step forward. With your arms, lunge. And then come back, stretch. Now go forward. Lift the left knee up and open the right arm up. And then come back down and knee down.

And straight and rotate. Come back down, knees down. And extend the knee. Rotate. Come back, knee down. And one more, rotate.

Come back, knee down. And you're gonna bring the right knee back and the left hand back and rotate to starting position. Beautiful. Last element, ready guys? Let's do it. And look over the right shoulder.

Look over the left. And come back to All Fours. Exhale, round your spine. Inhale, extend. Step up with the right foot. Lean forward, bringing the left hand.

Sit back and stretch the right leg, right hamstrings. And go back to leaning forward. Extend the left knee up to the ceiling and also your right arm. And then come back down. Now from here, let's step up and back and up and back.

You can put your knee down or you can keep him up. One more and back. Knee down, step back. And rotate and relax. Beautiful. We did a great job.

Fantastic. So turn around once again. You're gonna lay down on your back. And we're gonna do some more abdominals. From here, we're gonna start with the hundreds and slowly roll down (exhales). Bend both knees to your chest.

Inhale from your nose. Exhale. Help yourself to come up. Set your thoracic spine and roll down. And one more time. And roll down.

Now, extend your arms and legs away from each other. Inhale. Bring your arms up to the ceiling. Exhale, press down to a chest lift and lift your legs up. So you could be in this position, tabletop, 90 degrees. Up to you again.

But we're gonna do some fun. We're gonna start first regular. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Single leg up.

Single leg down. Other side. Down. Both legs. Down.

And single leg. Down. two, three, four, five. Up, two, three, four, five. Down two, three, four, five. Both, two, three, four, five.

Down. Last set, left, two, three, four, five. Down two, three, four, five. Right, two, three, four, five. Down, two, three, four, five.

10, two, three, four five. Down, two, three, four, five, Bend your knees in. And relax. Put your feet down. And breathe.

Beautiful. From here, we're gonna go on our stomach, turn over prone. And just relax. Turn towards the camera. I'm not gonna put my head down because there's a camera. So from here, you can just kind of shift your weight, right hip to the left hip.

Just create a little bit rotation, just swaying, right to left. Relax your shoulders. We did a lot of things to release our back in here. Like first day we did the lizards, if you guys remember. And then we end up incorporating the shoulders and arm twist to stretch.

And then we even did together with the lizard this way. So just keep in mind any of those that you need in your practice, you could do it. You could also do a Child pose. From here, you're gonna reach forward with your hands and make a hitchhiking sign. I'm not sure if anybody's still doing those, but let's do that sign.

So it's thumbs up like this, or we could say thumbs up. So what I would like you to do, inhale from your nose. We're gonna pull while pressing your hands down. You're gonna help yourself to come up the extension and then go forward. Next time you do that, you're gonna actually bring your hands back, maintain external rotation and trying to touch your thumbs together.

Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. Then relax your head towards your right so your right ear down and bring the hands down as well. Repeat. Inhale, come up. And exhale. Turn to the left this time. Again, inhale up and to the right.

Remember external, rotate your arms and trying to touch your thumbs together, lengthening long neck and down. And inhale, up, up, up, up, up, up. And down. When you go down, really relax. Two more and up.

And down. One more up and down, beautiful. Arms right next to you, in front of your shoulders. We're gonna do swamp. Create energy on your legs, legs together, really reaching away from you.

If you keep your legs open, it might be easier for you to do this exercise. Find what best fits you today. I'm gonna do it with the legs together. And you're gonna push yourself gently while you're inhaling until your arms are straight. Try to keep your hips down and exhale.

Bend your elbows in and then relax. Again, inhale, come up, stay here. Don't move anything. Just lift your right arm up and over as much as you can and come back in. Now the left.

Come back in. And let's go down. And inhale, push. Now the left arm first. And lift and come back down.

And right and come back down. And let's relax. And last one, let's go up. You're not gonna lift any arms today. This one, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, and lower yourself.

Good. Open your arms to the side. This is the one, the lizard, this practice. So you're looking at the left elbow and lift the left shoulder up. while you trying to touch the right shoulder down.

Then come up opposite. Now, left shoulder's trying to touch down. You're lifting the right shoulder up and you're looking to your right elbow. And inhale and exhale. And inhale, and exhale.

Same thing, now add the knee. Left knee comes up and goes in. And center and to the right. And center to the left And center to the right. Come back center.

Push yourself up and over in a child pose. Beautiful. Now, we are in here. I want you to stay on your knees facing towards me. One of the things we're gonna do, I want you to feel nice and tall.

And from here, I want you to bring the right foot in front of you and then step back. And left and step back. One thing I want you to pay attention. This is so easy to do. Watch me. You're gonna go around to go forward and around to go back, trying to not to do that.

There's a wall each side of your body, and the leg goes under and lift to go back under. And under and under Step forward. Step back. Step forward. Step back. One more, forward and back. Last one, forward and back.

Beautiful. Have a seat. Open your arms. We've been working on our twists. So this was the first day. We're gonna turn to the right, inhale, inhale, center.

Inhale, inhale, center. Second day we did on our knees. Inhale, inhale, center. Exhale, exhale, center. Step forward with the right.

Third day, let's go. Right, right center, left, left center. Step back with the right foot. Step forward with the left. And twist left, left, center and right, right center.

Now step back and sit. What will be fun, obviously, if you guys know me by now, if I don't do this with combo, right? So from here, seated, we're gonna do to do right, right. Come up on your knees. Left, left step forward.

And right, right, step back. Left, left, sit. And right, right, breathe. Let's do same thing to the left. Left twist, come up.

Right twist, step forward with the left. Left, step back. Right, and sit. And left, center. One more set.

Right, right, center. And left, left step. Right, right, look. Left, left, up. And the right, right, center.

To the left, turn, turn, up. Right, right, step. Left, step back. Right, sit down. And left and center and relax.

Whew, I'm sure it felt something like this where we were doing, but it's gonna get better more you guys to practice. Now we are on our knees again. From here, I'm gonna ask you to open up your right foot to the sides. So you are standing both knees, hip width apart. Then you're opening the right side.

Feel that you are still in the mat. And the goal is to trying to keep the hips as squares as you can. So drop the right side down. Open your arms to the side. From here, my right leg is extended.

So my left hand goes to my right hip and my right hand creates a nice long line from my right foot, from right heel to the right toe, one nice long line. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, breathe. And come back to starting position. Now my right hand hugs the left hip and I lean towards my right leg with my left arm. And from here, almost push your left hip towards your right hand.

Really push, lengthening your left side. It's not about crunching to the right. It's about lengthening the left. And open up. And again, reach, reach, reach, reach.

And up. And lean, lean, lean, lean. And open. And knees together. From here, step forward with the left foot, left hand on your left knee, right hand down.

From here, I would like you to squeeze your heel and knee towards each other. So there's this squeeze. They wanna squeeze towards each other. While you're maintaining that, you're gonna lean forward, left knee towards the left toe, and lift the right arm up, up, up, up, up, lengthening. And then come back.

Inhale forward, stretch, stretch, stretch, and come back. Keep squeezing the legs towards each other. That's where the magic happens. And come back in. And one more time, inhale. Smile.

This is nice movement, dynamic stretching. And then step down. Now the left leg opens up and we repeat exactly what we did on the other side. All right, from here, bring the right hand on your left and lean away from it. Create a one straight line.

Hold, and come up. And to the left side. Right side is nice and tall, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. And open. If you guys notice, these two exercises, I slowing down little bit.

So I want my muscles to do its lengthening and stretching, movement patterns, more than strengthening. Even then, we know it's always both. And lean, lean, lean, lean, lengthening. And beautiful. Come back in with the knee.

Now the right foot is forward. Right hand on the right knee, left hand down. Squeeze the heel and the knee towards each other. Activate your muscles to lean forward, smile, and then come back in. And two, and come back in.

Three, come back in. And four, come back in. And knees back. The right one is gonna open to the side once again. So from here, you're on the side.

Open your arms. I know I love this. We're gonna do a twist again. So from here, inhale, inhale, center, and left, left, center. Right, right, center and left, left, center.

Two more, center left. Last set, right, right center and left, left, center. And bring the knee down. Step with the left, this time right-hand on the left knee, left arm reaching forward. Squeeze heel, knee together.

When you lean forward stretch, you're gonna rotate and look back with the left arm. And come back forward. And two. Come back. And three.

Come back. And four. Come back. And step back. Now left leg to the side.

Open your arms to the left, left, middle, and right, right, center. And three more set to the right, right, center. Lengthening the right side up and turn. And last set, center and right, center. Come back in.

Step up with the right, left hand on the right knee. Squeeze your heel and knee towards each other. Our right arm is in front of you. Lean forward and rotate and come back in. And two and come back in.

And three, come back in. And four, come back in. Step back. Layering never ends. Layering never ends. Now, one more time.

We are here. Bring your hands behind your neck. Feel nice and tall. Let's find our side leaning position from here. Don't come up. That's the easy part.

Once you find this straight, I want you to go up and over and down and straight. Up, over, down and straight Two more, down, straight. Last one down, straight and come up. Bring the knee in and step forward with the left, left hand on the left knee, right arm up. Squeeze heel, knee together.

Lean forward. At the end of the lean, lean towards the left with the right side and stretch that right obliques that we just worked. Thank them. And then come back in. And two.

Come back in. And three. Come back in. And four. Come back in.

Step back and open the left leg to the side, arms open. Bend your elbows, bring, cross your fingers behind your neck and lean to your right. Create a one straight line between your left leg and your spine and the top of your head. And up and over down from here to straight. And go down to straight.

Two more. And one more. Come up, on your knees, step with the right foot, right hand on the right knee. Squeeze your heels together, left arm up. And let's lunge forward and tilt to the right to stretch the left side.

And come back. And two. And come back. And three. And four.

Beautiful, step back. Next one. Open to the side. From here, we're gonna rotate to your right. Nothing changed on the left.

There's external rotation, but the fore foot, it stays same. Then reach forward and trying to touch the mat. If this is not there, you can even hold your shin. So from here, bend your knee and go forward. And sit back and stretch.

And bend forward. Sit back and stretch And bend forward. And sit back and stretch. Good. And come up to starting position, knees down.

Step forward with the left. Tuck your right toe underneath your, on the floor, right toe tucked under. So hands down. From here, extend the right leg. And then bend, touch. And extend and bend.

Extend and bend. Extend, hold. Next, for the right leg comes down next to the left, one and goes back. And two goes back, and three goes back, and four and goes back. Bring the knee down, from nice and tall.

Step back. Open the left leg to the side, turn towards the left. Bring the hands down and lean forward to stretch one. And step back. And two and step back.

And three and back. And four and back. And open up. Bring the left knee down. Step forward with the right, arms down, lean forward.

Tuck your toes under. Extend the left leg straight back and down. And two and down. Three and four. From here, step in and back, in and back, in and back.

One more and back. Knee down and step back. You guys did amazing. Congratulations. I hope you enjoyed that flow. From here, what are we gonna do next?

We're gonna sit, straight legs, and your feet is going to be right in front of you. And from here, arms up and over. Reach forward. Round your spine. Brush your hands on the mat and stop right here.

Extend your spine, feel nice and long. Reach up to the ceiling. Pulling to your feet, roll forward again. Come back and round your spine. Now from here, push your hips up and hold.

Feels nice and long. Reach down with your hips. Up, bring your arms behind you. Go back straight as much as you can. Once you can not go anymore, roll down, articulated spine.

And neck pull, chin in. Brush your nose on your legs to come up to straight position. Reach up and forward and back and push. And down and up. One more time.

Arms behind you. Lean back, feel nice and tall. Articulate your spine down. Tuck your chin in. Brush your nose through your legs, forward and up.

Reach up and bring your hands down. Beautiful. From here, just to feel we didn't forget our arms, I just would like to do six pushups. Straight your leg and the other one, your nice plank position. So nice and long from here.

Let's do bend your elbows. Bring it next to your body and exhale, push up one. Control down lower and two. And keep smiling. And three.

Three more like this. Two more. And one more. Bend your knees in. Turn towards me.

Open your arms to the side and gently stretch right to left. So when I'm stretching towards my right side with the left arm, I'm shifting my hips over to the left side, like almost wanna sit on the left glute. And then come up. I'm in the center. Now other side. Now come up.

Bring your right hand to the left ear. Gently, relax your head towards the right. Don't pull with your arm. Almost feel like that's just there as a guide. Come back center.

Keep your hands there. Turn towards your right. Now your hands behind your head. Exhale. Tuck your chin down. And inhale.

Now look up, up, up. Come back center, open your arms. Let's do the other side. Left hand hugs the right ear. Gently tilt to the left.

Ground with your right side. Come up center. Look to the left and tuck your chin down. And look up. Open your arms to the side in a way that you have a giant smile.

And match your arms, smiling with your body and with your face. And thank you so much joining me. Once again, this was the third day. Tomorrow join me. We're gonna stand strong. Thank you moving with me.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

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I have studied Graham Technique,Pilates,and Gyrotonic Systems. i love this class as well as the teaching style of this  instructor......wonderful program!
Lisa C
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Another great class loving the layers and combos Viktor!
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troppo bello!!!!!!! thanks so much
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Slower paced class with lots of interesting stretches. Thanks Viktor:) 
Wonderful class as always ^_^
Laura Maria
Really enjoy the progressive layers from one class to the next, thanks
Thanks so much,great class
Hi Viktor, thanks so much for this series - really enjoying it, and love your creativity. I found the swan with arm lift (38 mins in) a real challenge (i.e I couldn't do it)!!! Can you give any tips, including where the 'weight' should be as I was conscious of going into my lumbar spine....many thanks:)
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Thank you Victor, it was the second time I was doing this class! Beautiful combinations, uplifting and lengthening my body and soul! A big smile to you!
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I am really enjoying these classes!. Thank you Viktor 
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