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Push It Up

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Lift up your week further with the second class in Viktor’s series. You'll learn how to evolve your Mat practice to the next level as he takes you onto hands and knees. Build the tools to pick yourself up off the ground and push yourself into tomorrow.
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Jan 13, 2021
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Good morning everyone. This is Viktor Uygan and welcome to second class of mine in rise and recharge challenge by Pilates Anytime. Today we're gonna do the push it up, pretty much all fours, we are introducing the second day of my series. Yesterday we did grounding, and we are gonna incorporate grounding and being all fours. So from here, let's lay down on your mat.

And let's go back to what we did yesterday. So we will feel familiar feelings before we move on to second day's theme. Inhale from your nose once again, exhale from your mouth. (air whooshing) And inhale and exhale. And this part of the class is even that minute or a couple minutes, I really want you to take in charge and breathe, and just find your grounding with your mat, with the earth.

Even that I'm guiding you, trying to loosen your body and bring your arms up and over. So the legs reaching forward and the arms reaching opposite direction than your feet. And relax your arms in a way they become in the shape that they will like to be, if you need to bend your elbows, bend your elbows, if it's straight, if it's straight. Continue deeply breathing, and start to be aware of your weight distribution. How much weight do you have on your heels, on your calves, hip and sacrum, your lower back, upper back, your scapula, shoulders, elbows, the back of your wrist, the back of your hand and the back of your head.

Let's do shaking back and forth once again, moving your ankles very small and rapidly that's gonna rock your body back and forth. Couple more breaths. And slow it down. Now we stop rocking, and yesterday we bring the right hand and right leg towards each other and we ground it to the floor. Now we're gonna meet up in the air so you are holding your knee.

And from here while you're holding your knee, you're gonna try to push foot down, you're gonna try to put the right foot down. So feel that connection, and then inhale release. And other side. Exhale, left hand to the left knee. Push the left knee away from you while you're holding it with your left hand.

And inhale, extend, beautiful. Right side, exhale hold the knee, push the knee away, now while you're doing this, lengthen the left side. So the right side is pushing and the left side, they are both reaching. And inhale, extend. Left hand to the left knee.

Right arm and the right leg is reaching away from each other. Left knee is trying to reach forward with the right heel but the left hand is holding it. And inhale, extend. One more set. Exhale, come back. (air whooshing).

And inhale. Exhale, come back. (air whooshing) With the left side. And place your knees down on the mat, arms up and over. From here we're gonna do the knee sways, knees goes towards your right and the arms goes towards your left.

One arm is gonna bend so it will clear your head and then come back to center, doing a circle once again up and over, and other side, while the knee is going to your left, arm goes to the right. Inhale deep breath and exhale to the right. (air whooshing) Inhale, come up. Exhale, knees goes to the left. Beautiful.

Yesterday we did this movement with bow and arrow arms. Now we're doing it with arms circling up and over. Come back to center, and stay here, because I saved the bow and arrow this time to do it with the bridges. And let's do articulated bridge once again. Inhale from your nose.

If you feel like there's a marble between your pubic bone and your bellybutton, roll the marble to your bellybutton and continue pushing your hips up, bending right elbow, extending the left arm straight and down to the floor. Find your end spot, lengthening, push your knees forward towards your toes, while you're lengthening back of your body, and exhale, roll down and bring the arm back towards the ceiling with palms reaching towards each other and touching. Let's do other side, continue. Exhale. Inhale, hold and exhale, roll down.

Inhale, hold, exhale roll. (air whooshing) Keep looking up to the ceiling. And down, inhale prepare, exhale roll up. (air whooshing) Inhale, hold. Exhale, roll down.

One more time bridging, but the arm is gonna be on the side and stay there. Now from here, we're gonna do hip dips, your left hip is gonna drop down while the right is pushing up and left arm is gonna go up and over reach back. So you drop the left hip while your left arm is reaching up and over, and then come back to the starting position with your left side and move the right side. So the right hip dips and the right arm reaches up and over and come back to starting position. And let's do two more sets.

Inhale, focus on lifting the opposite hip, don't focus on dropping it. Focus on maintaining the hip. And come back, one more set. Inhale. Exhale, and last one, inhale.

Exhale. And let's go down, extend your legs. Arms up and over. Let's start with the rollover once again, flex your foot, inhale from your nose, exhale, let's go up. And hovering here, expand when you inhale and exhale, roll down.

Inhale prepare and one more time, exhale, up and over. (air whooshing) Inhale, expand and relax. From here, we're gonna go directly all fours now. And trying to find a spot that your shoulder's over your hands and your knees underneath your hips. Once you find that spot, just trying to transfer your weight to your right hand, to your left hand, more to the right knee, to the left knee.

Now start to do it maybe together to the hands, together to the knee. Right hand, right knee, left hand, left knee. Just find comfortable spot. If anytime, this position starts to get uncomfortable for you, please do rest it could be harsh on your wrist if you're not practicing, it could be hard on your knees, if you're not practicing. So if that happens, just please rest and stretch.

Now, from here, you're gonna exhale and round your spine, tuck your chin in, trying to reach your pubic bone with your forehead. And inhale, arch. And exhale, articulate your spine from bottom to top. Remember your spine does not end between your shoulder it goes all the way to your head. So involves your cervical spine as well, as well as your thoracic and lumbar.

And inhale. One more time, exhale. (air whooshing) And inhale. Now from here, tuck your toes under. Once you do that, keep your hands where they are and use your hands to push yourself back to sit and stretch your toes.

Obviously, the farther you go more stretch you're gonna feel on your toes. And if it's too much you can stay up and keep pushing yourself, pushing yourself and you can even walk with your knees backwards a little bit really stretching the bottom of your foot. Trying to maintain your spine, one straight line, it's not rounded. From the straight spine, inhale, come back to center and continue reaching forward like you're getting shoot out from a cannon in one straight line and reach forward, see how far you can go. While you're doing this, you're gonna feel stretch on your wrist and the forearm.

And make sure that the elbows is facing forward like you're rotating externally, the biceps and the inside of your elbows is facing towards front wall. And come back middle and push forward, push forward, push forward, externally rotate, lengthening, keep pushing the floor away from you. Come back center and sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. One more time and come back in and stay here. From here, rotate your palms facing up towards you and the fingers is gonna face towards your knee.

From here you can do one arm at a time or you can do both. If this is not happening, your elbows is bent and you feel like you cannot put them down and it's very sensitive, you can walk back, keep your weight on your legs so you can adjust how much weight to put in your wrist. Good. Once you find the stretch, let's come back to palms down. And from here, we're gonna do catwalk.

So right arm and left knee steps forward so the left knee is right in front of the left hand. Once you find that position, exhale, round your spine. (air whooshing) And inhale, extend and arch. Beautiful. Again, exhale, round, round, round, external rotate your elbows and the bicep and now, internally rotate when you go to extension.

One more set. Exhale round, round, round. And inhale. Arch, now from here, come back to neutral, step back with your right hand and right knee to all fours. Now go forward with the left hand and left knee.

Find your position and exhale, round. (exhales noisily) And inhale, extend. Two more. Exhale round. Inhale, extend.

One more. Exhale, round. And inhale, extend, and come back neutral, step back with your right foot and right hand. Stay here. We're gonna do five breath, small detail, you're gonna lift your knees off the mat, half an inch and halt and breathe, inhale and exhale.

And two, exhale. And three, be strong, push the floor away from you, four exhale, and five. And from here, don't touch the knees to the floor, sit back and lean forward, and sit back and reach, shoot out of the cannon back and forward, two more. Four, forward, one more. Five and forward and come back center and control, down.

That's beautiful. Now from here, you're gonna do seated, and the butterfly, yesterday both hands were holding the feet, and from here you're gonna exhale, round your spine and pretend you wanna roll down on the mat. And while you're doing that, squeeze your knees in, in, in, in, in, and inhale, open up. You can continue doing that or today we're gonna do with one arm. So the left arm reaches back, you are twisting, still look forward to your right hand and your feet.

And then inhale, extend, change hands. Now the right hand is gonna go back, I'm staring to my left, rotate your shoulder, trying to round your spine, you're rolling down still. And inhale. Exhale, squeeze the knee in, squeeze the knee in while you're reaching back and rotating. Inhale.

Exhale. (exhales noisily) Inhale, one more set. Exhale, round, round, round, squeeze the knee, squeeze the knee, squeeze the knee, rotate the shoulders. Inhale, come up. And exhale, last one.

(breathes noisily) And inhale. Beautiful. Now the twist that we did, we're gonna lean towards the left side and turn to the left using our arms. Yesterday we did both hands down on the floor, today we're gonna reach with the right arm up and away and come back together in the center. And let's go to the right turn, left arm reaches away from the left knee and left toe, and they wanna try to touch each other from opposite direction.

Come back center and to the left. Lengthening, lengthening, lengthening, use the bottom arm to push yourself and reach to the ceiling. And come back center and to the right. Beautiful, let's do one more set. And to the left.

Trying to coordinate the movement, nice and smooth. And come back in the center and see how your hip feels, right now I'm in the middle sitting like this. Beautiful. Now, we're gonna turn, we are sitting on the mat, legs straight in front of you, reach forwards with your arms as well. From here, we're gonna go towards the camera, the left side and you're gonna bend your right knee and turn to your left side.

I am totally laying on my left leg and I am pretending there's a wall in front of me and there's a wall behind me and it's very narrow, I have to fit between that wall. Once I find that, look to the left. Come back center, smile, look to the right. Come back to the smile, and reach forward, and breathe. Let's do one more time.

Hands swipes down. Pay attention where your fingers are, they're facing away from each other. The arm is away from your feet, the fingers reaching towards the wall and the middle is reaching opposite wall. And once again, look to the left, stretch, come back center, smile, look to the right. Come back center and reach forward.

Now from here, just let's turn and do it other side. Both legs in front of you. And you're gonna bring your hands down. Up, bend the leg away from the camera, really feel nice and long. Now I'm on my right leg and I'm looking to the right.

Come back center, I'm looking to the left. Come back center and sit both feet in front of you, one more time and sideways. So this outside arm determines how much stretch you're gonna get on your right side. If I placed it farther is gonna be less, if it's really close to me, I'm gonna have to bend a little bit more to get that stretch. Let's look to the right and center, and left and center.

Beautiful. So from here, let's lay down on your back. And we did single leg abdominal series prep. And usually what I do is, the opposite arm on the knee, instead of that right now, I'm gonna do left leg up, left hand on the knee, and the right hand is inside. So, underneath the foot, right hand underneath the left foot, so from here, you're coming up, you are in flex position.

From here, exhale, externally rotate the left leg and really keep it nice and flex the bottom like it has the energy to, and then come back to parallel position. Repeat again, exhale, externally rotate. And inhale, forward. One more, exhale, externally rotate. And inhale, come back forward, and then roll down and relax.

Bend your right knee to your chest, hold it with your right hand, reach with your left hand underneath the right foot, push the right foot forward, help yourself to come up to flexion from the thoracic spine, maintaining your thoracic spine flexion, exhale, externally rotate your leg, inhale, come back to parallel. Exhale, externally rotate, inhale, come back to parallel. And exhale. When you go to parallel, you're pushing with your left hand, the right knee to external rotation to become nice and parallel. Now we are here, lift the bottom leg up, and we're gonna do inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale.

Pay attention, what's gonna happen on the fourth rep. So, switch, switch, switch and externally rotate and come back to position and other side. So, inhale, inhale, exhale, stay here, exhale rotate, come back in. And go. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale.

Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Bend both knees to your chest. If you need to do couple circles, take that option.

Let's reverse it. And from here, let's turn to the side and come up. Let's go back, what we did, both legs straight in front of you, arms line up and over. Once again, we're gonna go to the side. So you're on your right side, left leg is bent.

Once you find this position, pay attention, my left foot and my arms does not change or move, it's gonna stay exactly same spot. But my right leg, the leg that I'm actually on, is gonna twist, go under, now I'm in all fours. And from here, go back where you were, side stretch. Side stretch to all fours, and come back to side stretch. Two more.

All fours. And side. One more. All fours. And under.

Good. Turn around, let's do other side. So, feel nice and long. And from here, swipe the hands and bend the knee. You're on your side, feel nice and long.

From here, bring the left leg underneath you to turn on all fours and then go back in. And second one. And fourth, beautiful. Third one. You can look towards your feet as well here rotating and the fourth one, and stay there and relax.

This is a fun movement sequence that we're gonna take it many different directions later on tomorrow, and the fourth class and the fifth class as well. Now, let's lay down on your back once again. Yesterday we did double leg stretch abdominals, and there was a combo. I did hear from you guys, you guys enjoying combos, so I'm gonna continue doing different combos. Inhale from your nose, exhale, you're holding your knees, push your knees away from you, they're gonna help you to come up to nice flexion position.

Once you find that without rolling down with your shoulders, exhale, pull your knees in. Now, yesterday we did all four together and came back in, then we did arms only, then the legs only. Now we're gonna do left leg and left arm, reaches away from each other, and exhale come back in. Now other side, right arm and right leg reaches, exhale, come back in. Now all four together, inhale and exhale.

Let's pick it up. And left side. (breathes noisily) Right side. (breathes noisily) Together. (breathes noisily) When you do one side, remember trying to not twist right to left, right, find your stabilization.

(breathes noisily) One more set. Inhale, still circle the arm. (breathes noisily) And together. (breathes noisily) And relax on your back, and let's do knee circles again. Beautiful.

How does that feel? Good. I know I can't hear you guys, but I feel you guys. So from here, put your feet down, turn to the side, and we're gonna go all fours once again. So, find your all four position.

And from here, we're gonna reach opposite arm and legs. And what I would like you to do, you're gonna reach your left arm forward, right leg back. Once you find that, bring your left elbow to your left hip and the right knee to your right elbow and flex your spine. So you're really touching them you trying to connect them. And then inhale, reach out.

And again, two. (exhales noisily) Inhale, reach out. And three. Inhale, reach out. And four.

Inhale, reach out and come back in. And relax. Now the right arm and left leg. From here, exhale, come back in, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And inhale, reach out.

And two, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and reach out. And in three, round your spine, really squeeze your elbow in and knee in. And the fourth one. And open it up and come back in all fours. Tuck your toes under, sit back to stretch.

If this feels too difficult for you, you can also relax your feet and stretch right here. Beautiful. Now, let's go back, all fours. From here, you're gonna extend the left arm forward and right leg back. So we're gonna do combo.

You're gonna open your left arm to the side and right leg to the side. Go back to starting position and come back in knee to the elbow and elbow to the hip and extend and open and out. And exhale, inhale. Open and out. Exhale, inhale.

Open and out. Exhale, inhale. Two more, stay strong. Exhale, inhale, one more. Exhale, inhale, stay there, place your left hand down, externally rotate your left leg, bring the right knee behind the left knee.

They are both externally rotated, and just gently sit back and stretch. Good. (breathes noisily) Expectations hopefully you're sitting down and feeling a nice stretch, but the reality with me, I am feeling a nice stretch all the way up here. So joke aside, you don't have to be all the way down, find your spot that is actually working for you today. Find your stretch, trying to shift your way to the right, center, left, see where you feel the most beneficial stretch.

And come back all fours again, undo your cross, and from here, turn other side, walk with your hands and with your knees. And I like to do the other side. Right arm and left leg it's gonna open to the side. Come back in the middle, exhale, knee to the elbow, elbow to the hip and open up. And two, nice and long neck and now flexed.

Open, push the floor with your left hand and right knee. Three more, open. Exhale. Two more. Exhale.

One more. Exhale. And right hand down, externally rotate the left leg, bring the right leg, left knee behind the right knee and sit back and stretch. Beautiful. Find your comfortable spot.

If you have a towel nearby. If you're sweating like me, take the sweat away. There we go. Find a comfortable spot for you to stretch. You can shift your weight to the left to feel in the left glutes more.

Come back to center or to the right. Continue breathing. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. All right, come back all fours. Undo your knees and find yourself control.

Lean to your stomach on prone. So, yesterday we did many swan combinations, today we're gonna continue adding some arm variation. Legs together, nice and extended, having energy on your legs. Trying to push your hips down, lift your bellybutton off, lengthening your neck. You are hovering your head over your mat, press the pinky side of your hands, palms facing towards each other, down to the mat and engage your scapula shoulders away from the ears, lift your chest up.

Once you find that position, swipe the left arm all the way back to your hip. You're touching your legs, bring it back. Do the same thing with the right. Bring it back. Do it together.

Smile. And relax. Beautiful. Again, inhale. Let's start with the right arm now.

Right arm to the side, come back in, left, come back, together, come back in and relax. And inhale, start with the left. You can even look to your left and come back in. Look to your right, come back in, look straight, and relax. Last one.

Inhale, up, look to your right. Look to your left. Together, look straight and relax. Bend your elbows, (muffled speaking), push yourself back to child's pose. Shift your weight right to left, inhale from your nose, exhale from your mouth.

While you're shifting right to left, also explore, with your shoulders reaching down closer to the mat, one at a time, press the left armpit down, and then press the right armpit down. Keep lengthening with your arms forward, and tailbone back. Beautiful. So from here, let's go back where we were prone. Arms up and over, find that length, once you find that length, circle your hands back.

Now, palms down to the mat. Shoulders off the mat, you are hovering. Get the same feeling with your legs, hover a little bit and you are really nice and long. Don't arch, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. From here, lift your arms up to the ceiling as much as you can.

Hold it there, this is your starting position, we're gonna do hundreds. And we're gonna pose with your arms thinking up, not down. Up, two, three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, four, five. Two, two, three, four, five, exhale.

Two, three, four, five. Three, two, three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, four, five, long fingers. Three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, four, five, long spine.

Exhale, two, three, four, five, six. Two, three, four, five, exhale. (muffled speaking) Seven, two, three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, four, five. Eight, two, three, four, five, feel the triceps.

Nine, two, three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, four, five. Up, two, three, four, five, exhale. Two, three, four, five, control and slowly relax, bring your arms up and over, bend your elbows, push yourself up for all fours, drop your elbow down. Put your palms together, bend your elbows, bring your hands behind your neck and trying to sit back and stretch your triceps.

All right. If the hundred exercise we just did was a meal, this one is the dessert, enjoy your dessert and really stretch. Beautiful. You can start to shift again right to left, trying to get the different parts of the triceps. Relax your arms down.

Come on all fours. And we'll go to next series. All right. Once again, we are in all fours position. Walk forward on the mat, so your knees is actually kind of in the middle of your mat.

From here, we're gonna extend the leg that's close to the camera, mine is left, so you're gonna do the left. And then from here, keep your hands nice and strong. Keep pushing yourself away from the floor. You're gonna rotate the right knee internally and you're gonna be on the side. And come back center, and repeat again.

Exhale two. (exhales noisily). And come back center. Exhale, three. Turn, turn, turn, keep looking down between your hands, come back center and one more time, four.

Stay here and bring the left knee next to the right one and start to walk around and you are on the other side of your mat. Extend the right leg now, and let's do the other side. One, and come back center. And sideways, two, come back center. Sideways, three, come back center.

And one more time, four, bring the right knee next to the left. You know the routine, let's go. Other side. We'll start same way, inside leg out. This time when you rotate the left arm reaches up as well, so you are in the side stretch.

And then come back and feel nice and long. And again. Two, feel the stretch, come back in. This is your rest, remember even in that there's a lot of work, lengthening your muscles. And three.

And come back in. And one more time, four, feel nice and long, nice and long, nice and long. Now from here, bend your elbows, so it's behind your head, and we're gonna lift the left leg up, and up, and down. And two, down, three, down. Four.

Two more. Five. One more, six. And from here, comeback center, bend your left knee next to the left, and walk, other side. Extend the right leg and turn to the side, and stretch.

Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and come back in. And two, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Come back in. Beautiful. Three, lengthen, length, lengthen.

And four. Hold it here, bring the right hand behind the neck and the right leg goes up six times. One, trying to stay parallel with that, two, not easy, three, and four, and five, and six. Beautiful. Bring the hand down, knee next to the left one and stay here.

Now we're not gonna turn to the other side, we actually are gonna just sit in the middle of the mat. Arms is gonna be on the side, and we are going to do twists kneeling, you're gonna go to the right, inhale, inhale, center, and exhale, left, left, center. Make sure your knees and your hips is not shifting back and forth. To the right, center and left, center. Stay there.

Let's go up and try the same thing in here. Right, right, center. Left, left, center. Right, right, center. Left, left, center.

So we'll start sitting. We're gonna go right, right, come up on your knees, left, left, sit down. Again, left, left, come up, right, right, sit, and right, right, up, left, left, sit. Left, left, up. Right, right, sit.

Last set, right, right, up, left, left, sit, and left, left, up. And right, right, sit and relax. Beautiful. We're gonna go prone once again. And let's turn towards your right, so the left side towards the camera.

Arms in front of you. We all know this one exercise, right now we're gonna do, I call it swan walk. I'm gonna bring one hand in, the left hand in, I'm gonna use your left hand to inhale go to swan, with straight arm, the right arm is gonna come up wherever I can bring. Hold and then reach with the right forwards first again. And then the left.

Repeat the same thing with the right now. So it's the right bend, come up, left forward, and right forward. Left, right, right, left, right, left, left, right. Notice my left hand is really underneath my shoulder and when I come up the right hand is not the same level. It's okay.

If you can make it same level, that's okay too. If it doesn't, that's okay too. Beautiful. And relax right here. Bend the left hand, help yourself, push yourself to your side with the left hand.

Now you are literally on your side, both feet glued on top of each other, right palm faces up to the ceiling, and from here banana. You're gonna lift your legs and your upper body up and down. And two, down. Three. Down.

Four. Two more. Five. Six. And from here, help yourself to come up.

And twist and turn, will do other side. So, arms up over your head, we're gonna do the walking swan once again, and right, left, left, right, left, right, right, left. Nice and continued smooth movement. And left, right, right, left, one more set, right, left, left, right and relax. Turn to your side, bend your right elbow, help yourself to turn and left, palms up to the ceiling, both feet flex, and together, lift up and down.

And up, and down. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Beautiful. Now from here, you're gonna come up. Turn the other side, and we're gonna do combo. So arms up and over once again. So from here, we're gonna do kind of like walking.

Yeah. So we're gonna do right, left, right. Again, right, left, right, turn to the side, banana, banana. And swan. And swan.

And bend, bend, extend and turn to the side and swan. Swan. One more set. Down, and down. To the side and swan.

And swan. Beautiful. Once again, let's do other side. Turning each side is a cool exercise as well. And from here, we're gonna go with inside, in, in, out, out.

And out, out, in, in. And to the side, banana and banana. And turn. And down. And down.

To the side. And one last time. And forward. And forward. And side.

And lift up. Lift up. Beautiful. Let's come back seated. And from here.

Find yourself in the middle of your mat. Bring your hands behind you into flexion and legs bent, right. So from here, from the flexion, you're gonna extend your legs and come up with your arms straight. Reach forward, point your feet, brush your hands on the mat to a flexion position and bend your knees in. Yeah, from here, you're gonna inhale, push your hips up and lift your hips as much as you can in one straight line.

Drop the hips down. Extend your legs and arms. And exhale, reach forward again. And come back to flexion. Bring the legs in one at a time or both.

Exhale, push your hips forward. Drop it down. And reach forward again. Extend. And down, exhale, go back.

Bend your legs in. And exhale, push up, up, up, up, feel nice and tall. And bring them down. And reach forward. Bring your hands down.

Scooch forward. We're gonna do rocking like a ball, you're gonna hug your knees nice and tight. If this is something difficult, is challenging for you, you can use your hands on the knees, shins or the ankles. The tighter the ball you make, it's gonna be more challenging. We're gonna do just six rockings without putting any pressure on our neck.

And we're gonna do continuing rock, no balance. So, find your position, round your spine, and go, flow. And back and forward. Two, forward. Three.

Four, get ready. Five. And last one, six, and balance. Find your balance. Find your balance.

Find your balance. Beautiful. It's very nice. From here, stay in balance, hold your ankles. And from here, we're gonna do open leg rocker.

You're gonna extend a leg, right leg out, and then come back, bend. Now the left, come back, bend. Now both and hold and lengthening, let's do one rock and balance. And rock back, hold, come up and hold and balance. Feel lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, before you roll down, flex to roll back again.

Hold, inhale, exhale, come up, and find your balance and lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. One more set. Exhale go back and come up. Feel nice and long. Bend the leg one at a time.

And let's go back a little bit in the middle of the mat, stretch your legs, arms up towards the ceiling once again. From here. Again, we're gonna exhale, go down. Brush your hands back, flexion, bend your legs in, from here inhale, push your hips up. Keep your heels where they're at, drop the tailbone down, stretch your legs, flex your foot.

Don't touch the floor and exhale, round your spine to hold yourself. And inhale, up. And exhale, scoop and hold. Inhale, push up and hold, exhale, scoop and hold. One more.

Push. Exhale, scoop. And lower yourself down. And let's go back to all four. We are in all fours position.

And feel the weight is shifting forward and back. Move back with your knees just a little bit or move forward so you still stay in the mat. And transfer your weight to your hands, so you're kind of leaning forward, from here, bring your inside foot to the camera which is my left, next to your left foot. So my hands and my left foot is in one straight line, now push your hips forward and lengthening your spine, trying to be nice and tall with your spine. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen.

From here, open the left knee to the side, like you wanna sit. And come back and squeeze the knee in. One more time. Open, open, open, open. Come back, squeeze in.

Now from here, stay there. Open the left hand to the ceiling, reach, reach, reach, nice and tall. And come back in and press down, feel nice and tall. One more time. Open, open, open, open.

One more time, down and feel nice and tall. And from here, the opposite arm. Now, the right arm reaches up, up, up, keep pushing your hips down and down. One more time, opposite arm. And come back down and bring the left foot back, sit in child pose.

Come back all fours. Let's turn around and repeat the same thing to other side. And move back with your knees, but transfer your hands on your, upper body on your hands. Bring the right foot next to the right hand. If you feel you want more space, you can even walk forward a little bit with your hands and with your foot.

Once you find your stretch, squeeze the right knee to the right shoulder and inhale, open. Exhale, squeeze the right knee in. Inhale, open. Come back and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, hold, now open the right arm. Lengthening, lengthening, feel the length between your right fingers and the left.

And again inhale, twist, twist, twist, and come back in. This is most difficult one for me. You might find it same or you might not. And come back center. And left.

And come back center. Sit back into child pose again. (background noises) And come back in the middle of the mat. We are sitting on our heels. Open your arms to the side.

So from here we're gonna stretch towards the right side and when you're doing that, you're gonna shift your body weight to the left like you're almost gonna fall off and sit on the left hip. So you're stretching towards the right. Inhale, come back center, and exhale to the left. (exhales noisily) And inhale, center, and exhale, stretch to the right, have the energy with your right arm. And now both arms is reaching away from each other, now both is reaching to the left and counterbalance that stretch with your hips.

And come up. And one more set. (breathes noisily) And to the left. Come back center. Bring your hands to the side.

Close your eyes. And feel how you're grounded to the floor with your feet, with your heels, with your knees and start to smile. Not only with your mouth, smile with your knees, with your shins, with your ankles, toes, heels, glutes, hamstrings, hips. Smile with your abdomen, with your ribs, with your back. Smile with your shoulders, your elbows, your hands.

Continue keeping your eyes closed, give me the biggest, the biggest smile nobody can see you. And relax, open your eyes. And we are done for today. Thank you so much joining me. Tomorrow, we're gonna rise and shine.

See you guys later.

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Helena B
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Beautiful build from day one to day two :) Can't wait for tomorrow!
Alexandra M
wonderful and thoughtful class! I enjoyed a lot-thank you🙏
Laura Maria
These classes give so many new ideas for effective variations and combos...thanks!
Terrific class, Viktor. Looking forward to the others
1 person likes this.
Really enjoyed the class, great variations. Feel good afterwards
1 person likes this.
All my body smiles after this class! Thank you!
1 person likes this.
3 people like this.
Viktor is a strong demonstrator and power mover who remembers to reward students with stretch "desserts" during class.  They're satisfying reminders to fellow teachers to fold stretching in, not leave it to the end.
Rina S
1 person likes this.
There was something so unique about the movements,  I imagine this was a great workout for the brain as well.
Viktor Uygan
Helena B i am happy to hear you recognize the buildup from Day 1 and you look forward to see what’s coming next. Thank you for moving with me and don’t forget to let me know how you like the next classes!!
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