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Stand Strong

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Challenge your body in a new way with Viktor in this Pilates workout that explores your new-found vertical. Challenge your balance and hug your midline in his fourth class as he takes you through mind-body integration. Get ready to test your limits and reach for the sky!
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Jan 15, 2021
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Good morning, everyone. This is Viktor once again, and today's the fourth day of my series of Evolution For Your Resolution. Today's theme is stand strong. Let's lay down on your back and let's start like we did last three days. Just roll down and start to breathe.

Inhale from your nose, exhale from your mouth. This is your time to just relax in a way while you're breathing and prepare your body for the next one hour of movement. Inhale from your nose, exhale from your mouth. Bring your arms up towards the ceiling and over your head, down to the floor once again. Once you bring your arms there, let them just relax.

Feel the weight distribution in your body starting from your heels, all the way to your hands. How much weight do you have on your heels, on your calves, hamstrings, glutes? Is there any weight on your lower back? How much do you have on your upper back, your scapula, your elbows, wrist, back of your hand, and the back of your head? Continue inhaling and exhaling and start to rock your ankles.

Rock your body, actually, by moving your ankles back and forth, very small movements, small and fast. That's gonna move you front and back and pretend your body is a giant bucket of sand and rocks and feel, when you're rocking yourself back and forth, all the small sand just settles down in the bottom of the bucket and the bottom of the bucket is mat and the ground for you and just feel really grounded. Slowly stop rocking. Inhale from your nose. You're gonna bring the right hand to the right knee and hold.

The beginning of our journey of this series, first, we did the grounding by pressing your quad, then we hold, then we lift the chest up. Today, we're gonna do almost all of them. So from here, once you hold your right knee, you're gonna push the right knee up and while you're doing that, left side, left arm and left leg moves towards each other and then roll down and extend the right side away from each other and connect the left side together. Push the left knee forward and bring the right leg and right arm towards each other. Come up and then reach down and move away and extend away from each other.

And the right side. Exhale. And roll down. And lengthening. Feel the static energy you create on your left side by pushing.

Apply the moving side, which is the right side. Moves towards each other and moves away. And relax, one more set. Right one. Push forward, exhale, come up with the left.

Inhale, move away from each other. All four reaches away from each other. Last one, hold the left knee. Exhale, come up and move towards each other and come back, move away from each other and bend both knees. Bring your arms up and down.

Inhale from your nose. We're gonna do articulated spine. Exhale, posteriorly tilt your pelvis, and push up towards the ceiling. At the end, inhale and make sure you lengthening the back of your body, pushing your knees forward towards your toes, and exhale, roll down. Beautiful.

Now we set the expectations. Let's go up again. This time, inhale, extend the left leg straight out. Apply equal pressure with your right leg and the left leg. They both working to hold you here.

Once you find that, drop the left hip down and keep pushing the right hip up. Create a twist on your thoracic spine and push your hip up. Come back to center, equal weight, once again. Bring the left leg in and exhale, roll down. Roll down.

Other side, exhale, let's go up. Inhale, extend right leg out. Apply equal pressure down to the floor. Drop the right hip down to externally rotate the right leg and push the left hip up. Come back center, bring the right leg in, and roll down.

One more set, exhale. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, roll down. And left side, exhale, roll up. Inhale, extend.

Exhale, drop. Inhale, push up. Come back in, exhale, roll down. And open your arms to the side. We're gonna do one more bridge.

We have been doing knee sways right to left and we're gonna apply that movement while we're doing a bridge. You're gonna exhale, go up, hold that position, and twist to the right and you can look to the left and come back up, meet in the center. Now twist to the left, look to the right, and come back, meet in the center. One more set to the right. Keep pushing your hips up.

That's your goal. I know the sway is important, but keeping the hips up, really important. Now let's add little bit challenge. Arms up. Arm goes opposite direction of the sway.

This is a lot harder. Now, do you realize how much your arms were helping you? And one more time. This is a great mobility and stability exercise. It's great for strength.

Come back up and roll down and relax. Beautiful. So from here, we're gonna come up. You can turn to your side and we're gonna have a seat in our butterfly position. We have been doing this in every class and I added or I changed it a little bit.

Today's version, you're gonna grab it underneath your feet with your hands. Exhale, squeeze yourself with your knees as usual we did before and now from here, inhale, extend one leg out, and reach towards that. When you're doing this, you drop the left knee down, exhale, come back, and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze while you're doing a flexion with your spine. And inhale, extend the left side, and drop the right knee down. You might not be here.

You might be staying still bent. It is totally okay. Find the length that you can create with your legs and be happy there and be patient and continue smiling. And come back in and round your spine, round your spine, and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And inhale, open up, open up, open up, open up, open up, Come back in, one more set.

Exhale, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Inhale, to the right. Look to the right, lengthen, and come back and exhale. Round, round, round, round, round, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and inhale. Open up, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach.

Beautiful. From here, both legs straight. And from here, we're gonna turn towards the left side and you're gonna lift the right hip up and the right arm reaches up towards the ceiling. So you creating a nice long line from your right hand to the right heel and come back center. You have weight in both hips.

Now, transfer to the right hip. Lift the left hip up and turn to the left. Make sure legs are nice and straight. Flex foot, come back center, and rotate to the left. Come back center, rotate to the right.

One more set. You can even lean forward a little bit to come up. And left side, lean forward a little bit and up stretch. And come back in right here and relax. From here, we're gonna go all fours position, shoulders over your hands and knees underneath your hips.

Once you find that position, let's lean forward to stretch your forearm and your wrist. Do rotate your arms externally, so inside of your elbows reaching forward. Tuck your toes under and push yourself back and sit, trying to maintain your spine, nice and straight position. Don't round, really nice and tall. And gently push yourself forward and stretch your wrists and your forearm and come back in and sit again.

Once again, let's go to the center, and from here, let's do cat. Exhale, round your spine. And inhale, arch. Exhale, round your spine. Inhale, arch.

Next, do have a movement if you like to start to transfer your weight right to left, front and to the side, and you can even reverse that. Exhale, and inhale. Once you're here, let's remember the ones that we did opening. You're gonna open the left arm to the ceiling from the thoracic spine. Feel nice and strong with the right arm and come back down, center, and repeat the same thing to the other side.

Now, the right arm goes up to the center. Left one is nice and strong. Come back in. So now, we also did both knees up and hover. Now, we're gonna combine those exercises.

First, we're gonna start leaning forward and sit back, your knees still not touching. Come back center and rotate. This time, look down, don't look up, and make sure your knees is same height, and come back in. And from here, go to the other side, and come back in. Once again, lean forward, sit back, come back center.

This time, open the right side first. Come back in, and left side. Come back in, and forward. Sit back. Center, left side first, and come back.

Right side first, come back. Last set, forward. Sit back, come back in. Right side open, come back in. Left side open, come back in, and relax.

Beautiful. That was fantastic. Now, from here, we're gonna sit, reaching with your arms hovering over your legs. From here, inhale from your nose. Lift your right leg up and hold with your hands, trying to maintain the position straight legs, and exhale.

We're gonna roll down slowly. While you're rolling down, you're pushing your leg down away from you. That's gonna help you to slowly go down. Once you find that position, extend your leg and your arms away from each other. Inhale, and exhale, do a roll up.

Inhale, left leg up. Keep pressing down, keep pressing down. Keep pressing down. Keep pressing down, down, down with your legs to roll down. Once you find that position, extend away from each other.

Flex your foot. Exhale. Come up, One more set, and hold the leg. Point your leg, point your feet to roll down and extend away from each other. Flex, and up and over.

Left side, point your feet and roll down and extend away from each other. And exhale, roll up. Scooch forward little bit and lay down on your back. Straight arms up and over, away from the legs. We're gonna do hundreds.

From here, legs is gonna be V-shape, Pilates V, little bit externally rotated. Inhale from your nose. Bring your arms up and over, chest lift, and lift your legs up. From here, you're gonna flex your foot five times and point on five breath. Flex, two, three, four, five.

Point, two, three, four, five. Three, two, three, four, five. Point, two, four. Point, two, three, four, five, five. Point, two, three, four, five.

Challenge, keep point flexing your foot while you pulsing with your arms. Seven, two, three, four, five. Three, four, five. Eight, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

Nine, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Last two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Bend your knees in, hold your knees, and slowly roll down and do some knee circles.

Inhale, pull the knees towards you. Open up away from each other. Move it away from you and bring them together and let's do our set. And come back in and out. Control your breathing a little bit.

And then we're gonna go back to all fours. Turn to your side. Push yourself up and let's go all four position. From here, inhale from your nose and extend the left leg out or the leg actually close to the camera. Stay here.

Really feel connected with your arms and exhale. Rotate your body and come back in the center. Once again, exhale, rotate, and come back in. Most important part of this is the right leg is really rotating and you keeping your thoracic spine over your hands. And one more time.

Now, stay here. Now let's open up to the side, smile. Push the bottom hip forward and then come back down. Three more, and two. And come back in.

And three, push, push, push, come back in. And four, come back in. Beautiful. Now let's go up one more time. Stay here and push yourself up to your knees and adjust this leg to extend one more time and feel nice and tall.

From here, right arm goes to the left hip and left arm goes and extends. Feel like a one straight line. Once you find that, open and twist towards the floor. Hover, go back to starting position, and now open up towards the ceiling. Keep the top hip forward and come back and hover and extend and hover up, up, up, up, up, up, up, and extend.

Two more, towards the floor. Beautiful. And open. One more, hover towards the floor and towards the ceiling and come back center and bring the leg inside and sit down and breathe. Now we're gonna do the other side.

That was very good. So, I'm turning this way. Once again, the leg that I'm gonna do close to the camera. Extend the right leg away from you. And from here, twist by rotating towards the left side of my body.

My left shin is parallel towards the camera. And come back in. And exhale, and inhale. Really feel grounded with your hands. And two.

Come back in, one more time. And four, hold that. From here, open up. Push the bottom hip forward to extend side and smile and come back in and open up, smile, and come back in. Feel the twist.

Two more, push the bottom hip, and down. One more, push. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, and come back in and help yourself come up to high kneeling and adjust the other leg if you need to. Feel nice and long. Drop both hips down.

Left hand goes to the right hip and right hand reaches away from the right leg to create a one straight line. And from here, bring your hands together to open up. You're hovering towards the floor. And go back to starting position and now bring it together. Turn towards the ceiling, keep pushing the right hip forward, and come back to starting.

Let's do this three more times. One, and open. Beautiful, and come back center. This is the third set. Towards the floor and come back center and towards the ceiling, rotate, and come back.

And last set, and rotate, feel nice and long, long, long, long, long, and open and come back in sideways and then come up and have a seat and relax. Beautiful. From here, I just wanted to remind you once again coming up on your knees and sitting down, coming up, and once you are really pushing your hips forward, feel nice and tall. If you didn't do yesterday's class, this is what we went over it. The goal is not to go around and around.

It's go under and go back, under, go back, under, go back. One more time, go back, and have a seat, legs straight in front of you. So from here, scooch close to the edge of your mat, both legs in front of you straight, arms parallel to the legs. You're gonna swipe the arms to the side, towards the left side, and turn towards your left side and bring the right foot behind the left knee. From here, arms is nice, strong, especially the left one.

From here, bring the arm forward, parallel to the bottom leg. And from here, exhale, push, and inhale, down. And again, push. You can even look down towards your left hand and then come back and follow, and two more. Exhale, and come back in.

Control and exhale. Come back in control, stay there. From here, drop the right hand down and twist to all fours. Now for cat. Exhale, round.

Inhale, arch. And two, keep the weight between the arms and legs and arch. One more time, and arch. From here, step forward with the left, so the left foot next to the left hand. From here, lean forward and stretch, bringing the right hand forward.

Feel nice and tall with your spine. Bring the right hand back and sit back to your right here. Straight your left leg and stretch the left hamstrings. And repeat three more times. Forward, two, and come back.

And three, and come back. One more, four, and come back and go forward. Stay there. From here, back leg is gonna be straight and you're gonna open your left arm to the ceiling, open up. This is one.

Come back in. And two, come back in. And three, come back in. One more, four. Feel nice and strong, stay there.

Now you're gonna step forward and one and back. Keep the hand down, two and back and three and back and four and back. Beautiful. From here, open your left hand outside of your left foot and you just gonna stand up and balance. Whew.

Here we go. First one is always rough. And then control, go back down. Put your knee down and then come up again, two. Very good.

Come back down and three. And go down and four. Stay here. Feel nice and tall. From here, bring your elbows, left one forward, right one back, kind of like you walking, running, or leaping and you're gonna bring the right leg back and forward.

Remember, don't rest. If you rest, the strength is gonna disappear. You're gonna fatigue the standing leg so you can make it stronger. Beautiful. Yeah.

One leg back, one leg forward. One leg back and forward. Extension and flexion. One more extension, flexion. My left glute, left leg is so tired.

Stay here, last eight. You're gonna extend the right leg out. One, good. Two and three and four and five and six. Two more, seven and eight.

Stay here nice and tall and step down from here and open up and come back in. Step back hands. Let's do one more cat. We kind of reversing what we did and from here, turn. That was good.

So that was one side. I hope you enjoyed it. Control your feelings and control your excitement. Let's do other side immediately. All right, so, oh, here we go.

This is how we do it. So you're gonna turn around, once again sitting and hands parallel to the legs. From here, you're gonna sweep your arms from the right side. Turn to the right of your legs. I'm literally on the right side, on my right leg, left foot behind the right knee.

I'm feeling nice and strong. Extend the left arm straight from here and exhale, lift. Look down if you need to and lower. Three more. And up and over, and down, control.

Two more. Exhale and down. One more, and down. Beautiful. Bring the hand down.

From here, turn to all fours and four cats. Exhale, round and inhale, arch. Exhale, round, round, round, round. Inhale, arch. Two more, and inhale.

One more, and inhale. Step up with the right foot next to the right. And from here, lean, bringing the left hand forward, and then bring the left hand back. Sit back your left heel to stretch the right side of your leg hamstrings and go forward, inhale, and go back, exhale. And forward, inhale, and back.

And one more, forward, and back. And the next exercise from here, you're gonna extend the back knee and then open up with the right arm to the ceiling. Feel nice and long. Stay strong with the left arm and come back down. Three more.

Two, and come back down. It's the third one, three, and back. And four, and come back. From here, bring the left foot next to the left hand. One, and step back and two, and back and three, and back and four, and back.

Beautiful. Bring the right hand outside of the right foot. From here, we're gonna stand up and up and balance. Feel nice on long, knee high, and step down. Repeat three more times.

Two, and down and three, and down and four, hold it there. Feel nice and tall on the right side. This is about the right leg. Left leg is 90, 90. We're gonna go to extend and cross the arms and come back and forward.

Repeat seven more times. This is two, total of eight. Three and four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Ope, I said eight. Sorry, you gave me extra one.

Hold it here. Now we're gonna extend the leg and forward, one and two and three and four, four more. Five, six, two more. Seven, eight. Don't give up.

Let's step down. Beautiful. Let's open and close. From here, move back. Just give me one cat again.

Bring the hands to the side, turn around, and breathe and relax. Beautiful. Right before I did this, we talked about lengthening the hip and staying strong and main thing when I do the standing exercises, remember it's all about the standing leg most of the time. Now I'm gonna lay down on your stomach and we'll do some front exercises and side exercises. If you remember from my previous classes, I call this kind of lizard prep.

So you're gonna lift yourself using your arms. Drop the right shoulder down, lift the left shoulder up, and look towards the left elbow. And then come back. Repeat the same thing other side. Now, my left shoulder goes down to the floor.

You look up and lift the right shoulder up as much as you can. Have energy on your legs while you're doing this exercise to the left. And up and to the right. Beautiful, and come back center and relax. From here, you're gonna turn to your side, bend your right elbow, support your head with your right hand.

You're on the side, flex foot. So from here, we're gonna do four leg kicks. And kick, kick, and extend back, back, back. Really work on the extension. It's really important.

Second one, and back, back, back back. Third one back, back, back, back. Fourth one, go back, back, back, back, stay there. Keep pushing back. Release your right arm and turn on your stomach.

Your right leg is still extended. From here, let's do single leg kicks, which is kick, kick, extend. Two, extend. Have energy on the right arm, leaving this the straight. It's helping you to lift up with the left.

Kick, kick, extend. That was the fourth one. Turn to the side, smile. Take a guess what I'm gonna do, combo. And we do one kick, extend back, and rotate while you're doing that.

And one kick and turn to the side. Kick, kick, back. Kick, kick, back. Front, back. Now, after you kick, still keep it in extension when you turning to the side.

And kick, kick, back. In, in, extend. And relax. Open your arms to the side. We're gonna do this only with one leg.

So what I'm gonna ask you to do from here, you're gonna bring the knee into the lizard and you're gonna put it over your elbow. Boom, and stay there. Hold, hold, and go back, relax. If this is really challenging, you can extend the right arm over like a superman or superwoman and then bring the knee in. So this is gonna be a little bit easier.

Hold, hold, hold, hold, and go back. Let's do two more sets. Also, you can bring your hands lower than your shoulder, closer to your leg. That's gonna help you, as well, if you need to do that. And last one, one more small detail.

When you rest your knee, trying to lift your foot off the floor, off the floor, and come back and push yourself back to a child pose. Stretch your spine, relax your neck. Continue breathing. Come back, all fours. Turn around and find yourself on your stomach once again with the lizard pose.

We won't do too much on here because we did other side. Let's do two sets only, once to the right and to the left. One more time, to the right and to the left. Come back center and turn to your side. Bend your left elbow and you are on your left side.

Support your head. If you need to, you can also relax on your arm and we're gonna do kick, kick, extend, one. Kick, kick, extend, two. And forward and back and forward and back. Hold it back, hold it back, and roll on your stomach.

Extend your left arm forward. Leg is still up and start to kick, kick to your glutes and extend, in, in, and out, in, in, and out and last and out. Let's do the combo. One forward, extend. While you're extending, you're rolling, and kick.

While you're extending, once again, stays in extension so it can't start to kick forward. And kick, kick, and to the side. Third one and go back, kick, kick, and extend. Fourth one, go back. Kick, kick, extend, and relax to your left.

Good. This is the one you're gonna bring the knee over the elbow. Inhale from your nose. Exhale and place it. Good, nice and long.

Lift the ankle up and go back. And two, beautiful. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. And back, and three. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, and back.

Last one, and lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift and extend. Push yourself. All fours to child pose. Stretch your back, stretch your hips, knees, shoulders, neck. Deep breaths.

This is fantastic. All right. Now, if you guys joined me in my first, second, and third class, you're gonna be familiar what we're gonna do. We're gonna start sitting in our heels. We're gonna go up on our high knees and then step forward, and lastly, today we're gonna add standing.

So this is the journey that we're gonna follow while we're doing twist. Ready? We're gonna go to the right, inhale, inhale. When you come back, exhale. You are on high kneels.

Left, left. When you're coming center, step forward with the right. Right, right, stand up, and left, left, go back down. Right, right, kneel. Left, left, heel.

And the right, right, come back center. Now we're gonna do the other side. And left, left, up and right, right, step forward with the left. Left, left, stand up, and right, right, sit. Left, left, center.

Right, right, sit, and left, left, center. Now we're gonna flow one more set to the right and to the left. And inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. To the left, up and right, step and left, up and right, stand, left, on the knees, right, sit, and left. Come back center and relax.

Whew. That is difficult. Take your time. By time, it gets better. And next we're gonna stand up and we're gonna do airplane series.

This is, once again, it's really challenging on the standing leg. I want you to continue trying to do six reps without stopping, and if it's really difficult, if you need to fall off and if you need to touch it, go back to the position as soon as possible. So from here, the first thing, you're gonna hinge forward. Bring the left leg back. We are standing on the right leg, trying to transfer your weight to your toes is not on your heels.

Open your arms to the side so you are like airplane flying. Don't arch your lower back. Don't lift your legs too high. One straight line. From here, bend your right knee as much as you can.

Your body lowers with the leg, and extend. Keep your body steady. Your leg is the elevator. Elevator takes you down and up. Your body doesn't do anything, just stays there.

Beautiful. Two more. Down, down, down, down, and up. One more. Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, and extend and come back and slow.

I'm sure you felt on the right leg. Now we're gonna repeat the same thing to the left. Place your left foot on the floor. Feel nice and long, straight, hinge from your hip. Open your arms to the side, one straight line, trying to keep this hip down.

It's gonna want to open, so really square it down and bend your left. Bend, bend, bend. See how far it can go and straight. And two. When you go up, do not snap your knees back.

And three, and control. Four, control. Two more. Five, control. One more.

Six, and control, and then come back and relax. How is your glutes? I know it's working. Now, we're gonna do another version of this. Turn around.

We are standing on the right. You're gonna actually hinge forward, exactly what we did, and bend your leg. Once you find the spot that you feel comfortable, bring your arms up and over forward so your arms and your leg, the left leg, is reaching away from each other. From here, just bring the back leg in and out. Don't change anything in your spine, two, and the height of your leg with the right, right is still bending.

Three, three more. Four, two more. Five, one more. Six, extend. Step down and control up.

Whew. It's the glute. Now the left. And bend your left knee and extend the right one away from your hands. Hands reaching forward, right heel is reaching back and pull the right knee in and out.

Keep the left leg bent as much as you can, too. Don't move your spine. Three and four, two more. Five, one more. Six, and step down and slowly stand up.

Let's turn around and all fours. Let's give those glutes little bit TLC. You're gonna extend your left leg out straight, external rotate the right. Bring the left knee behind the right knee and move both feet away from each other. They're both externally rotating and slowly sit back.

Continue breathing. Continue slowly moving backwards. If you're able to sit all the way down, it's fantastic. For me, I can't. I feel the stretch here already, so I'm working on it.

Don't shift to the right and sit. That's quite easy. Trying to find yourself to sit in the center more or shift to the left, you're gonna see the left glute is stretching a lot more when you shift to the left. Beautiful. And come back all fours again.

Untwist your legs. And I'm gonna turn around to show you guys, exactly same way, and I'm gonna stretch the other side. Extend the right leg straight out. Externally rotate the left. Bring the right leg behind the left knee.

Move both feet away from each other to create a gap and space and sit back to that space with your glutes. This time, you're gonna want to shift to the right to feel on the right glute more. Continue moving. Feel the stretch, lean back. And come back center.

Untwist your knees. And we're gonna stand up once again. We're gonna do the third version of the airplane series that I called. This is open a book. So left leg is in the middle.

You go back to airplane, the first exercise we did. From here, both legs straight. From here, pretend your arms, your upper body is the cover of the book and you're gonna open that book, including your hips, open your hip, open your hip, and then come back and close the book. Let's read it again. Open the book, open, open, open, open.

Ooh, here we go. And come back center. Two more. Keep looking down. Open, open, open, open, open the hip too and come back in.

One more. Open, open, open, open, open, open, open, and close. Bend your knee to soften it up. Step next to it and stand up. This is a great balance and strengthening exercise for the standing leg and the right leg is standing now and find your airplane pose, feel nice and long.

Lean forward little bit. Transfer your weight towards your toes and let's open it. Open, open, open, open, open the left hip and then come back, close the hip, close the hip, close the hip, and two. Lengthening, lengthening, lengthening, lengthening. And then close.

Three. If you're finding it really challenging, it was for me, as well, and still it's challenging. My journey is not over. So just do what you can do now and keep working on it to improve. Whew.

You should feel the strength, the tingling in a way in my glutes, in my calf, on my feet. It always changes. Your stabilizer's working, the full body's working, the coordination, the proprioception. It's a fantastic exercise that I highly recommend. Saying that, from here, let's go on your knees facing towards me.

From here, we did step forward. Instead of stepping forward, imagine you are in a square box. I want you to go to your corner in that box with your right leg, so diagonal. Once you find that, I am not opened up to my diagonal. I'm still square facing to you but I'm gonna transfer my weight and move to the diagonal and then come back in, again, move this way, forward, forward, forward, and come back in.

Place your right wrist to your right knee and let it slide like you're going that way and reaching. Come back in, hips square, remember? One more time. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. Open the left hand to the side and close towards your hand.

Round your spine and open and arch. Exhale, close and open, arch. Your right arm's dynamically moving back and forward on your right knee. And three, and one more time. And four, beautiful.

Come back and bring the leg in. Let's do other side. Left foot to the left corner. And place your left wrist to your left knee and reach forward and come back in. Maintain your square hips.

And back, two more. Come back in, one more. Come back in. Now, stay there. The right hand closes in and rounds and opens up.

When I bring the right forward to the left, left comes back. I'm rounding my spine. Then left reaches forward to the floor while the right one reaches away. Two more, round and inhale. Last one, exhale.

Inhale, inhale, inhale. And come back center, step up. Beautiful. One last thing standing. We did 90, 90 if you guys remember, and we did extend.

So we're gonna do kind of a combo. So you're gonna bend the standing leg and lean back like you really running or it's kind of like a statue, like a fountain statue. Pretend like there's a water coming out of my mouth from here and then come up and down again and up. Control, bend, and up. One more, just four, and come up.

Stay there. Make a bow and arrow with the left arm forward, right arm back. Now, when you extend the left leg out, you're gonna do the bow and arrow, switch, twist, and come back in. And twist and come back in. Two more, twist and come back in.

And last one, twist, lift, and relax. Turn around and bend your right knee up, left elbow forward, right elbow back. Bend your standing leg and go back, trying to be parallel. Show me nice, strong fountain pose. And come up.

And two, and up. And three, and up. And four, and up. Here we go. Bow and arrow.

Switch it and hold, right knee forward and right arm forward. Now extend the right leg and do bow and arrow by pulling the right elbow back and come back in. Three more. Two, come back in. Two more.

Three, and last one, four, lengthening, lengthening, and relax. Whew. Shake your legs. You guys did a fantastic job. Now let's open your legs apart as much as we can.

From here, we're gonna gently hinge forward until we can find the floor with our hands. Once you do that, you're gonna transfer and walk towards the right side by bending the right knee and walking with your hands and then walk to the center. Repeat the same thing to the left and now do bigger movement with your hands to the right and bigger to the left. Now, the left hand is gonna reach to the right, immediately crossing and open the right one up towards the ceiling. Now, the right one is gonna reach.

Both knees bend when you do that transition. Extend the right one. Keep the left one bent and turn to the left. And bend both and to the right. And bend both and to the left.

Stay here. Keep left bent. Reach to the right with the left and open it up. Reach to the right with the left and open it up. Now, let's transfer to the right.

Right arm is up. Stay bent with the right leg. Reach to the left with your right, but stay there and open it up. One more time, reach. And open it up and come back center.

Walk with your feet towards each other slowly and slowly roll up. Keep your knees bent. Good. Stay here. Put your legs really underneath you.

They're hip-width apart position. Relax your shoulders. Find a position and close your eyes and feel your body's rocking you, maybe front and back and right and left. Stay there. Don't try to control it.

Just reach with your arms away from each other. Push a two wall away from you. Push, push, push, push, push. There's a wall coming, the ceiling coming down so push with your feet, the ceiling up by lifting, coming up on your toes, high heels. And then from here, just relax and come back.

One more time. Recharge, apply energy on your hands. Push, push, push, push, really strong and lift up to the ceiling, lengthening. Go, push, push, push, push, push, push. And relax, beautiful.

Find yourself. And the last one and push. Right hand is pushing, left hand is pushing away from each other. Your neck is nice and long, lift it, hips opened up. Now you coming up on your toes, high heels, reach, touch the ceiling with the top over your head.

Nice and tall. And once again, relax and come back center and breathe. Thank you so much joining me the fourth stage of my Evolution of Your Resolution class. Today, we stand strong. Tomorrow, we're gonna defy gravity together.

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Lots of stretching, rotation, and balancing. Many of exercises are not standard, so one has to pay attention to the cues. I added 5 lb leg weights which I normally do in any slower paced class. That works for me. I had fun and feel much better. Thanks Again Viktor:) 
Viktor Uygan
Gary M Happy to see you are trying my classes and enjoying them. Thank you for your detailed explanation of experience and Thank you as always for moving with me 🙏🏻
1 person likes this.
This was good ... challenging for the balance ... 😉👍🇩🇰
Tess S
1 person likes this.
thanks victor. loved the deep lunge with rotations, side series with lateral flexion and rotation, and also the T balance series. so refreshing to see your classes with innovative and effective exercises!
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Victor, thank you again! Another great class! I am following the order and the build up from class to class is fantastic! I am happy they are recorded, because I couldn’t do them all live! So, just the last one is missing for me...looking forward to doing that one on Monday! A big smile to you again! 😊
Taghrid K
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Thank you Viktor, I too am so happy that they're recorded as I was able to do only two live. I still have to do the third. I love them and find the standing balance ones quite challenging. I'll repeat the whole sequence in order to strengthen. Really a joy to do your classes. 
Lina S
1 person likes this.
Challenging and fun. I like the way the exercices work the different muscular slings and the coordination they require!
Thank you again i love this series! challenging fun and relax ^_^
Andra T
1 person likes this.
After one week with your series I feel healed in so many ways, one more to go, I am looking forward to defy gravity :D thanks Viktor!
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Awesome session 👏Such an inspiration. Thank you 🙏
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