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Reformer Jump Flow

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Tracey Mallett is back with all her enthusiasm and creativity teaching a Reformer Jump Board class. Tracey intersperses jumping with the traditional Reformer series making for a high-energy workout. Sticking to one spring for almost the whole workout, you'll find the play between jumping and precision work is well-balanced.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board

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May 09, 2011
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Okay. Let's start with our jump or class. We're going to start with one green spring on the reformer. Okay. We're going to start with placing their hand on the jump board and we just got to warm up the Achilles and the cause ready for some jumping, jumping action. So we're going to gently go into a play position. So you're going to bend the knees and then extend and again and bend.

So you making sure that your knees are tracking over your first and second toe. Let's do four more to really stretch out those Achilles tendons. And again, down and up and down a cup that's go up into Relevate. So we're gonna rise up and down and again, up and down, just trying to work through the fee just to warm up those little feces. Yeah, four more and four and three and two and one. Let's take your feet a little bit about hit with the part. Once again, we're going to go into a squat, so we're going to press down and back, keep it in a neutral position and just using the board is for some little support. As you push back and down. And what we're trying to do now is just to warm up the quads, those big muscle groups. Because when you jump, of course you're going to be working a lot of quiet and a lot of hamstring.

So it's very important that we warm up those muscles first before we start jumping and hold it down. Do little pulses here. You can feel those legs working and think of pulling up through the hamstrings, pulling the sip bands together. Abs pulled in four, three, two and one extended. Turn your toes out. We're gonna go into a v position, small v position externally rotated at the hip. And let's play down and up. So play down and up. Once again, you're thinking of pulling the sit bones together because when you jump, you need to be doing exactly the same motion but in the air. So we'll really squeeze our sit bones together, Paul, those abdominals m as to form or like that. And once again, we're going to work through the Achilles here just to warm up those muscles for power and strength. Last time they arise. A bunch of tippy-toes rise up, working through the feet, getting those calves nice and warm, right Krista? It's gonna. Mm.

Four more and four and three and two. And one good job is put your feet together. I'm going to slowly roll down through the spine just to realign the spine and then exhale slowly. Roll all the way up. Okay, let's get onto the, uh, we formed an hour, so we're going to bend our knees and lay down onto the performer. So remember it's one green spring. Make sure your head rest is up for this too. Now we want to keep our feet towards the top of your board.

You're going to find that neutral position. Draw the RIB K two down, pull those abs in. We're going to start off in some very, very small jumps just to warm the body up and really warm into your core. So we inhale on the exhale, just start to extend and then pull back and extend and pull back. That says you just really Lenten in those legs and back. Let's do four more and you're gonna fit. It's very light. Obviously right now I just want you to get through the range of motion because this is how you're going to be banned in and extending as you jump.

That's just do one more. Ready to jump. So we're going to inhale. Exhale, small down. There you go. So you feet barely leave the board and really drawing those abdominals. Our whole focus today is all about the core. We not pulling heavy weights on that. It's not about the legs, it's about really stabilize into the core. So that transverse is really kicking in now because it's stabilizing the spine in a neutral position.

So small walls is too formal for in a Paolo position, three two. Now we're going to open our feet a little bit wider to hit with the part. Still in a pal position and breathe. You don't breathe. You're going to be dead by the end of the session. So that's really important. Is Breathe. Yes, just breathe.

And obviously if you're not exhaling and drawing it in, then your transverse is not kicking in. So you're working against your body. This very important, the exile and joy in the ballet as just do a couple more has been your feet into v position. The position, make it small, small, teeny, tiny, small. In fact sometimes a smaller you do things the more that ab don't, the abdominals. I've got to work cause we're, we're to got to focus on that core less through the legs, booths to form off for Hex, our three, squeeze those in his eyes together and our open your legs, Christie and open. That's it. So now you're in a wide second position, still externally rotated at the hip and you exhale and reach small, small. Let's say four more. Four, three, two that come back into first position. First position here and just hold it here very small.

Four more and then we're going to open and close. So give me four more like this. Four XL for me and two and one. Open. Close. So heady, open and close as small drums, not big, powerful jumps. Those big powerful jumps are coming later when we are a little bit more warmed up. Beautiful and breathe nice and easy.

Relax the upper body, full mouth, four and three and two and one. And stop. Nice work guys. Let's take hold of the straps. How am I going to gently place your feet into the straps to do some hit work? Still keeping on one greenspring. We're going for core stability, not cost, not leg strength. So find that neutral position. Pull the ribcage down and together.

Let's just start with some froggies just to warm up. So we're going to inhale, bend the knees, exhale and pull out. Don't bend the knees too far. We want to focus on working through the back of the leg. Draw in the sit bones together so you're not going through the PSOAS if you're trying to keep this as open as possible, working through the back of the leg. That's just do a couple more and then we'll go into extended frog. Okay, so it's going to extend the foxy. Bend the knees. Now keep the carriage still as you, oh, open the legs and then slowly draw them together. And again, Ben, don't let the carriage move really eyesight through the adductors and jaw.

Try not to move the pelvis. Keep it nice and still owe 8,000 likes out. Beautiful. In and out. Can you give me one more and in and out? Now we're going to reverse it. So open your legs.

Now don't let the carriage move slowly, slowly slow. This where everybody always makes a mistake. They always move the reformed. We want to keep that before my still resales legs and ground. Imagine you're hugging a tree. There's a tree there and you wrapping your feet around a tree.

Still keeping that tailbone down into the mat so your pelvis doesn't tilt. Gotta keep that neutral position as you doing this beautiful breathing. Breathe in, breathe and breathe. Good. Just give me a couple more. This is your last time and I want you to hold the diamond position.

Hold that diamond position. Now we're going to disassociate from the hip, so we're going to keep stable there and we're just going to reach the legs down towards the springs and then inhale, bring it back up again. Exhale down. And you're keeping that diamond completely still. So what's going to be on fire now as your adductors, right? Your addicts as a burning right now. You want to keep that diamond still. Nothing is moving. You just disassociating right at the hip. Power visits, staying in a beautiful neutral position.

You abdominals are working like crazy right now. Your axle down, transverse kicks in in how? In pull back. Excellent in house. Can you give me a couple more axa? Inhale last time. Exhale and inhale. Now reach your legs out. Now we're going to go into Peter Pan's cause we later we're going to be jumping Peter pan. So the left leg bands, the right leg goes out to the side and then together simultaneously they join at the center. And again you bet.

Now be careful those hips and not rocking and rolling. So you gotta keep that pelvis stable. XL draw together. I call these Peter Pounds cause I can imagine Peter Pan Jumping in the air with his white leg band and his leg. Send it out. I don't know if you remember, we call him Peter Pan in our studio and it seems to work. The clients know what Peter Pan is now. So anyway, we'll jump later. So you'll see in mid action and you'll see the real Peter pan. And again, inhale down. Exhale, reach out. Give me two more.

Focus on keeping the pelvis still. I know reach last time. Inhale and exhale coming to Palau position. Flip your headrest down. It's going to short spine. We're going to inhale.

We're going to try and hit that stopper first with your mind's eye with a towel. Burn down as much as you can. Acts our row all the way up. Bend in your knees, keeping the hipster and then lower the pelvis down through the spine and then follow through with the feet. Tailbone hits, frogging it out and again, you've got to head the stopper. It's a little harder because we have not much spring right Kristy and lift up. It's harder than what it looks. Bend in your knees, keep in the work in the hamstrings. Hamstrings are working, lower the spine down sequentially through the spine.

Now keep that diamond position as a tailbone hits and then you extend out and again, hit the stopper first. This is the hard part, usually ballet all the way up. Bend in your knees and really work through those hamstrings. Roll down slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly relax the hands. I could start to feel my tension in my hands then. And then let's do one more. Inhale. Hit the stopper. Exhale out all the way up.

Beautiful. Bend in your knees. Keep the work through the hamstrings. Roll down. Make sure that it's, how about hits you in a neutral position, and then you extend out. Nice work that slowly bend your knees. We're going to come out, I'm gonna place the straps back down again. And now the fun starts again. We go back to jumping. Let's go onto single leg for us. So right, like bent and we're just gonna do little small jumps, small jumps, keeping that neutral position.

Be careful just because now you've got one leg lifted that you don't power. Tilt the pelvis. Beautiful. So little small ones. That's the formal exhale. Four, three, two. Now we're going to power it up. Going to try two big ones. Now. Ready? So you got full powered apps. Three, two for more. Are we doing eight of these? Four.

Sorry to [inaudible] switch to the other side. There you go. Switch and hold small ones here. The little small ones, small ones, small ones, small ones. You ready for big ones? Now ready to go. Big Fig pow in that leg. It's all about the power in the PSI power. Wow. Whoo. Sorry I crushed that.

And last time. Now switch to the other side. Back to small ones. So now we're a little bit more in control. Don't lose your control. Switch to the other side. Beautiful and breeze. Switch to the other side. And now how old are you here? Keep your hair switched to the other side.

Two of these. Switch to the other side. Now alternate them. Alternate. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Now if you want to make it a little bit bigger, we'll do power, power, power, and all the power is you just going a little bit harder, pushing out a little bit longer. Switching the ponies. We call these. Okay.

Four, three, two. Well, I'm back to single leg, so now we're going to be double Lexia. A little double Lexia. Just relax in this position. Now we're going to go into ski position. So you're going to twist your legs to the right side as you rotate to the right, to the left, to the right to that.

So you kind of like rotate and you can feel those obliques working to the side, to the side. Good. Four more, four, three, two. And why come back to center now I forgot to mention no, you are on. If you feel comfortable and you can have your head rest up where you head rest down, it really depends on your body type and where you feel comfortable with it. Now we're going to turn over onto your side.

This time when you're on your sideline, it's important that you had rescues up for support. So place both hands here. The top like is bent and is towards the top of the board. Bend the underneath leg and with an and try and jump. Very small to start off with. Okay, so you jump in.

Now what's really important is that you want to keep your hips stacked. That's why it says a little bit of air or underneath the underneath of bleak here. So you're not dead weight into the reformer keeping everything square. Good and breathe. You're breathing or you're holding my head. Two more. Now we're going to lift that leg very small so you lift it.

So now we're working into the gloop media abduct in the leg. Control it. Fomo like that. Or three, two. [inaudible] back, back to little jumps, little jumps. Now we're going to work the inner thigh, so the underneath leg is going to extend in midair and join the top leg. Ready Krista, this is the fun part. Four, three, two. Ready. Let's go. Jump Chimp.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. You really feel those inner thighs working. Fomo. Four, three, two, one. Well, it's very challenging, right? Let's come on to your back and your top leg that you were working. Just bend it and go into a figure four stretch and just press down.

Hold that stretch. Take deep breaths. Okay, now we're going to go to the other side. All righty, so turn to the side. Make sure both hands are in front of you. Top like his band underneath leg is bent as well. Ready? Accell push away and small jumps.

Try and keep your pelvis facing squarely to the side and lifting up out of the reformer. So imagine you were light as a feather on top of the reformer and deep breath. Breathe. Hold onto your shoulder rest to stop yourself on popping this way. Very for abduction with the legs. Small movement lift, not too big with that leg. It's all in control.

It's all about control. Keeping the powder still. That's why you have to exhale as you jump to get your full transverse in action. Couple more. That's a small jumps, small jumps. You base move small jumps. Now we try. The Fun one for the addict is the inner thighs you, Eddie Chris's do for these. And then we'll go together. Four, three, two, one. Let's go Christy and Jim.

Jim in a thigh, squeeze together, squeeze, pow and that top leg squeeze. Squeeze. Bend the knee. Four, three, two, one. Nice work. Ooh, come over onto your back while deserve a little stretch and just stretch it out to make it easier. I'm keeping on one green screen, a green greenspring so we don't have to keep switching and changing around. So once again, we're going to take hold. I've asked straps within a Bandana. Knees, we're going to come up into chap position, so place your hands in the straps. Pull the scapular down. Abs are pulled in from me. You're going to keep your head down on the mat and exhale.

Bring your hands down to either side of your body, down and back, and exhale. Keep that neutral position with a spine to not tilt in the pelvis. Focus on the scapular as you pull down now, Bingo, head, neck and shoulders off the floor and hold it. Inhale and come back down. Exhale and hold. Inhale and back. Slow and controlled. Exhale. Inhale, back. Exhale.

Inhale back. Now open the arms. Why to the side. Shoulder height. Head stays down. Exhale, bring the arms down to the hips in how act focuses. Join the scapula down pelvis. Look at my power is in a neutral position. It's staying completely still. My knees over my hips and my shins are Powell out to the floor.

Hopefully that's what this should look like. One more. Now let's bring your head, neck and shoulders off the floor and everything should stay the same. Hold it in and come back with control in hell. Exhale. Inhale. Just give me a couple more. Excellent. Inhale last time. Exhale.

Hold it here. Read selects a, turn the toes out. Abdominal openings, arms and legs. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. XL. Still keeping the connection with the abdominals. Excellent. Excellent. I'm just going to shoulder height.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Last time. Bend the knees first and the head and the controllers come down. Nice work as place the handles down. Back into jumping. Aren't we fun today?

Right leg and single job. So Williams, now I do a little kick. So we're going to kick that leg. You Ready Chris? Say So. We just kick it up. So just kick it. That's it. Now this what you want to think of here. It's all about the lift motion, the flow motion than the landing. So I use cute hold, hold. So you really enjoy that motion when you're in the air. That's what's so fun about the jump board. It's like going back to childhood, like bouncing on a trampoline.

That's too formal for whole three how to, how one and just switch to the other side to keep the knee band. Just hold it here. Very simple. Ready for that little kick. Let's go. Kick it up and hold. Imagine someone's taken a beautiful picture of you. Midair should be able to hold it and that beautiful picture. Hey, you go look and hold transverse pools in four, three, two, one have been get to the other side and just hold it here.

The next little variation, we're going to do a little triples, that little scissors, so its first. Extend that leg up and hold it here. Now in a second we're going to switch the legs. Want to try? Let's do four more like this for three, two, one. When he switched Kristi and switch. So it's tiny. Switch switch. Teeny tiny switch like a little scissors.

Give me four more. Four XL, three XL, two X. I want switch to the other leg. Hold it here. Hold it here. There you go. Always give you a breath to get back into it and find that find center before we start that a little bit more complex cargo fee, but we all in gear ab support in neutral position. Ready Christie? One more. Let's go switch. Oh, I hit the little insert and sweat. You look beautiful as always.

Switch and little tiny beds for XL. Three. Relax the upper body to one. Switch to the other side. Hold it here one more. Now switch to the other side to have it switched to the other side. One of these. Switch one of these. Switch. Now singles and kick.

I call this the Rockettes. Kicking those legs kick, but still keeping neutral position, so don't get too carried away. Okay. As long as high as you can maintain. Good stability and flexibility. Formal. Four, three, two. Give me one more and then come down.

Swing your legs from side to side. Okay. Now we're going to transition. Now we're going to be standing up, so let's turn to your side. Okay, let's get up and it was still on. Greenspring we are going to come up. I'm going to do some abstract series. So you're gonna place your hands just at the corners of your board. You would have been your toes down your heels up.

I'm going to come all the way back into her up stretch. Drop the scapular down, pull the ribcage together. Ready? We're going to inhale. Come into your plank position. So inhale, look out into your plank position. Exhale, use your belly and pull back. And again, inhale, lengthen out. Exhale, draw in how? Reach out to the crown of the hair. Try not to sink between the shoulder blades, XL and jaw back here in how without crashing right XL drawling that's too formal. So you rotating around the shoulder joints, nothing else is moving.

Just moving around the shoulder doing. Give me a couple more. Draw the belly in. Lengthen out through the crown of the head. [inaudible] let's do one more and just hold it here. That's hung out in that lovely position. We're going to inhale, pull back, exhale, pull it forward. Inhale, pull back, exhale, pull for us. Beautiful. So you want that slight diagonal position. So all about upper shoulder stability. Your core is engaged.

You should be trembling like my cause we work working it three more like that. Two more last time he now here XO, we turn back. Nice. Nice, Nice. Nicely. Press your heels down into the floor and just enjoy that beautiful stretch. Now for me to take your right leg and it goes all the way around. Flex the foot all the way around and a beautiful arabesque. Open pelvis.

Ready. Inhale. Take the performer behind. Hexcel in and, and let go a little bit faster. Yeah. And and and, and breathe and five and four and three and two. San Juan, hold it there. Yeah, I'll take that leg all the way around. The biggest possible arch it can do all the way around. If click flex the foot and pull back, draw the belly in.

Ready to go the other side. Press the weight into the opposite leg. Take that leg, flex it all the way around and pointed at the top. Open pelvis. Pull the scapula down, read it a little bit more dynamic. So two, three full. Get those arms straight. Five, six, seven, eight, two more. Nine breathe. 10, hold that beautiful arabesque, take it all the way around, the longest possible arc all the way around, and then pull back and hold that stretch. Beautiful.

If I'm here, we're going to bend the knees. I'm not going to turn around in a quadruped position. You're going to place the hands right at the corners of your headrest. Take the right leg behind and take it towards the top end of your board. Knees parallel. We're going to reach out and keep that neutral position and he's going to extend and pull back. Keeping your hips a square to the floor as you can and back. So a long gate. The spine push is kind of like a donkey kick would say donkey and push out.

You have to ask Malcolm to say donkey and push out. Four more. Four, keep everything stable. Three, two, last time and one nice work. And so yes, you work in your glutes and your hamstrings, but you also work in your core to keep stub stable in that position. All right, let's go to the other sides. I take the leg toe towards the top end of your board. Pull the scapular down, APP's pulled in. Ready. We're going to exhale, push out in how back.

So you really got to stabilize through the upper shoulder girdle, the abdominals, and exhale, inhale, beautiful. And you got to really focus on the core. As you exhale. Inhale back, no crashing of the reformer, no crushing or the way I make you do 10 pushups. Christie, one more time. And then pull back. Nice work and come all the way back and just go into a chance, promise, perfect position to do our homework. So we're going to roll all the way up. Bring your knees towards the headrests, or should I say the shoulder rests staying in one green spring if you can, if you need to modify, bring it down to one red spring.

We're going to out and just come back and inhale forwards. Very small pull back. And in keeping that new tool position and chest expansion pullback. So our focus is on our lats, on air triceps, too full, more like this. Four exhale, three x out to exhale one now a little bit different.

Going to airplane arms, arms slightly diagonally out. And repeat Juan. Hitting the muscles is a different angle to the prestige. Odell toys are working a little bit more now, which is a little bit more challenging. Breathe, pulling those up. Dominoes for exhale, three x help, two x how on whew. Bend your knees.

Now we're going to take still holding onto your handles here. We're going to come all the way back and we're going to go into some triceps like a shell triceps, so you pull back, inhale, bring it back, Paul, back and in. So your elbows are pointing backwards towards your board and you are in a shell position. Drawing those abdomen muscles pulling tight and it's full range of motion, reach and and reach. And in three Mo Hexcel inhale, exhale, one mol and hold it back. Hold it, hold it, Christie. Hold it.

I symmetrically four, three, two, one, and slowly bring it back. Sometimes it's good just to hold that muscle and the isometric contraction so you can really feel where you're supposed to be targeted at. Turn around to the other side. You're okay with your hairdo there. We're going to reach both. Exhale, reach forward. Inhale and come back. Exhale. [inaudible] forwards in how back.

So just presenting very easy. We want to heaviest spring and pack. Formal reach. Keep everything stable. One more time. Pull the arms back. Biceps. Yeah, reach back in.

Keep the elbows really long and back of your torso. So you're going through for range of motion, reaching out, bend and back and back. Four more like that for Paul. Back three Xcel. Two. Exhale, one pull back. Nice work. Let's take your straps down. Guess why it's back to jump time. It's come all the way onto my back. Now we're going to start off with the pendulum, just one of my favorites.

So once again, you can either be head west up or head west down depending on your biomechanics of your body. So take your right leg to the side in a parallel position. Start small, we jump up and switch. Switch. This is a very small little switch, kind of like it, knocks it off, knocks it off. So that lead comes in and it we places the other leg. Beautiful. Where's that focus core?

Just because the legs are doing some fancy work. You amend your mental mentally, you should be still focusing on your core. Please full more than I'm going to do beats for three, two, one r two beats, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, fake bait. Formal. And last time back to center. Now we're going to go into cheerleader, arms and legs come out to the side.

You still in Palau position, not turned out. See you go out out. Keep your feet towards the top of the board. So now your cheerleader who are Dallas cheerleaders, former oh three two, one, back to singles. Now you're going to put those two moves together. Pendulum into a cheerleader. Ready, right leg comes to the side and pendulum, pendulum, pendulum, double bay pendulum, cheerleader. [inaudible] I got to know, let's see, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Come back to center. Let's start to run.

Take deep breaths and run. Work to their feet. I keep the catheter go. FESA ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Okay, one come down. Let's turn to the side. Now we're going to come get back up again. Alrighty. So why don't you get a nice piece of anti-slip. We're going to work on upper spine extension, so place it down right towards the edge of your reformer and make sure your knees on top of it to stop them from slipping.

Still on a green spring. Place the hands towards the top of the board in a power position. Bring your knees as close towards the edge as you can so you get more range of motion. Okay, depending on your flexibility, elbows down. So we're going to inhale, exhale, and reach out and pull back. Now as you bend your elbows, you've got to really, really resist the board.

That's where you're going to feel those lats kick in poor. So really the spring is not heavy. I just want you to really focus on those muscles. So really pulling the scapula down and you can focus on those muscles. You want to keep the elbows down towards the floor, so you're going to feel a little bit more tricep action going on there too. That's just a one more and then I'm going to ask you to add a little bit of spring as add blue spring.

If you don't want you keep it at greenspring. Now you've got the action you've just been working on where you need to be feeling through the labs. Let's go with a little bit more power and strength, a little bit more resistance. Exhale, push back. Now is this. Resist, resist, resist, resist. Inhale out, resist, resist, resist, resist God. Really draw your scapula down towards the pelvis. Extend triceps are working like crazy. Slight extension of your upper spine please.

Formal for and three and too, and one little pulses. Yeah, eight, seven, six, five, four, three too. Now one more. All the way out. Christie, all the way out and slowly, slowly control it in and relax with the hands when I'm just stretch it out and then slowly release it in. That's come up a little bit diagonally. Back, toes against the headrest and then let's take that blue Springer. So now we're back onto our going spring. We were on a diagonal position here. Hold that position here. Now we're going to go into some pushups here, so we're going to inhale, elbows go wide ax. I'll push away. Try and keep the as still as you can. That's the hard part.

You've got to really work through the core and keep the county to still as you can. Inhale down. Exhale, pull back. Inhale, Xcel. Can you give me four more? Four, three, two and not to sync between the shoulder blades. Now this time, hold it down buddy for a little pulses. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three to now ready. All the way out. Push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push. Beautiful. And pull back.

It's come back and just stretch it out in child's pose here. And then slowly, well all the way up. Okay, that's let's release. Take this away, a little and asleep and we're going to go back into our jump board series. Now the next sequence, it gets a little bit more challenging, a little bit more code graft. So we're going to start with the feet turned out and we're just going to do single knee. So just single knee.

There we go. Now remember earlier one we will empower lel and we did the kick. We're going to do exactly what we did then, but this time you turned out, so let's take the leg out to the side. So he goes just to the side and it's just too like a diagonal position. It's not directly to the side, it's just diagonal.

So you're keeping those hips nice and still beautiful. Let's do formal for three. Okay to now we're going to open it out. Ready, open and across. Let's try that again. I know it's a bit challenging. Give me four more like this. Four it's called like a straddle jump. Three, two, now straddle down. Good. Four, three, two. Now straddle dome. That's it. Oh three two. Ready for you. Straddle, junker straddle and again, four. Three, two. Ready strategy on Christie's straddle.

Four. Three. Too Bad. If you straddled on that alternating, alternate them ultimatum. That's it. And out and in and out. Think of the flow each and back. Hold, hold, hold, hold.

Good. Breathe full. More full. Three, two, one. Hold it here. Hold it here. Not Out of the woods yet. Next little combination is going to have the classic helicopter. So now we're going to kick it forwards first. So kick it forwards. Me. Okay. Okay. So why not you? You were going to do at a nice big helicopter.

Okay, so let's do four more. These four, three, two, ready for helicopter. Go Ha. Capta and hold it here. Three, two etouffee. Helicopter. Go helicopter. There's a big circle. Helicopter round. This is the way you get to be a child. Again, keep the pelvis still. Helicopter alternating helicopters and helicopters and hen and breathe for more than any their Kristy, I promise. Four, three, two, one. And bring it down. Swing the legs from side to side. Take deep breaths and slowly bring the knees into the chest.

Take deep breaths and let's turn over to your side and we're going to stand up. Good work rolled all the way up gracefully. Okay, so now we're going to send you side here. I'm going to do some stretches to finish off. So we're going to take the outside leg around an externally rotated, so both legs have externally rotated. From here. You're going to push back and bend that front knee.

You're still in a green spring. It's totally fine. Hold that stretch. Reach the opposite hand. Fourth, and so an arabesque and hold it there. Now we're going to extend lifter and bend. Pull back and extend. Lift up and reach. Pull back and again, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, lift and pour. Pour. Pour back. Last time. Lengthen, lift and then pull back and hold it here.

Hold for four, three, two, one. I swept Paul. Okay, turn around. Now we're going to take the leg to the sideways point of view, so it's turned in and you're going to reach it out and bend that front knee, this knee here, and take the hands forwards so you reaching into that straddle. Stretch my hands or fours, my shoulder with the part and my feet are Paolo. You feel that stretched into the inner thigh? Feels good. You can go as far as you can. You can always put your hand here for support if you need to, but here's really love. Stretch for the inner thigh and just hold it there.

Breathe and pulling those apps. Deep breaths. Full three, two, and one. Slowly extend that leg gracefully. Come back and pull in. Okay, let's go to the other side. Okay, so externally rotate the supporting leg and take the back legs still externally. Rotate it to the opposite shoulder rest. So you want a slight diagonal position.

That's it. Perfect. From here, we're going to bend down on a diagonal position. Good. How old did that and what's the hand up from here? You can lift her up. I'm pressed down. Yeah. Yeah. Lift up and press down.

Good to really work in that supporting leg. What you're going to get into. Lovely. Stretch through the Solo. Ask the hip flexor and pull back. Yeah. Who says in polarities that you don't sweat? Who said that? That's just not right. I am back down.

One more time. Lift up and then hold it down. Hold and that beautiful stretch. Hold it. So four, three, two and one and then left all the way up. Nice. Okay, so let's take it to the side. So once again, we plow position. We're going to bend that support in knee still in parallel position. Reach the handout and hold in that stretch.

Your spine is extended and you're lengthening out. And lucky for me, I have a beautiful view of Santa Barbara on the beach on tide. Lucky. It's gorgeous. How will that stretch? You're going to feel a stretch for the so as abs are pulled in, tight scaffold, pull down, enjoy that well-deserved stretch. You've worked hard today. Doing all that, jump in, enjoy this time just for you and just stretch out those beautiful muscles that you've worked and then slowly, gracefully come back up. Okay, it's good enough to be four minutes. Walk around.

And now I really like to use the g on board just for a little extra stretch. So let's take your foot onto the top of the board and you can just rest on top of their headdress or the bar should I say and place the hands forward so your arms are shoulder with the pot and you can go into Dorsey flection. Here's you get that nice stretch and you're going to hold it there and now you want to make sure everything is very, very parallel and you reaching forward, you're pressing your hands down lapsing gate and then you're going to extension. Now from here, once you imagine your jaw in the pelvis under and you scooping out those abs, you're looking down towards the knee and then extend and lift up on the inhale. Inhale for the sister that facilitates extension.

I'm an XL jewel, the valley in and look back so you curve in through the spine last time, press the hands down and lengthen out through the crown of the head and reach out. Lovely. From here, we're going to slowly bring your foot a little bit further forward as you turn. Woo. Do that. Gosh, dog. That's another blooper you've got for me. Great. Yeah, my ha. My Butt was hanging out. All right. I'll just go from the top. Just go from here. Okay.

Okay. All right, so hold the ham. Yeah, and then and how that position here. Okay. Let's move your legs slightly diagonally forwards and then turn to your side and see if you can hold that balance here from you. Just reach over towards the board if you can, and then go all the way over in lateral flection side flection here. Now from here I want you to look up to the sky as if your spine and your heart sends it up and just hold it there and that lovely stretch they're from you. Take your hand all the way around the see if it can wrap it around and you John Gently wrap it around and see if he can hold you in a thigh and then lift up so we opens out through the packs.

If you can't most to get your hand that far, just wrap it around and just open and then take their hand up and back over and decide flagship and then come up and bring the leg down. Nice. Okay, let's go to the side. You have to learn how to gracefully get on and get off. Raise the leg, take the hands forwards, extend to the upper spine, and then once again, curve the pelvis, door the belly in. Look towards the knee. Inhale, extend, impress out. Exhale, drawing and inhale, extend and lift out. From here. Move Your Foot diagonally forwards. Turn out to the side and reach up and over inside flection.

Hold it there. Now spiral your upper body and look up to the sky. Heart centers lifting up. Breathe into that stress. Now wrap your hand, comes all the way around. Rapid behind. See if he can say a low right here. If that is too challenging for you, just wrap your hand around.

If you can get your hand around and grab onto that inner and try and rotate your torso around a little bit more. Really opens up to the packs and you're gonna feed it through the obliques. It's a beautiful stretch and then slowly reach the hand back into side faction and then release and bring the leg down. Nice work. We're going to finish off as we started in a roller. We're going to inhale, exhale and roll down through the spine. Row.

Roll down to the spine. Slowly. Exhale, roll all the way up just to send to your body. That's just do one more for good. Look. Always feels good. Inhale, exhale. Draw the belly in and roll down through the spine. Just relax at the body. Relax down to the floor.

Exhale and slowly roll all the way up. Thank you guys, and just remember, just ate it with somebody. Cago food is a little bit more challenging today. Just practice and practice makes perfect. Okay. All right, Christie. Thank you.


Tracey, loved your contagious enthusiasm! Cueing is superb. Looking forward to more reformer classes from you. Thank you!
Fun, Fun, Fun!
Thank you Sue, we had fun doing the class
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Great class I really enjoyed the variations on the jump board and your smooth transitions. I am working on a Stott Reformer, can you tell me how the springs compare to what you were using today? Thanks again!
Fantastic class.
Lynda we used one green spring on Balanced Body Reformers. I think it would translate to slightly heavier than one full spring on a Stott Reformer. You could probably use one and a half springs but you'd be a little heavier than what we had.
Fantastic class.
One of my new FAVS!
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Wow I love Tracy Mallets creativity in using the Jumpboard. Great class!!!
Leslie Steensrud
Favorite jump board class ever! Thank you for such great ideas. This truly is an amazing workout.
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