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Making it Functional

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In the last class of the series, Kathryn Ross-Nash focuses on making every movement functional so that Wayne can bring his practice with him in his other activities. She starts with Standing Footwork as well as exercises with the Foot Corrector and Toe Corrector to make sure his feet have great mobility and strength as he works. She then moves through the repertoire he knows, pushing him to dig deeper into his powerhouse.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Neck Stretcher, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Yoga Block, Wall, Table Chair, Pilates Pole (2)

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Okay, here we are. Lesson number 30, Wayne's, final Jaw Challenge. You ready to rock and roll? I'm ready. Okay, so we're actually gonna begin a little different today, I want you to begin over here.

And normally you start your footwork off camera. It's his way that he starts his session. So he usually starts it off seated. So today we're gonna transform for it to standing. And if you look at like lesson number one or two, we're gonna have to slide this back a little.

If you look at lesson number one or two he does some standing foot work that I did as an analysis of what his capability was. So today we're gonna transfer it to standing so that it will be more functional for him. So he's gonna actually stand with these two poles now that he knows what his box is. He's gonna be responsible for his box while standing. Everything that we do we want to move into functional.

So he's gonna take his arch here. Toes of his feet are going to line up and he's gonna lift and lower his heel. Lift and lower his heel. Lift and lower his heels. To get his ankle going like in his footwork.

Then he's going to line his toes up against sliding it back, ball of the foot, point the foot, ball of the foot down. His final one will be where he has his heels lined up. And he is going to press down the ball of the foot and lift and I'm gonna be guiding him through. So Wayne, the first thing that you're gonna do is you're gonna have the block forward and you're gonna have the ball of your foot here so that your toes line up. Okay, and I'm gonna grab my blocks so that I can talk you through it.

Good, so with your box square you're gonna step, we're going to, you should have left the block where I put it. You're going to put this foot right, line it up right with the arch. Take your hands more forward please. You're gonna do a single leg pull. Why'd you move everything, a single leg pull and bring your, your hips aren't square.

You're gonna do a single leg pull and put the ball of your foot on the block. Single leg pull, good and place the ball to line your toes up. Line your toes up. Line your toes up, thank you. You're gonna look forward.

You don't have to look down. You're gonna pull the stomach in, hands need to be more forward. So think about the hands as if you're pushing on the Cadillac, right? And you're pushing it right, elbows are in, knuckles are straight. Good, pull the stomach in drop the tailbone and lift your heel.

Now what do we think about when we lift this heel? Where's your weight gonna be? Right and lift your arch. Good and lower the heel down. But don't drop the arch or let them see.

The foot wants to go in like running. Lift your heel. Now lower the heels, straight down. Outer edge of the foot. Good, pull the stomach back.

Lift the heel up, very good. Look at the mobility of your foot Wayne and press down, two more. Don't go into this part of your ankle and lift up, feel like you're gonna stand there when you lower your heel. Yes, good, lower, lower, lower. And one more time lift up.

What happened to your stomach? Everything has to connect to here when you walk. Put your tummy in my hand. More, there you go. Very good, now lift that foot up and I'm gonna slide the block back.

Now, your toes are gonna line up. Let me move it a little forward. Why don't you wait till I tell you to put your foot down and now put your heel down. Feel the outer edge of the foot. Good, lift your heel up.

Don't shift your pelvis, pull it in and place the heel down and grow tall. As you press that heel down. Don't you grow tall from your stomach and lift your heel up. Lift your heel up, lift your heel up. Good and pull the tummy in and bring it down.

And again, lengthen in. Lift the heel up. Feel the outer edge of that foot. Good, and pull the stomach in and place it down. Grow tall and lift it up.

This is gonna be your homework. Up, up, yes, that engagement was perfect and down. And one more time, lift up, up, up, and press down. Don't lose this. Yes, last one.

Lift up, up, up and down. Very good, lift the foot up. Take the weight off the foot. I'm gonna slide it back. And now your heels.

Nope, make sure your heels lineup here. Heels lineup, now lift the heel. Good and why'd you do that funny stuff with your foot? Lift your heel again, place it down and stand here. Good, now get your hips square.

This is gonna be hard. This is the hard one. So this means when you lift your heels when you walk, you don't want to lift the hip. Remember we talked about cycling that you keep your box square. Same thing here.

Lift the heel up and it doesn't care if it moves and place it down and lift the heel up and place it down and lift the heel up and place it down. Lift it up, place it, last one. Lift it up and good. Now stay there. Bend both knees, but keep your box square.

Look forward please. Yes and now stand straight up. Push the heel. Toe not the hip, hip down more. There, that's that stretch on the ladder barrel and bend the knees.

Keep this box square and press up. Good, pushing on that toe. Very good, bend down. And stretch up, lift the heel. Good, place that foot down.

Lift this foot up all the way. All the way. Line up your toes. Remember what you're gonna do with that foot there? Lift the heel up.

Watch the hip and lower it straight down. Remember to stay on the outer edge as you lower it. Good and up. Lift the heel up from here and place the foot down. Heel down, heel down, heel down, pull this in, come on and more and more, there and lift it up and pull it down, and lift it up, don't shift.

And pull it down, how you lift that leg? Is that you lift your stomach up. That makes space and then depress the heel down. You lift the spine up. Yes, you lift the spine up.

And lift the spine up. Lift the foot, lift the heel, lift the heel, lift the heel. Lift the heel, very good. Don't lose your balance. Lift the foot.

Don't arch it back. Please, stand up and look forward. Here, this, pull this in. Yes, lift the foot up. Let me set it, please.

And bring your heel out a little, good. Now don't shift. Lift the ball of the foot. Lift the heel of the foot. Make space by keeping that, that's it and bring it down.

Think about your single leg pull. Pulling the stomach in ribs back, ribs back, ribs back, more. There, like you're against the wall and down. Good, it's much harder without support, right? And hip down, press the foot heel down and get your hip down there.

Now, nothing moves in your box and bend the knee. How do you do that? Remember that single leg where you put your foot on the bar and the knee stretches. That's how you take it to standing. Yes and then don't bend this knee and bring it in.

Lift this knee, bend the knee, bend the knee, bend the knee and put the foot down And bend the knee. Bend the knee, bend the knee and put the foot down, very good. Take the weight off. And I'm gonna move. Look forward, find your rib cage back and press the foot down and remember to keep this arch alive.

Yes, good. Get down and again, lift. So everything you learn in Pilates is useless unless you can take it to functional movement and down which is why Pilates becomes part of your life and not just in the studio. And lift, lift, feel the outer edge of the foot. And down, two more.

Lift, lift, lift and down, last one. Lift, lift, lift and down. Now bend both knees and keep your box square. Hip down, more, neck long, chin back. That's it, so the more you go down, the more you have to lift up, remember that two way stretch on the Cadillac, where you're pushing into those poles and you're feeling the out.

Yes, that's it, don't shift. Go back up like you're going down elevator. That's it and stretch it up and bend it in and stretch it up, good. Now, a nice fun thing for you to do. We're gonna just take this away.

Stay where you are please. Stay where you are, okay. You're gonna put, this foot can stay here 'cause you've done the lunge in your front split. So this is gonna turn slightly out, right? And you're gonna do a single leg pull like you're on your knees stretch and you're gonna bring the ball of your foot here.

Okay and you know that little lunge forward, stretch this, I turn the foot out a little more, a little more. There you go, you're gonna bend this knee. Good and you're gonna keep your box square and you're gonna press this pedal down. Feel that, now slide your foot forward and don't move your box. Slide, the foot.

Slide, the foot. Slide, slide, lift the heel, slide. There, massage your foot, keep going. Slide, slide, you feel that's massage. Good and now massage back and massage forward.

So I want you to start doing these before your lesson and massage back. Good and so as you're pushing, you'll see that this part doesn't want to depress down. You want to keep that down good and keep your foot and knee in the center. Now keep that outer edge down. Good, so that pedal depresses evenly.

Good and pour your toes over, pour them over, good. Tummy in, all the way to the heel. Slide it and all the way back. Good, just shift over and change sides. So, and when you come up to the studio you gonna take those two poles now and start those exercises.

Okay, just shift over to the right a little, good. Take this foot back a little. Do a single leg pull, place it up there. Like you do that, that knee stretch with your foot or the principles with your foot up. You're gonna bend this knee please like you to those knee stretches or front splits.

Pull the tummy in, this hip stays up and slide, press down. (indistinct) huh, that's why you have the foot corrector to give you information now. And it'll tell you which side you're pushing more. Right, and yes. So you see, I tested him in the beginning with the blocks and I tested him with the foot corrector just to give me information, but he didn't work on the foot corrector then for 30 lessons.

And he studied all that foot stuff with the footboard and the heel fixer. And he did all the things with the blocks and the lift, don't shift, pull this in. And he found the correct position to work on on his reformer with his kneeling front split and with his kneeling knee stretch forward. Good, one more time can we get? On this side, bend that knee.

Good, press, very nice. Pull this in, don't arch your back to it. That's when you're doing your knee stretches right. Pull this in. There, now roll.

Excellent, very good. Excellent, good, so you have one more exercise to do today before we start that you're gonna add to the beginning. But this one you get to sit on the stool because your hips are tight. So I don't want you sitting on the floor Wayne, when you do your toe corrector, I actually want you to sit on the floor so that you can sit upright until your hips totally released. And that's when you're able to do spine stretch forward seated upright.

Okay, which is in a little while. So move your stool back towards the reformer, so that there's space for them to see. You're gonna sit. Good, you're gonna put toe correcter on. We're gonna put it on your first two toes.

You're gonna open your legs. Your knees are gonna line up with your heels. Now your heel don't move. Your heels don't move. Lift the balls of your feet up.

Flex your feet back, the whole thing up, up. You feel that, that's good. Now, you're good. That you're up. Okay, this was hard for you to do.

Okay, so lift your feet off. Now lift your toes up. Good, these toes. Good, now, great from here, just like you're doing your pelvic lift. Sit up tall and open your feet.

Press everything, press it out. They can't do separately. You're not gonna turn your feet up more than your knees. You feel that stretch? That's just pulling it into alignment.

That's all we want. And then bring it forward and again, press. Press, press and bring it forward. Now, if you remember when Wayne keeps going when he flexes his feet back it's hard for him to get his pinky toe, he flexes just his big toe back. So I'm not gonna have him do the one where he flexes his big toe back.

'Cause he already has that. So what I'm gonna have Wayne do, good, come line it up again in the center. I'm gonna hold these toes and he's gonna push his big toes down, press down, you feel that and then bring them up to be in line and again, press down, good. And up and press down. Look at that isolation of movement Wayne, and up.

Very good, press down, press down, press down and up. One more time. Press down, press down, press down. Good lift up. Don't change where your feet are because you're in that slight engagement where I want your toe corrector to be, feel that engagement.

It's pulling your toes into alignment. Lift your heels up and feel the only as long as you can keep this down. Hold, hold, hold and bring it down. So the point of the toe corrector is not to stretch your toe, but it's to put your foot, your toes in alignment. That's why it should be a small gentle spring and not a thick, heavy spring and lift up every spring.

It has a correlation with the size joint. Yes and down. And one more time, lift it. Long neck, chin down. Don't scoop back, lift from here.

Like your dad's like you're doing your tree. Do you see your tree here? Now lift one heel for running. One comes up and one goes down, press on the big toe. One goes up.

This is what I want you to feel and running, one goes up right, up, good, up, very good. Now lift both up and one comes down. Lift both up and one comes down. Lift both up and one comes down, lift both up and one down. Very good, now we're ready to start.

So this is gonna be what you do before you start your session just to gather you together. If he had a back issue, I'd have them go to the reformer and he would be doing leg springs. But because a lot of his issues are alignment here. He is gonna do his foot work before. Now that he has an idea of where his body is.

Ready to rock and roll, dude. Mount your apparatus, let's play. Good, put your foot work into position. Heels together, toes apart. Make sure you're centered on that foot bar.

You look pretty good. All those toes are on. They should be nice and warmed up. Move yourself a little this way. Open that chest.

Yes and let's rock and roll. Ankles don't move. Good, keep your heels up. All the way straight, squeeze that juice. Bring your head to the left.

I can tell you golfed yesterday. So just so that you know, Wayne, every time you golf the next day you're sure on that right side. So watch how you swing. And last one, good. Bend your knees in and you don't have to do a full double leg pull now.

You can go right to here knees together as much as possible. Good (indistinct) yeah. That's cause you golfed yesterday. So know that when you golf that that's gonna be something you have to watch lace together. Good and press up and in and stretch and two and stretch.

And three and stretch, heels under, stretch and five, stretch and six. Knees together, stretch and seven. Very good, stretch, you look good. Eight, I like this alignment. Stretch, nine last one, stretch 10.

Anchor your stomach, bring the knee feet off the bar. Anchor your stomach, come on. Feet off, flex and on. Think about that toe corrector. Yep, perfect you look great and press and in, yes and two and in, very good.

Three, much better. Good, stretch, stretch. Excellent, excellent, good. Pull that tummy to move that carriage. Take it out of the legs and into the powerhouse.

Powerhouse, yeah and powerhouse moves you. Yes and powerhouse moves you. Look at you go, one more time and bend your knees in. Heels together, toes apart, lengthen over. Make sure they're all on.

Excellent, stretch out. Tendon stretch and tendon stretch, down. And up, up, up, down, down, down and up, up, down, down, down and up, up, up, down, down, down pinky toe. Find that foot corrector. Find your foot corrector.

Pull the stomach into lift it and pull the stomach in to lift it and pull the stomach in to lift it. Pull the stomach into lower it. Pull the stomach into lift it. Pull the stomach into lower and into lift and into lower and into lift. Up, up, up, up, up and down, down down And up, up, up, up, up lift this heel.

And up, up, up, lift your left heel more. Lift your left heel more. Lift your left heel that this is your left one. Get it up. It's dropping below the other one down, down, down, and up up, up, down, down, down, up, up, up, up, and bend in.

Take your foot back down. Kick it out and have your legs into your chest. Great, hug him. Get your low back down there. Keep them in there.

Grab your handles. Stretch your arms straight up. Stretch your legs straight up. Remember the fuzzes. Lift your head.

Remember the fuzzes, lower your arms and legs and roll your upper body up. What happened to your upper body? Get it up, get it up. Get it up and pump, inhale. Two, three, four, lower these legs a little.

Exhale, two, three, roll up. Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale. Open the shoulder. Two, yes, three, four, five, inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale.

Two, three, four, five. Roll up, two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale bending. We'll do half your a hundred on your mat. Good, step up. Take two Springs off.

Do not drop your handles. Put the two into one hand, remember. Take two Springs off. Step to the back. I'll take one.

You take the other. Let's set you up for leg circles. (indistinct) drunk again, look at that. So early in the morning, your teacher's been drinking. That's why my coffee cup says might be vodka.

Lie down, put your straps on your feet. Little lower on your right foot, good. Heels together, lengthen your right hip down, it's up and stretch out. Push into the strap open. Circles, push into the strap open, down together, up, is that even?

Open, down together. Look at what your golf messed you up and open, down, together. Open, down, together, up your pelvis. Open, down, together. Yes, open, pull the stomach back.

I want to see as those legs go down, that stomach goes in and reverse it. Same thing, stomach in together. Pull the stomach in together. Your pelvis, you can't see those straps. You can't see your straps.

You don't see that this one is not on your shoulder block. Hey, that's what you have to pay attention and down, open up together down. Yes, you got it. Open up together, down. That's parts of the apparatus allows you to be independent of me and see your own alignment.

So if your straps are going off this way, it means your feet are going that way. And frogs and you want those straps to go directly in line with the knees and press pull the stomach in, good. And in and press and in. Much better and press and in. Can you see you twisted that strap and press to the right and bend in.

Watch it, press. You're going off to your right again and press in. That's it, that's your center. Bend your knees in, what comes next? Put your foot bar up.

What comes next? Do you want a pad? No, going bare back. Hands on the outside. And why didn't you add your springs?

Head down, very good heels up and press out and lower and lift. Don't touch those bones and bend and two and lower and lift and in and three and lower and lift. And so what was your correction last lesson? Where does your head go when you straighten your legs? Yes, try to get your head to your knees for your roll up and in and stretch and lower and lift and last one and stretch and lower and take one spring off, hands go back.

Roll the shoulders back, lengthen the neck and press out and lower and lift. Let's pick it up and in and out and lower, bend you almost opened the chest. I want this open, more, lift and chin down when you open that chest. Wayne chest expansion. There you go.

Chin down, that's it. Lower lift, remember you're pushing to this vertebral. We don't want that. We want that back. We want this open, good press and lower and lift.

And in last one, stretch, lower those heels. Lift those heels, very good. Take one spring off. You can do three reaching forward. No lowering the heels.

And I really want you to reach forward. Arms up to here. Up arms, good. Now when you straighten and lift when you come up, remember how I drag you and lift up your back. That's for your tree, right?

Lift up your back. Now grab that bar. Head goes down, stretch your legs, stretch them, stretch them. Find your elephant and good. Very, very good.

Let's get your ladder barrel for your short box. Good, sit up on top. I like this year for him because he needs to open those hips. Feet up, remember your feet up? Yep, yep, yep, so he needs more pelvic opening.

So I find that it's better for him here, could bring the other foot up please. Good, perfect, wrap your hands around your waist. And you're gonna articulate. That's not your waist articulate your low back back. Here, here, that's what you have to do.

Otherwise you're not leading with your stomach. And again, pull this in, pull this in, pull this in, pull this in and over. And again, pull it in pull it in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, and one more time, pull it in, pull this back and in and use it, to open it back yes. And sit directly up. No rest today.

Take the bar on the white tips. Lift all the way up. Beautiful, hinge back, two, three, sit up. Hinge back, two, three, build that stamina. Hinge back, two, three, sit up, go over to the right.

Go over to the left. Up, go over to the right, left, right, left. Good stretch forward, exhale. Bring yourself a little back on your box. Just a little.

Good, sit up tall for your twist. Now I'm not gonna let your pelvis move. Shoulders more forward, twist. Excellent and center. But that's improved and twist.

You feel him stabilizing them. And good twist. And twist. One more time, each side. Yes, and up, twist.

And very good stretch forward. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Good, good, step off. You look great. No, no, no, really you look great.

You weren't shifting your legs this time. I was really happy. (indistinct) yeah, so the more, say that please. The more that you steep face, the other way, stabilize your pelvis, the more you'll get, are you helping him? Are you proud of him?

Heels back, leg goes across. Yep, leg goes up. Take the hands all the way the bar, near the bar, there you go. Now roll the shoulders back. Now this what I want you to concentrate on today.

One that your heel is all the way back against the woods. So move this leg back. Yep, there you go. So if you push your butt back, it's gonna move. So you use this like a chest expansion, right?

Now, what I want you to actually focus on today is your neck. So I want you to feel this long and we're not gonna discuss what's happening here. We're gonna lift up and you're gonna articulate just your head forward. You feel that, that's it. Just the head.

So that this doesn't just that it. So you're rounding up in all over, right? And don't push back with your butts. So your hands pull against the heel pushing back. And this comes, ribs up, ribs up, ribs up, ribs up and then stack yourself by reversing the action.

Head is last. Head is first, head is last and good. Now stay here. Down on your foot and up on my hand. Good, right there.

Push right here. Now lift up and round over. See how your chest is collapsed. Bring your head down to your chin, right here. Bring your chin here.

Not to your throat. There you'd feel, so there's space here. Now lift up and round over, lift up and round over, lift up and round over, lift up and round over, and over, over and roll all the way. Oh good, correct. Now, press through here.

Down in the heel, up in the head. Now this chin goes over. No, no stop, stop. You would never go like that in life. Over, over, yes.

Push on my hand. Push on my hand. Push up, push, push, push, push. You feel that push. Come on, push, push, push, push, push.

Yes, over, over, over and they'll roll up, very good. And then once you stand up, you're going to slide your hips forward. Slide, the pelvis forward whole thing. And I pull this hip back and bring this hip forward. Pull this ho back.

Now, bring the hip forward, stay there. Now what I want you to do is pull the hip back and I'm gonna give you a little traction in your leg. That's it, pull the hip. Pull the hip, pull the hip. If you remember I talked about taking it out of the joint.

Pull the hip. Yes, Wayne, that was beautiful. Good, bend this knee and turn the foot out today. Just turn it out. You need that more, good.

Stretch this foot and get that hip down. Make this arch alive. Get your heel back to your, good, stand right here and stretch forward the same way. Up and bend over (indistinct). (groaning) And roll up.

And again, lift up. Up, up, this stays back. Think roll up, here's your mat. Peel yourself off your mat. Peel, yes, peel yourself off in those ribs got to move.

And roll up, and again. Don't hold your breath. Let yourself breathe, pull up here, exhale. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale and come up. Extend that leg, lift it up and down.

Lift it up and down. Lift it up and across and down. Other leg. Good work, sucks that your tighter leg is your second one, doesn't it? And stretch this down.

So the reason I don't have them do left, right, left, it would be way too intense for him. I'm actually letting him stretches right. For a lot of reasons, ascending colon, descending colon but also because while he's stretching his leg right here, is prepping his left more gently and lift up and round forward. Up and good. And my fist is here.

Yep and you're going around over, round over, round up, round up and round up. This is actually the reason why your neck sits where it is, and roll up. Everybody thinks it's the pelvis. It's actually where the front is, ribs sit that they sit out, which makes the neck go like this. And look, drop the hip, lift up, these ribs in and out, yes.

Pull back into here. Chin it to here. Chin it to here. Yes, that's it now up and over that way. Good, good, good, good, good, good, good.

Pull these ribs up. Like I'm moving you up and over them. And lift up and roll. And roll back. Good, that was three. one more.

I wanna do one more. Because I want to understand it, back. It's this, back, back, back, back. Pull this in, there. Feel how that opens your back.

That's what I want. This is where the bottom of your lungs sit and roll all the way up. Nice, yeah you're gonna stretch this leg forward, pelvis, so this hip comes forward. Now this hip pulls you back and this hip comes forward and this hip, good. And hip comes forward and hip pull back.

Stretch this knee down, more, more, more, good. Turn the foot out and stretch it down. Good and round over. Roll up and again, lift up. Roll over, that's sticking your chin out.

Yes, don't lose that. I start gonna your ribs. (groaning) Bend all the way. Extend the leg and lift it up and down. Lift it up and down.

Lift it up, bring it across. Bring it across. It's funny how you're gonna end it. And you bring it across. You lift it up.

Elevate, let's go. Come on, keep it opening stretch. Go to the elephant. I'm not going to the elephant. Don't like the elephant.

Standing hand foot, hand foot. Flat feet. Now watch the wrist. Shift your weight back. (groaning) Beautiful, bend your knees.

Push through the heels and stretch up. Come on, you gotta move a little faster. Bend the knees and push through the heels up. Bend the knees and push through the heels up. Excellent and push back.

Stop in only an eighth of an inch. Lift those toes. Just like you're on that board. Yes Wayne, push. And up, lift your toes.

Lift your toes. We got lift off and good. Lift your knees, bring them down. Heels go back. Sit on your heels.

Round in five new stretches. Ready, let's go. And in one, and two, and three, and four, head down and five, stop, reverse the arch, five and one, and two, straight wrists, three and four, and five. Round in, pull the stomach in. Take the knees off today.

Just give me, ribs back. Just give me five. Find that stretch. We just did. That's the stretch Yes, and one, and two, and three, and four, and five.

Those knee stretches were better than 99% of the instructors I see. Lie down to run. Leave it on two. Those were knee stretches. Arms down by your side.

Lift your heels up. And legs kills a little more to get that's it and run and lift one outer foot, two, very good. Three and four lift five, lift six, lift seven and up, and up, and up, and stomach. Your hips are gorgeous and reach and reach. Stretch both knees bend both knees onto the arches, tailbone up little lower and press out.

Come in in, in and two and in, in, in and three. And in, in, in and four in and in, and five in and in, and six in in, and seven in and in, and eight, roll yourself down. We're gonna leave out your front stretches today because you did them over there already with your knee bent. So I want you to actually come to your mat And you're gonna hold this. Just stand on your mat right there.

Don't go down yet. And I want you to hold this (indistinct) and you're gonna inhale for five full counts and then exhale for five, slow deep counts making this go. So bring it into your chest. Elbows up, good. And you're gonna bring your head forward just like you would for your hundred.

So begin inhale, inhaling up. Bring your mouth to it. Exhale for one, chin down, two, three, four, five. Now why you slumping back like this? Is that how you do your a hundred like this?

No, up and over. We just did all this aha. And go, inhale. Weight on the balls of your feet. Exhale up and over.

Yes Wayne, keep the weight on the balls of the feet. Two, three, four. What happened to my arches, five, again inhale deeply slowly for five, four, three, two, one. Exhale, wait forward scoop the stomach for five, four, three, two, one. Yes, inhale, roll all the way up.

Exhale for five. Ribs come up. Find that stretch forward. We did opening the back of the lungs. Exhale, very good.

That's what your hundred should look like. Excellent, good. I'll take this. I want you to do five of your hundred, just like that. Good, now step back a little bit.

'Cause you end up this a long mat. It's longer than most. There you go and control much better risk. She doesn't want your help for a hundred, lie flat. Good, bend your knees into your chest.

It's a little encouragement. Good and I want you to arms are up. Stretch your legs to the ceiling, ceiling, ceiling. Where's your ceiling? Good and remember how we lowered the arms and legs with the fuzzes.

Push, push, roll up. Roll up, roll up. Perfect and pump inhale. Two hands up three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four five. Just like you were breathing, now where did that head go?

It went up and over. Open the chest and inhale two, three, four, five. Lower your legs. You got it. You can go lower.

You can go lower. You can go lower stretch those knees. You can go lower, gorgeous hundred inhale. Open that chest. Exhale, find that step (indistinct), pull this in, in, in one more time.

Gorgeous hundred Wayne. Exhale, that's a hundred and lie down. That was fabulous. How did it feel like hell right? That's what we want, under here, heels together.

Put fixer to keep you behaving. Let me put it on and get those knuckle bones apart. Press your heels here, here, yes. Grab your bar, that's right by you in line with your shoulders. Not wider and reach back.

Chin down and get that nice stretch. Now push through your heels and push through your hands and roll up and over head down. Stretch forward one, two, three, stretch your knees and roll down. Go ribs, go in, stretch back. He does ribs in and inhale up and exhale.

Find what we did in your stretches with your leg on the mat on the barrel. That's the same thing you're pulling back here. Roll all the way back, ribs in and back and pull these babies in. Reach back their, arms up. Stand on your own risk.

(Kathryn laughing) You are such a naughty dog. Come on, he's doing the spot. He's doing the spot and roll back and inhale up. Exhale over, find that, find that stretch that we did on the mat. Yes, good and let go.

Very good, take one leg out. Grab onto your handles. I'm sorry, hug the leg in, stretch the other leg. I want you to think about that bottom leg today. Okay and stretch the other leg up about your bottom leg and circle around.

Push through the bottom leg, push through the bottom leg push through the bottom leg, push through the bottom leg. Last one, push through the bottom leg, rubbers. And push around up to the nose, one. Push around up to the nose, two. Push around up to the nose, three.

Push around up to the nose, four and push around up to the nose, five. Bend the knee and hug it. Take the leg, change it, and remember to hug that other leg. Good, to other side, hips are square, and circle, ribs in and up, one. Get those ribs in, I'm gonna have a barbecue, and two, and three, and four, and five.

Reverse it, get the ribs in, in and up one, ribs, in and up two, ribs, in and up three, in and up four, in and up five. Take your feet out of the strap. Straight legs down, reach your arms back up over your head. And one movement come right into rolling like a ball. Good, head down and roll five times.

Roll back, exhale, come up, one, roll back, exhale, come up, two, roll back, exhale, come up, three, roll back, exhale, come up, four, roll back, exhale, come up, five. Lie down for your single leg, all the way down. Bench your knees in. You should keep your knees in, one leg in, one leg out. Single leg pull and up.

Pull, one, and switch, two. Good, hug it in. Remember, so this is that same stretch that you did before. Elbows are out, so you're using your arms and pull, pull and pull, pull, pull, pull. Good, pull, pull, pull, pull, and pull, pull.

Bend two legs in, right into the double leg. Grab the ankles, good. Keep your head up, as you reach your arms back, back and come in, exhale. Head into the stomach as your arms go back back and exhale in and heels together stretch out, toes apart, like rolling like a ball. Bend in, keep it.

Stretch out, heels together. Come in, pull it in. Stretch out, heels together. Come in, pull it in. Now, come over here for your spine stretch forward.

I want you to sit facing this direction. With your feet on your boxes. And I want you to sit up as straight, what are you doing with the feet? Right, how are the feet again? Yeah, okay.

I think you might need to go forward more. More, good. Okay, so, you're gonna put this on. I know it's, Is that my crown? It is your thorny crown.

You've been here before. I want you to take your hands and hold both hands right here. Like hold it, like you're holding it. Is that how you hold things? How do you hold your golf club?

Hold it, good. Now come a little more forward, little more. Now lift up tall, see how you're above your sip it is, go down below where your skull meets your neck. Slide your hands down more, there. Now, I want you to push it from here to here.

Like you were going up and over. Remember what we did on the barrel. And you're gonna go up and over and push into the spring. Push into the spring. More spring, push your spring, push your spring.

Don't lean into it, push your spring. There, you feel that? Come on, push into your head, push into your head. Exhale, exhale, exhale, and roll all the way up and sit up. Open your elbows wider, wider, yes.

Now, don't let the head go forward. Come up and over. Yes, up and over, up and over, up and over. You see how these ribs get in the way of your neck? Go ahead, press forward, you feel that?

Press, press, press, and then sit all the way. Still holding onto there. Press up, lift up. You feel it's coming from higher now? You still have to keep your hands down here.

Really hold with this hand. Good, sit up tall. Now, lift up and over, up and over, up and over, up and over, up and over. That's your spine stretch, you feel it? That's what I want with your spine stretch.

Up and over, up and over, up and over. Good, yes. That's spine stretch forward. See how it's out of the hips and roll up. Now you get to do something delicious, turn face the other direction.

Tired, don't go so far. Here's your spring. I'll bring these forward. Actually, you can put your feet up on here. Straighten your legs.

Just like you did the rollback bar, imagine you're gonna do the rollback bar with straight legs and you're gonna put that on your head, and you're gonna use that as your rollback bar. So remember how low it goes on your neck? There and now yep, yep. Here's (indistinct) and I know you don't want to put it on your ears. There you go.

Now you're gonna hold it here. Good, and sit up tall. Good, sit up taller. And now you're gonna press into the spring and roll back. Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis.

You feel that stretch? Pelvis, stretch the legs, pelvis. Stretch your knees, push with the neck. Push here, yes. You feel that stretch?

Don't go too far. You are regulating it and lengthen up, and again, lift up and pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. Yes, pelvis, so good win. Don't overstretch it, okay? Pelvis, more hips, more hips, more hips, more hips.

Now sit up as tall as you can and stretch your knees. Do you feel anything in your hip flexors? lift up, up, up, up, up, one more time. Lift up, good, good, good, good. And come up.

Now, I want you to take your next stretcher off, and I just want to bring your hands forward in front of you, with straight legs, hands shoulder height and round forward. Good, anything in your hips? Stretch forward, stretch forward, stretch forward. And then sit up, nice and tall. This is your spine stretch forward, without your legs being low and stretch forward, feel anything in the hip flexors?

How's the neck feel? Lift up, up, sit up tall, sit up tall, sit up tall, and over, good. That was your spine stretch forward and not in your hips. See, that's plenty. Okay, so what you're going to do to finish today, is I want you to come over to where risk is hanging out.

You're gonna put your arms, your feet against the wall fully. Just have to move the camera. Okay, slide over a little bit more. A little more, a little more, good, that's it. I want you to open your arms to the side.

Press them back. If you have to move a little that way, so yeah. Now lift this hand a little higher, good, bring your head back to the wall. Press everything back, your neck, open your other hand, press it. Yep, press, press, press.

Now, flip your hands the other way. And now include your ribs. Bring the back of the rib there. Bring the neck there. Press, press, press, and flip, and chin down.

And press, press, press and flip and press, press, press and flip and press, press, press and bring your arms down. I want you to turn and face the wall. And you can begin with your fingers like this against it, and with your chest open, and you're gonna walk towards your wall, with your neck long and you're gonna climb up the wall. Make your fingers, move. Climb up the wall, keep walking in, keep walking in, keep walking in, all the way, all the way.

Get your feet, what happened to your feet? Why did they stop? That's it and reach up the wall. Stretch with the right arm above the wall and stretch with the left arm up the wall, and stretch with the right arm up the wall, stretch with the left arm up the wall, stretch with the right arm up the wall, stretch with the left arm up the wall. Good, turn face the other direction.

Have your heels together, your toes apart. Take your feet forward from the wall. Right, take your feet forward from the wall. Bend your knees like this. Good, heel.

It's a little wide turnout, there you go. Bend your knees. Now can you get your ribs on the wall? Your head on the wall too? Good, roll your shoulders up, down and back.

Keep your head on the wall. Chin down, up, down and back. Ribs on the wall. Up, down and back. Now, reach your arms up.

Lift as much as you can, keeping your ribs on the wall, head on the wall. Bring your arms straight down, exhale, ribs on. Keep the ribs on, bring your arms up, keep the ribs on, ribs on, ribs on, and down. And again, inhale, bring it up. Ribs on, ribs on, right here, don't lose this, don't lose this, don't lose this.

And come down, let your arms hang. Peel your head off the wall, just like we did all day rounding forward. Lift up and over, don't sync it up. No, up, it's your ribs that go up. Your ribs that peel off the wall.

Peel, let your arms hang (indistinct). Let them hang and roll down. Well, right there, don't go any further. Put this into the wall. Come on, get that in the wall.

Yes, and now we'll back up from here, from here, from here, from here, from here. Good, turn your feet parallel. Walk them to my foot. Slide down the wall. Ribs on it, hold it.

Look, what happened to your knees? They went out. Stop, that's a no-no. Here, stay, go back down. Stay there, lift this arch.

Yes, hold it, squeeze my hand. Hold it, hold it go a little deeper. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it. Now, don't change your alignment. Slide up the wall.

This is how you should do squats. Head is your head back? Chin down, one more. Slide down, hold it, hold it, hold it. Open the chest, good.

And arms back, arms the other way, arms the other way. Walk your feet back to the wall, so that your heels go all the way to the wall. Open your chest, let your arms hang today. Step with the right foot, step with the left foot, heels together. And welcome to 30 sessions.


It's very enriching to watch normal people learn! His 'suffering' actually make me want to get back out there on the barrel and work that much harder :)
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I have now done 30 observation hours with K R-N. What an amazing opportunity. There is much to learn from great teachers. What are the important things I've taken from this series? How K used the less know equipment in her teaching. The guillotine, baby chair and foot corrector are pieces I don't own. I now understand their benefits and how they could be used in my studio. The breakdown of the exercises on a real person. How to manage their aches and pains—K's treatment of W when his foot and neck were sore. I downloaded the videos, put on my headphones and joined in. It was the only way I could stay focused. When I didn't understand K's verbal cues I stopped and watched. I love PA and use it for ideas but this is different. It's been a pleasure to watch W progress. I've loved the journey and wish it could continue—maybe a few update videos every now and then? More please, PA. Favourite quote 'humping dog, Wayne. You know what that looks like, don't ya?'
Susie L thank you for your feed back! it is so important to me! Yes there are more videos of his progress :) also some people thought the Humping dog comment was rude- apparently they must not know I breed dogs.... It was a useful cue for him ;0

Kathryn, thank you so much.  I just recieved my certificate and getting started so really appreciate all of your great cues, and to the point explanation for why your using the exercise on him.  How movement can really help even if they express some pain and just getting them through to the end to finally reap the rewards.   Your mix of equipment really gave me the confidence to get out of the box and explore with mix.  Cant wait to watch the rest of your series.  Thank you.
Theresa Raess
Ah the best PA series, and this class was my favourite, so many gems to enrich our teaching, I hope we can have more from you on this platform. Thank you 

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