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Quick Mat Flow

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If you need/want a good workout but don't have much time, this may be the perfect class for you. Monica teaches a quick, high-intermediate workout that keeps you moving. For additional arm work add class ID # 462 to extend this workout.
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Jun 13, 2011
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All right everyone. So let's go ahead and do a nice, good flowing, good feeling quick. PyLadies Matt, let's have our weight on the balls of your feet, heels together. I'm going to enjoy doing this with you today. Good. And pulling the powerhouse in and up. So it's really pulling all your energy out, the crown of your head. Put one arm over the other, cross your legs and lower yourself leading with your tailbone as your powerhouse tries to stay up and you're going to put your hands behind you.

Look back to the middle of the mat and roll out and just start off with a good stretch, reaching your arms out and your legs, stretching out through the tips of your fingers and through your toes. This is the one time I'll let you really get out of your frame and out of your powerhouse and out of your body and just stretching. Nice. And now I want you to go ahead and bring it all together. So bring your legs together down the middle of your body and I want you to inhale, lift your arms up to the ceiling, and exhale, bring your arms down by your side and just really feel your naval sink into your spine. Really trying to get your lower back, stretching and going into the mat. And I want you to inhale as you lift your arms up this time, really keep your lower back flat and your ribs in. As you exhale, feel your belly pull in an up all the way out your fingertips to reach back and through and inhale, lift and exhale.

And think about Joseph Palladia is strong Nan strong arms for the hundred. And I want you to go ahead and look up as you draw your knees into your chest and form a Pilati stance in wrapping. Squeeze to a position. And here we go. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five in with the excellent Popolo faster. Christie, there you go. Nice. Open your shoulders a little bit. There you go. Excellent. Warm up that stomach so it can keep engaged the entire workout.

Yeah. Well, Lee Anthony, the legs from the lower back, two more. At least that's what my internal clock says. Lower the legs. Reach your arms back. And here we go. In with the air, curling up and stretch, ward and rolling back. Lower back, middle, upper and stretching arms head. Exhale. Inhale to start the motion.

Exhale to finish and arms, man, we're wrapping in squeezing, lengthening those legs on three more. I'm going to have to throw in a rollover after this because I love it to your back. So really make sure the back of your legs are stretching every time that you roll forward and stretch so that you can get a lot out of that. We're gonna do one more and then we'll go into the role over the last one. Arms reaching back and then they come back to the side and squeeze your legs over. Touch the floor separate and roll through your spine.

Sweep as low as you can. Squeeze it over. Good job open. Roll through your spine. Go as low as you can. Squeeze and over really flow. That was your last one. So now you're going to click the hills together. Open and over. Squeeze. Really draw the belly in. Go low and open it over.

Really Pool in. Let's do one more. [inaudible]. Hmm. Squeeze and cooling down. Keep the right leg. Stretch it. Keep your box really square as you press your arms by your side.

And we're going to go cross around, up. Cross around up three around that stretch. Really try to get your nose. One more. Get your shoulder and reverse reach for that ankle. Pull that around, up. Reach round up. Really feel the waist. Work to one more.

And then the knee en. Lower the leg. Bring the other leg up into your chest. Extend. Enjoy the hamstring stretch. Look how high your leg can come. I want that high with your powerhouse. Arms by your side and up crusts around. Lift.

Cross around, up. Cross. Really get that shoulder. One more reverse. Anyone else's stomach cramping and keeping the needle in thery. Pulling it up. Keep that like turned out to really get hip work. Last one and bend the knee in. Roll up for rolling like a ball and you're gonna lift your bottom forward to your heels. Grab onto your ankles and balance in a beautiful sea curve.

Here we go. Inhale. Really exhaling on the way in with air. [inaudible] let's do three more. [inaudible] yeah, I didn't hear any flat tires, so I'm really excited to know. Boom, boom. Put your hands, you lift back. And to transition into the series of five, I want you to draw the right knee in with your powerhouse and extend the left leg reaching long away from you and slowly roll down.

[inaudible]. All right, keep your head and shoulders up and here we go. [inaudible] left, right switching. Good. Really lengthen from your hip. Switching. Good. Scooping in. No hip flexors here. Let's do another set. Elbows high. Grab both ankles, double lick, reach long, long and pull it all in. Hurry, treats, reach and Paul scooping in and up from your lower back and reaching your legs. Let's go for one more and to tempo. Right leg up, left leg forward. And here we go. Left, right and left hand, right, left, right, left flying through the air.

Use that powerhouse. One more set both legs up, hands behind your head and lower. Lower, lower, lower hand up and, and press your head into your hands. Skip that belly. One more, Eh, bend the right knee and twist to it. Twist, twist, twist, and switch up. Up, up. Nice job and twist. Twist, twist last time. Scooping it in and hugging your knees. All right. Sit right up. Legs a little more open than a mat. Sitting up tall.

Arms strong and straight ahead in with the air. Lift, lift, flick, and d, the lungs curling into yourself. Head down as low as you can. Inhale. Huh? Exhale down in with the air. Exhale. And with Yara, even off your bottom, exhale down.

Make sure you're still pushing away or heels. Yeah. Inhaling up one more. Reach those arms wall. Great. Now you're going to pull back in your powerhouse.

Bring your feet together and extend for OpenLink rocker. Here we go. Nice. Four more. Yeah. Noticed I can't talk when I roll.

Okay, one last one. Squeeze your legs together. Leave on there. Show me a preview to your teaser and roll away from your legs. Legs right up to the ceiling for corkscrew will advance them each time. So here we go. To the right circle.

Left Center to the left. I had to the right. This time we'll lift our seat up. Just our seat to the left. Good to the right. Lifting whole Baca. Go through [inaudible]. Yeah, and down for saw. Arms. Straight up.

Twist with those obliques. We'll use those waist muscles and empty the lungs. Big Breath up as you twist and exhale. Pull a little more into your back. Ladies. Inhaling up as you twist. Don't let you art. Don't archer sway or back. [inaudible].

Inhaling up, twist. Use Your tricep here. Lift the back arm up. Lift your back. Pinky. Inhaling at one more set. Twist with those obliques. Exhale, right pinkie up to the ceiling so you use a tricep. Inhaling up last one, lifting even off your bottom. Push both heels away and inhale. Good.

Bring your arms and legs together and flip over to your stomach. Either way. Good. All right. Nice. Long wind through your body. Energy out the crown of your head and energy out your heels. Pull the belly in, hand up. And we're going to do neck roll. Lifting up one bone at time, coming up as high as you can and look over your right shoulder down around left. Cool. Look far left, right and come forward and slowly come down. Really lengthening your spine. One more. Try to keep your bottom engaged and left right and forward. Pull your shoulders away from your ears and come on down.

I didn't feel very pretty. And now let's come up onto your elbows. Really support your stomach, your back with your stomach. Try to lift both legs up good, but don't take it into your lower back and keeping your thighs up as high as you can. We're going to kick your bottom with your right line. One to switch. Left to right to left to right. I left one likes Ricci one likes pulling in, trying to keep the knees as close together as you can. Last set and right facial cheek on the mat.

Hands together behind you and lift both legs for three kicks. One, two, three. Extend the legs and left and switched. Kick to three and so much. You can add it's lift. One more time and lifting. Yeah, and push off the mat using your powerhouse. Sit on your head and we're going to flip over onto your back. Lie on down.

Make sure you're in the middle of the mat and towards the end of your mat. Not sure if I got that, but that's all right. Okay. All right. Place your hands behind your head. Really use your bottom to push your heels away. And we're gonna roll up for neck ball. Here we go. Well that's a hard one.

And he'll sit up tall and exhale tall back as long as you can, and then we'll the rest down right back up. Problems to get better each time. I do this yet. No falling asleep back there as soon as you down. Right back up. Last one.

Push those heels. Push. Push in. Lengthen down. Why? On your left side for sidekicks. Sure. No, bring your legs forward a little bit. Good. Do you want to switch to me, Christie? No. Okay. All right, so we're going to lift that right leg up a little bit. Turn it out. Good. Um, Tiffany, scoot back to the way back of your mat. Great. And your elbow left out. Great. Now your feet forward to the front edge. Excellent. All right. Holding in your powerhouse. Lift up that right leg.

And here we go. We're going to do a little double pulse forward and double pulse back. Good. Really get the back. We need to really get the back of the leg and the seat. Hand back and fuck one more like this. And then we'll do five just flowing back and forth. And here we go. Full and pack ad. Perfect. Christie. That's it.

That's the tempo. One more and legs together. Push up, squeeze down. Push up and lengthen and squeeze down. That's it. Yup. Yeah, let's do one more. Keep the leg long and reaching and engaged in five tight little circles. One, two, three, four, five, reverse. No circling, anything else but that like, all right, good. Now let's go ahead and roll onto your belly.

Make a small pillow for your forehead and we're going to lift those legs up and 20 minutes. Here we have one, two, four, five, six. Keep your upper body relaxed. We'll lift your legs up as high as you can and willing over to the other side. But let's switch. So let me just pull back and take your elbow back to this side so we can do our other like, here we go.

Yes, exactly. Tiffany, lining up, bringing your legs forward. Place your left hand in front of your belly. Good. And as little as you can. You don't use your right hand as a headrest. Try to kind of push your head into your hand. It'll become a headdress as you move along, but start off strong, pulling your ribs in your stomach deeper into your back so it's not really arched. Lift up your left leg a little bit and a little double pulse.

Here we go. One, two, and back to, so your frame, your box the same. Perfectly Square and back. Jim are good. Really pull into your lower back for me, Tiffany. That's it. Last one. And now forward. Just flowing forward. Take it further back. Good. Christie and back. Stomach and seat two and last one.

Now legs together and push up and squeeze down. Lengthening from your lower back end. Push up and the hows and pounds with your inner thigh and up. Squeeze those pounds. Good. Two more. Make that leg longer than your bottom one. And last one up.

Keep it long and reaching down here and find little circles. One, two, three. Turn that leg out more for me. Reversing one, clicking the heels together. Two, three, four, five. Nice work. Okay, we're going to bring those legs the other way again. So go ahead and swing them forward as you sit up and then extend them. Yup. That way. Let me hook this back up and we're going to do teaser one, two, and three. What do you think? Go ahead and lie on your backs. I don't know. We'll see what I can do here.

Bend your knees into your chest. All right. Relax your shoulders. You want to just really feel it from your center. Okay. So go ahead and extend the legs up and shake them out because you don't want, if you worked on really hard in your like series. All right. So extend the legs, reach your arms back, scoop in your belly, in and up, and lower those legs to a 45 degree. And here we go.

Well not arms lift. Roll away from those legs. And again, one more. Stay up, legs down. Okay. And arms lift everything down.

Everything up, arms lift everything down to more. Last time. Stay up there for me. Stay up. Reach for your toes. Draw your knees into hands under your ankles. Nice. We're in the proper place for seal. Clap two, three. Inhale. Exhale. Try to clap an inch off the floor in front of you.

Back an inch off the floor behind you. Think of your abdominals here. Hold yourself with your stomach while you clap. Really stupid. Clap two, three. Well back, hold it. Two, three up. Nice job with the holding. Watch the lower back swing. Two more up. Here's your last one. I want you to roll to a standing position. Cross your legs, Aliyah.

And now I want you to turn around arms reach up to the ceiling, and I want you to pretend you're against the wall. Don't push through the wall. Roll off and imaginary wall forward and walk out to a push up position. All right, a little sweaty here. Lower yourself to a straight plank and five times bending the elbow straight back and have [inaudible] give me two more. Pull up and stay on the balls of your toes as you roll arms lifted the ceiling. One more time. Keep your tailbone reaching for the floor. Walk on out.

Lower your hips to make a plank. And five times. Here we go. Everybody watched Kristy's awesome arms. One more and more. Locking back and roll up. Exhale all the way up to the ceiling with your fingertips. Turn the hands out and really take a breath as you lift your powerhouse in and up, pushing the earth away and exhale and you should feel like tall, long. And we're all finished here today. Nice job. Very good.


Wow! express pilates for busy it! Thanks Monica
Love having some quick classes when you don't have a lot of time. Thanks!
Lovely workout and perfect when needing to get a quick mat class in! Beautiful classical flow!
Big things do come in small packages! Thank You!
This work out kicked my butt! I loved it!
Mine too!
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I have now done this class again and again and again. More 20 min classes please for busy teachers. Thank you Monica & PA x
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Thanks great pace, would love to see an intermediate reformer done at this pace.
1 person likes this.
Perfect class for a short Pilates workout. Thanks.
Great class. I love to combine 2 or 3 20 min classes for more variety when I have the chance! Thanks!
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