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Day 5: H2T Give Me Body

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Welcome to Day 5! Join Mychele Sims for an energetic and lively Pilates class. In this class, Mychele brings all the elements you have been working on in the previous classes and teaches you to flow. The transitions are quick and the variations of exercises are refreshing. Enjoy Mychele's contagious love of movement - you will walk away feeling joyful and simply happy.
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What's up you all? You made it. Oh my God. What? You're done.

It's the fifth day, but you got one more workout to go. So check it out. We're going to put a little bit of the goodness from all the things that we've done, put a little extra bonus yumminess, so we're going to start right now. Come onto your mat because you're already there, right? I'm facing you.

Heels are together, toes are apart. Pull up to that midline and really zip it up tight. Shoulders roll down your back, and just ground your feet into the floor like, "Yes, I made it, I'm strong." You can keep going back and doing this exercise as much as you need to, so just remember that. So let's feel the floor. Yes, you're feeling it.

Let your arms rest at your side and just take a breath in and out. Inhale deep, point that tailbone towards the floor to really get those hip points forward and really stretch to the back of your body. One more great breath, and then we're going to start with little elevate actions. So hands will stay right there. We're just going to work with the ankles because they're going to be a little creaky, a little angry.

One, two, lift and lower. I'll let you count. We're going to go on the honor system and say you're doing about 10, yes? (laughs) And squeeze the bum as you're doing this and we'll do two more because that's probably 12, and then now take it down. Now, we're going to take our arms up overhead, reaching through our fingertips, piercing the ceiling, do that same thing again. This time we're going to do five, and then we're going to hold for five.

Let's reach up. Five, four, three, two, hold on, one. Come up, stay up. Make a kitten heel if this is two, and if you're a guy, imagine a kitten heel (laughs). Oh, yes! And then lower everything down.

Arms come down to your side, shake it all out. We're going to take it to the floor. So cross one leg over the other, I don't care which one, one arm over the other, and take it to the floor again. In these five days, you may have figured out what works best for you to get to the floor. That one worked for me, kind of.

And we're going to take a second and reset everything. Turn to the side, and we'll work it out from there. All right, turning to the side so you can see me. We're going to roll ourselves all the way down the mat. Let those legs go long in front of you, and just lay there and just get yourself centered before we start moving.

We're going to move through this really quickly so and purposely and effortlessly because this is your fifth day working out. Go ahead, take your arms behind your head, give yourself a yawning stretch, let the ribs lift, let the shoulders kind of just be messy. Like I say, all the time, let it be messy. And then we're going to get all Pilate fives and we're going to bring that belly in, pull the back ribs towards the mat and then plug those shoulders into the back of your arms. Yes, we are ready to go.

Pointed toe or flexed toe or just natural feet. That's not your movement right now. We're going to roll up. Tuck that chin into your chest and roll up just halfway. Hold it right there for three, two, one, roll it back.

Melt back into the mat, melt back into the melt (laughs) and then we'll roll up again. Chin to chest, roll up shoulders. Top of your spine and fingertips energy, laser beam shooting out and we'll take it back one more time. Inhale here, exhale as you roll up, holding that puppy right there. Hold it, hold it, hold it.

Five, four, three, two, one. Melt everything down into the mat. Go ahead let your arms rest where they are. Flex your heels here. Because I want you to really feel the back of your legs on the mat.

And now we're going to keep our hands on the mat. Pull the belly down into the mat and just look up. Roll your head, neck and shoulders up to look at your toes. Hi toes. Yes.

Toes are flexy for me, flexing and looking at me. We're going to roll up again. Roll up. Your hands may move a little bit but leave them on the floor. And we do one more.

Roll it up. Roll up, roll up, roll up. Stay up now. Take that right leg and bring it into your chest and give it a hug and a squeeze. How you doing?

Shoot it back out. Left leg comes up into your chest, give it a hug and a squeeze and place it back. And then we're going to roll everything all the way down. Take the hands behind your head again. Plug those heels into the floor and flex your ankles and roll yourself up.

Hi. Hello, how you doing halfway? Go ahead and put the feet flat on the floor. Hands are at your side here. Palms will go to your legs and we're going to just do a half roll back.

So tuck the tailbone under and just find that sea curve hollow belly. Let the shoulder stay away from the ears. Hold that, and then sit yourself back up. Go as far as you can come back up and then take a little stretch that way. Boom.

Other way. Same thing. We'll do two more like this, roll back halfway. Pull that belly down towards the mat and then come back up. Ooh, strong abs.

Yes, powerhouse. One more. Take it back. Yes, hold it there for three, two, one, and roll yourself all the way down. Oh yes.

Hello, hello, hello. Legs go out in front of you. Arms are at your side, and we're going to flex that left ankle pressing that left leg into the floor seat belt is on, so pull your hips back into the mat and then the right foot will glide off of the mat. We'll do that little activation. We'll just turn out.

The knee turns away for two and one. Hold it there. Now we're going to bring it to our faces without touching it for that stretch. Keep energy through the fingertips and then take it back to about nine. Do remember, bend the knee if you need to, take it into that single leg circle to the left of your body down and around and up, one, two, yes and three.

We're only doing three today. Let's take it the other way. Three, reverse that circle. Two and one. My hips are like, yes, we're clicking.

Hold that there, flag the foot. Give me that little stretch across the body. Just to wake up the hip, add a diagonal and then bring it back to the center. Inhale here, and exhale to the side. These are things that you've already done, so you remember this already.

Good. And we're going to take it back to a bend, bend it, give it a hug and shoot it down to the floor. Other leg, same thing. Right ankle will flex here. Press that leg into the floor, point the right.

This is the left foot. It's the right foot, but it's the left one and raise it up into the ceiling about 90 ish degrees. Turn out, turn it away. Ankle comes towards the device. Two is here, and then three, third one, hold it there.

Now we give it a little stretch, that invisible hand stretch. See how much further you've come since day one to day five. Yes, and then we'll take it into the circles. Three circles down and around and up, pulling your belly button and waist down towards the mat for two, and then one more, three, hold it there. Take it the opposite way.

Three for that reverse, two and one. Hello? Flex, oh, different feeling. Take it across the body. Right side of the body.

Whew, breathe. Send it some breath and some love in that hip. Take it to the outside corner, boom. Checking in with your body. Checking in with your shoulders and abs and back and bring it in.

Give her a hug and a squeeze. Yes, and then shoot that leg out. We are looking delicious. Go ahead and let those feet be natural. Take the hands over your head.

Back behind you and roll yourself up. We'll do three here. So this one's going to be pointed. Roll up. Good, and then take a stretch forward.

We'll do two more and roll up. Come forward. Remember we're going to come back to this exercise again in a different format. Last one, take it up for your stretch. Hold the stretch and then take a little rest there.

Resting on your ankles, your shin on your thighs, and then we're going to take our right leg into our chest, holding onto the shin and ride the elevator down. So ride yourself down for your series of five. So again, wide elbows, we're going to hover that leg off of the floor. You pick your poison. So you're picking about 45 ish to 90 or low, low, low.

So we're going to do two sets each holding onto that shin. We do switch and switch. We do two and switch. Bring both legs to the center and then rest your head for two seconds. Lift that head, neck and shoulders up, double leg stretch.

I'm going to leave my arms low archivally and stretch out. Boom. One and two, hug my knees and rest two seconds. Next exercise will be our single leg stretch, straight leg stretch, and roll your head neck and shoulders up. Extend that left leg out.

Hold onto that right leg. Wherever you feel comfortable. Wide elbows, pull, pull, switch, pull, pull, switch. Last one. Good.

I did an extra one. Bonus. Extra credits, and roll everything down. Take your hands behind your head. Wide shoulders, fingers are interlaced.

Legs are up at 90. We lower down for three, two, one. Bring it up. We do one more, three, two, one. Bring it up.

Hold it there. Bend those legs. Left leg goes out. Crisscross. Hi.

One and one, two and two, and rest everything. Give your legs a hug and a squeeze. Draw that imaginary circle on the ceiling to let that back release both directions and then shoot. Oh, don't do that yet. Yes, we're going to roll up.

That's what we're going to do (laughs). Roll ourselves up to seat it. Roll. Well, let's do two more rocks, rock and roll. And we're up.

Facing you. Coming to a straddle. So I will let my legs be as wide as comfortable for me and for this straddle stretch, essentially just do that. So there's my straddle, natural foot position. Take your arms out to each side.

Each side is there, wide shoulders, proud collarbones. Press down to turn on the serratus and your latissimus dorsi. Yes, I said science words (laughs). So press down through heavy air. And we're just going to twist here, inhale in the center and exhale twist.

I'm talking, you know I'm exhaling. Inhale here, twist other side. And when you're twisting, your torso is twisting. Your hips are pinned. Look at that.

Boom. Hips stay where they were. One more on this side, last one. Hello. And rest.

Now we're going to deconstruct the saw. So saw, we talk about the pinky finger to the pinky toe. I'm going to extend my arms out, so you can see what I'm talking about. We haven't really done this one. I twist at the hip and I reach towards my toe and I round up to come back.

And then I come back to the center. Same thing other side. Pinky, pinky, twist, boom, round, and then come up. Now here's the magic little teaching moment, the only one in this class. Want you to keep those arms out, twist only to the center.

So take that left arm high to the center. Don't go anywhere else. Look at the opposite side. This is my right. Open your chest wide.

Come back to the center. Same thing other side. Your other arm, come to the center, open the chest wide. Get taller as you twist, come back. We're going to go a little bit further this time.

Twist towards the leg. Just a little bit further. Open that chest and then come back to the center. Same thing other side, go just about to where your leg is, open that chest, take a look in that direction and then come back to the center. Now we're going to saw.

So twist all the air out, reach, roll up and center. Other side, twist all the way, reach, roll, come up. Without my extras, you do it. Let's go. Twist, roll.

We say undulate. Undulate twist, undulate (laughs) and come back to the center and then hold the arms there. I know your arms are tired, but you got this. Arms go back one inch, arms go up one inch. Arms go back one inch, arms go up one inch.

Last one. I know you got this. Arms back, arms up and then shake it all out. Hello. All right, so we're done with that series.

Now we're going to take it over to our belly. So I'm going to go to my belly and just set myself up. Remember our apples are not apple sauce, and we're going to turn our bums on. So really press your hip points into the mat. Legs are together or separate.

You pick your poison, and then that belly is on the mat, but pull it away from the mat. Even if it really doesn't go pull, have the feeling of it pulling away as you clench those apples back there. Elbows are in line with the shoulders, fingers are wide. We're going to hold that spanx, that cobra, that swan. Hold it there.

Look long at your future in Pilates and hold it there. Couple more breaths here. Yes, all right. See if we could press into the mat to come up just a little bit more to find extension in our backs. Lift it a little bit more and then lower everything down to the mat.

I'm going to do a little bit of a different swan here, taking both of my hands on top of each other and I'll place my head on my hands. So they go together. So squeezing my bottom, using myself to lift up. We're going to do three. Hands and head come up.

We hold for three, two, one, lower everything down. We go up again and take it up and lower. Last one, hold this one up. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Squeeze, keep your shoulders wide.

Take your arms away and reach them back towards your hips. Reach for three, two, one, lower everything in the mat and just relax for 2.2 seconds. Yes. Woo, it's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes. So we hold (laughs) this right here and then we're going to go into our forearm plank.

So again, that same wide fingertip, those letter Ls that I showed you last time. Tuck the toes under, tuck... English. Tuck your toes under and then lift your body up. Look about 45 degrees in front of you and hold that for three, two, one, lower everything down. We got two more to do like that.

Take it up. Hold for three, two, one. Last one, hold it up, press it up. Get those elbows in the mat. You're really grateful for this break, aren't you?

Let's take it up (laughs). Three, two, one. Knees hit the floor, untuck your toes and reach back for a nice little child's pose rest here. It's getting serious, but you're not done. Take it back out.

You can go high here or stay low for forearm. I'm going into rainbows. I'll go a little low for you. This is for you, not for me. Lies.

Okay (laughs). Forearm is there. Tuck those toes under again, hold it there. We're going to do those hip dips. So go to your left, dip the hip and right.

Go left and right. Here's a change, go right and left. And then we'll drop those knees and press back in the child's pose for a little reset, child's pose, or rest pose, or just get out of the plank, whatever you want to call it. And then we walk ourselves right back out all the way prone on your belly. Belly action here.

Again, that bottom is on. You are active through the hips, squeezing and turning everything on. Let your arms come in front of you. So we have our arms a little bit wider than the mat, and want your lay... What's this thing called?

Your head to be long, (laughs) reaching away from your neck and we'll do a little oppositional stretch here. I'm going to actually widen my legs a little bit more. So here, pressing my palms into the floor, finding length in my neck. I want to raise my right hand and raise the left leg for the oppositional stretch. Feel like you're getting pulled in two different directions and drop it down.

Other side, same thing. Left arm comes up, right leg comes up. Hold that there. Pull in both directions, pull from the fingers and the toes and lower that down. We'll do one more each side.

Right hand, left foot, reach. Maybe reach a little bit longer with your neck too, yes. And then lower that down, and last side this time, hold it there, and then lower everything down. Take a little rest. And then we will segmentally put it all together for swimming.

So raise yourself up, arms and legs will reach and then swim away for five, four, long neck, three, two, one, lower everything down, and then press yourself back in a child's pose. Woo. Sweat is real. I always get it on swimming. It looks so easy, but it's always a challenge.

Take yourself back out. Let's come up to a elephant. So hands are going to the mat. Take your feet a little bit wider than your mat. And to make this elephant, we'll walk our feet in just a little bit more and around at our backs.

Try to get those heels to the floor and really stretch and press the floor away here. Pull the abs up towards the ceiling, and we'll hold here. Hold really round, round, round, round, maybe come more towards your... These are called wrists. (laughs) Ankles stay low, wrists are really holding yourself up. Hold that there.

And then walk back just a little bit to get those heels all the way on the floor. Go a little bit wider than you're mat again and we'll bend at the knee here. So left knee will bend, giving yourself a side stretch. Inner groin or inner thigh stretch and come back to center. Other side, same thing.

And we'll do one more stretch on each side, yes. And right. Bring those feet back into the mat. Lower your knees down for a quadropad stretch. Let me just adjust myself real quick.

All right, so here for your quadropad, you are reaching through the top of your head and the tail, the imaginary tailbone that's back there. So we'll start by a leg lift. We'll shoot that right leg out. Get the hip pointing down towards the mat and lift that leg up and squeeze your bum here. Squeeze it nice and long, yes.

And then take it back. Left leg shoots out, squeeze, lower that hip, square it off and squeeze and hold. Think long, long you. You are so long and lengthy, and then bring it back. Now we'll do that with the right arm.

Just the right arm lets off, right arm reaches. Yes, and then lower left arm. Reach and hold your balance on all the other three limbs that are still working, and then we'll lower that. Now we're going to put those together for our bird dog. So let's do the left arm, right leg like we did before we did swimming.

Hold that there for three, two, one, lower it down. Reset. Other side goes, reach right arm, left leg. Be mindful of the head, be mindful of the tail. Hold that there for three, two, 27 and bring it down.

I tricked you, didn't I? All right, so (laughs) same thing. Just the arms this time. We're going to take the right arm up and I'll take it out to the T. So take it to the side and hold yourself and really press the heel of your hand into the floor here and pull those abs in while you do this.

Hold it for three, two, one, change sides. Such a challenge. Let's go. Left side reaches out and then to the side, keep that shoulder strong. Don't let it dip, don't let it fall.

For three, two, one, and bring it down. Set your hips back for a little challenge pose right here, because we're going to stretch some yuminess in our quads, in our hips. So from this position, hands stay where they are. See how it will take you or how it'll work for you to come out of that pose and place your right foot between the left hand and the right hand. So this will go into a runner stretch.

So wherever you're comfortable, if you need blocks, get them here. So what we do here is we reach forward, just lean forward to get a hip stretch in our hip flexor right here. Keep the heel down and hold that stretch. Stay active in your shoulders, head. Everything is activated and strong.

Now on the way back, press back, make sure both of your hips are square. And that might mean adjusting yourself around, but I want you to hold that position. Let the head rest, get a deeper stretch in the back of that leg, the right leg is working, and then we'll come back to neutral. We'll do this one more time. Lunge forward, take the stretch.

Some folks like extra credit and then grab that back leg. I'm not doing that today (laughs). And then take yourself back. It's a little faster now. That first one's always a little wonky.

Like a beautiful swan in the ballet, a little river wrongs here and then bring back to center. Take the right leg back to that quadropad stretch and we'll take the left leg, do the same thing. Left leg goes between the hands. Find your happy place and then reach forward with the knee, stretching through the hip flexor on the right. It's so delicious.

Let it go. Oh, I'm getting like an extra stretch in there in my inner thigh. Now do the same action. Press the hip back and find square. That might mean like really exaggerate the opposite hip.

And then come back through center, doing this one more time. Whoa, I got a little further that time, you probably did too. Holding that there, staying nice and long. Yes, and then come out and stretch it. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch.

Very good. And then bring that leg back into your quadropad. I'm going to turn to my side and we're going to do a little bit of a side plank. So forearm will go right here, elbow, shoulder, all in one line. You can stack the legs here at an angle or you can go long.

You pick your poison. I'm just going to go just a little bit right here. Lifting up, side bend, looking lovely, option to have the hand here, option to have the hand kind of close to the floor. Hold that for three, two, one, lower down. Hello.

One more. Lift it up. Lift, three, two, one. Lovely. Take it over to the other side.

Whoa. Magic. All right (laughs). Check yourself before you wreck yourself. So I got my setup the way I want it.

I'm going to lift up here for my plank side. Plank goes up. Elevator goes up, holding that for three, two, one, lower it down. Two more. Lift up, up, hold it.

Three, two, one, lower down. Do we do one more? Let's do one more. Up, lift. Hello?

How are we doing? It gets easier, right? Sure (laughs). And lower down where you are right there, come to your back. Feet are flat on the floor and we're going to roll it down to go into our bridge.

Hands are at your side. Pull those ribs down into the mat. Bring your feet close to your bottom. And remember about a fist distance difference between both of the legs and then really find your shoulders, find length in your neck here, and then use your feet to press you up. So feet press into the floor as you lift up, a little bit of articulation right there, just to activate the hips and then lower down.

We'll do one more articulating little bridge here, roll it up, roll it up. Stay up. Feel like your knees are pulling towards the diagonal there. And I want you to keep that left leg where it is. Let's take the right leg into our tabletop and then straighten that leg.

Keep pressing that foot into the floor. Go ahead and flex the heel, lower down and point it up, one. Lower down, point it up, two. Last one, down and up. Hold it there, bend the knee, replace it.

Lower the body down. Other side, same thing. We're going to articulate that puppy up. Hold it up. Right foot takes perches at the floor, press into that puppy.

Bring the left leg into tabletop, really make that thigh work. Straighten that leg, flex the ankle. Lower down, point it up. Lower down, point it up. Last one, lower it down, pull it up, bend and then roll your deliciousness down.

We're not done here. Want to go back into your bridge, lift up, roll it up. Hold it there. Now the knees are pulling towards the angle there, really press the hip points towards the ceiling. Now I want you to just roll your feet to the ball of your feet.

Hold that there. We're going to lift and lower for three. The heels go down and up for three, two, and I think this is one (laughs). Did I count too fast? I don't know.

And then lower it down. Roll your spine down. My booty is on fire, but that's the point of this challenge. We're going to do that again. Roll your hips up here, hold the hold.

Now you're going to use your heels. So your toes will come up off of the floor, just the heels are working. What? Hold that there. While you're squeezing, I want you to tap that booty down.

So tap it down, keep the toes up, one. Squeeze. Two, it's Daisy Duke season. Last one, (laughs) three, take it up, hold it up. Oh my goodness.

Now, don't lose this. Keep my booties and your booties up, lower the feet all the way to the floor. Keep squeezing here, keep squeezing. We're going to pulse it for five. Squeeze the tookus.

Five, four, three, it's burning, two, one. Get off this thing. Roll your spine all the way down, and then let your legs come out to the side for a butterfly stretch, what? Ooh, challenge, challenge, we got it going on. Now, bring those legs back together.

Let the legs go along in front of you. Reach long behind you and roll yourself up to seated. Last part of this workout. So juicy, so challenging. Yes.

Teaser (laughs). Let's go. All right. I'm a tease. I'm going to give you a little trick.

So let's do a little trick, it's right here. Feet are flat, tall spine. Look at that. Rounded, nice and tall. Hold that there.

Keep the left leg where it is. Right foot will come out of that and just let it reach. Look at that line. And then come back. Left leg does the same thing.

Stay there right leg. Lift it up, hold it and then put it down. All right. Look ma, no hands. Same thing.

Right leg comes up, reaches. A little curl in my lower body there, and then take it down. Other side. Let's go. Lift it up.

Shoulder stay away from the ears, and then lower. Can we do both? Let's go. Right leg, hold it up. Keep it there.

Left leg, let's party. Hold it there. Keep it there. We're going to hold it for three, two, one, one and a half. I don't know.

Bend the knees, (laughs) lower it down. Roll yourself all the way down. Ha. We call that a peak pose. All right, we hit it, we quit it.

Let's roll up, beautiful people. Roll it up. Facing you. Sit whatever way is comfortable for you because you did it. I feel like Richard Simmons right now.

All right, take a breath. Deep breath in (inhales) (exhales) and out. Inhale and exhale. Audible inhale, exhale on this one. Inhale. (exhales) You did it.

Inhale, the arms up. Long, tall, reach and press through heavy air to bring it down. Let's do one more celebratory inhale. (inhales) Oh gosh, yes, I made it. And exhale, and you have been challenged. Thank you, PilatesAnytime, and everybody involved, you've been amazing.

See you all on the internet.

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Lina S
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I would have liked the challenge to last 5 more days! You made it fun! Thank you!
Jennifer E
Such fun classes in this challenge! Love your teaching style! Thank you thank you, Mychele!!
LOVED THIS! Agree would have loved a few more days or maybe a challenge part two please? Mychele Sims  this was so great for my mind and body and your spirit shines through the iPad 😀
You said it best Mychele, "amazing'!  Thank you.
A yummy challenge series; thank you so much; hope to see you again in pilates anytime
Really enjoyed this challenge and your energy Mychele, thanks so much and hope to see you again soon!
Katie H
Lorraine W
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Mychel you are a joy to work out with. Your clear instructions combined with your personality & obvious love of teaching shines. I want more of your classes thank you 🙌
Thanks Mychele for this vibrant, amazing challenge. I WANT MORE!!!
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