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Day 4: Rhythm and Flow

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Welcome to Day 4! Your powerhouse will be fired up with challenging Pilates exercises and you will lengthen your whole body with yummy, feel-good stretches. You will feel centered, strong, and refreshed after this amazing Pilates class with the playful Mychele Sims.
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Hello, and welcome to day four or day, whatever you choose to make this. I am still Mychele and this is still your challenge. So we're gonna make this a little bit of a yummy flow for you today. So just take a time and just center yourself. Sit as well or as comfortable as you'd like to, just breathe in and get ready for this flow.

It's gonna be amazing because we are amazing. Gonna turn to the side so you can see my profile and we will roll ourselves down the mat. Rolling all the way down, giving you my yoga voice and then place the arms at the side and just center and melt into the floor. Feel like you're falling through the floor. Body is heavy.

Pulling that belly down into the mat. Feet are natural, just relaxing. One more breath here. And now we start the work. So go ahead and keep the hands where they are.

Flex the ankles over so gently and then roll up and just look at the toes. Head, neck and shoulders roll up, entering through the fingertips, look at that boom. Fix to my shirt and then roll everything down. We'll come up and do that again. Head, neck, and shoulders, roll up.

Look at those feet and then take it down. And then one more, take it up, roll up, curl up, fingertips, reach stay on the floor and then let everything melt down. Roll your shoulders back into the mat and give me a little shrug here. So shrug the shoulders up towards the ceiling and then roll the shoulders back, opening up the top of that chest. A little thoracic spine massage and cervical spine massage.

So gimme that shrug towards the ceiling and then open that chest wide. Like I said, make it be messy. I'm gonna let my feet relax here. And then we'll do one more each direction and then open, open, open, really exaggerate this and open that chest all the way. And then we're gonna make it Pilates and sink everything back and get between those two pains of glass.

Hands are still at the side. Go ahead and bend that left leg to table top, bend the right leg to table top, press the legs together like you have the winning lottery ticket and I'm gonna take my arms behind my head and just take a yawning stretch here, pressing those legs together. We're gonna go into our 100 prep. We don't wanna do the full hundreds here. We're just gonna get in that feeling in our body.

So head, neck, and shoulders, roll up, fingertips roll past the hips. Hold that position there. You hear my voice changing that because the work is starting. Hold that there and then roll everything down. We're gonna do four more of these, head rolls up, fingertips reach past the hips, reach, reach, reach, keep pressing those legs together.

Keep pulling that hip. The waistband down, hips are heavy into the mat and again, reach and take it back. One more tailbone stays heavy, reach all the way out, hold this here. Here's the challenge, extend those legs out, extend out and bring it back in. We'll do two more, reach out and in, take it out and in and rest everything.

Hug the knees into the chest. Rest the head and go ahead and rock yourself up halfway. Hello, legs are long in front of you. Flex those ankles, and I want you to reach past your toes and just turn on the back of those thighs. Dip the head between the arms and stretch forward.

Find the stretch wherever is comfortable and even puff up that back to gimme that sea curve and that hollow belly there. Relax the shoulders down towards the mat. Now, we're gonna roll it all the way back. Control, slow, and control all the way back. Point the toes are flex so I'm gonna roll up, good roll and reach, stretch past the toes.

If that's available to you today and then find your spine, stack it up, and roll it back. We'll kind of come to this again. So you'll see this again in this workout, but we're just gonna flow through this deliciousness all the way and reach and then stack yourself up. I want you to go ahead and put those elbows. These are elbows on the mat and then the legs, feet come to the floor.

Find your tallest spine here and bring those elbows towards each other. Now, we're on our elbows. We're gonna go into a elbow slip. So, find your balance with your feet and your arms. Right elbow will slip away, hold your balance, pull those ribs in, pull that waistline back and then replace that arm to the mat.

Other side does the same thing. Reach away, hold that balance. It's harder than it looks, and then bring it back. Yes, we can do two more each side, tall chest, wide collar bones reach. Slip it.

I was gonna say smack it, flip it, and rub it down, but not in this exercise. And then take the other side and reach one more, woo. This is harder than it looks. And last one right side. Yes, and then bring it back.

Left side, you got this. Your powerhouse is firing in all directions and bring it back and take a little rest and let it be messy there. Deliciousness legs are long in front of you. And go ahead and set yourself up, nice and tall. Take that left leg.

This is your left leg and bend it into your chest, holding onto the shin, wide elbows and roll yourself back into the mat. Let that other leg lift ever so gently off the bat. I'm gonna hold a little bit lower for the stretch in my leg, the groin, the back of the body. And I'm gonna switch that out, switch. Notice, this is your single leg stretch, but it's sexier, right?

And switch, so in this switch while you're holding this stretch, pull everything up, go ahead and curl your neck even more so into the knee, point that toe and switch. Really pull it, pull it towards the center of your body. If it's getting away from you. One more of this side. Yes, and other side stretch and hold, bring both knees together, lower the head, leave those knees where there are, and really get to your tabletop.

Take your fingertips up towards the ceiling here, hold that position, so we got a couple ways we can do this. Keep those legs there. Arms will save where they are and then roll the head, neck, and shoulders up. So on this one, you can go straight up and down or you can go snow angel on it, so I'll do both. We're gonna reach the arms and legs out for our double leg stretch.

This is our snow angel. We're behind us as a beach. So it might be a beach angel. And then if we go straight, we come that way and come back and we have one more and take it back and give it a hug. Rest the head, let's grab onto that left leg.

And then right leg will shoot out. Lift that head, neck, and shoulders up and really keep those elbows wide, pull, pull, switch for our scissors. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, one more sit after this. Good, last one. Deliciousness, go ahead, bend the knees and take rest.

Take yourself back up to the top. We're gonna hold our hands together. Interlace those fingers. Show me those elbows. Bring those legs back to table top.

Hold this little here, hold this crunch here. Hold it there. Hold the crunch. Your shoulder blade are really pressing into the mat. Now straighten those legs.

Legs are straight. We're gonna lower the legs down for 3, 2, 1. Zip it up. Maybe not go so low, if this is hurting you, boom, boom, boom. And you don't want your low back to lift off of the mat.

So if that means you go right here and bring it back up, that's cool. We'll do one more 3, 2, 1, bring it home, bend those knees and then place the feet on the floor. Go ahead, sit yourself up in a whatever sexy flooring way you want to. And I'm gonna rest on my forearms. Elbows are back towards the back wide collar bones, find balance on your hips and lift those legs up.

Keep those toes pointed and we're gonna kick out to the side for our CanCan on that right hip, bring it back and side, bring it back side and back. One more set after this back. Last time, and back and the sweat is real. Let those legs go long and then set yourself up. So spine stretch forward.

One of my favorite things, keeping that flow going, go ahead, flex at the ankles. Have your heels a little bit wider, just right at the edge of the mat to keep this nice and centered. Arms will go out, pull those bellies in high on the sit spoons, roll the shoulders down and back. The head will collapse and I want you to curl the spine as you go back, roll back, roll back, tailbone tucks, hold it there. Now, reach the head forward, dive forward, using those abs and reach towards the toes.

Hold that stretch. Even puff up that back to find more stretch of the back legs and the spine, stack your spine up tall. We'll go again. Curl, curl, curl. Chin is parallel to the floor, hold that.

Find that super bendy, bendy place. Now fight, resist, and take yourself forward. Go as far back as comfortable and then find that stretch. Puff that back. And now straighten up, we got one more like this.

So curl, yes. Curl, curl, curl, curl, hold it there. And then take it forward, forward, stretch. Use those abs, it's delicious. And then find the stretch on this one, just let it be messy and just take your stretch here.

One more breath here to reset. (inhales and exhales) And now I'll turn towards you and we'll go into a straddle position. So legs will be out wide, second position straddle, whatever you wanna call it. Feet can be natural, or flex, or pointed. I'm gonna go pointy, arms will come out to my side and I will stretch over to the side.

So this was a little bit saw ish, saw ish, reach through the side of the body. Opening that chest. Come back to the center and twist. Yes, and come to the center. So let's make it a little more flowy.

Let's flow through it. Twist, reach center, inhale, exhale, twist up and reach. And reach, good, one more each side, take it side and reach. And last one this way and reach, hold it there. Relax your arms.

Now we're gonna hold it just a little bit longer. So arms are to the side, after you shake them off, find tall and lengthen your spine. Pull up that string at the top of your head. Now twist your body pinky toe, pinky finger, and really open that chest towards the side. Look up at the ceiling.

Hold that, relax the ears away from the shoulder. Both hip points. Your sit bones are on the floor, centered on the floor. Then come back to the center other side, same thing, twist pinky toe, pinky finger. Open that chest.

And bring it to the center. Now we're gonna go into a stretch. Take your body towards that knee and find your happy place. Ride those legs like hands go towards the legs. Hold that stretch.

You can hold at the ankle, hold the toe, hold the arch, or hand could be on the shin. Hold that stretch. And keep that opposite hip pin down. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Maybe your elbows go to the floor.

Maybe you find a deeper stretch on the inhale. Feel a little curve in the back, exhale. Let yourself stretch a little bit further. One more breath here. Now we're gonna come out of that, halfway walk yourself to the other side, like of spider, and then hold that stretch.

Chin goes toward the chest and find that happy place in your stretch. One more breath here. And then come out of it. Just slightly come to the center and find a center stretch either on the forearms, or all the way fully expressed towards the floor. Feel your lower back just releasing some of that tension.

Maybe you come off the floor just a little bit more, but let that stretch happen. Change of the stretch here go ahead and flex those feet to feel something different. So hold the flex. Oh yeah, that little head twist helped me a lot. Feels different.

One more breath here. Go ahead walk yourself right up. And then we'll go onto the next series where we're going to go back onto our belly. Onto the belly, you know, I love a good swan, so, we'll do our other swan today. So legs let stay together.

Legs stay together. Turn on that bottom, poop, turn it on and stack both your hands again, modify it swan wide elbows. Take your head and place it on your hands. Head and hand stay together, lift everything up for that extension, 3, 2, 1, lower everything down on the way up, inhale. Hold it.

3, 2, 1, exhale the air out. We have one more like this and here, hold the breath. 3, 2, 1, and lower everything down. Go ahead and come onto your forearms. And we'll go into that stretch again.

So think of more cobra swanish things. Pull the belly away from the mat. Heart shines, wide fingers, and find that lower back. Make sure it stays flat and find the stretch in the middle of your back to the top of your head. Good, 3, 2, 1 let's rest, halfway down.

Take the hands away from the mat and reach the arms back towards each other. Maybe bind them or maybe just have the energy going towards the ankles. Hold that long stretch 3, 2, 1, and lower everything down on the mat. Bring your arms in front for your asymmetrical stretch. Long neck reaches away from the shoulders.

Reaching the left arm up, long back of the body still on back here. Still keep it on and lower, right arm lifts and lowers, left leg lifts, and then lowers, right leg lifts and lowers. Now, will stretch across the body, left arm, right leg, hold that stretch. Press your foot, and your hand. The opposite ones that aren't working into the mat to find more length through your body and drop it down, other side, reach strong and lower down.

Let's do all of that together. Lifting the arms and the legs, holding everything up for three counts. Hold for 3, 2, 1 lower down. We got one more like this, lift everything up. 3, 2, 1, lower everything down.

We got one more thing to do in this series. So, I'll show you on this side. My left hand is gonna grab at this heel, high heel. So either it's gonna reach it to touch or reach towards it. So if you can grab onto that ankle, right arm stays into it and press your hand into the foot, finding length and find that stretch there.

Hold that stretch. One more, gently release both arm and leg from that side. Other side works. So bend that right leg towards your bottom press into that left hand and let the right one go, grab towards the ankle. Pressing that ankle into the hand to find more length for that asymmetrical stretch.

Hold it in there. Press into it to find length, stretch, the quad is getting a nice stretch here too. And release it, let it go. Extra credit, both arms, both legs, let's go. Bend both your feet towards your bottom.

Reach towards the ankles or reached for the ankles. Press in. You can stay here or actually just reach. So hold it. (exhales) Two more breaths here.

(inhales and exhales) Last one really press into it to find extra credit and lower everything down to the mat. Press back into your child's pose for a rest. All right, coming out of that child's pose will come onto our sides for some sideline action. Take your hips to the back of the mat. Check your arm, elbow, everything in line legs stay together, lift those legs up.

Take 'em to the front of the mat. Bottom foot stays low. So again, energy through the bottom. So don't let it dump here. We call it a little mouse house.

Keep air there, so press in, lend them through that leg, pulling it away from the hip. We're gonna kick forward with a flex ankle kick, kick, point back, kick, kick point back with control, kick, kick, and point one more. I think this is four kick, kick and point. Bring it to the hip level. Jane Fonda, take it up.

Yes, oh, yeah, oh, I feel that right there. Yes, I'm just gonna Jane Fonda it. I'm just leaving it nice and long. Not gonna flex it. Leave it right there.

Hold her there. Now we're gonna bend those knees to 90 degrees, right where the hips are and we'll do our clam lift here, so you can stay here or lower down. Lift that top leg up just to the hip level, lift and lower, lift and lower, one more lift and lower that puppy. Now we're gonna open that clam, right there. That might sound provocative.

It's a clam though. I'd say show your pearl, but then I'd get banned by the FCC. Did I say that? We'll do one more and I'll get there. Leave that bottom leg bent, straighten out the top leg and give her a little hug and a squeeze at the quad.

Press the hip forward to find more stretch in that hip flexor. I like it. And then straighten her out. Swing yourself around to the other side. Very contemporary, not classical, teaser ish.

All right, hold that there. Set yourself up for the other side, same thing. Moving a little quicker through 'cause we know what to do. Keep that energy up and lift that leg up. Flex ankle kicks and points back.

Keep long in the chest. The head apart is a part of your spine. Two more. Last one. Great, keep it pointed.

Little Jane Fonda. Just lift it and lower. I know it's heavy. I know, you're working out, let's do one more. We might be uneven, let's just see what happens.

Hold that there, I like it. Let's bend that bottom leg to that level and then bend the top to meet it. Lift and lower, stay active in the shoulder, lift and lower, we lift and lower last one, lift and lower. Keep the feet together for your clam. Open the clam shell close the clams shell with resistance push down.

So almost if you had like a bender ball or something between, you could press into that ball. That's the feeling I want you to do. Let's just do one more. Bend it, squeeze. Yes, straighten that leg.

Let's take a little, lovely little stretch here and then straighten it out. I'm gonna turn this way and go into a child's pose really quickly. So the next exercise will be a wave. So stay here, wrist stay where they are, fingers are wide. I want you to roll through your back, roll through the back and then press the hips forward.

Straighten out here. It's almost like a cobra swan and then roll back the opposite way. Rolling through like a cat cow. So we puff up, roll through, hips go to the mat. Chest opens, check your feet too and take it back.

And we wave through. We'll do one more curl, and then wave through. Hold it here on this one. Hold it here, nice. I like it.

And then come back to your child's pose really quickly. And then come to a seated position. Going into a teaser feet are on the mat, knees are up. Want you to find your fingertips with energy right here towards the toes and curl and tuck your tailbone under holding that there. So we'll do a one-legged teaser today, high, we'll do that one, I'll switch.

Do that one left one goes down. So we'll do just roll back. Arms reach back. Come back up into your teaser, halt. Yes, we'll do that two more times on this leg.

And up, use that opposite foot to get you up and back. And one more, nice, switch the legs out. We'll roll it back, and up hold and take it back. Exhale on the way up. Yes, last one.

And take it up, hold her there. Maybe take the other foot to meet it. Hold it there for 3, 2, 1, lower everything to the ground. Take really, really nice stretch And then bring the knee into the chest. Rock yourself up to seat a couple rocks.

And I will face you for our mermaid stretch. So pick your poison. I have a pinwheel stretch here, almost like a pigeon. So front of the leg will be, this is my left leg is bent in front. The other leg is bent back.

So both legs are bent. You can do whatever mermaid you like, but this is my favorite. You can do the same exercise this way, but I want you to follow me. So hold the stretch here. So this is my right arm, right arm reaches up, stay nice and tall and active, press the hips forward.

Other hand has spider fingers reach through the side, find stretch and length. Maybe bend that bottom arm to find even more stretch. And then use your side body that obliques to bring you back up. Don't use the floor to push you up. We do it again, reach up and over and then come up to the top.

One more with a little extra credit, take it up, over. Really bend long here. Now turn your chest towards the floor. Both hands come to the mat, stay here or maybe extend your leg. I don't know, take your chest towards the floor.

And press up, and one more time, and come up. Bend that leg if you chose that option, reach up and over extra credit again. Go ahead wrap that arm around the head. Look over your shoulder, twisting at your torso. Open up towards the ceiling.

Come back to the center, reach that arm up and stretch, counter stretch other way. Nice and bring it back to the center. Switch your legs out. Hello, so same juiciness. Find what works for you.

Take a second and maybe you have to stop and start again, you can do that. So nice long stretch. Other arm has a spider finger, left arm reaches up tall, press those hips forward. Take a stretch towards that bent arm. As far as you can feel your body stretching, find that stretch and then come back up to the top.

I like to reach in a diagonal to make sure I get a really good stretch and really get lazy in that other shoulder as opposed to being active because I wanna really stretch all across this line in my body and come up to the top. Last one, best one stretch long, long, long stretch, extra credit, turn your body. Stay at the other stretch or turn that body towards the mat. Forearms can be on, my other leg will extend out. If you choose this option, go ahead and bend down, press down and come up, press down, and come up, bend it here.

Reenter that arm, find that stretch here. Wrap the head and look over that shoulder for that torso twist. Open that chest towards the ceiling. Come back through neutral, reach that arm and stretch and come out opposite side stretches for that counter stretch. Oh yeah.

Nice, nice, nice. And then come back to the center. Uncross those legs, whatever you did with your legs, fix it now. Take your souls together for a butterfly or a frog stretch. If that means go out further or use a block or a pillow bolster.

You can do that. Hold that stretch right there. Let the hips open. If your legs are here, this is good too. So take your hands behind you and do a little recline butterfly.

Maybe go to your wrist, maybe go to your elbows, you pick your poison. I'm gonna go a little bit further out with my straight arms and let that stretch. Maybe press yourself forward to stretch more through the hips. Get a little tricep action back there too. Two more breaths here.

Good come out of that stretch to extend the legs long, take your right ankle over your left knee for your figure force stretch. Find your tallest spine. Reach the arms up and stretch over. Remember if this is too much for that leg, you can also take it out and put it on the outside for that runner's hurdler stretch. And I like to also press on this leg to get a little more stretch in my hip too.

There's a stretch there. Come up to the top, switch legs out. So left ankle comes over the right leg, press down for a little extra action, arms up and reach over. Holding onto whatever you can hold onto, the calf, the ankle, whatever you need. (exhales) Each exhale, go a little bit deeper into the stretch.

We're almost home, walk yourself up. Keep that leg there. Now you're gonna try to place that foot on the floor. Give me a twisted seated stretch. So, my right hand will go onto my knee.

I'll take my hand back and twist myself to stretch. Natural foot over here. And unwind yourself. Same thing, other side, right foot comes onto the floor. Left hand holds on twist your body towards the back, look where you're going.

Twisting at the hip. The neck is getting a delicious stretch. It's yummy. And unwind yourself. Bring yourself back to that comfortable seated position.

Whether that's criss-cross applesauce, lotus, long legs, whatever you need. Rest your arms and hands on your knees. Take it, inhale here. (inhales) Exhale Here. (exhales) Here, inhale with me four counts, Exhale, eight, inhale for 4, 3, 2, 1, exhale, slow 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, one more breath like that for eight 2, 3.

Take it out all the air. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Thanks for spending that time with me to make it yummy and delicious. Use this whenever you need it, thank you.

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Lina S
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A feel-good class! Pretty surprising the exercise on the forearms. It seems so easy... until you do it! I've enjoyed all the exercises and the mermaid series is a nice ending! Thank you!
Really lovely class! Great cues, loved the flashes of humor. Inspiring to watch Mychele’s graceful, precise movement. I particularly enjoyed the mermaid variations
These classes are flying by….really needed the extra stretching at the end today 
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I have found myself looking forward to a visit with Mychele and her uplifting energy everyday. “The elbow slide is harder than it looks” took me by surprise but it certainly is!
1 person likes this.
Loved this, thank you!
Tamara W
2 people like this.
I love the addition of Mychell Simms classes. She makes it look easy, but it’s not. And, enjoy her humor.
1 person likes this.
I’m enjoying these classes so much. Beautiful pace and queuing while Mychele’s warmth and humour makes the journey feel so (deceptively!) effortless. Thank you Mychele!
2 people like this.
I enjoyed the class a lot; stretching exercises are delicious ; thank you
Wonderful class, delicious stretches and great cues, altogether yummy!
Loved it ! Yummy and delicious. Thank you for the fun, stretches and great cues 
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