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Day 3: Hyped Cardio

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Welcome to Day 3! Here you will focus on getting your heart pumping and building your endurance. Mychele Sims keeps the energy up to get you through some challenging, full-body exercises! You will get sweaty, feel that burn, and feel so strong. Enjoy creative variations of Bridge, Teaser, and Rolling Like a Ball.
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Welcome, welcome back. I'm Mychele Sims and I'm here to work you out for day three of your challenge. So we're gonna start on our mat. Feet are parallel on this one, and I'm gonna go a little bit width so like feet are in line with your hips. Squeeze everything down here, lower body squeeze, tailbone points towards the floor.

Shoulder nice and square. And just take a breath in and center yourself and think about the magic of this class, so inhale. (inhales) And exhale. (exhales) One more deep, filling breath. Think about that lateral breathing, breathing through the sides of your ribs like we do in Pilates and then let it out.

Now, we're just gonna leave the arms where they are. Leave the arms where they are and then the head will tuck under chin and the head will lead your roll down towards the floor and then bring it all the way up right at that elevator up, pressing through the heels to turn on the back of your body. And we'll go again, we'll do three more like this. Just roll over. Scan your body for anything that feels tight and breathe towards that part of your body.

And we'll do two more. Roll down. Rolling through your back. And if this feels like a roll up when you're on the floor, you are correct. Just different orientation, last one here.

Good and then bring it all the way up. Stack your spine and then I want you to take your arms up overhead, little difference here. So think about scooping the belly, fingertips are reaching through and I want you to pull the belly back and then now go over like there's fire here. We don't want fire on our belly, so let's go over. Keep that arch in your back and then raise yourself up, arms come up, same thing.

Shoulders relax, go over that barrel. Over the barrel, pull the belly button back towards your wall, your device. Whatever what's behind you, pull it back towards that. We got two more to activate that lovely spine and take it over, suck it in, pull it down, go. It's feeling very Pilates right now, right?

It's like, oh, she told me to pull my abs in. Last one, pull it in. Suck it in, breathe, exhale all the air out. And then bring it up. And just bring your arms to the side and shake it off just a little bit.

Now we'll do a little bit of connecting this together. Heels are together, toes are apart and we'll just zip up that midline again. Pull that belly button down, tailbone back, and we'll just lift and lower the heels. No arms, just lift and lower, five. Four.

Three. Two. One. My bum is on, let's do five more, yes? Five more, lift it up.

Five, whoa, a little slower. Four, I almost said three. Three. Two, can we hold that last one? Hold it up, raise it up, raise it up.

Squeeze the back of the legs. Little air right there for five. Four. Three, two, one, lower down. All right, shake it off.

(laughing) Now we're gonna open up a little bit wider. So, this is second position. A little bit wider than your heels or what are these things called? Knees, so the knees will track in the direction of your feet. So think of a sumo squat.

Leave your arms nicely there. If you wanna be all balletic about it, you can round the shoulders and just lower down. And lift, pressing through the heels and squeeze through the inner thighs. And we lower down. And we lift press through.

We got three more. Squeeze. That energy goes this way. Two. Squeeze, press into the floor.

Last one, stay at the bottom, stay there. Lift the heels five times, five. Four. Three. Two.

Done, oh, shake it off. Oh my goodness. Now I'm gonna turn to the side and we're gonna get our stretch on, so are you ready? Stretching this way, take the right foot in front. Left leg stays back and lower yourself to the ground and give a nice little runner's stretch lunge here.

Now you can stay here or you can take it lower onto your forearms. You're like "Mychele, you're crazy." Maybe, so go where you feel comfortable. Maybe both hands go on the same side of the foot. Up to you, hold that there. Really sink into that hip, sink into that hip flexor and let it stretch.

Yes, yes, yes and then we're gonna take that foot back, switch to the other foot. So same options here. Foot is there, hands on either side, hands on the same side or going to your forearms. Hold that stretch. Sink that hip.

Yes, yes, yes, and more yes. Now, step it back and walk your hands towards your feet. All right, a little bit of a Pilates push up here. So stacking the spine up nice and tall, arms come overhead. We're going to do that same sucking in over the barrel.

Go tuck, reach to the floor. Hands will find the mat, walk the hands forward four counts. Four, three, two, one. Hold the bridge here squeeze the bottom. Long neck, good.

And then walk the hands back, four. Three, two, one, roll up. I say tens across the board like I'm Simone Biles. Do it again, so take the arms up over the barrel. And try not to rock the hips, stay as steady as possible as you walk forward for four.

Three, two, one, option to bend the elbows. Here. Or not or hold the plank. Walk it back. Four, three, two, one, stack the spine, come up.

Last one, you're feeling it already 'cause I know I am. Take it down, squeeze, roll, rock, walk forward. Four, three, two, hold it here. We're holding, now we're gonna walk in just maybe a half a hand step back. Now you're gonna reach back with the right hand, touch the left ankle and come back to your plank.

Left hand, right ankle, touch back. Plank and other side and plank it. Last one and plank and hold. Hi, squeeze and walk it back. Four.

Three. Two. One. Roll it up. Reset, arms come back up and over.

Roll down, just like we did before, but now you're gonna bring those knees down for your quadruped stretch. All right, we are here. Flat feet, top of your feet are on the mat. Check your lining, your alignment. Wrist, shoulder, hip, knee.

Great, hold that there. We're gonna shoot that left leg, this is my right leg, shoot that right leg out. Turn that hip down towards the mat and just hold that here, hold the stretch. We're gonna give us some donkey kick, so we're gonna kick two times. Kick, kick, stretch.

Kick, kick, stretch, yes. Kick, kick, stretch. One more set. Kick, kick, stretch. Hold it there, can I get three circles?

Circle, three. Two. One, reverse the circle. Three, two, one, it's burning. Toe touches, touch over the left leg.

Touch to the right. On the other side of the mat, touch and touch. Touch and touch. And bring it back to the center, rest that leg down. Maybe pat your bum 'cause it's on fire.

Other side does the same thing. Shoot the left leg out, hold it, find that center. Turn that hip down towards the mat and we're gonna go for our donkey kicks. Kick, kick, boom, boom and straighten. Kick, kick and straighten.

Kick, kick, straighten. And then kick, kick, straighten. Hold that puppy there, circles three times. Three, two, one, other way, reverse it. Three, two, one, toe touches.

Touch down on the right side and then the left. And then right, come through center. Left, uno mas, right and left. There it is, shake it off. Hello, all right.

Holding that there, I want you to get to your side. Whoo, it's already burning, it's already burning. (laughs) Shoulder, elbow in line. Right hand, I want you to give me a longer leg this time. So you can stay here long or you can keep the knees bent.

Forearm plank, so I'm gonna keep it long. We're gonna take our offset stands here. So my front foot will come in front of the bottom leg and I'll lift up here, spider fingers in the front. If you need it, lift up. Hold that side plank for three, two, one, lower down.

We've got two more to go. So lift yourself up, lift, extra credit, hey, I'm cute. Three, two, one, lower down. Maybe this, right? Last one, hold it up.

Three, two, one. Since we're here, extra credit, take the arm up and over and reach and bend even more through the side and then lower down. You did it. Other side, let's flip over. Did you think you could do it? I know it, I knew you could.

All right, again. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Wide fingers, long legs, offset foot stance. Get that elbow onto the floor, look cute for the camera or spider fingers and lift yourself up here for, whoo, there we go. Hold it there, press and pull up like a suitcase.

Three. Two. One, lower down. This side's a little bit different, we'll do two more times. Lift it up.

Three. Two. One. This is getting heavy, I'm getting heavy. Last one.

Three. Two. One, extra credit, reach, a little more bend there. You hear it in my voice? And lower everything down.

Going back this way to the belly. Yay. Almost done with all this wonderful stuff this way. So squeeze the bottom, bottom on, bottom off, bottom on. Camera zooms, go, on, off, on.

Okay. (laughing) Go ahead and bring your elbows towards the center of your chest. We love a good locust chaturanga, all those things. So we'll go into our Superman here, so you have your wide collarbones. Bring those legs together or out naturally, and then reach the arms out to stretch forward.

Long neck, now point that nose down towards your mat and we'll go into our little Superman. So we're gonna go straight into it. Let's do segmentally, let's just do the legs. Legs lift up, squeeze. Three.

Two. One, lower down, top of the body lifts up. Three. Two. One, all right.

We put it all together, let's go. We're gonna hold for three. Arms and legs go up and hold for three. Two. One.

Count faster, Mychele, no. (laughing) And squeeze the belly, remember, we have a little golf ball around our belly button. So we're gonna squeeze and cinch the chest there or cinch our abs there and I want you to bring your arms about to the level right above your shoulders for your goalpost. Now press into the mat, press your hip points into the mat. Turn your bottom on and almost have the elbows floating off of the floor, yes?

So hold that there, we have a little extension here. So holding this extension, I want you to lift just the left arm up off of the floor. We're holding it there, yes, and then we drop it. Left, this is right, right hand lifts up and we hold it. We feel like we've got our bearings, so we'll do both.

Both hands lift up, keeping that extension. Hold it there, now reach the hands forward like a superhero and then pull the elbows back towards the hips. We do two more, take it back, lower down and raise up for your extension here. Good and back. And last one.

Hold it here. Press the tops of your feet into the mat. Now reach your arms back behind you and we're holding our little locust here. Shoulders are rolling back, hands are reaching towards each other. Maybe binding, I don't know.

We're gonna hold that for three. Two. One, release it ever so gently and press yourself back into a child's pose and take a little rest, a little rest right here. Yes, yes and more yes. And then we're gonna come out of that and turn over to our bottoms.

Yes. All right, on my bottom, feet are flat to the floor. I'm gonna roll myself down, give myself that hollow belly and roll it all the way down for a reset. Reach the arms behind the head. Make it messy on this one and just like bleh, turn to a blob and now make it Pilates and squeeze everything tight, contract everything.

Point the toes on this one. We're gonna raise up for a little roll up action just to get our backs back into order, rolling ourselves up here, roll up. Little momentum on that one and reach. The second one will be better, hold it there, cave in there, cave in. Deconstruct it, yes.

And take it back, roll up, shoulders and ears try to stay together, come on, pull the rope. Yes, there it is, y'all saw that? I'm a teacher and a student. I'm gonna go for glory on the third one, what about y'all? Let's go, try it again, take it back.

Last one. Best one, I hope. Press those heel to the floor and raise up. Yay, it was there! When your pants start falling down, you're doing it good. Let's go, take a stretch here and give yourself a little love.

Let's do a little booty scoot and come up a little bit more for myself. Hold that there and then stack your spine up. We're gonna do a one rep series of five. One rep or one set depending on what we're doing, right? I'll grab my left leg today, so left leg comes up.

We're gonna take it for a ride and roll my spine down the back of the mat. Hold it there, wide elbows. Stretch that leg into your chest for the single-leg stretch. This right leg is gonna hover just a little bit. Stretch and hold.

Yes, other side, same thing, stretch and hold. We're gonna make it sexy and yummy, hold it there, yes. Now stay where you are, lower the head if you need to. If not, go ahead, keep it there. Shoot that right leg out to meet it, fingertips will reach towards the feet.

Energy here, bring the legs in and out. I know I said one, I wanna do one more. Bring the legs in and out, hold it there. Keep that there, left leg stays hovered, right leg gets a little pull, so we pull, pull. Breathe, hold that stretch.

Good and other side, we hold. So again, you're holding where it's comfortable for you behind the thigh, the calf or the ankle. Hold that stretch, beautiful. If you can, stay up, bring both legs to meet each other. Keep them at 90 degrees.

Bring your fingers behind your head interlaced, hold that there. We're gonna lower the legs for three. Two. One, slowly bring it in and then bend the knees at tabletop, stay where you are. Extend that, which leg, the left leg out straight.

Turn towards me and let me see that twist. Hold the twist. My gosh, other side, hold the twist. Turn, twist, hold. And bring it together, rest everything.

Give yourself a little love, a hug and a squeeze. And then draw a circle on the ceiling. Hold onto those shins and roll yourself up. Rolly. Rolly.

Rolly. Hello and we're back, side-lying series. So now getting to the back of my mat for side kick series. So setting myself up, you have an option for the shoulder here and you have an option for the shoulder here. You pick your poison.

At the back of my mat, I'm gonna lift both of my legs up and become a little banana, a little banana action right here. Hips are stacked, my feet are gonna work like this. Bottom leg will flex, top foot will point and it will feel like I'm pulling my leg away from that hip, spider fingers in the front. Side kicks, kick the leg forward. Keep it tracking, kick, kick, point it back.

Try not to rock the body too much, kick, kick, boom, boom. And back. One more, I like threes today and ones. Kick, kick and back and then bring it to the level of the hip, lift and lower. Lift, point and then flex it down, point it up.

Flex it down, point it down, flex it down. Keep it flexy. Take it up, point it down. And up, point it down. Last time, flex it up, point it down.

Hold it there, three circles please. Three. Two. One, reverse your circle. Three.

Two. One, now we're gonna bend that top leg, foot goes to the floor, bottom leg will just reach and stretch. So hold that there, three lifts. Lift and lower, two and three. Hold that puppy there, place that leg on top of the other one, now we're gonna bend that top leg and give ourselves a little quad stretch.

Oh, quad stretch. We like it. Deliciousness. Go ahead and set yourself up, push yourself up to a seated position. Swing the legs to the other side.

Same setup, back of the mat. I'll do the forearm on this side. So I'll take my legs to the top, lift them up to the front of my mat. Bottom foot stays nice and square. Don't die in that shoulder, keep the shoulder strong.

Yes, top leg, hi, pointed. Level of the hip. spider fingers here. We flex, kick, kick, point it back. Kick, kick, point it back, you got one more. Kick, kick, point it back, hello.

Little Jane Fonda action, point it up and back. Now, I have an issue with this leg for me. My lovely knee wants to do what it wants to do. This is my kicking leg from my dance days. Now, flex it up.

Point it back, it is a rogue leg. Flex it up and point it back. And flex it up and point it down. Stay there, keep that energy through the side of the body and both sides is working, we do three circles. Three, two, one.

Other side, three, two, one. I like it, let's bend her here. Stretch, press the hip forward to get a nice, delicious stretch in our quad. Oh my Jesus and we'll take it down. Lovely and now we'll come back to seated on our mat.

Gonna turn this way for you for a little teaser action. So I do a little teaser roll here. I fake the funk because we're gonna work up to the real thing, so we're here, knees are bent, feet are flat. I want you to roll down your spine just halfway. Hold it there.

Now I want you to get that left leg come up. Fingertips have energy, point that puppy right there. Hold it there. Switch, tap the leg, switch. Hold it there, we'll switch one more time.

And switch. Breathe, other side switches. Can we bring the left leg to meet it? Hold it, hello, you saw I almost lost it. Hold it there, hold it here.

We're gonna throw in a little rush and twist. So twist to the right, twist to the left. And right and left. One more, you got this. Right and then left.

Give yourself a little hug and roll down your spine. Whoo, that is real. When you look at this the next time, remember you could keep the foot down or one foot down for that one, but I wanted to be extra strong today. Go ahead and hug the knees in and then roll yourself up. Just a little roll, massage out the back.

Come up to the top. Now we're gonna get into a little bit of the rolling like a ball series, a little bit hyped more than usual. So bring your heels towards your bottom. Hold onto the shins if that's comfortable for you or at the ankles or wherever feels great. I also like behind the thigh, so find your balance on your sits bones.

Tuck the tailbone just a little bit, wide elbows, look at your feet, whichever position you chose to go into. I want you to roll back five times to the shoulder blade. So roll back five. You can count, you know what to do. (laughing) Yes.

I don't know how to count because I'm a Pilates instructor. And let's hold one more, we're holding this one, Extra credit, hands behind the head towards the elbows. In a crunch, rock back for five. Try to touch the elbows to the knees or towards the knees and you'll really find that challenge on the way up. It ain't pretty, but it's challenging, oh my God.

Yes, I think two more. Last one. Oh my goodness, hold it there. Find the floor and rest your feet to the floor. Go ahead and let those feet stay flat.

Roll yourself down to the mat. And we're gonna go into some bridges. So again, arms are at a V. You got your little option to be a cactus here, coo coo ca choo, and then bring the heels towards your bottom. Pressing the heels into the floor, backs of arms into the floor.

Both shoulder blades are touching down, pull the belly towards the mat. We're gonna go up into a bridge here, so articulate the bridge up, curl up. Press the hips up towards the ceiling. Knees go in a diagonal to find that push, pull opposition in the hip and then roll yourself down. We go up again, roll it up.

I said threes for this one, so we are gonna hold that puppy down. One more, this last one, roll up, stay up. Now we're gonna tap the hip down, tap it down for three times, tap it down and pick it up with that same push, pull energy between the hip and the knee. And one more, come up. Stay up, stay there, stay there while we keep that right foot into the floor.

Bend the left knee to tabletop, press into the floor to keep that glute active. Straighten that leg up to the ceiling. Little bend if you need it, flex the foot down. Point it up, one. Flex down, point up, two.

Last one. Three, all gas, no brakes, put that one down. Other side, stay up, press it up. Right leg to tabletop, press into the floor. Lift that leg to straight and take it down.

Flex, point it up, one. Flex, point two and flex. Point three, let it down. Roll your spine all the way down the mat. A little bit more extra credit here if you want it.

So go ahead and lift the hips up again. Lift up. Give me that push pull here in the hip flexor. Knees pointing in that direction, lift the heels up off of the floor. Lift the heels up.

Heels come down, toes come off the floor, yes. And then heels come off the floor. And then toes, we got one more set to roll through. Heels off and toes up. It's beautiful, keep that heel pressing into the floor.

We're gonna do a little march here. So lift that left leg up. Keep it flexed and lower. Right leg up and lower. Try not to lose that bridge where you are.

Lift one more set through both sides. Right, little marching. One more each side, you got this. Lift and last one. Yes and then roll yourself down the mat.

Now we're gonna come up to our elbows so I can give you a little bit of instruction. So leave that foot there. So I'm on my elbows, I want you to come up to your hands and then keep the wrists a little flexy and fingertips are towards your bottom. We're gonna focus on our triceps. So elbows will point towards each other to open that chest up.

Pressing your feet into the floor, lift your bottom off of the floor for table. Now we're gonna bend our elbows back for tricep dips. Three. Two. One, hold if you need to know more love.

Hold that there, maybe take your hips up a little bit more for table, maybe let your head go back. So holding that table, we're gonna just let everything down gently and slippage over, we'll flip over and set ourself up for down dog AKA elefante. All right, so from here, we're just gonna push into the floor. I know I said it's cardio, so we're gonna turn it to cardio. We're gonna lower ourself down almost to a plank.

Maybe adjust your feet. And we're going to go into a mountain climber. So here, bring the legs a little bit closer and then we tuck that right leg in. Take it back and then tuck the left end and take it back. Now we're gonna it do a little more vigorously.

So tap it in and switch. And switch. And switch two more sets and switch, last one and switch. Great, press the hips back, take that stretch. Walk the hands back in four counts and then stack the spine for your roll up.

And then roll your spine down here. Roll down, four. Three. Two. One, bring it up.

Three. Two. Sack the spine and take it down. Still being aware of our belly. And our shoulders.

And our hips, still making it Pilates. And head rolls down. Stay in the awareness of your body and take it up. Last one before our push up series. Shoulder shrug and then bring it up.

Now, take the arms up above the head and then curl over that barrel. Walk forward for three, two, one, plank it. Hi and then take it back. Four. Three.

Two. One, stack it. Reach it, take it down. We're gonna hold this next one a little bit longer. Walk it out like the song says, hold it there.

Maybe bend the elbows, I don't know. Cardio. And take it up, last one, take it back. Try not to rock the hips like I just did. And then take it all the way up.

I'm gonna meet you over here. We're gonna go back the way we started. Take it out to our second position wide, arms are at your side, we're almost there. Heels are digging in, press down, press down and push up through the floor, squeezing to the insides of the thighs. Take it down, squeeze.

It's a demi plie for you dancer people out there. And bring it up, still pulling everything in. I think I wanna do one more because it feels good. Last one, take it down, squeeze it in, and then bring those legs to narrow parallel. And we'll just go a little bit of a bend here.

Lift and lower those heels, lift and lower, good. Lift, I'm parallel, but you can go into our Pilates V. Let's do three more, three. Two. And one, now we'll lift those arms up.

Arms lift up, same deliciousness. Rounded shoulders for my ballet girls and guys. And guys, lift up, five. Four. Three.

Two. Hold this last one, stay up, hello. Can we pulse it? Five, four, three, two. Your arms are still up, right?

And bring everything down, shake it off. Oh my goodness, we're almost there. Take the arms up one more time. Hold onto whichever wrist you choose, but go the way opposite of that wrist that you picked. Lateral stretch, centering you and bringing that breath back to the body and come to the center.

Switch your grip up, reach to the other side. Oh, it's delicious. And come to the center. Arms rest at your side. Roll your shoulders down your back and just stay here.

Nice and open, open the palms towards me. Inhale. Audible exhale, one more like that. You are done. Great day for your challenge.

Awesome, see you on the next challenge, let's go. Ow!

Pilates Hyped: with Mychele Sims


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I love everything about this class, but best of all is your personality. I hope to see a lot more from you!
Lina S
2 people like this.
What a fun class! I like your sense of humour and energy!
Pilates Tiger
wow what kind of energy you have!!!
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This is just great! Challenging and fun! I was laughing and smiling my way through this! What a breath of fresh air!
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Sore from yesterday’s in a good way and this class was great….straight from bed to the mat and feel great 
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Super fun! Thanks Mychele 

Nicole M
Mychele has such a vibrant personality! Great cues too.
I had a lot of fun; great job; thank you
Lucy B
love love your style.  have just completed a Polestar mat course and it's great but you are way more fun!!!!
Theresa A
Mychele SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for laughing and making pilates fun! I love to make it fun and functional!! Love to booty squeezes! 
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