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Creative Spine Corrector

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Leah will have you all over the Barrel (including some innovative standing work from the top) giving you a great workout that is creative, effective, and includes some wonderful stretches.
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Aug 23, 2011
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Hi there. I'm Leah Stewarts and hi ladies. Welcome. I we're going to be doing a spine corrector class today. We're going to be experimenting a little bit with um, some standing stuff on the barrel and I'm gonna just Kinda try to use the barrel as much as we can in our time that's allotted to just kind of different shapes and way that we can lie over the barrel and use the barrel. So we're going to go ahead and start in a seated position on top of the barrel. So go ahead and face toward me ladies, so you can actually turn yeah, this way.

Perfect. And just have your feet in front. Excellent. Great. So we're gonna start with the arms out to the side in the nice t position and we're just going to start with a little bit of spinal warm up here. So you going to take your breath in with an excellent, you're going to draw the abdominals in and just curve your back, bring your arms to a nice circle in front of your head, and then inhale rearticulate the spine back up to the CT position. Nice. Xcel initiate by threading the belly button and letting the spine curve and then let the arms go. Second. Very nice. And then inhale, articulate the spine back up. Let's do it again. And Xcel a nice curve. Thread in the belly button in, circling the arms in front of you, squeezing everything nice and tight and inhale, articulated up.

Let's do two more here and XL. Curve it. Feel free to kind of open your fingertips if you want to stretch out those hands and inhale, come back up. Good and excellent. Again, let me see you initially by threading the belly button in, curving that lower back. Good letting the pelvis and the rest of the spine respond and inhale up. Now we're going to do this but in a little bit of rotation. So twist to your right. Good. So toward me, there you go.

You do the same thing three times. So Xcel curving and think of piking underneath that right rib cage and then inhale, re articulate the spine up nice again and Xcel curving. You'll feel a little stretch to the back of the left side or the left side of your back. And inhale, come back up. Nice. And one more time. XL. Nice. Curve. This feeling that flow through your arms and inhale, come back up. Beautiful. Take your breath into rotate to the center XL.

Rotate to the left listed three times to the left and XL. Threading it in piking right underneath the left rib cage, stretching out the right side of the back and inhale up. Now as you do this, keep mindfulness of your breath here. As we're warming up that spine, you'll start to feel a little bit of work in the arms and the shoulders as well. One more time and exhale. Great. Come back up. Sit Up nice and tall on the rotation and spiral to the middle.

Turn the palms up toward the ceiling. Take an inhale as you lift your arms over the head, feeling nice along through your spine. And Xcel. Open them back out. Just five for me. And inhale. Feel like you'd get a little bit taller on top of the barrel. Beautiful and open. Nice. And as those arms come up, you'll feel that reciprocating stretch through your, through the lats.

Beautiful and open back out. And as you do that, feel that stability as you're drawing the abdominal wall in. That looks great and open. Good. One more time to finish it and bring it all the way up with an inhale and the Xcel. Beautiful. I want you to open your legs just a little bit wider about the width of your mat or the width of the barrel. Good. Take the arms down by the side. We're going to go. Inhale. We're going to hinge forward and take the arms up.

Good XL, come up and around and circle the arms and inhale, hinge ing forward. Think of leading with the chest. Good. Xcel up and around. Beautiful. So we're now we're getting a little bit more warmth into the hip joint and into the shoulder joint and XL all the way around. Gorgeous. Again, two more reaching. Now you want to feel that sense of cold contraction through the front body in the back body cause Rebecca try to keep your upper spine a little bit more extended. Yes, exactly. So we're not curving at all.

Beautiful. Now let's do the opposite direction with the arms that reach out to the side. Arms come up, then hinge forward, and then bring them down. Keep the back flat from me and bring it up and hinge forward and bring the arms down and around. Good. Now as you go forward, feel like you're getting longer. You're reaching the torso out of the pelvis, gorgeous and back, down and up to more like that and reach.

It should feel that warmth creeping up into your shoulder joint and bring it back down and up. And one more time. Reach keeping the abdominal wall in and back. Down and up. Arms are gonna come up, fingers interlaced behind the head. Good. Just very simple, back and forth into a lateral flection. So side tilt over to the right. Keep the left hip down.

If you feel that stretch to the left side of the ways, just enjoy it for a moment. Then exhale, come back up and go over to the right. Feel that nice stretch and pool. Keep that right hip down onto your barrel. Good, and pull it back up. Now when you go over, think of going up and over. Yeah, Chrissy. Got It. Beautiful. And then use those left obliques. Subpool yourself back to center. Nice. And think of going up and over. Good. And just keep those eyes up.

Keep that face up. Beautiful. That totally changes the whole dynamic through your body and reach up and over. Make sure you're not swaying your weight from one side of your pelvis to the other. Good. And last time to the left and go up and over. Beautiful and rest. Good. And take the arms down. Great. We're going to go ahead and lie on the back.

So go ahead and come on down and you're going to place your feet up on top of the barrel. That's it. Perfect. And hands down by your sides. We're going to go into our pelvic curls here with a little bit of a bridge. Great, go ahead. That's perfect. So we want your feet. You are, feel your feet Kinda wrap over the top of the barrel, the curve of the barrel. Take your breath into prepare with an Xcel, engaged in the abdominals, roll into a posterior tilt. And then continue to roll up. Now don't worry a bit about getting to your best and highest position may be right now cause we're just going to ease ourselves into it.

Take your breath in at the top and with your exhale, use your abdominals to guide your spine down and by lifting our feet where essentially giving ourself a little bit more space to move the spine so you have a little bit further to travel. Take your breath in and excelling gays in the abdominals. Good. I want you to feel the whole of the lumbar vertebrae pressing into the mat prior to lifting it. Good. Take your breath in and with the exhale, use your abdominals to roll down. Good and just fill that opening of your lower back. Nicely done. And then release it completely to the neutral. Gorgeous.

Take your breath in and XL engaging. Feel that deep connection. Good. Pressing up, feeling the glutes nice and breathing in and rolling down. We're going to do one more here. Feel that spine open nicely. Go ahead and taking the breath in and XL deep connection as you roll yourself up. Love it. Good. Now from here we're going to do a little bit of some glute lifts, so I want you to drop your hips about two or three inches and then engage your glue, suppress SAP, one beautiful and two nice and three.

Now as you're doing this, always think of pulling your pubic bone up toward the ceiling. Nicely done and app. Good. Let's do four more and we go four. Nice. And just keep that connection through your upper back three that looks good and squeezing to love it and hold on the last one. Great. Take those arms overhead, reach them all the way overhead palms facing up toward the ceiling, touching the mat behind you and take the breath in and roll yourself down with your arms overhead. Nicely done. Good.

Rolling all the way down, keeping that connection through the abdominals. Take your breath in here and with the Sabrina, the arms up overhead and come into your first hundred prep. You're going to suppress those arms down by your sides. Inhale, take the arms up first and exhale slowly. Take the body back and again, XL lifting all the way up and over. Press those arms down tight to your waist. Good. Inhale, arms come up over the shoulders. Exhale, take everything back as one piece in help prepare and XL floating the torso up and over again. Don't worry about how you're high, you're getting right now.

Focus on just mobilizing that spine. Breathing in two more. And Xcel feel the connection through the abdominals as they curve the torso up in deflection. Nice. Hold that position as the arms up. There you go. And take it back. It looks beautiful. Breathe in again and Xcel all the way up and over. Turn the palms up. Take them out to the teeth, position the arms, bring the knees up to table top, squeeze up position. Lower down, slowly reaching the arms out to the side. Good.

Keep them hovering just over your mat and spiral to the right. Inhale, just have couple repetitions. It's fine. Twists and XL come back to center and twist. Now keeping the arms off the mat is going to challenge your stability a little bit more, which is what we want. And I want you to use the movement from the waist and drag yourself back to center. So think of the legs following the rotation at the waist and pull back to center. One more set for me and go over inhale.

And the exhale back to the center. One more time and over. Inhale and exhale back to center. Good. I want you to place the legs on top of the barrel, but straight [inaudible] place your hands down by your sides. Good. It's a nice sister. If you can wiggle back a little bit more. Yeah. It's where your calves are more on the barrel. Yeah, exactly. And you may want to push the barrel away slightly if you can. Yeah.

The most comfortable spot is actually the heels and the ankles. Yeah. Just get to where it feels comfortable for you. There we go. That's it. So you gonna take your breath and you're going to go into a couple pelvic curls here. So breathing in XL, rolling the pelvis up. You're in a nice straight position. Beautiful. Take the breath in at the top and roll yourself down.

Articulating slowly all the way down. And breathing in again and the Xcel. Thread the belly button and feel the squeeze. Now feel the glute connects here. Now take your right arm overhead breathing, and you're going to switch the arms six times. So Xcel switch one and two, making sure that you're keeping your pelvis said you're not rocking back and forth. Good.

Keep the connection through the hamstrings and back. Last time with the left arm. Keep the left arm overhead. Let the right arm come back to join it so that nice lift. Take your breath in and roll down. Good lift your head's like the interlace your fingers behind your head. Good.

Taking your breath in instead of rolling, I want you to Xcel lift your hips up by squeezing your glutes. So just squeeze your glutes and lift. Good. Breathe into Holt XL lifter chest. Step into a little chest lift. Good. Inhale low or your hips down. Keep your chest up. Good. And then exhale. Take your body back, breathing in and XL.

Gauge the glues and lift up. Hold at the top with an inhale. Exhale. Keep your hips up as you come into a chest lift. Good Amy, low or the hips and then XL. Take Body back in how? Prepare XL and gauge the glues the press up into hip extension. Inhale to hold for a moment. XL lift or torso up, keeping high, holding onto the glutes and the hamstrings. Breathe in, lower the pelvis.

Try to get a little bit higher through your torso. Woo. Good, and take it down. Let's do two more. Breathe in and excellent glades. Engage your glutes to lift up so hips come up first. There you go. And help to pause. XL Challenge itself to keep the hips up. Bring the torso up. Good. Feel the rib cage is getting more narrow, more narrow as you lower your hips with the knee and he'll get a little bit higher into the flection. Beautiful Work Ladies and roll back. Good one more time. Breathe in and Xcel makes you squeeze those legs together.

Nice and tight. Good in health. Pause. Xcel. Feel the abdominals gliding the rib cage down toward the pelvis. Nice. Control the lowering of the pelvis and get a little bit more height with your flection. Love it and roll yourself all the way down. Fantastic. Good. So keeping your hands just there. Take your breath in and with your exhale, go ahead and roll at this time.

Hips come up, sorry. And now three leash your arms and take the mite up to the ceiling. Palms facing toward each other. Good. Taking your breath and you're going to do a little kicks with the right leg. Three times we're going to XL, one down and two down and three and hold it.

Transferred the weight three times with the left, one down and two down and three, hold the position. Take the breath in and roll down. Now that exercise is extremely challenging on the hamstrings, on the hip extensors. So XL roll-up. Let's do one more repetition. Stapling the scapula down into the barrel fingers reaching up toward the ceiling and right leg comes up. One, keeping that Donal is nice, inactive and three, take it down and holds less. Leg lifts up. One and two and three take it down and hold. Breathe in and roll down. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Bring the knees up to tabletop position. Hands on top of the knees. We're going to go into a version of single leg stretch here, so nice big breath in. Exhale, curl the torso up. Find the position. Go ahead, give me 10 regular single leg stretches. So hands on the right knee. The left leg extends Xcel one and two. That's it.

Now look down at the abdomen and make sure that the abdominals are flattening with each rhet. Four more and four, three, two, and one. Both knees come in, get a little bit higher. Use your flushing. Use Your abdominals. Breathe in. Exhale, roll down. Good. We're going to do a little variation on it. Take your breath in. Exhale, come back up. Good hands on the right knee. Extend that left leg out. Press the leg down on the barrel. Lift the hips up. Yes. Take the hips down, lift that leg up, and switch XL one.

Lift up to take it down. Inhale, switch. Exhale, one to take it down. Inhale, switch and one lift to take it down. Inhale, switch one, lift two. Yes, and keep that flexing up as best as you can. Lift. Try to transfer your legs right through the center. Good lift. Good. One more time and down. Lift lower and bring both knees in. Hold it, grabbed the back of the thighs. Breathe in XL, get a little bit higher. Good. Open the legs and roll yourself back up. Good.

Nice. Now take your hands out your feet wide on either side of the barrel. Now what I wanted to do is a version of rolling like a ball with wide legs, Yam. So you're going to bring the legs at just so they are just on the edges of the barrel here and hold behind the thighs. Yeah. And then go into your curve. Beautiful. So breathe in. You're going to roll back. Exhale, roll up. And now the little game you're going to play with yourself is to not touch the barrel. Okay. Exactly. So you're going to breathing, roll back, keep your abdominals nicely connected and holds.

Love it and breathe as you're going to put the brakes on before you find that barrel. Nice ladies breathing. Now think of increasing that posterior tilt prior to the roll back and roll that one more time. And breathe in. You look great, nice and steady. Hold it. Whoo. I did make it up on that one. Hold it there. Take the feet down and then extend your spine up. app Up an app, an app. Beautiful. And relax. Gorgeous. So moving along, we're going to go ahead and sit in the barrel in the seat of the barrel and we're going to start with, we're just going to kind of tackle all these abdominal exercises and kind of link them all together so we'll have a little bit of fun with it. Okay.

So I want you to sit up nice and straight and I'd like your feet to be just about hip distance apart so you can take your breath in and with your XL you're going to draw the belly button and you're going to roll back. And now as you do that, I want you to feel your pelvis glide underneath you. Keep a little bit more upper flection. Yes. Perfect. Take a breath in. Then exhale, come all the way back up to the seated position. Breathing in. Exhale, thread it in deep and deep and deepen. Gorgeous. Love it.

Take your breath in and then exhale. Come on. Oh, the way back up. Beautiful. Breathe in. And exhale. Now this time you're going to hold, we're going to do little pulses thinking of the upper body coming down to the lower body. So you're going to pulse one and two. Now as you do this, I want you to think of actually massaging your lumbar spine deeper and deeper into the barrel. So it's guide. You're giving yourself a little massage there. Yes. And pulse. Three more. And the three and two. Hold on one, take the breath in. Continue to roll back. Your arms will go overhead.

Stretching out the shoulders. Open out to the tee. Yes. And Go Chin to chest and roll all the way back up. Now go back through that imprinted portion and then restart the spine. Good. So if you can go ahead and thread the belly button in. If you can lie your back all the way over the barrel.

Fill the upper back extension as you go over. Go back as far as you feel comfortable. Now here, go chin to chest and literally peel your spine off the barrel like a sticker. Yes. And restack the spine up. Breathe in and exhale. So this is the first time we're going into an extreme extension of the spine here. So you want to make sure it's supported. Good opening arms and go chin to chest and literally press the vertebrae.

And that was so great. Press those vertebrae in as you come up. Good. Restack the spine, taking your breath in and go back down into the position. Now this time I would say there. So come a little higher. Yeah, you're going to squeeze your legs together and kind of wiggle your hips a little bit further down. Perfect. You're going to bring the right leg up. Yes. And we're going to switch legs with an exhale. One, two. Now this is a lot of center work. So give me a little bit more upper flection.

Draw your torso. Yes, exactly. So you're connected more into your abdominals. So think of your abdominals being shortened in a contraction. That's it. Good. And then your hip flexors working. Now squeeze the whole of the pelvis together. Feel like the two bones are coming closer together, so get that pelvic floor connection. Beautiful. Switch four more, four and three, and two and one.

Take the feed down, take the breadth in and go back one more time. All the way breathing in. Feel that beautiful extension and then go tune to chest and roll yourself up and come all the way to the CD position. Good. You may have to sit back a little bit more into the barrel, which is fine. Perfect. Now draw your legs together. Good arms are going to come up.

Breathe in. Exhale, rotate to the right. Inhale back to center and rotate to the left. Now what's challenging about this rotation? Good ladies keep going, is that it's very difficult to feel like you can sit up, right? Right, because your hips are way low in the barrel, so it's going to challenge the extensors of the spine. It's going to challenge the flexors as that postural muscle. Good. Nice. And then I want you to think, just keep going. You're doing great twists.

I want you to think about just the rib cage around the spine. Nice, good. And back to center. One more time and twist. Good. From here, come into your curve. We're going to go into an exercise called the reach. Taking your breath in. We're going to scoop the belly in. As you do it, you're going to slide your legs out, lift those hips up and do not look back behind you.

Just look straight up at this ceiling. Gorgeous. Take your breath in and now just initiate with the abdominals. Yes, and come on all the way back to the curve breathing and we're gonna do two more like this. XL threaded in. Squeeze the size. Try to time it with the legs. Extend the hips arise and the arms go back at the same moment. I feel that late. The breathe in and exhale.

Keep the connection as you come back up. Keep it, keep it. Keep it beautiful. Breathing. One more time and curve. You look great. Slide those legs out. Feel that press, feel that extension. Breathe in and exhale back up. Connecting with the abdomen. Good. We're going to move on.

Take your breath and we're going to add as overhead stretch a shoulder stretch. So find the position. Hips come up now here, think upper back extension as you reach back over the barrel, circle the arms around and go chin to chest and you'll roll up. So we're kind of linking those two exercises together. Take your breath in. We do reach, pull back. Good. Let me see this moment and you want to pause, fill the suspension, then reach over with the upper back.

It should feel wonderful and circle around. Now as we continue to do these exercises, you should feel like you get a little bit more mobile in your spine. Breathe in, you can reach back a little bit further into that extension. You can lift those hips a little bit higher as your hips open and reach up and over. Feel that gorgeous extension and go chin to chest and scoop, but in and come all the way here. Lovely. Good.

Now we're ready for the chest. That's our spine is nice and warm. So we're gonna take the hands in her lights behind the head and go ahead and roll back. Opening that chest. Breathe in with your Xcel. Engage the chance versus start to feel the rectus come up. And as you lift up, I want you to press your hips into the seat. Let them sink down and press your back into the barrel. Yes, breathe in and exhale. Take it back.

Inhale XL engaged in the trans versus feel the lower back. Connect to the barrel. Fill the seat, the pelvis. Get heavier into it. Yes, breathe in and exhale. Take it back. Beautiful ladies. Keep it up. Okay, inhale and exhale. And what's so magical, good about the chest lift on the barrel is that you're increasing your range of motion three then and excellent. Normally on the floor, we start at a flat line here. We're starting in that overextended position, so your body has a further distance to cover to achieve that flection that we want. Yes, breathe in. You guys look great. And XL, take it back. We're gonna hold up on this one. Inhaling and at fill up. You Go. Now, this is a toughie. Feel that connection nice and deep. You're going to take your bib cage and you're going to spiral to the right Xcel one through the center and to now as you pass through the center, I want you to feel like you deepen the abdominals and literally roll your lower spine across the barrel. Exactly. That transition is what counts as going to show a really more advanced practitioner. Applaud is how they transition from one side to the other.

Love it and twists. Good and last, twist. Beautiful. Come back to the center. Take the arms forward, slides your hips down just a little bit. Good. Take your breath in and we're going to start the a hundred here. Exhale, one, two, three, four, five into three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five in, two, three, four, five, right leg up, four, five in, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, live in two, three.

Just switch. Exhale, three, four, five into three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five. Beautiful. Two, three and try both legs up. Exhale. Three, four, five in, two, three. Good. And extend. One, two, three, four, five in two, three and hold slowly. Take the arms, take the legs down, east center control, and what you need to do here is wiggle yourself down. So you're going to come down to where your telephone is essentially. Londa lip. Yeah, exactly. No, squeeze us like together. Build that extend to are we going into teaser prep? Inhale and exhale.

Thread the belly button in and reach up. Yes, Avenger needs a little bit and bring it in just a little bit more. Yeah, and then put the arms down parallel to the fort. Perfect. Now this is a good modification here and feel like you've got a little bit higher if you need to go keep your legs extended. Take your breath in as you slowly go down east center control, flatten the belly button. Keep a slight bias toward the poster you're tilting the pelvis, breathe in again and exhale. Go ahead and bend the knees if you need to.

And I want you to think of kissing your knees. Yes. And slowly go back. We're going to do two more ladies. You're doing great. Feel that reach, feel that length. Inhale and XO threaded in. Good. Feel that curve.

Now think of doing a posterior tilting of doing a pelvic curl. Yes, and slowly back. You have one more. Hold on to it. User control, breathing in and XLE machine abdominals that the hip flexors join you. Good. Grabbed the back of the size here. Breathe in an XL. Curves this, get a little bit deeper. You may feel in Nice Pool and length through your lower back. Breathe in XL. Just reach a little bit deeper. Again, if you don't have the hamstring flexibility, you bend your knees. Now hold the arms out. You're just going to scissor your legs back and forth.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10, nine. Keeps sinking the belly button in. Good. Three, two, one and bring it together. Bend your knees. Woo, and sit yourself up. Nicely done, ladies. Hold and I grab onto the front of the knees and feel that nice extension. Ooh, nicely done. Beautiful. Well done. Let's go ahead and just sit on the barrel from here. Just very simple.

As Rick transitioning here, I'm going to bring the legs out. Good and extend your knees and flex your feet and we're going to do a really nice kind of easy spine stretch. Yeah. Okay. So you can take your breath in and with your exhale, Chin to chest. I want you to roll forward, hug those abs, and now you can let your fingertips reach down towards your mat. Perfectly fine. Breathe in, and then with your exhale, sweep the abdominal in and roll yourself back up. Good.

Inhale and exhale. This is a little bit of a break in our class. Now, flex those toes back towards your shins as much as possible. Yes. Take your breath in and exhale. Sweep the abdominal wall in and up. Love it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Inhaling and exhale down, hugging it in as tight as you can.

Breathing in and exhale. Roll yourself back up. Nicely rolling up and let's do one more. Inhale and exhale. Now what I'd like you to do on this one, if possible, grab your toes. If that's not going to work, grab your shins and pull yourself up into your extension. Yes. Try to get a nice flat back and I'll try to open your pelvis, the back of your pelvis. Try to flip your telephone back behind you. Yes, yes. Beautiful. Feel that stretch. Hold it. Pull it into Ho toes, back towards your shins. The sternum reaches forward.

Now slowly take your arms up. Feel that connection. Feel that contraction, bringing it up all the way. Good. You're going to back with an inhale just a little bit and exhale, come back up. Whatever you do, don't slide off that barrel and breathing does Hinze back and exhale. Bring it back up. If you feel a little insecure here, you can always bend your knees and do the same thing and exhale, come back up. Let's do three more. Reach back. We're mimicking the flat back from the short box series on the reformer. As you feel that, feel like you get a little bit longer in the slime.

Hinting from the hips. Good, and come back up one more time to finish it and breathe in. Go, go, go, go, go, go and XL all the way up and take the arms down and around. Gorgeous. Good. Let's go ahead and sit on the barrel here. So facing me. Perfect. So you want to sit directly in the center of your barrel with your bottom leg bend to the 90 degree angle and your top leg is going to reach out in front of you. So we're going to do a little side series here and I want you to take the bottom arm and lengthen it and just take the top arm and reach here. Go ahead.

So we can take the breath in. With the exhale, you're gonna engage your top sidle bleaks and you're gonna lift up just to there, pulling the abdominal wall in Nice and tight. Then inhale, take it down. So these are very small. The movement will get bigger as we go along. So Xcel very good. Yeah, that looks great. And slowly down. Now try to keep that underside nice and lifted so it doesn't pour out onto the barrel. Xcel up. If this is a little too much on your neck, go ahead and bend your elbow and place your hand right at the base of the school to give you a little bit of support. And XL up. Love it.

Now this something you'd go down and take your top arm all the way over. Good. Now this time we're going is butterfly the arm up and over. Exhale, lift up a little bit higher. Yes. Then inhale, go all the way down. Good and Xcel. I'm getting some smiles there. Is that a good sign? Good. And inhale all the way down. Good. Last one. And up.

Nice and inhale. Beautiful. Now we lift the Lait and Xcel. We lift the leg up. Yes. And inhale all the way down. Resting that foot. Good and excellent. The abdomen and lift up. Reach out. Leg Long. Yes. And how? Reach it. Beautiful. Last one.

And exhale. Hold it. Place the arm, bottom, arm down. Take this arm up, flex the foot and we go forward for two XL one, two and back. Two and forward two and back. Two and forward. Love it and back. Keep that knee straight. Forward and back. Good. Forward and back. Three more.

Forward and back to little XL forward and inhale two more. Almost there. Last one. And to the back, bring it to the center. And let's just rest good and over. Gorgeous. Ladies, go ahead and bring yourself up. Good. So we're going to do flip to the other side. Yes.

And just so you guys can see me, I'm into the same side, but I'll go and kill you guys around too. So just so I don't have to turn around as well. So let's go and lie over. We'll start with really small movement. Good. So making sure, again, hip over hip, shoulder over shoulder, taking your breath in and engaging and slowly bringing that bottom arm up as just slide the top arm down. Beautiful End. Inhale over and exhale. So the secret here is you want to feel that the pelvis stay fixed and the oblique set attached to the rib cage are literally pooling that rib cage down toward the pelvis. Let's do two more here. And as you're doing that, you're having to work the stabilizers such as the trans versus a, the multifidus, all of those spinal stabilizers to keep the spine nice and centered. Beautiful.

Now this time, take your top arm over. Good and breathe in and XL up and over. Love it. You're going to come a little bit higher and then reach. So now I want you to start to think about good XL coming up and over. Think about that deceleration as you go down.

Feel that length as you go over the top. Beautiful and lifted up. Lighting the rib cage down toward the pelvis. Good and bringing over. Now we're going to lift that leg and Xcel. Lift the leg, reaching energy out through the leg. Good. And take it down. Everybody looks excellent. And XO reach that legs. You'll feel that gliding there? Yeah, you feel that good and then slow.

They take it back. Good and resell. Try to time it to where the torso goes down in the leg goes down at the same time. So it's this long motion. Good. One more time. And Xcel lift. Hold it. Take the bottom arm down, take the top arm up, flex the foot and we do the sidekick. We go forward for two one, two and back for two. Yes. Front to em back.

Now feel like the shoulder blades are reaching away from one another. Yes. Feel that top arm is being pulled toward the ceiling. Beautiful. Back, back. Love it. Front front. Great. Back, back. Three more. Front, Front. You're going to feel the outside of the hip. All those hip abductors good and back. One more time and front, front and back.

Bring it to the center and drape your body over to rest all the way down. Love it. Beautiful work. Just take a moment there. I feel that stretch. Good. And Go ahead and sit up. Good. And face me again. I'm ready to just come into a standing position.

We're going to start with [inaudible] a little bit. A fun little kind of exercise that comes into a little bit of a pike into like a, like a modified plank position, I guess you'd call it. And just some pushups. And so what I think what may be best ladies is if you turn your barrels around, can see me [inaudible] fantastic. Great. So we're going to place the hands. I feel comfortable with my hands on the ledge of the barrel here.

If you want to go into more of like a traditional fingertips for, you're more than welcome to do that and you're going to stand up on the lip. Legs are going to be parallel. Now I want you to be in a position where you can push your heels down toward the floor. You get a little calves stretch. Now here you're going to lift up again onto your toes and you're going to come into your pike. So shoulders over hips. Yes. Now from this movement, you're going to bend your knee.

We leash your rife flit and you're going to come into a nice straight position. So bend the bottom meat and drop that bottom heel down. Yes. Then you flex the foot that's coming in and you'll come into a pipe so it doesn't touch the barrel. It just comes in as deep as it can. Point the foot. Then the bottom the and reach out through the head and through the foot at the same time. Beautiful. Then Pike and draw it up deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep. Again, bring it out into a nice, strong position. Feel that reach, love it. And then pike and bring it up. Pull it in deep.

Pull it in deep. Pull it in deep again and breathing out. Keep your elbows straight, feel the glute lifting that leg up. You got it. And come in. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. CAEP last one. And reach forward. You'll feel the shoulders starting to work and bring it in. And Pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe.

Take the right foot down and we'll do the same with the left. So sweep the left leg out. Bend the right knee. Love it, love it. Bring that head up a little bit. And to XL, flex that foot. Come up and to point and Pike and take it out nice and long. Feel that reach, that looks beautiful and then pike and bring it in all the way in all the again, good. And bring it out. Thinking, reaching out through the foot, out through the crown of the head. Love it. And Pike.

John [inaudible] up. Dot. Up. Good. Three more. And reach. Build the strength of the shoulders and then feel like somebody comes and grabs you with your lower back and pulls you up toward the feeling. Nice. Last one, and reach. Beautiful and come up into the pike. Good. Both feet come down, take them out slowly, one onto the mat and then the other good. You can make your either way, whichever feels more comfortable for you. Good.

We're going to come into just five tricep pushups here, so hips are down, linked out to the crown of the head and go as low as you can. Breathing in and exhale up. Breathing in and XL up. Nicely done. Breathe in and XL up. Two more. Breathe in. Love it Xcel up. Use your breath, breathe in and hold. Take the feedback.

You can open them a little bit. You can open the legs and come into a nice ab stretch position. Does this stretch out the back of the legs? Stretch out those shoulders. Good. Walk your feet in Nice and slow and roll yourself up.

Nice. That was great. Fantastic. Now we're going to do some sanding balancing exercises on the barrel. So go ahead and stand up. Yes. So use your discretion. Yes. Okay. I know, right? So just watch me first.

So what we're gonna do is you're going to take a step down. You're going to have to keep this foot parallel. When you have two choices, you can come up and take your foot back onto the barrel or you can come up into a posse for a little extra challenge. Okay. We're going to use an little flow and swing through the arms to get a little bit of a nice movement here. So just watch for a second. So we're going to go down, back, up, down, back, up. So I go, as I step into the floor, I'm just like, I'm stepping on to like a trampoline. I'm absorbing into it with the bend of my knee or with the play. So it's not a jolty movement. You get there that you bend, so it's like you're going to go and you're going to rebound up.

So it's very elastic. Does that make sense? Okay. So the foot connects to the floor first and then it absorbs through the bent mean. So arms out to the side. Good. Let's stop with the right foot first. So breathing in, you're going to bend and step. So cut should come this way, Mila. That's okay. Excellent. So come, there you go. And you're going to come back up. And I want you to place both feet on the, on the barrel and come down. Bend and Xcel. Place both feet.

Do the same side and go down and place both feet. Yes, and down and plays both feet. You got it and down. Let the swing of the arms kind of guide you and down. That's okay. Just keep going and down and up.

So remember you're going to bend and absorb into the bent and bring it up three more and absorb into the bend and bring it up. Good. And to remember, you can go into posse if you want and last one and hold it wherever you are. Hold it. Good. Arms out to the side. Good. Take the foot down and let's do the other side and breathe in. Left foot goes down. Good. And, and take it down and up.

You need to go the same way as Rebecca and up and down. You got it. And up and down. You just sound at the top and try to hold a little balance and down. That's fine. And that's okay. Just stand up on top of the barrel and just practice your balance there.

Four more and down. Come into the posse if you'd like. And three. There you go. And up and two and up. Last one and one and hold. Take the foot down and rest. Nice. Now here ladies, come into a little bit of a bend of your knees.

Arms straight out in front of you. Nice. You're going to keep a plea. AA, you're going to step down with the right foot. Yes. Bring it up. Stepped down with the left. Bring it up. Now try to stay low. Down and up and down. And uh, Nice. Now take the arms out to the side up. You got it down. Uh, keep the abdominal wall and you're doing great. You'll start to feel the quads working up. Beautiful. Down, up, arms up. If you'd like down, up, keep going down.

If you got it down. A beautiful right leg down, a good left leg down, up. One more time. Each like right. Good ladies and left. Hold it here. Hold it extent. Bring the arms around. Beautiful and slowly take a nice step.

We're going to finish with a couple of back extensions. Nice work. So from here we're gonna lie, so you're gonna stay facing me just over the barrel. Nice and easy. Well done. Good. Okay, so take your arms out to a tee position. Head all the way down. Take a nice big inhale here, and a nice big exhale. Good. On your next inhale, you're gonna reach out to the crown of the head.

You're gonna lift the arms and the legs at inhale, reaching up, reaching up, feeling like you're being pulled in all directions. Nice. Then exhale, come back down. Inhale, reach, point the toes. Nice extension retreats, retreat, and exhale down. Now this time we add to it. Inhale, reach. Take the arms up overhead. Good. Take them back around and exhale down. Inhale, reach. Continue that inhale as the arms go overhead, let's actually start the XL. Heres your, bring them back to the t and come back down to inhale, reach, point those toes, extend the arms overhead. Nice and long. Exhale, reach and come back down.

Last one and reach out. Inhale, exhale. They'll go, go, go, go, go and down. Beautiful. Go ahead and place your hands like you're hugging the front of the barrel. Good. Breathing in. Keep your feet down this time and lift yourself up and press your arms back against the barrel like you're opening your sternum. Good.

Come up as high as you can comfortably. Good. And then release it. Just two more like that. I again, reaching up, pressing your arms back against the barrel, lifting, lifting, lifting. Press those arms into the barrel, into the barrel, into the barrels. You continue to lift your face, lift your sternum and take it down. Last one and lift up app. Press those arms and I'll try to just move the upper portion of your spine. Yes.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Fill your feet into the mat and take it down. Place your hands on the barrel scooping up. I want you to go into that abstract, which again, feel that connection, stretching those legs, stretching those legs. Good. Dropping the head. Bend your knees here. [inaudible] pull the abdominals in and roll yourself up. Connecting one vertebrae at a time all the way up so you're facing your barrel, the barrel of fun, and do one more roll down for me.

Breathe in and go chin the chest and roll yourself down and just let your arms hang and start to acknowledge how you're feeling. Your body here. What feels more loose? What feels more open? What kind of adjectives would you use to describe the way that you feel acknowledged that all the work that you put into it? Do you feel your hips, your spine, your shoulders, all of the above. Feel more invigorated with your breath. Nice ladies. Rolling. Yet good. You should feel a little bit taller, a little bit more centered here. A little bit more connected. Good. Let's take a nice big inhale altogether.

I'm just gonna go ahead and exhale. Good. Just kind of shake it out. Good. Nice work. You guys look beautiful. Very good. Yay. Wonderful.


Another awesome class, thanks Leah! I love the way you cue!
Excellent class. Very creative. Smooth transitions and amazing cueing. Loved it!!
Leah this was just so excellent!! Very creative .I just purchased the contored spine correcter so this class came just in time. I am loving this piece of equiptment. Can't wait to show a few of these moves in my next class! Glad to have you back in your non preggo state doing reg classes! Oh and I loved the step down move from standing on corrector, even if i couldnt do it due to knee still not 100% from surgery. So I modifed it a bit. Your the best. Jamie
Excellent fun class, Leah! Do not have a barrel but used the fitness ball and a padded stool.
Loved the creative variations/surprises that I've never seen in any barrell class. I, however disliked the step aerobics moves in the middle of class that seemed un-pilates, and didn't really see a purpose for them. Just my opinion. I am still your fan though. Thanks for doing classes that aren't all prenatal. :)
Thank you everybody! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the class.

Thank you for your honest opinion, I really appreciate it! I have been experimenting with exercises and variations on the barrel and the "step-up" exercises are a new addition, so it's good to get honest thoughts. I must say though, that the exercise is really designed to challenge balance, stability and proprioception, as they are often objectives of mine when working with certain populations.

So glad that you enjoyed the class though!!

Wow.. Great a teacher... Love it...
Love your style of teaching and cueing, thank you for all the variations, love variations!!
Tina and Tracy!

Thank you so much! Glad you are enjoying the variations!

Take care,

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