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Daily Joint Mobility Mat

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Improve your mobility with this quick Mat sequence by Niedra Gabriel. She shares the movements she does at least three or four times a week to help her avoid tightness in her joints. She works through the entire body so that you feel looser and more flexible by the end of the class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel

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This is a short joint mobility class that is something I do three to four times a week. Because especially if I get older, I find that my joints get stiff and tight. And this keeps me mobile flexible, and I hope you enjoy it as well. Classing your hands, stretching your hands forward, making sure your little fingers are going backwards and stretch the arms up over the head. Really lift up. And then rotate to one side.

Rotate to the other side. Bring the hands down. Have a look at which index finger you have on top. Change the class. So you have the opposite one. And stretch up again.

Nice lift, opening, and straightening the elbows towards each other, rotate to one side. I like to rotate all the way from my ankles. So I'm literally spiraling around, spiraling around, stretching up a little bit more and coming down. Taking one arm across and bending, seeing if you can get the elbow clasp. So what are you focusing on? You want the shoulder in the back coming as far forward as possible and rocking back and forth.

Bending the head into the hand, stretching a little bit into the side ribs, other side crossing the hand across, bending, rocking, You may find one hand quite different from the other, seeing if you can bend your head into your hand, bending a little bit further and coming up, rolling the shoulders, One hand is up, holding the elbow, pulling the elbow up, and across, bending to the side. Other hand is up, holding the elbow, pulling it back, and behind the head, if you're able to, and bending across. So you're opening up the side ribs. You can do this much more slowly if you like. The next one, a lot of you may find you can't clasp, so I'm I'm using a towel or a strap.

Same thing. You take one hand behind like you did a minute ago when you grabbed the towel with the opposite. I'm going to turn around so you can see what I'm doing. Some people can clasp their fingers together. Doesn't matter that you clasp. You want that stretch with the arm going down in the front of the shoulder and in the front of the armpit and the opposite side, try to get the hands as close as possible.

Bend away from the upper arm, opening up the ribs, coming back other side. So you take the hand, you hold on to something, a strap, a belt, and then you grab behind. One hand may be very different from the other, you can get the hands closer together and then bending away from the upper arm. And coming back, bringing the arms down. And next one, hands behind your back.

So if I'm clasping my hands together where my feet are together, going to bend over and stretch my arms away. So there's a nice natural stretch happening. Coming up, now take the hands, and turn them inside out. This is an internal rotation of the arms, and see if you can bend over again. You will find that you can go a lot less far and the arms don't stretch as much because there's a whole aspect of our shoulders.

It gets very, very tight. See if you can figure out what your hand class this, change the grip, turn the hands inside out, and again, bending over. Pulling the hands away from your back. Coming up. Taking one hand, my hand is on the waist, and I'm bringing my elbow and my shoulder forward.

And pulling forward. Very unusually. We always think we want our shoulders back, but the back of the arms gets very, very tight. So stretching forward. Other side stretching forward. Back of the hands together stretching up, stretching the backs of the wrists. Pulling the elbows down and together, pressing the wrists, pulling the elbows down, pressing the wrists, pulling the elbows down.

Take one hand, pull the fingers back, stretch the arm out. Take the other hand. Stretch the arm out. Shake the hands out. Let's come down onto your knees.

So now for the legs, You'll start with one leg straight, very traditional stretching your hamstring out. If you don't feel a stretch in the ham ham string, send your buttocks backwards to open up the back the back of the hamstring. And then lunge forward to stretch out your quad here. Bend and pull the foot up towards your bottom. Stretch the leg out, cross the foot over, and come into pigeon.

A lot of times people will do pigeon with the foot bent up really close. That's fine, but if you can get the foot further out, maybe into a ninety degree angle, you're getting into something much more interesting. Then bring the leg back out in front of you and see about splits. Need to slide here. So just working out into your splits.

From here, coming to the side and going out. Some people can go all the way down. Working into your adductors. Other side, bringing the leg in front of you, hamstring stretch again, opening up the back of the hamstring, lunging forward, working into the front backside, bending the back leg, pulling it up towards your bottom. Coming back, bending the foot into your pigeon, into my pigeon.

Stretching the leg out. Into a split. Coming to the side, doing a side split. Coming back and now stretching your legs out. So just having the legs nice and long and bending over.

Working into the backs of the legs. And then bending one, I'll be on a diagonal, bending one foot up. Now when you're here, you want the crossover arm and lift. First of all, so you're stretching this side up the ribs and that side of your back and bending over. And now getting the hand inside crossing, grabbing again, if you can, or sliding in that direction and stretching over. Coming back, and other side bending.

Stretching out that side. Reaching the hand across. I'm very tight on this side, so I'm not going all the way. It's a massive stretch in the back of the shoulders, believe it or not? Coming back and now working a little bit deeper into the knee area.

You bend the foot up and bring it on top. So this is like half lotus bouncing the leg up and down. Looking to see if you can get a full bend here. Other leg pulling it as high up as you can and bouncing the knee. Crossing the legs, taking your bottom leg, putting it on top, bouncing again, Changing side, the other leg comes on top, bouncing a little bit.

Coming onto your hands and knees, a few cat cows, working into the spine. Coming forward onto your stomach, placing your hands anywhere that works for you and pressing up into a cobra or a swan or an arch, you want to feel that stretch in the stomach. This is all very generic. Just whatever feels good, don't worry too much about alignment, coming down, and child's pose. Stretching out and let everything release.

And coming up, And that is a 10 minute mobility ex sequence that if you do regularly, you may be very surprised how much you loosen up. Enjoy it.


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Excellent 👍🇩🇰
Lina S
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A feel-good practice to wind down after a work day!
Satya Harmonie
thank you!!
Chris C
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Super Duper Flexing Stretching Extending the muscles 
Niedra Gabriel
Dorthe V ,Lina S ,Satya Harmonie ,Chris C  Thanky ou for your posts - enjoy the stretch.  Slow holds are also good
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Lovely stretching thanks so much 🙏 
Sue S
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Very helpful, thank you!
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Niedra Gabriel I want to push the button "Like" every time I did your video! Thank you! ❤️
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There should be a love button for this! xx
Katarina S
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Lovely routine, Niedra.  I've already done this class 3x, and I enjoyed it every time. Thank you! 
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