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Set yourself up for a great day with this daily dose of movement by Sally Anderson. She uses small Hand Weights to help you create length with load in the body as she flows through movements that will work your whole body. She uses seamless transitions to keep you moving so you can get a lot packed in a short amount of time.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2)

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Dec 12, 2023
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Hello. I'm Sally, and welcome to our daily dose of movement for active people. I have my own active person here today with me, Andrew, who is going to demonstrate, we are going to start with a roll down. So starting at the front of your mat, because we're going to rather quickly roll back on to the mat, but let's just take a stand, important thing you need a set of 1 kilogram hand weights. So one in each hand, we're going to use those for this roll down. So just take a big breath in, grow tall, and let the shoulders come up, and then exhale curled down. I want the hand weights to traction the upper body for it. So just Maybe stay here for a moment.

Take a deep inhale into the back. Exhale. Let the weights really hang the body forward then. Start from the hamstrings to curl up and bring the body back up against those hand weights. And going again, x, how roll back down? Good.

Let the weights hang you forward. Let go of ahead, x, how roll back up, and we have one more to go down, exhale roll, Once you're there, bend the knees go into a sort of a squat, lower your hips to the floor, roll back, let your legs go overhead, and your arms go overhead. Now just bring the hips down, bend the knees into a bridging position, and we're going into pelvic curls, keeping the arms overhead. So ex, how rolling up sending these over toes. And when you're up in each bridge, I want you to feel like you're over the feet. Ex, how come back down? We've got 6.

And exhale reach up, send the knees over the toes, reach the arms away. So you're going in 2 direct as you get that articulation down through the center. For more, deep exhale to roll up, bringing these towards me at the end of your knees over in the feet direction rolling back down and last three. Inhale at the top. Really think about getting the sternum away from the chin as you reach the arms away.

Last two, Good. We won't rush them and roll articulating, sending the pelvis down last one. Good. Nice, deep inhale. Ex, how for the length of the movement down, and now it extend your legs out along the mat, we're rolling up, leading with the hand weights. So the arms come up and over into your chest lift exhale reach the legs away come to a stack, spine curling up, and then stacking arms are forward. We're going into circles all the way around.

And up and around. Let's do 2 more up and around one last one, keeping that lift of the course, so arms come forward rolling back down. Just control gravity. Keep the weights reaching forward. Arms go overhead. We're going back up again.

Chest lift, exhale roll, curling, and then stack the spine. Arms come out to the sides. Now palms down at the sides. They'll turn up as you spiral them in and out. We've got 10, exhale in, inhale out, exhale.

Now try and get elbows into ribs and 5 all the way sitting up through the torso. So trying to stay nice and tall, not leaning back, I think we have 3, like a nod, 2, one out and bring the arms forward rolling down. We have one more set. With triceps this time, the rolling up and through, lifting the arms to the ceiling, so triceps overhead and the hands go back and up. We got 10.

2. Just smooth it out up. And 4, 5. Good. So as you're doing the artwork, think of the torso up Keep the legs as long as you need or bend them if you need to. Last one. Arms come out to the side.

And let the fingertip stay on the floor, Andrew's going to turn so you can see the movement we're going into a side reach using the weights. So go to the left first. So left fingertips down, bottom arm reaches up to me. It used the side muscles to lift your fingertips down other side. Over you go with the top arm, bottom arm reaches, lift, and open 2 more each side Top arm goes over bottom arm meets it, and it's strong through the side. So don't go too far.

Just take a nice long lifted lateral flexion, and then you can add the load of the weights. Last one each side and lift, and very nice to get that length with load and open good. We're turning onto our stomach still with the hand weights. So lie down face down, legs are standard, I'll have legs just ever so slightly open and arms overhead ever so slightly open. So you're kind of on the corners of the mat with your limb reach. Now I'd like to start by bringing the head and first couple of ribs just up off the mat.

So that's where you're going to hold your upper body. Now One arm is going to lift off the floor, and the opposite leg will lift. So, yes, we're swimming, but what I want is the push down on the other side. Again, thanks to dev lesson and now change, but it's the push down push down. Good. So focus on the arm and leg that pressing into the floor. You'll get a little clunk from your hand weights, but I want that load into the upper body into the upper back. So press press and as little or as much ranges you have, just look at how much wonderful load is going through the body. And setting you up for a great day every time you do these. Last 4, 3, 2, 1, and you'll be pleased to put those weights down and come up into your quadruped or 4 point kneeling position.

Just do a couple of cat stretches rounding the back to release that. So round it, lengthen, and round it. And lengths, and then come to a long spine with the abs just up so that you've got length through the back. Pick up one knee, bring it underneath you, and then just swing the leg ten times and 9 and 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and then we'll change. Good. Now start with the round back. Keep going. Just yes.

So keeping this connection up into the back, just trying to swing through the hip joint, hip extensors, Kivia loose and under. Good. Now tap the toes underneath, and we're going to send you up into a pike. Good. So just take a moment there to set that pipe position along spine, pits wrapped to the mat, sending the sitting bones high in the heels down to begin with. So we're nice and lengthened. We're going in pipe to swan. So that takes you forward through your front support position to a swan lift, Ex, how scoop the abs bring you back into Pike 3 more, lengthen it forward, chest up, sternum up, exh, how back? Excellent.

In how lift the chest open the shoulders, fits to the mat. Last one, and come back to pike and then bring your right foot forward to the right hand into a lunge. So just holding this position for a couple of breaths, they don't have to be too long and then send the right hip to the ceiling or the leg that's forward, that hip goes up to the ceiling, and then twice more. So bend it forward. And stretch it back, good leading with that front hip back.

Bend it forward, send it back, and we'll change over. Good. Foot comes forward. Just take the first one. It takes a little a couple of breaths just to set.

You can come up a little. Lengthen the back. Just find your position there and then move back with the hip forward with the lunge. And back with the hip. Good. One more.

Link in that front hit back. Forward, and then the front leg comes back to the pipe position. Take a moment and then walk your hands back to your feet just relax there, drop the head, drop the shoulders. And as we began, curl from the pelvis under, that was wonderful, all the way to standing up, and that is your daily dose of movement for when you wanna be active.


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I love the routine but a little but too fast for me. 
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Just what I needed, thank you, when I am short on time and sleep.

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