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Speed & Agility Reformer

45 min - Class


Bring out your inner athlete with this energetic Reformer workout by Jason Williams. He uses cardio circuits to get your heart pumping and balances this work by taking down the pace during strengthening upper body work. His contagious energy will encourage you to push yourself to your limit so you can create heat in your body and find joy in movement.

Note: Jason is using an Allegro 2 Reformer that is low to the ground. If your Reformer is higher, you can still do this full workout with some modifications using the Reformer Box during the cardio circuits.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Hello, Jason Williams here with Pilates Anytime. And today we're gonna do speed and agility using the reformer. So this class, always remember safety first. You wanna go your pace, your speed, you know your machine, you know your body, okay? Wanna start with a nice simple warmup.

We all know it, series of five. Come on down to your reformer, take your time. And you're gonna slowly bring the right leg up to the sky, making that nice C curve with your head here. Left leg is gonna extend out. You're gonna inhale and exhale.

Nice simple pulls. So always gotta warm up before we do these classes, right? You don't wanna go into it with cold muscles so that we prevent injury or pulling a muscle. Good, breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth. Two more.

Good, one more. And then we'll do a nice simple single leg stretch. Breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth. Remember, keep your knees within the midline. Breathing in and out.

Good. I love starting with series of five. It's a great warmup for not only just Pilates, but any kind of movement pattern you're doing, whether you're an athlete or a non-athlete. And you gonna slowly pull this knees in and do a simple circle. Now the shoulder rest may block the arms a little bit.

So it's actually a nice guide to kind of keep you where you need to be here as you exhale in and inhale as you extend. (exhales sharply) Breathe. (exhales sharply) Again, sometimes slower and simpler is better. Last one. Good, and then bring hands behind the head. Brace that head and neck.

Make your Pilates V here with the feet, and then slowly drop down and up for lower ab work. And that transverse looks good. (exhales sharply) We got three more. Good, two more. Last one.

And then we'll go nice, simple bicycle. So now those abs should feel a little toasty, right? Looking good. Three, two, and one. Relax these knees in.

Ah. Got a nice simple stretch for that lower back. Okay, and then I'm gonna place your feet to the foot bar and hands down to the side for bridges. So using the heels of my feet, hips about or feet about hip width apart. Tucking your pelvis, roll up to that bridge.

So again, you can keep all the springs on here for this, and then slowly roll it back down. Good. Slowly roll it back up and articulate back down. So again, bridge is great warmup for the hammy glutes. Also for that lower back.

If you want a little bit of progression, you can bend the elbows. Breathing in and out. Good, let's do two more. Good, one more. And relax it going down, very good.

So another one of my favorite stretches, right over left, figure four bridge. So right ankle over the left knee, and you're gonna slowly bridge up, getting a nice hip stretch here in this right hip. And then slowly dropping it down. Same thing, try to keep the carriage still. Good, and then back up and back down.

So inhale on the way up. Good, exhale it back down. (exhales sharply) Good, two more, again, this stretch is amazing for that hip before we start to do a lateral movements in our speed of the agility class. Nice, and then we'll slowly take it back down, and we'll switch sides. Well done. So left over right, left ankle over that right knee, hands are flat, slowly bridge it on up, and then slowly take it on back down.

And again, your hips don't have to touch. If you want a little more glute action in this right leg, maybe you float the hips here and then come back up. Inhale (inhales deeply) and exhale. (exhales sharply) And again, these exercises, you can do anywhere from 8 to 10 reps of all these. So if you need the numbers, stay in your counter. You can do that.

Last one. And then you'll slowly relax it on down, very good. Pull knees to the chest, get a little extra stretch through the shoulders. And then when it slowly come off to the left side of our reformer, we're gonna stand up. So we're gonna get to a little more dynamic movements now.

So leg swings, if you're a runner, you'll know these exercises. I'm gonna start with my inside leg, which is my right leg. I'm by the foot bar here, just so for, again, safety precaution. Also, if I need to hold onto anything, my right leg's gonna swing forward and then back. So nice, simple leg swings, right?

I'm gonna go with hands to my hips. Okay. And also, again, like I said, if you need the foot bar to hold onto, you can do that as well. This is a great exercise for your hips, hamstrings, here as you can forward, hip flexor as you extend back. Good, breathe.

Sometimes I'll put my hand here as a little marker for my foot to reach. So you can bring it down a little bit depending on your hamstring flexibility, right? All right, let's do two more and then we'll do the other side. And relax, also a good way to challenge your balance, right? So we'll go to left foot here inside and kick front to back.

Again, nice stretch with the hip flexor hamstringing. Got this wonderful view here. Not a bad way to start the day, or end your day depending on where you are. Good, you got four, three, two, Last one, again, 8 to 10 reps each side. However your legs are feeling, if you have extra tight hips, maybe do more, okay?

So I wanna get to some side-to-side stretches here. So I'm gonna point my toes out, I'm gonna sink into my right hip here. Nice inner thigh, hip stretch, and then come across this way. So now we're opening up through the hips. Again, you're gonna need these exercises as you warm up, so we're doing a lot of lateral stuff.

So it's gonna be a little bit of leaving the ground, okay? Good, breathe. Awesome. Again, I love these stretches. Remember, tight hips, tight lower back, okay?

So you have to kind of warm up those hips before you get moving, right? Good, two more. Nice, one more. And come back to center. Now, you're gonna go to a red and a yellow spring here on your reformer.

Again, I'm on the left side here. So my left foot's gonna be forward, right knee down. Two hands to the foot bar here. And we'll start with a nice simple lunge stretch. So I'm gonna slowly press it on back.

Inhale here. Exhale as you come back up. Inhale, extend, good, chin up, shoulders back. Exhale as you come back in. Again, you're feeling that nice hip stretch here.

Maybe a little hammy glute engagement there in the front. Good. Now if you need more spring, if you're someone who likes a little more resistance, expressed on the pressed back, feel free to add a yellow or a blue, whatever feels good for you. (exhales sharply) Good, two more. Nice, one more. Good, and then you'll slowly come back in.

Take the yellow spring off now. Now I'm gonna get a little more hamstring extension. So you're gonna press back here, and then I'm extend through my left foot here. So now I feel the hamstringing here on this side and then the hip on this side. And then slowly come back in and then back out.

Inhale (inhales deeply) and then exhale. (exhales sharply) Good. Yeah, another one of my favorite stretchers here on the reformer for the hip flexors and the hamstringing, so you kinda get a double action, right? Last one. And then we'll go to a little more dynamic for this stretch, right? So you're already on the red spring, now I'm gonna lift my back knee and extend.

So I'm gonna press back first, get that nice hip extension here. And then as I come through with my left leg's gonna sweep back and up, right? And then land, inhale, and then exhale. So again, a little more dynamic. You get some core work.

Breathe. Exhale. (exhales sharply) So again, maybe six to eight reps here, builds a little bit of heat, which is nice. (exhales sharply) Good. Awesome work. Last one.

And then come on back in, well done. We get to do the other side. Walk it all around, okay? So we're gonna go add that yellow spring on. You should be on one red.

So red and yellow spring, right foot forward, left foot back. And then slowly press it on back. Ah, it's a nice hip flexor stretch. Exhale it back in. Again, keep the chin up, shoulders back. (exhales sharply) Good.

Pressing through this heel here. Nice work. You got two to three more, and then we'll take that yellow spring off, and we'll get that hamstring extension. Oh yeah. Okay, remember, each side will be a little bit different.

So that's okay. Maybe you need to do a little extra on one side, right? Good, let's do one more. (exhales sharply) And then you'll exhale back into home, and we'll take the yellow spring off. Now we're gonna get that extension through this right leg and I'm gonna flex my foot up. So feel that hamstring here, hip on this side, feel it down, and come on in.

Good, inhale, extend it back. (exhales sharply) And remember, at any point during this workout, if you need to pause and kind of see what we're doing, take it in a little bit, feel free to do so, okay? So don't rush through the first time, and then next time you do it, it'll be more fluid. Good, nice stretch. Okay, three more. Good.

Two more. And we got one more, and then we'll add that jump kick, okay? Nice, guys, so I'm gonna come back into home, extend the left knee and lift it up, right, so slowly first by pressing back. You might have to scoot this right foot back a little bit. And as you come back in, you're gonna swing right leg up and then slowly land.

So inhale, extend, exhale. (exhales sharply) Awesome, stretch. Breathe, again, also a nice core warmup as well. (exhales sharply) Feels great. Let's do one more just 'cause these are fun, right? Nice.

And lengthening on back, all right, here comes the fun part. Get to the speed and agility. So I'm gonna come back around to the left side. So what I'm gonna do first is put all my springs on for the first speed and agility exercise. So this is so the carriage does not move, okay?

So again, safety first. If you wanna start progressing, you can maybe take one or two springs off. 'cause remember this will move, okay? Toe taps, very civil, you're not gonna tap too hard. Up and down, tap right here.

So here we go. This is where your heart rate's gonna get up. These 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, whichever you like, however you're feeling, do this based on your fitness level, okay? And you can always add on, take off time, right? Good.

Breathe. Whew, aha, this is where we start cooking. Yeah. Five, four, three, two, and one, good, part one, part two. Side step up, so now that lateral movement.

So right foot's gonna come up first, tap, I'm gonna walk you through it, and up, right? And then you can speed it up. Tap. So this is where you need all the springs on. Good, breathe.

Whew! Aha! Nice work. So whether you're an athlete or non-athlete, this is gonna be a great class for you, right? Get a little bit of cardio in. Whew! Let's go. Two more.

Like I said, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, good. Now transition is you're just gonna walk it to the other side, we're not gonna do it over the top right. Okay, you don't wanna leave the ground too much. Okay, so you start toe tap here and here, right? Good. (breathing heavily) 15 seconds, maybe, right?

Whatever you're feeling. Just enough to get the heart rate up. Nice. Four, three, two, one, and then you'll face this way, left foot up, walk through it first, and back down. Breathe.

Now I'm using my arms, you notice? 'Cause it's kind of hard not to use your arms when you do lateral movements, right? It's hard to just be like this 'cause it looks weird, right? But use your arms. There we go.

Right, that's where your momentum comes from. Let's go. Ad speed it up, maybe, tap. Tap. Whew! Oh yeah.

Four, three, two, and one, good. Maybe give yourself a 30-second recovery. Maybe not, all right? So let's go to one yellow, okay? So a little bit core work now, right?

So left hand on, both hands down, both feet out, right? I'm just gonna slide the carriage back here and then forward. Slow it down, breathe. (exhales sharply) Okay? So here, working my left arm, right hand on the ground. So you can spice this up however you want.

If you want a little more progression, you can't do that, go to knees. That's okay, right? Again, you know your machine, you do what you can do, right? Otherwise, here, gimme four, three, nice, two more. And then relaxing on down, okay?

So we're gonna add on to that. We're gonna extend one leg, okay? So back to your plank. This time I'm gonna lift my right foot up, extend back with my left hand, and hold. Breathe.

Awesome. Again, you can do 8 to 10 of these. If you wanna go for time, maybe you wanna go 10 seconds, 15. Do you. Two more.

One more. And relaxing on down, we'll need a tie. Other side, let's go to work. Whew! Are y'all sweating yet? I am, just a little bit.

All right, here we go. So you come on down and you start one knee at a time, right hand on, left hand on the ground, scoot it back, right hand extends. Here we go. Whew! Feeling those abs engage. Get a little bit of shoulder work.

Nice. Breathe, again, always the option, bring the knees down and do it that way, all right? Now if you're on your knees, you wanna spice it up, maybe you go here, right? You can do that, all right? Have fun with it, right?

It's your workout, not mine, right? Here we go. Two more. Good, one more. And relax, good.

We're gonna lift that left leg on the next one. You know what's next, let's go. Here we go. (exhales sharply) Breathe, uh-huh. Take your time. Go do what you can do.

We got four more. Nice, three more. Uh-huh! And relax it on down, good. All right, if you need to towel off, towel off. Grab some water.

We got another round. So we're gonna add on to the toe taps and the side taps, okay? I'm gonna start you here. We're just gonna stay on this side for this round. Tap it out.

So same thing, maybe you go 20 seconds, get the heart rate up. So you're doing this in blocks, right? So maybe after every two to three exercises, you go to your agility. Pretty simple, right? Four, three, two.

One, good, side step, up, tap. So I have one spring on 'cause I'm able to do so, but maybe you wanna put all your springs on, okay? Good, 'cause you'll see a little bit of movement in my carriage here. Good, so I'm not going as fast. But if I want to go a little bit quicker, I'm going to add springs on, right?

So it's secure. Here we go. And I can move a little bit quicker, right? Nice, two more. Good, one more.

Other side, well done, here we go. We'll start toe tap. I know I said we wouldn't, but why not? It feels good. Whew! Use your arms, starting to get a little sweating.

That's okay. Go your speed. Slow it down, you can walk it, you walk, right? You don't have to go super fast all the time. All right, do you?

Here we go, five, four, three, two, one. Here we go side tap, up, down. Here we go. Awesome. Good.

Again, I have two reds and a yellow spring. Always start me with all springs if this is new to you. Good? And you can speed it up. Awesome work, come on.

Four. Good, three. Nice, two, and one, relax. Grab a drink of water, towel off. Let's do the other side.

So we're gonna move on to some upper body. So I'm gonna put one blue spring on. And we're gonna go to kneeling. So I'm gonna grab the strap here in the front. I'm gonna use the shorter strap, I have longer arms.

Or you can grab the longer strap here. Draw the sword, it's pretty simple. Hand on the hip. And then you're gonna extend up, up, up, up, up, right across the body, that diagonal motion. And then back down.

Good, breathe. (exhales sharply) Good. So again, take your time doing these. Make sure the abs are engaged. There's a great shoulder stability exercise, right?

Good. And you can also, if you need to add more weight, add more weight. It's up to you. If you wanna take some off and go to yellow, go to yellow, let's do two more, and then we'll go to some rotational work, right? My favorite, favorite because I love rotations again, because you move in a 3D world, we don't just move in, just like robots, right?

So here we go. Two hands to the strap, right? And you're just gonna twist across to start, and then back in, and then rotate. Look into my left, look into my right. So you're essentially following your hands with your head and your eyes and ready for your obliques and gauge.

Good. Well done. We got three more and then we're gonna do a circular motion. Good. Awesome.

And then you're gonna come back, this time you'll go overhead and, then back down. Overhead, inhale and exhale. These feel great on your shoulders, upper back, right? You can also use as a stretch of recovery. Good, two more.

Nice, one more. Then we'll reverse it the opposite direction. So you'll go here now up and around, right? Come back, slow, slow, slow, and down. Whew.

If we have any golfers out there, this is a great exercise you should be doing, right? (exhales sharply) There we go. Two more. Good, one more? And then we'll do a little chest press with rotation.

So I'm gonna stick with my short strap here. Readjust if I need to, right hand, left hand to hip, I'm gonna press and twist out and then come back. So press and twist. So again, you can make this as dynamic as you want, okay? So if you wanna do a lighter spring and go a little quicker, you can do that.

Or keep it blue. This is on, right, do you? Good. You got four. Good, three. (exhales sharply) Nice, two, and one.

There we go, good. Okay, let's move to the other side, okay? So I'm gonna face this way, this beautiful view. Make sure you put your strap back on so it's untangled up. And then you'll grab your strap here with two hands, right?

And then you're gonna... Or draw a sword up, up, up, and then back down. Okay, so right hand here, hand could be on the hip, and giving that diagonal motion here, all right? And then back. Good, again, shoulder stability exercise.

Great for your posture. Good, the abs are engaged, looks great. Breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth. (exhales sharply) Take your time. So these upper body exercise is a great way to recover from our speed and agility, all right? Awesome work.

Two more and then we'll go to rotational twists. Awesome, nice. Again, maybe 8, 10 reps, however you're feeling. And then two hands on right here, and then we'll twist. (exhales sharply) and back.

Inhale and exhale. (exhales sharply) Good, chin up. So again, following your head, hands lined up, right back down. Nice. Breathe. Always gotta use your breath. (exhales sharply) All right, we got two more, and then we'll do those chest presses with...

Oh, we'll do our circulars first. So what you're gonna do, come down, down, down, circle up. Ah, here we go. Wonderful stretch, right? And then back up, ah, breathe.

Take your time. Again, get that nice rotation to the upper mid back right here. And then slowly bring it down. Uh-hmm, let's do one more and then we'll reverse that in the opposite way. Nice.

And then reverse, come up, up, up, and back. Again, slow, slow, slow. Keep the tension in the strap. Breathe. Good.

Let's do two more, and then we'll go in that chest press rotation. Whoop, take your time, and then come back to center slowly. Left hand to the strap, right hand to hip, press, rotate out. Again, make it as dynamic as you want. If you want more speed, you can do that.

All right, if you want some strength, add a spring. Also, maybe if you're a different hand dynamic, so I'm right-handed, this is my weak side, maybe wanna do more reps on the left? All right, for me. Nice. Good, let's do two more.

Good, one more. And then relax it down. Okay, here we go. It's time to go get wild, toe tap it out. Okay, I'm gonna add one red.

Oh, let's go two reds, right? Keep that stability, right? All right, let's go to work. Whoa, you thought it was over, didn't you? Nope.

We're only halfway there. It's just a 90-minute class. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Whoa. Nice, just kidding, it's not 90 minutes.

I didn't wanna scare anybody away. All right, here we go. We got five, four, three, two, toe tap it out. Here we go, up, down, up, down, good? So we'll go a little bit quicker now that you know what you're doing.

And then we're gonna add on to our ladder the next round, okay? Here we go. Whew! Last one. And bring it on down. Walk it around, right?

Okay, toe tap it out, here we go. Lift those knees, uh-huh. Nice work. Come on. Come on.

10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one, toe tap, here we go. Go slow, as fast as you want, let's go. Whew! Again, always walking, keep moving, right? If you go here and here, right? You don't have to be fast all the time, right?

Come on. Four, good, three, two, nice, last one. And relax, good. Grab water if you need it. We're gonna do chest flies next, okay?

So I'm going one red spring. Okay, take your time. Gonna go to kneeling position, line up, feet with the shoulder rest. Take your straps. Come up nice and tall.

So simple chest fly. Come forward, all right. Here, my hands are shoulder level, maybe a little bit below to not use my traps, okay? Open it up, and breathe. Good.

So little chest exercise here. (exhales sharply) Also great stretch through the arm, shoulders. Nice, give maybe 10 reps. Chin up, chest up. Smile if you wanna smile, right? You may not be smiling now because you might be tired, right?

Hopefully not. So two more. Good, one more. Nice. Serve the platter, bend those arms in, chin up.

Press up that 45 degree angle and back. Here we go. Exhale. (exhales sharply) Slow it down. If your heart rate's still pumping, slow it down. Long exhales to slow down that heart rate, right?

(exhales sharply) In through the nose, out through the mouth. Good. Two more. Good, one more. And relax here.

Come overhead, tricep, and you're gonna press and then back down. Good. Abs are engaged, keep those elbows in. There's a slight lean forward, right? Good.

If you wanna get froggy, flip those hands back. Reverse tricep extension. We call this a futuristic twist to the tricep extension. It's not out yet, it's like 2024. All right, here we go.

Three, two, one. And relax it on down, voila, well done. All right, now, here's where we take it up a notch. So we're gonna take all the springs off. Slide that bad boy there.

We're gonna actually gonna be inside the well. So gonna step in. Simple, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, high knees, here we go. Jog it out. So again, make sure your carriage is not away, where you're gonna run into it with your heels.

Nice and easy, okay? So essentially, we're using our reformer as a ladder. No problem, right? So the guardrails here are gonna help with our knees for some hip mobility when we do side to side, three, two, and one. Okay, so now you start your jog.

I'm gonna step to my right, jog. I step to my left, jog, step to my left, good. So just go a lateral movement, jog, slow it down, step. Here we go. Whew, jog.

So again, we're getting that, so you can start to beat up a little bit like I'm doing. And then you go little toe tap, right? Good. So do you, whatever feels good, right? If you need to do those jogs in between, do those jogs in between, right?

You don't have to get crazy. Whew! Come on, nice. 10 seconds, uh-huh. Awesome work. Lovely job today.

Come on. Three, two, nice, one more, and relax. Good work. Okay, come back over, grab your carriage. Let's go to one blue.

So I wanna do some upper body using row actions, so opposing muscles here. So I'm gonna start getting to the left side of my carriage. Left hand is on to the strap, okay? Bend the knees, sitting your hips back, and then pull. Okay, very easy, turn up, chest up.

Inhale, should go forward. Exhale, as you go back. Good, breathe. (exhales sharply) Nice work. So a little single arm row, shoulders back, abs are engaged. Awesome.

I'm gonna do three to four more of these, good. And then we're go to both straps and do double ropes, okay? Whew, awesome work. Feels good. Great for your posture, pulling the shoulders back and relax.

So right hand now comes to the strap, left hand grabs the other, bend the knees, and you're gonna pull and row. Now, here this side we'll have a little more slack, which is okay, but you'll really feel not a left arm, again, work. Shoulder blades back here. Some angle, a little more in towards my reformer here. And chin up, chest out.

Palms in, good. You got four. Good, three. Nice, two, and one, relax, good. So placing both straps back on, move to the other side.

So it's gonna be right hand, okay? You're right probably about in the center of your reformer here to the front, and then pull, right arm row. Abs are engaged, shoulders back, chin up. Again, use these strength exercises recover, right? Good.

So you're always active, you know, the entire time throughout class, right? So whether you're not moving, doing agility, when you're doing your resistance exercises, you're still burning calories, all that fun stuff, right? We all know about that, two more, good, one more. And then slowly release it on back. Again, grab left hand, right hand, and we'll do a double row pull.

So again, this side has a little less slack, right? The outside hand, inside hand, you'll feel more of the resistance, okay? But this is just to get the shoulders back and focus on that posture a little bit more. Good. Awesome work, we got five.

Good, four. Nice, three, two, and one, relax. Good. So we're gonna move the triceps next. I'm gonna keep the blue spring.

We'll go to kneeling. So left hand, you can grab the short strap. Or if you wanna grab the rope, you can do that. So all fours here, and you do a kickback extension, right? And back, right?

So getting long through that tricep, eyes down here so I'm not using my traps or neck, right? And pull. Good. Now if this is too high, you can always come down a little bit lower. If you need to do that, good, breathe.

Whew, feels good. Gotta get that horseshoe in the back of that tricep, right? Here we go. Last one. And relax, we'll switch to the other side, okay?

So grab, again, either the shorter strap or the rope. Left hand here, extend it on back, elbow in. Oh yeah. Feel good. Again, I always say this workout, go your pace, your speed.

Do what you can do. If you need to stop a bunch of times, it's okay to stop, right? We don't need any heroes, right? That's what Tina Turner said, you don't need any heroes. You remember that movie?

Yep, there you go, "Mad Max and the Thunderdome," for you young bucks, right? (laughs) Here we go, we got three, two, nice, last one. Double time, here we go. So I'm gonna grab again, same thing, the shorter strap, maybe the rope depending on how long your arms are, and kick back. So this one I might need to go to the root of my arms a little bit longer and then extend. Now if you need to add more resistance, add more resistance.

So I want a blue, I think I'm gonna go yellow, right? And then I'm extend. There we go, that's better. So my toes are tucked here in the back to help with my stability. You can have 'em untucked, but you'll see you might fall forward.

So you might engage those abs a little bit more here, right? Which is fine, right? If you want a little extra spice in your life, here we go. Whew! Eyes down so you're not using those traps. Looks good.

Three. Good, two. Last one. Voila, and relax. Good, towel off if you need to towel off.

And I'm gonna go to a little bit of glute work, okay? So I'm gonna add... I'm gonna keep the red or the blue and the yellow, both hands here. I'm gonna scoot back a tad bit. Left heel is gonna go to the foot bar and I'm gonna extend out, okay?

And then back in and back out. So here, nice simple glute extension, right? Drawing the abs in. Nice, again, here you might want more resistance, so maybe add a red, right? Awesome work.

So you gotta get a little legwork in class, right? Nice. One more. And then you'll slowly come on back, and then we'll go right foot on and extend it out and back. So I'm gonna go a little more to my heel here to activate my glute.

Ah, there we go. So you'll see there, more power if you use the heel, this back foot, right? Good, and extend, uh-hmm. Awesome job. So we got five, good, four.

Nice, three, two, then we're going to some bicep work next. And then you'll slowly come on back to home, okay. Coming back up to kneeling, grab the shorter strap, palms here and here. And then I want a curl. So again, toes tucked here, slowly lengthen out.

Now my elbows are chest level and then back. Chin up and back, extend the fingers, all right, nice and tall. Breathing in the nose, out through the mouth. Good. So I like to pretend there's a little platform underneath here as a little guide as I extend out and in.

Okay, we got four. Good, three. Nice, two, and one slowly relaxing on down, okay? Here we go, last part. We're gonna do the whole smorgasbord, are you excited?

I'm gonna put three reds and I'm gonna take the rest off, okay? Just so my transitions can be a little bit faster. So we're doing all the agility exercises we just did. Let's go to work, tap it out, come on. Whew! This is it.

This is for the whole kitten caboodle, the whole shebang. You made it this far, don't stop now, right? Come on, five, four, three, two, stay with me. Last one, here we go, toe tap it out, bring it up, back down. Whew, good, uh-huh, lateral movements.

Looking good, feeling good. 10 seconds, let's go. Uh-huh. Nice. Whew! You guys are gonna feel like a million bucks after this.

Come on. Uh-huh. You should already feel like a million bucks, right? You woke up today, all right? One more, and other side, here we go.

We're not gonna skip the toe taps here, right in the laterals, let's go, up and down, all right? Come on. Nice, so again, time could be your friend here, you can go 5, 10 seconds, or it can not be your friend, right? Here we go. Whew! Chin up.

Maybe you need to look down, which is always okay. Again, you don't wanna trip. Uh-huh. Four, three, two, all right, we'll take all the springs off. Here we go.

Slide the carriage back all the way. Start with your jog here on the side, right? Okay, take it to the middle. Hold right here, right? Nice, simple jog.

We're gonna go to the other side, here we go. Hold it, jog it out. Nice. So segment it out for yourself, okay? Back to center.

Here we go. Come on. Nice work. (exhales sharply) Use those arms. Back to the right, here we go. Awesome.

Uh-huh, back to the middle. Uh-huh, to the left, we'll speed it up a little bit. Middle, uh-huh, outside, right? Good, middle, uh-huh. Take it out.

Now, we'll still keep going, here we go. One, two, one. One, two, one. One, two, so I'm leaving this inside leg up, right? Boom, right.

Come on. So again, those guardrails help you keep those knees up, right? That's it, two more. Good, one more. Back to the other side.

Let's stretch out, what do you think? All right, you made it. That's like the hard part, right? Okay. Wanna do one of my favorite stretches, actually, of all time, mermaid.

So gimme one red and one yellow. Okay. And you're gonna come down, left foot in, right leg here, bent back. So sit nice and tall. You already might get a nice hip stretch here.

Left hand on, reach and stretch, ah. Inhale, exhale, slow come on back. Bring your right hand here. Left hand reach, so you get that nice ribcage stretch, and then back. Inhale and exhale. (exhales sharply) And reach. (exhales sharply) Two more.

You can take your time. So yeah, I love this stretch because you get your hips, you get the side body here, which we all kind of forget this stretch when we work out. Good, last one back. And then let's go two hand twist, and then you'll press it out. Drop the head down, and then back in, exhale.

Good, inhale. So I can have one red and one yellow spring. And pull those shoulders back. Inhale and exhale. Last one.

And we'll relax and we'll switch sides, well done. Okay, so slowly take your time coming around, right knee in, left leg back. Right hand to the foot bar. Inhale, lengthen it all out. And then exhale, nice and easy.

And then right hand over top. Good, breathe. Inhale and exhale. Awesome work. Two to three more.

Good. Feel that nice stretch of the ribcage, the hips. Slow it on down. Good. And then two handed twist to your right side.

Inhale, lengthen the back, drop the head down, and then exhale. (exhales sharply) Shoulders back, breathing on in and out. (exhales sharply) Again, long exhales to really slow down that heart rate. Let's do two more 'cause these feel so good. Nice. Last one. And then you go slowly, come off of there.

We'll come back around to the side of the foot bar. And then two hands here. All right, bend the knees, and then I'm gonna bring my forearms or wrist here, nice, simple, lower back stretch. Inhale. So gimme a little cat with your upper back.

And then exhale, round it down. Round it up, and then back down. You can also go to your forearms if you need a little bit more shoulder stretch through here. Drop the head down. Shake the head, no, yes.

Yes, I love this class, right? All right, and then you'll slowly bend the knees. Walk back up. Hands to the sky. Maybe not, or this back bend.

Oh good. Hey, you made it. That's it. Thank you for joining me in this Pilates Anytime class. Check us out.

Take care, have a wonderful day.


Elena S
1 person likes this.
Thank you Jason - gtreat workout! Looking forward for more of your classes! 🤩
Jason Williams
Elena S thank you Elena!! Can’t wait for you to check out the others.🙏🏾
1 person likes this.
Can’t wait! Thanks for filming this series! 
1 person likes this.
What a great class! I love it. It is really nice to have a mix of cardio and strength. Good cues for modifications and variations for different levels. Looking forward to more athletic classes from Jason!
Jason ! I love this class and love your  personality while teaching. Thank you !!!
Jason Williams
Lori thanks Lori! Get ready😃
Jason Williams
Rachel P thank you Rachel.  Glad you liked the mix. 🙏🏾😁
Jason Williams
Deborah Wasko Aw thank you! Appreciate you!!🙏🏾🙏🏾
Nancy  E
1 person likes this.
 love the cardio mix. you are inspiring, motivational, and laid back all at the same time.  thanks
Jason Williams
Nancy E thanks Nancy! Appreciate you😁
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