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Day 2: Abdominal Burn

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Welcome to Day 2! Tash Barnard is ramping things up with all things core! She teaches a progressive and challenging core-focused workout that will have you feeling an internal shake. She uses stability and stillness within each movement to create deep core work that will leave your abs on fire.
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Welcome back to day 2, you guys. Today, we are going to burn into the abs. We're gonna start in a seated position. We're gonna focus on our pelvic lumbar stabilization and have a great full body workout. So let's go. We're gonna actually start in the seated position. So come and sit down, on your mat for me with your feet one fist with the part, sitting up nice and tall, bring your hands to front of your knees and allow your hands to pull and lengthen your spine up into a nice, active straight back We're gonna start with a deep breath in. And as you exhale, it's smaller than what you think.

I want you to just move and initiate a little inflection in that pelvis and then come back up to the neutral. Let's do a few more. Excel, deflection, deflection, keep the shoulder keep the upper body almost nice and still as just the lower part of the pelvis is moving even before the spine. And excel. So we're really just getting those apps to fire.

Draw the pelvic floor, draw the TA nice and deep, and we're gonna do 2 more inhale and exhale. Exhale. And then we're going to do one last one, and we're gonna make the movement a little bit bigger, but just deep, deep, deep, deep work inhale. Excel, same, deep abdominal connection. Letting the pelvis and that lumbar spine move, exhale roll down just to where you can control it and the arms length and out paws here, exhale roll forward, shoulders over the hips.

And then lengthen your spine back up breathing in. Excel, deflection, deflate draw into your body, continue the movement, rolling back. And exhale forward. Shoulders over the hips and lengthen up, breathing in. Excel deep flexion, curling back, rolling back, let your abdominals flex your spine and the bones respond to the abdominal contraction pause and exhale forward.

And up. So you can keep your hands here if you feel stronger. Take the arms away. Continue the same sequence rolling back to where you can control the stability in the spine pause. Excel, roll forward, roll forward, roll forward, then elongate yourself back out 3 more. Excel deflection.

Deflection. Feel the work in your body. Digging deep, pulling in, in, in, in, pause, and excel forward. Checking that your shoulders don't creep up into your ears. 2 more inhale. And exhale. Cool.

And roll, continue the movement, no sharp pain in the back, pause and hold, and exhale forward and stack the spine, lengthen the spine, always going a little bit deeper. And Excel. This is the last one. We're going to add a little challenge in here. You're gonna maintain the stability.

Keep your abs close to your back, breathe in, lift your right arm up in line with your ear, exhale here. And inhale forward and lift on up exhale and inhale forward. Keep moving. Your body stays still and only the arms are moving one at a time. Pulling in Excel. No popping of the abdominals. And Excel, Excel, and inhale, and 3 more Excel, and inhale.

And 2 more, if you can't feel your abs right now, you need to either lower your body down a little bit more or just use your breath, pause, and roll forward this time. Extend your arms up. Let your knees just relax out to the side. Rotate over to your right side. Hold on to your knee. And give yourself a release stretch here.

Inhale up with the arms and exhale rotate to the left side. Pulling yourself around, inhale up, lift your knees, lift your knees, And this time, we roll down and two arms are going to rise up over the head. So find your own true stability and balance here, breathing in. Keep the body still as two arms extend up, extend up, extend up, inhale, lower down and exhale. I have that little internal shade going on and lower down. And 4 more. Use your breath guys.

It takes your work into a nice deep deep, deep contraction. 2 more. And one more. Excel. Excel.

Excel. And forward roll up, lift your arms, release the knees, take a deep breath in. Lower your body down, exhale all the way just for a release. Bring your body back up. Bring your knees up.

And we go excel, deflection, articulate your spine, roll down, roll down pause and hold. Your right arm is going to extend out to the side, exhale, and inhale forward. Keep your body still. It's about the stillness within the movement that creates that deep core to work, exhale. And inhale.

And and for more Excel, Excel, don't take the on beyond the shoulder. Keep the shoulder stability as part of the exercise 2 more. Excel out. Inhale forward. Excel out.

Inhale forward, pause, and hold, and roll up, lift the arms, stretch it out, release the knees, and exhale lower down, lower down. Left the arms, bring the body up, bring the knees up, reach the arms forward, breathe in, ready for the double arms as we exhale, tuck, and roll back. And back and find your position, hold it here, deflection in that lower back, abdominals are pulling into the spine breathing. Excel reach 2 arms out to the side and inhale arms forward and exhale stable body, free flowing arms, and forward. And and exhale abdominals draw into the back 3 more.

XL, exhale, and inhale. And 2 more Excel. Are you good? Stay with me 1 more. Excel.

Exhale and inhale. Roll yourself up. Lift your arms. Release the knees. One more rotation over to the right side. First, keep the spine aligned and lift.

And over to the left side, rotate rotate and back up. Reach and hold it here. Circle your arms for me. Reach your arms forward. Take a breath.

Excel flex into that lower back, roll down, and come back to that position of stability. You're gonna lift your right leg bent up off the floor, exhale. Tap the toe down inhale. And exhale. And inhale and exhale. Remember no sharp or shooting pains in the spine. If that's happening, then this is not your exercise.

You need to either move up higher or assist yourself with your hands behind your back. Late swap legs, left leg up, exhale, and inhale, but your focus is here. Pull into your app. And 4. XL3.

XL2 and hold. Ready for the changes. Exhale change. Inhale. Inhale, exhale, maintain the stability in the spine, and 4, exhale, 3, We're going to finish by hovering both legs off the floor, and we hold it here for 5.

XL 4. Draw your knees together 3. And 2. And one place, one foot, one foot down, lift up. Release your knees. Yes. I know you did.

Split to stretch your he flexes out. We are going there. Breathe in, lift up. Give yourself another circle in the arms. Take a breath.

And we move into our beloved pelvic call to stretch and release those hips up, draw your heels closer to your glutes, everyone. Have your collar bones nice and wide. Take a deep breath in hell. And off we go, freedom in the hip flex, is as we roll and lift your hips up off the mat. Take a breath.

That feels good. Excel roll down, curling down, release to your neutral, inhale. And exhale. Roll up, lift up, press into your glutes. Fire those glutes, your adductors, your inner thighs are parallel with each other, breathe in, and exhale to roll down.

Curling down, curling down, curling down, 3 more inhale, and exhale up. Pause inhale and exhale down. Enjoy that stretch and that length through the spine. 2 more inhale. And exhale to roll up.

Roll up and roll up, left and hold, inhale, and exhale down. Deeplection. Back to the neutral. 1 more inhale and exhale. Articulate up, lift, lift, lift, lift, take a breath. Reach your arms up towards 90 degrees.

And as you roll down, extend your arms back, get that full stretch through your body all the way down into your neutral circling the arms into your tee position. Lift your right thigh bent off the floor, then the left leg, and we rotate. To get the full range of motion going through the spine, inhale, and exhale back to the center. Inhale over. Keep your scaps on the floor, exhale back. And breathe in. Initiate the movement with your breath and exhale.

And breathe in. Keep those knees together, guys. Exhale back. And we go one more seat after this. Excel back, inhale rotate.

Last one in hell over. And exhale back to the center. We're gonna bring the arms down by your side, keep your knees up. You're going to tap your right toe towards the floor. I want to focus on your pelvic lumbar stabilization here.

Swap the legs, exhale. Inhale and exhale. So there's no release of the lower back away from the floor. Keep your shins parallel to the mat. And we're going to progress into longer levers once we've established this great pelvic lumbar stabilization. Keep going 4 more. XL 3.

XL 2. Keep going tapping with the heel this time. Keeping the pelvic lumbar stability as your main focus. And at the same time, allow your hip extensors to engage as you reach your heel towards the floor, abdominals are not popping out, pull it in, maintain the core stability, exhale, let's go eight. 3 more.

Exhale to and 1. Both legs up off the floor. Extend your legs to 90 degrees, everyone. From here, we're going to scissor the legs. You're gonna keep your head down on the floor.

Use your neck extensors. Press back a little bit And we go, Excel scissor, and Excel scissor, and Excel scissor. Can you make sure your abdominals are drawing down excel and exhale and reach the bottom leg away and 4. XL 3. Exhale to and hold it. Bring your hands behind your head.

Come into your flexion. Same movement, exhale, elbows are wide. You aiming to pull your chest with your abdominals closer to the floor. And 4. XL 3.

XL 2. And 1. 2 legs up. Lower your head on, place your arms down by your side. We're gonna go into the helicopter. We're going to scissor one leg.

CZA, the second leg, then circle and stretch and rotate those legs around and scissor and scissor. And circle and stretch around and be very slick within your movements and aim for full range of motion through your hips. Circle around and 3 more and circle around and 2. And circle one more, and then we're back into flexion and circle around two legs up. Hands behind the head, breathe in, flex and call your chest up.

Lower the right leg to the floor, left leg to your face and change. And circle circle circle. Email and inhale. 3 more sets and around, and 2 more stability stability and deep abdominals. Last one.

And around and around, we are going to move into the role over lower your head lower the legs to 60 and roll over. Excel. Flicks have dark lower and roll down. And down and down. Take your arms overhead for me, everyone. Use only your abdominals.

Bringing your legs up and over your head, flex open, and stretch, and roll down. And down and circle the legs around inhale, exhale over. Flex open and stretch and roll down. We're gonna do 3 more after this. Always giving quality of movement, please, for your own body, ex, hell over. Flakes open and stretch and roll down and down and down to to go. Inhale, exhale over.

Flicks at that stretch. Roll down. And with your last one, we're gonna have a dynamic concision. As you roll down, you're gonna cross your legs and jump into your plank position. Finish the exercise, circle around, lift up, pinch your knees, cross, and arrive. Are you with me?

I think you would need to do that again. Okay? Let's try that again. So get that dynamic transition from supine. Trust your body. Cross your legs.

Presh your arms out ahead of you and jump into your front support. Let's go again. Let's move together, knees up off the floor, breathing, extend the legs out. Now that you know where your body's moving, convert and do it well. Roll over, flex, abduct, straight, roll down and down and down.

Finish the exercise, circle the legs, lift them up. Bend your knees cross and Boom. Hold at you. Hold at you. Hold at you. Find your upper body strength.

Keep your body nice and as you lower the one knee down and lower the second knee down. Take a breath for me inhale. Taku toes under. Remember yesterday's set up with the hovering of the knees. We are ramping it up.

Promise you, we're gonna ramp it up. You exhale. Hover your knees up off the floor. We're gonna hold it here. The right toe hovers off the floor.

We hold it for 4 breathes in hell. And exhale. Keep your neutral spine in hell. And exhale. Are you feeling hot? Feeling warm, feeling active, 2 breaths, and one more.

Place it down. Very little transition as the left toe comes off the floor. Breathe in. Push through your arms, guys. And inhale. 2 more breaths inhale. Keep the knee hovering off the floor your hips too high, place the foot down, lower the knees, and stretch into your wrist position.

Take your inhale. Alright, everyone. Bring your body back up onto your kneeling position. Move your hands slightly ahead of your shoulders. We are going to add on a challenge.

From our kneeling push up yesterday, you either stay here if that is enough for your body, if you feel like the challenge, you're gonna join me. You're gonna lean your hips forward. Make sure your abs stay nice and active. You're gonna breathe in. Extend your right leg up off the floor.

Now watch the pelvic lumbar stabilization. You want to stay active and engage those abdominals into your back. We're going to do a little micro push up bin 1. And 2, we do 5, 3. Good. Keep your shoulders nice and strong.

4. And 5. Hold it here. Bend your elbows, lift your leg, press into your forearms. And stretch up. Place that right knee down. Engage your abdominals.

I felt I had to correct my own pelvic placement there. Hover and hold. We go for 5. 4 headers in line with the spine. And 3, remember, we are gonna progress with this exercise as we go into the next session.

2 more. And one hold, brace, and straight, and extend. And come up and lower down, sitting on your left side, ready for some lateral work come onto your forearm, everyone. Today, we're gonna stretch the knees as you lift your hips up. Inhale. Hold it here. I'm going to ask you to rotate.

Excel, reach, and thread the arm through. Then come back and give me some extension as you rotate and forward. And exhale thread and rotate, inhale up, and extend and back. Keep your hip down as you rotate. So no piking in the head.

Just nice deep lateral work. And rotate and back one more and exhale and exhale back and hold, rotate, and extend, and come back all the way. Swing the legs around, ready for the other side. Make sure your, your arm is underneath your shoulder, lift your wrist bone up, breathe in, and lift those hips up off the floor. Excel rotate.

And reach, inhale back, continue the movement with great stability and focus. Excel. Xcel. Exhill. Coming back and rotate. And 3 more exhale.

Stay low to the floor, lift, and hold hold it here, and open. And 2 more exhale and back. And rich. One more and exhale and back. Reach and hold.

From here, rotate your body without collapsing onto your elbow plant. Make sure your feet are nice. And gripped and aligned. Your spine is aligned. So no piking of the pelvis.

Abdominals are engaged. You're gonna bend your right knee and lift it off the floor hole this year. 8 glute pulses up 1. X Helt 2. And 5 and 6. 7. Hold it here.

Place your toe down and swap sides, exhale in the glutes. We're moving in the hip. And 3, exhale 4, and 5, keeping the alignment of the pelvis 6, and that lower back 7, and 8, extend, and hold it here for 3 breaths, breathe in. And breathe out. Check your alignment, guys.

Head in line with your spine. Shoulders are strong and active. Abdominals are up. One more breath, lift into your ups, reach on the elbows, Just your feet if you have to, pressing your chest towards your thighs, rise onto your toes. And press the heels down and inhale to rise and exhale down 2 more.

Inhale and inhale. Excel down and 1 more. An exhcel down, rise onto your toes. Bring your right leg up behind you in your bent position. Staying here. 8 pulses up.

1. 4, exhale, 5, 6, shoulder stability, no tension in the neck. And come down, swapping sides, left leg up, moving from the glute, exhale up, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Place your foot down. Move back into your plank position. Holding it for 3 brits.

And 2 more. And one. Place your knees down. Stretch into your wrist position before we go into your back extension. You guys okay?

Alright. Take a deep breath. Move yourself back forward onto your hands and knees. Slowly lower your body down to the floor. Ready for a swan prep. So your fingertips are gonna be in line with your temples.

Your shoulders are wide. Your legs are drawn together, and we're going to initiate the movement with our basic back extension. Let's do 3. Basic back extension and then lower down. 2 more. Inhale.

Engaging the abs to stay out of the lower back and lower down. And one more inhale. And inhale and lower down. So for those who can move deeper, join me by extending further only if your body allows you to freely move into this deep extension and lower back down. 2 more, and then we'll bring the legs into it. Inhale. You should not feel like this is uncomfortable for you If it is, it's not your range and lift up.

The next three, we're gonna start bringing the glutes into the activation to hover the legs up off the floor. We inhale extend, lift, and extend, Lower the elbows, use the glutes, and hover your legs up off the floor. And again, inhale. Inhale and inhale and exhale lower and left the legs up. And we go inhale.

I love back extension. It's my favorite Excel. I'm way free further back to the abs and inhale. Inhale and exhale ready for a cat and release you guys. We're going to inhale extend. Keep your back extended.

Catch and up and down and up. Inhale. Excel. 4 more. Enjoy that word.

Enjoy your buddy. 2 more. And the last one, and come down all the way. Press your knees together. Press back into your wrist position. Enjoy that beautiful stretch in your back.

Take a breath and enroll yourself up to come and finish with our Froggys. Okay. So today, we're doing 15 froggys, you guys? Same technique, same setup. So repetition is a good thing in life. Right? Let's have your heels, must be in a raised position.

K? Ideally hands on the floor, that's where you get your deep, hammy stretch. But if you need to do it on your fingertips, then off you go. No problem. So take a deep breath. The knees are not too wide.

Use your adductors. Use your inner thighs. And we go, 1, and 2, keep the rhythm guys 3. 5, 6, 7, 8. Keep the heels up. Antin, so those calves can work. 2, 3, 4, last one, 5, come down, parallel feet, tuck your head in, and exhale roll up a little bit easier if you do it a little bit easier.

Hard of it easier. Right? That's the whole thing with Pilates. The more we do it, the harder it gets, but it also gets easier. Well done, everyone. Let's finish with a roll down. Let's do two roll downs. Remember, this is your moment.

To just celebrate the goodness in your body and the time that you've made for yourself to be here. So thank you for that, breathe in. Excel lower your chin. Move and roll your body forward. Oh, that feels so good. Breathing.

Exel to call and roll back up and left. And one more inhale and exhale lower the chin, rowing down. Rolling down. Enjoy that. Have a moment here.

Just acknowledge the changes, breathe in, and exhale. Rolling up. Arriving for your day with a open heart and a upright posture. Go and dominate your day, guys. Alright.

So day 3 is upon us. We are gonna be in a stunning upright functional position for this day. So why don't you join me? Bring your a game. It's gonna be hard. We're gonna work deep, and we are gonna incorporate the challenge of our 4 point kneeling from our single leg toe off.

You gotta come back can see what the next step is. I'll see you then.


I loved day 2, Tash! I’m joining you from Istanbul this morning!
Maria P
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Tash is not only a great practitioner and a superb instructor but also a philosopher of pilates!
Ingrid H
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Definitely felt the burn! Thanks Tash!
1 person likes this.
Thanks you Tash...... Day 2 Loved it!  Back for more tomorrow!
Silke B
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Thank you Tash - that was deep core work for sure. Looking forward to tomorrow
1 person likes this.
Thanks for theburn, Tash❣️
2 people like this.
Hi Tash, you asked "Are you hot? " Well, the lenses of my glasses were fogged up..Lovely day 2. Thank you.
1 person likes this.
Loved it ! Thanks for the challenge
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Thank you Tash for yet another excellent class! 😊
Teresa S
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Wow, what a great class. feeling so strong. Thank you
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