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Day 3: Standing Mat Flow

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Welcome to Day 3! You are going to feel the burn in this functional standing class with Tash Barnard. She includes creative and challenging variations on movements like Squats and Lunges. She also continues to add to the Plank challenge from the previous classes. Have fun!
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Welcome back, everyone. Today, we are going to focus on some stability work in a functional upright standing position. Come on. Let's get going. You've got this. It's gonna be tough, but I believe you can do this with me. We're gonna bring the feet together. So the legs are completely adducted.

You're gonna bring your weight into your heels so that you're nice and aligned. We're gonna start with 3 roll down. So it is a little bit harder with the legs together, but that's why you need to focus. It's like a deep breath, inhale. As you exhale, draw the chin lower and roll forward up and over with your bent knees. Remember, this is just a warm up moving the spine, getting your muscles aligned, relax the head, inhale.

Excel. Press your heels down into the floor. Roll up. Feel your back. Engage as you bring your body back up into your standing position. Again, inhale. And exhale roll forward.

Up and over. Don't ever take this roll down for granted. Not everyone has the privilege to move their body in this big range. Inhale. Turola. Press the heels down, end to the floor, move your spine, engage your back, lift your chin, and be proud in your posture.

1 more inhale. XL lower the chin and roll forward. Up and over. Enjoy the stretch. Elongate down. Deep breathe in. And your exhale roll only halfway up as we add a rotation.

Cross your arm, hold your side, lift, and stretch and rotate up. Still drawing those knees together and swap for the other side. If it's too tricky with the feet together, go ahead and open your legs. We're gonna repeat this 2 more sets. Whoops. Lyft and rotate, extend and stretch.

Don't hang in your body, lift out of your body, and 3 more. Lift and stretch, extend, and extend one more each side, inhale, and inhale. And last one, lift up, and extend. Come back to seem to fold your body down, take a deep breath inhale at the bottom, and then exhale roll up all the way. Using the roll down to set an intention for your session, let's go and abduct the feet.

A little bit wider than one fist width apart. We're gonna move into a squat, to fit grounded into the floor, and we're just going to bend in hell, inhale, and exhale. And inhale, inhale, and exhale up, and breathing, and left. And inhale and exhale. 4 more down and lift.

Here's the extra cube. Press up from your hip extensors before you lift up. Get those glutes and hamstrings to work before the joints kick in. And last one, hold it here. So engage your abdominals, lengthen your spine.

Your arms are straight, and your arms are active. We're gonna rise two heels up off the floor and lower down and inhale, inhale, and exhale. And inhale inhale and exhale. Inhale up exhale down. Rise and hold. Make sure your ankles are not dropping out to the side and lower down 3 more rise and down and 2 more and down. And last one.

Hold it here. Hold it here. I want you to feel like your legs are having a tantrum. Hang on. I need to find my own tantrum here first. K? Hold it here. Activate your legs, guys.

Squeeze all the muscles into that femur. And we pulse down 1. XL 2. The heels are high 3. XL 4. And 5, control control 6, and 7, and 8, lower the heels, and stand up tall, circle the arms, bring your feet back in so they place right underneath your hip joint you're gonna lift your right leg bent up off the floor.

We're gonna stay back and lunge, inhale down, and exhale hold. And inhale down, and exhale hold, and inhale, left, inhale, and up, and 4 more and 3, and 2, and hold it here. Organize that pelvis, no collapsing in the lower back. Bring your hands behind your head. We're gonna add a lateral flexion over to the left side and exhale up over to the right side and left.

Inhale. Inhale. And exhale inhale inhale and exhale and breathing. And back and over one more seat and over to the side and up. And last one, and hold.

Can you rise your front heel up off the floor? Hover and hold it here. We pulse down 4, 8, and 7, not rushing anyway, guys. 6. Nice and slow and controlled. 5.

Excelful. And 3. And 2. And one lower the heel, lift the knee, and ready for the other side. Lift your left leg up off the floor.

We lunge back. And up and inhale. 3 and left. Be very slick with your movements and keep the balance. 3 more, 2, One lift and lunge back hold it here.

Bring the hands behind the head. Over to your right side first. Inhale over and exhale. And inhale. And enjoy that yummy side stretch.

Go go go and up and over and over and up. And two more sets. And lift and over and up. Last set, and over and pause. Rise the heel up.

Feel like you're pressing your waist into your hands. And repulse down 1. And to maximize the rise 3, exhale 4, and 5. 6, 7, and 8, lower the heel, lift up, and come down. Great stuff, everyone.

Bring your hands onto your size. Keep your feet slightly apart. We're going to mimic a pelvic call in this position, take a breath inhale, go into deep lumbar flexion, exhale, exhale, and inhaled back to your neutral. And, again, exhale to call and call and inhale back. My arms are straight and my arms are strong. Don't be here. And excel flex and inhale neutral.

An Excel call, an inhale neutral, and 3 more, and back. Excel 2 more and back. And one more deflection, deflection come back to the neutral and hold it here. You're going to extend your arms out ahead of you maintaining your spinal stability. Getting the abdominals and the back to stabilize the spine while the arms move freely up and down. Tumor.

And one. Hold up here. Stay here. Keep your back safe by keeping the abs close to your spine, not hanging up, pull up, take a breath, rotate to your left, side and center. Rotate to the right and center and to the left. And abdominals are active, and your spine is extending and extending.

2 more. Rotate. And one hover and hold straighten your knees. Tilt your body forward. Keep your back in a table top line and pulse the arms up 1.

XL 2. Feel your back extents. It's 3. EX helpful. And slow and controlled. 6, 7, and 8 breathe in.

Lower down, fold your body in, tuck your head in, and roll yourself up all the way. Great stuff. Go into a rotation for me. External rotation. You're gonna step your left leg back. Keep your legs turned out and your hips face the front.

Cross your arms over your chest. We're gonna pivot and transfer the weight onto the front leg. Breathing, exhale, lift, up, hold, inhale, come down, exhale, hover, and hold, inhale down. And exhale. So I want you to fire into that glute lifting the leg up behind you and 2 more. And one. Hold it here.

2 legs are gonna pulse. 1. XL 2. Excel 3. Give me nice slow moves for working deep close to the glutes 6. And 7.

Hold it here for 8. Hold it 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, to and change. On the side, breathe in, exhale up in hell down. And 2. Excel 3.

And 4, don't stretch your standing leg in between the sequence. And 5. And down. XL 6. Making sure you feel the work in your glutes, not in the lower back.

This is the last one. And hold it. Hover and hold. Pulse out 1. 3.

XL 4. Excel 5, and 6, 7, and hold. Place your foot down. Reach to the floor, take a deep breath, and roll yourself up all the way. Okay, guys.

You feel your glutes, if you didn't, there's a problem. Come onto your hands and knees. Okay. So our challenge, our push up challenge, we've Day 1, being on the hands and knees, day 2, hovered one leg up. Today, we're ramping it up. 2 straight legs breathing in.

Excel extinct one knee out, hover and hold. Take a breath. Join the second leg and hold. We're gonna stay here. You're gonna focus on your alignment.

Your pelvis is not piking up to your ceiling. Your abdominals are up and close to your spine. You're pushing your chest away from your shoulders and pause and hold. Two more breaths. One more breath.

Bring your right hand to the middle of your mat. Rotate your body to the left side and pause here. We're gonna hold it. We're gonna lift your top leg up off the floor and hold it for 5. Exhelpful.

3, 2, place it down. Come back to your plank. Hold it for 3 braids. Bring your left hand to the center. Rotate and hold.

No collapsing in the hips. Hold it for 5, and 4, and 3, 2, place it down and come back. Lower one knee to the floor and lower the next knee to the floor. Take a deep breath in you guys. We're going into our front support, and we're gonna add some leg circles in to get those glutes firing. Take a deep breath in hell. Excel, press your pelvis up to the ceiling.

Hold it here. Reach your right leg up behind you as high as what you can. Circle the leg out to the side down to the floor. And, again, 4 more inhale and exhale and 3 more up. And around, remember quality over quantity here. Look at your own leg while your eyes are down there. And one more lift up and around.

We reverse the circle. Out to the side, lift up, reach, and extend, finish the movement, and 4 more up and around and down 3 more inhale and exhale. 2 more inhale. And exhale. And the last one inhale.

And exhale. Step your right foot out to the right side. Press your hands down into the floor and hold the chair. We're gonna breathe in. Take your right arm up. Rotate over to the right side.

Enjoy the stretch here and come down. Take a breath. Praise through your arms. Be active in your upper body. Step your right leg back without lifting your hips too much. And now we repeat the other side back into your part.

Taking your left leg up behind you. Inhale. Out and around and down. And 4 more. Keeping the length in your spine. Keep growing tall in your spine as you are in the spike position, and one more up and around and down reverse. Inhale. And Excel.

4 inhale and Excel. And 3 shoulders down. And 2 more. And the last one, lift up, reach up, finish the movement, then lunge out nice and wide, rotate up, and lift and hold that back me off the floor. Coming back into your front support, want you to press into your arms, press your left leg back, take a breath.

Pain your knees, jump forward, hover and hold, and jump back. And hold. Jump forward legs together and back and hold 3 more and jump and hold. Out. No bouncing. 2 more. And out. The last one, jump and hold.

Reach your arms forward and stay. I think we need to do that again, guys. Let's try. Let's try. Maybe my cue was too late. Jump and hold. Right?

Last jump. Feed forward hands out. Breathe in. Trust your body. Go for it. And, boom. Well done. You did it. Let's sit down.

Okay. Alright, you guys. We're gonna go into the rolling locker ball. Today, we're gonna add on. We're gonna start with 5 rolling locker balls, then we're gonna roll over, touch the toes to the floor 5 times, and then we're gonna add a squat. Into the session. Okay.

Let's go into the challenge. Keep the quality of the movement, 5 rolling lockables, inhale. Hover and hold. And again, inhale. Keep your heels close to your glutes.

And 3 more inhale. And 2. Right. One more, then we're gonna touch the floor. With the toes behind your head, your arms stay down by your side. And we roll, and you touch you roll hover and hold and roll and touch, roll up, and hold 3 more. Inhale.

And exhale keeps it hidden on with the spine. 2 more. And up and one more and up adding the squat. You roll over touch. Up hold it here. 4, 5, 4, 3, we're gonna do 4 more and lower.

Bend, roll, touch, up, hold 4, 5, exactly like we started. Same quality of movement, in this squat position, 3 more, bend and roll over. Touch up 5. 4, 3, 2, more, Ben, and roll over. Touch.

Up, hold, hold one more, and bend, rub, over. Touch. Hold it here. And I have good news. We are not done with it, but you have to come back.

For one of the next sessions to see where this is going to from here. Well done, everyone. Step your right leg out behind you. Hands behind your head. Lift your right leg up.

Hover and hold. Hover and hold. Hover and hold. We're gonna move the right leg, abduct, and abduct, and abduct, keep the height of the leg, and 3, and 2. And one hold and extend your arms into a t position.

We pulse up 1, XL 2, and 3, and 4, and 5, 6, 7, and 8 reach the leg back hands behind the head, and we swap sides. Check your shoulders, lift the leg, hover and hold, and we act and reach back. And 2. And back. And 3, check that your neck is in line with your spine.

And 2 more. And one hold arms reach wide. And 87 65, 4, 3, 2, and 1 reach back hands behind your head, place the foot down, bend your knees, and stand up tall. Alright, you guys. Take a deep breath.

Extend your arms up to the ceiling. You're gonna exhale roll your body down and forward. We're gonna move into dynamic stretches. Stretch your right leg out behind you. Nice deep lunge.

Lift your arms, lift your chest. And hold it. Yeah. Breathing and breathe out. Lift your chaise. Lift your heart a little bit higher.

Great. One more breath. Circle the arms, lower the hands down. Press into your heel, flex your ankle, and extend your back as you hold your hamstring straight here. One more.

Then just fold your body in. Enjoy that stretch. Bend your knee. Step your leg out to the side. Lower your knee down and open your hips. Yeah. Breathe in and breathe out.

And 2 more. 1 more. And then we have to stretch those glutes that worked so hard. Press into your hands. Take your leg across your body.

Lower your hips down, keep your hips square. And if you feel you need a deeper stretch, go lower down to the floor even rest your head on the floor, tuck the back toe, lift the knee, and enjoy the stretch, only if you need a deeper stretch. One more breath. Lower your knee down, lift your chest, swing your back leg around, just stretch and unwind, rotate, rotate, rotate, and come back and restretch the other leg. Sep your right leg forward.

Chest is up. Arms up. And hold. Breatheen. And breathe out. Lifting their heart.

Don't sit in your body. You wanna be light in your own body, circle the arms, lower down, flex the ankle, courage a straight spine here. Inhale and exhale. Keep breathing, guys. Then go into deflection, lower down, lower the knee, Step the leg out to the side, rotate, open the hips, One more brace, and then come back take your leg across, hips square, lower the hips down, and relax, breathe in.

Pulling the back knee off the floor. If you need that deepest stretch, Lower the knee, left up, circle the back leg around and around, Left yourself up. Rotate. Breathe in and out. And one more. Come back to the center.

Step yourself forward. Surprise surprise. We are not done. We are going to do 20 Fridays. Seeing that it's our theme of getting ourselves strong.

Rise up onto your heels. Yes. Breathe in. And we go up 1. And 2. Keep the rise 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, you're halfway there, 9. Come on guys, 10 more.

Stay on the rise. Straight your legs full range of emotion. 4 and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 20 parallel feet. Lower your head. And Excel roll up all the way.

Well done. You guys, you made it. Let's finish with the roll down. Come and set yourself up to enjoy the changes that you are feeling in your body. Take a deep breath in hell. Left your arms, lift your heart, and exhale roll forward, and enjoy and receive all the good things in your physical body, breathing, and exhale.

Roll up one more. Lift your arms. Left your heart, open wide, and exhale roll forward. And down, and reach down, breathing in, exhale roll up, Moving up, lifting your chest, open your heart, Jen parallel to the floor and have a awesome, upright, stable, strong day, you guys. So day 4 is coming, and it's gonna be life changing because we're adding a little bit of a pulse and a beat into and every exercise.

The struggle is real. Come on. See you then.


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Awesome sequence- very useful and challenging movements for everyday balance as well as warm up for athletic activities. Tash is a real inspiration!
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Fabulous.... Maria hit on the nose --- useful and challenging movements.  I modified where needed.  Yes, very useful for athletic activities as I am a cyclist and pickleball player.  Excellent cueing Tash.
I loved day 3! I’m all warmed up and ready to stand tall and even today. I’m joining you from Cappadocia, Türkiye 🇹🇷!
Taghrid K
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Woww fabulous and challenging class, I really loved the functional standing work of day 3. Thank you Tash, Lots of love from AD
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Excellent exercises for balance. I had to use a chair at times to help myself keep my balance. I will definitely do them again and again to improve my balance. Thank you Tash! 
Saphira B
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Terrific way to stretch and strengthen the hips and legs.  This is one I'll want to repeat to try and master. Thank you.
1 person likes this.
I especially liked the standing mat routines on this day 3.  Still can't quite roll from back roll into squat without a push from the  hands, but love trying.
1 person likes this.
Amazing class! I was super challenged by the standing pulses. Will have to come back to this one to see if my stability has improved at all. 
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Fantastic class, loved the balance challenges.  Rolling to a squat definately needs some practice!   What a challenge!
Shona Croft
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So challenging!  Tash you’re so strong and I need to this single leg series again! Fantastic!!!!
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