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Day 4: Pulse Challenge

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Welcome to Day 4! Tash Barnard takes your challenge up a level by adding pulses into Pilates exercises. She cues you to move with quality and precision so you get the most out of each movement. Enjoy challenging variations of exercises like Side Plank, Open Leg Rocker, and much more.
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Dec 25, 2023
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Welcome back to Pilates anytime. We are on day 4 of the challenge, and I have a question. Are you all in, or are you halfway in? Cause today, we are ramping it up by bringing in some pulses into your great quality of work that you've been committed to for the last three sessions. So let's go. Come and join me. Bring your eye again on your mat with your feet in your hip distance apart position aligning yourself and remembering all the good cues that are relevant to your own body, So you can continue working deeper and deeper and deeper into your Pilates practice.

We'll start with a lateral inhale. And as you exhale, just draw your abdominals up, breathing out, get rid of all the stale air in your body, and we'll repeat that twice more in and Excel. 1 more inhale. And exhale, breathing out, feel tall, feel aligned, feel organized, and we're gonna roll down inhale. Excel lowering your chin, draw deep into those abdominals.

Don't just collapse your body forward. It's still a muscle activation as you lean up and over your size, inhale, relax your neck for me guys. Excel to lift your abdominals, roll back up. Move your spine back up. Into your standing position and we'll repeat that 2 more times. Inhale.

And Excel to roll forward. Make sure the alignment of your legs are parallel to each other using your visual feedback, inhale, and exhale roll back up. Curling up, moving up, and lengthen 1 more breath inhale, Excel roll down. We're gonna come back to this roll down at the end of your session to assess the beautiful changes that you are going to experience within the session. So take it in hell here.

Don't force anything. Just be easy in your body. Be kind to how you move and continuously feel your body in this space. Great stuff. You guys, let's go down to the floor. You're going to sit down and lining your feet one fist with the part, and then just walk yourself down into a supine position, drawing your heel closer towards your glutes and make sure your body is centered to your mat.

Your pelvis is neutral. Your spine is neutral. Moving from this stable position. We take a inhale. We exhale. Move the pelvis into your posterior tilt.

But continue the movement as you go up into your bridge, into your pelvic hole, inhale. And exhale to articulate and roll down. Feeling centered, feeling aligned, back to your neutral inhale. And exhale to roll up, dig deep, drawing those abs down into your spine, press your feet firmly into the mat. Feel your glutes, breathe in, and exhale to roll.

And cool down and down. One more then we're going to add the pulses, breathing in. XL deep flexion articulate the spine, curling up, lifting up, press into that left foot with your left glutes and hamstring, float the right leg up off the floor, pulse up for 8, and 7, just deepening the contra in that left hip 3, 2, and one place down. Inhale. Press into that right foot. Lift the left leg up. 8 pulses. Go.

And 7. Don't rush 6. 5, and lift your hips. 2, and 1, place your feet down. Breathe in. Lift your arms to 90 degrees, exhale roll down, extend your arms, and let's move into our spine versus supine.

Both knees up off the mat. Knees rotate to the side, inhale over to the right side. And exhale back to the center. Inhale. Keep those shoulder blades on the floor and exhale back. And breathing, getting the whole spine to move in the different ranges so we can move through a full body balanced workout today, exhale, inhale over, and exhale back 3 more.

Inhale over, lift your hip, lift your hip, and exhale back my little click. And 2 more inhale over and exhale draw the rib cage down and one more over. And exhale back to your center, placing your feed one at a time on the floor. Circle your arms, interlace your hands behind your head, bring your elbows slightly off the floor. Take a breath in.

Excel draw your chin, call your head and chest up off the floor from here. We're gonna reach and hold the hands behind the thighs. Maintain your neutral pelvis, deepen the flexion in your upper body. Reach your arms up to the ceiling. The eyeliner's forward.

We pulse up for 8. And 7. Form or no neck tension. It's pure abdominal work. 2, and 1, hold your hands behind your head and lower down.

We're gonna repeat that inhale. We're doing a countdown. Exhale lift up. Curling up, flexing up, maximize your movement here, reach and hold onto your size, deepen the curve for me, This time, we do seven pulses. If your neck doesn't like the pulses, feel free to assist yourself, bringing your hands behind your head 4, 3, 2, and one hands behind the head, pause, and hold.

And lower back down, breathing in. Excel. Breathe out all the stale air out of your body. Reach the hands forward for 6. Deep in the curve here. Our line is forward, forward, forward.

We go for 6. And we deepen and we deepen. One pause and hold and lower back down. Take your inhale. Excel to call the chase forward.

Come on, guys. Check for the precision of the placement of your joints, pelvis, is a neutral, hands hold. Deepen the curve here. Reach your arms up, and we go 5. Excel 4. 3, 2, and 1. Hold your hands and lower back down.

You should feel something going on in those abs right now. Breathe in. Excel call your head and chase up and up and up. Reach your hands and hold, deepen the curve, maintain the contraction. Yeah. Hold the contraction. Reach the arms up.

Ready for 4 XL 1. Read out. And one, hands hold, and lower back down. Deep breathe in. Excel stay with me guys.

We've gotta finish strong here. We're on 3. Hold on to your thighs. Deep in the curve. Arms reach up. Ready for 3.

XL 2. XL 1. Hands, hold, and lower back down, breathe in. Quality is everything. Quality quality, quality of movement, reach, and hold or 2 deep in the curve here.

Arms extend up. XL 1, XL 2, hold your hands and come down. Last one, breathing, but we're gonna meet the oblique. So it cell flex up, reach and hold onto your thighs, deepen your curve here. You're gonna reach your arms up, do one pulse follow me, exhale up, hold it here. Hands behind your head, rotate to the right side, exhale, inhale center over to the left side. Keeping your hips and pelvis absolutely still and excelled.

And rotate to the right side. Rotate to the left side. Rotate to the right and hold it here. Reach your left arm across the body. We pulse up for 8 XL 7, no resting on that scapular, lifting up diagonally forward 3 and 2.

And one stay up on the pulse hand behind your head, and we rotate to the other side. Reach the arm across, exhale one. Excel. 3. Show this out of the ears. Pelvis stable in store.

3 and 2. And one hands behind your head. Come back to the center, lift up, lift up, lift up, and lower back down. Great work, everyone. Slide your legs away.

Reach your arms over your head. We're gonna move into the roll up everyone. I'm gonna modify from our own body by bending my knees, lift the arms, head, and chest. The struggle is real Excel come up breathing, but I'm not gonna give up, guys. I'm not gonna give up.

Keep moving. Keep moving and reach the arms back and inhale. You see, we always have choices. I could have chosen the easy way out and not do this exercise, but I'm here with you. So, come on, inspire me and move with me, and let's do this together. 3 more. Inhale, head and chest.

XL to roll up. Reaching up and over pause. And, Excel, roll down. I'm digging deep. The joys of a tight lower back.

2 more inhale. And exhale up and hold, breathing, and exhale roll back. One more. Come on, Pilates, anytime. We've got this in hell up.

Excel forward. Up. Hanover. You're gonna draw your heels closer to your glutes. Hover your legs up off the floor. Bring your hands firm me down and press down into your knees, we exhale roll down to the shoulder blades ready for the double leg stretch.

We inhale extend. Excel draw in and inhale reach. Inhale. An exhale. And 4 more. Keep that pelvis neutral and extend using those hamstrings, 2 more, inhale reach, exhale.

And one more. Ready for your single x-ray treat. Feel the heat. Read. XL 4, 3. To hold it here, pulse up 4, XL 3.

2. And one stay up on the left, maintain the contraction, and 4 pulses. To and hold it here. Dig deep you guys. Maintain the height of your chest.

Bring your hands behind your head, then rotate over, and we crisscross. Excel. XL. Elbows stay wide. Stay wide.

4. 3 ready for the roll over. Try cessioning back to the center, lower their head, extend the legs up. Exhale, lower the legs. In how left, exhale rollover, flex open, reach, and roll down.

And down and bring the legs together, inhale to lift, exhale, deflection in that lower back. Flex, abduct, and stretcher, rolling down, rolling down, press back, and circle just two more left and up and over. Flicks, adduct, and straight. Roll down your last one. We go into the control balance, lifting up, and over.

Hold it. Yeah. Keep your head in the center. Lower your feet, circle your arms to hold onto the foot, reach one leg, pulse, pulse, and change. And Public stability. An exhale. An exhale.

And formal. And 2. And 1, hold it here. Roll down through your spine as your body lifts up, bend your knees hover and extend into your open leg rocker. Alright. Let's keep moving.

In hell, roll back. And exhale up. You've got this. And inhale down and exhale. Eye line left up. Be proud and active in your posture.

And roll back and exhale, lift, and hold 2 more inhale. And exhale over and hold. Last one inhale back. And exhale. Lift and hold.

Draw the legs together, you guys. We're going to commit. To reaching the arms up into our teaser, and we're gonna hold it here 14. And I'm no pulse is just pausing. 7. 6, 5. Show this down.

Forward with your bracebone. And one. Bend your knees. Reach out, sitting up tall, ready for the spine straight with extension this time, breathing, exhale roll, articulate forward. We inhale extend, lengthen that spine out, and exhale lower, and call back up, breathe in. Excel forward, up and over, inhale, extend.

Feel the back extenses. So good for the posture. And articulate back up 3 more breathing, exhale to cool, flex your ankles, be active in your lower limb, and lower down and call back up, breathe in, and exhale up and over. Inhale to extend, lengthen and lengthen and lengthen and lower down and call back up, ready for the last one. And we bring our theme into the session, adding the pulses, lengthen, and set yourself up where your abdominals in your back are committed to one another here. And we pulse back.

Excel 1. Just in the shoulders. Just in the arms. Keep the spine stable. Full.

3, 2, and pause rotate to your right side. We pause for 4. XL 3. 2, and other side. And up for 4, 3, 2, and breathe into your seem to hold it here and then lower down.

Excel call back up all the way. Great. Alright, you guys. Let's go into our lateral flexion work, come and sit sideways. Top leg is in front of the bottom leg. Hand, just slightly head of your shoulder and you have your active shoulder strong and stable position.

We inhale lift the hips up. Excel, press up and over. Keep your chest forward. Inhale. Back and hover the hips down. 2 more inhale.

And exhale over inhale back and hover down one more inhale left. And exhale up and over. Inhale back, hover and hold. Bring your underneath legs to to your knee. We kick it 4.

XL 3. Press through your arm, 2. And one. Place it down. Top leg up. Kick up 4, exhale 3, and 2, hold it here. Hold it and hold it and hold it. And pivot forward into your plank. Breathing.

Left your hips up. Exhale. Hold. Inhale. Come back. 3 more Excel up and hold and 2 more and back. And one more and plank hold it here, left hand to the center, and rotate to the other side. Side over exhale and inhale lower, bend the knees hover, and up.

And lift, turning the head down, and enjoy the stretch within the movement. You guys want more up and over, reaching. Come back. Underneath, toe to your knee, and we kick for 4. XL 3.

XL 2. And one place it down and lift up 1. XL 2. And hold and pause and hold, place the foot down, pivot back, into your plank. Right. Holding your plank position, everyone.

You are doing great. I want you to maintain the height of your pelvis hover your knees down towards the floor. Move your hands slightly ahead of your shoulders, and we're gonna do 5 press ups lowering the sternum towards the floor, exhale 1, and inhale 2. Remember, we need quality over quantity of movement 3. XL4.

Your head is in line with your spine 5. Straight in your knees. Hold it here. Back up into your upstretch. Walk your feet in. And hold the stretcher.

Rise onto your toes. Move back into your plank. You should be in your ideal plank position. And this time, we're going to lower the body in one line towards the floor ready for some back extension. Point your toes. Use your glutes and hover your legs up off the floor.

Stay here. I've got this extension in my thoracic spine. Glutes are active, abdominals are lifting off the floor to protect the back, and we're just gonna lower the legs. Puls up one. Excel 2. There's not a lot of weight on my hands.

3. XL 4. I have a surprise for you. And 5. So what back extension reminds you of some kind of rhythm pulsing exercise through email? Excel 2 and hover and hold it here. Benjourney is reach your arms back.

Hold onto your ankles. Lower your chest down, everyone. In hell, lift up, rocking prep, exhale to lower down. And inhale to lift and lift and lift and exhale down. 3 more.

No sharp pain in the back or in the knees. If you are experiencing that, you need to modify 2 more. And one more. Hold. Abdominos left.

With control. Release your legs. Stretch your arms out ahead of you. Lower your chin. Stay in the extension.

And we swim inhale. An exhale. Inhale. An exhale. Email.

2 more. And 1, hover and hold. And lower back down. Pressing to your east position. Take your street. Yeah. Really?

And breathe out. Inhale. And exhale. Take another breath. Bring yourself up onto your hands and knees.

We're going to step the right leg out into your front support press through your arms. Step your left leg out into your front support. Left your abdominals. Press up into your pack. Press the heels down.

The right leg is gonna lift up. You're gonna open your hip and stretch out your hips. Pulse the leg up for 8 and 7. 6 stability in those shoulders. 4 3, 2, and 1 Swaplex.

Open your app and pulse up 8 in the glutes, and 6, and 5. And 4, 3, 2, and 1, bring your foot down, rise onto your toes. Walk your feet forward towards your hands. Bend your knees. Turn your legs out.

And we are on our fruggies. Alright, you guys. We are number 25. Heels are up. Hands on the floor.

We go 1, 2, 3, 4 XL5, 6, 7, keep the rhythm, 8. 9. We're in this together, guys. Let's go 1. Excel 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, 9, 10, 5, more four hills up. 3, 2, and hold it up.

Lower your heels, parallel legs. Hang down. Take a breath inhale, exhale, lift your abdominals. Roll yourself up. Bring yourself to be aligned on your mat the way we started.

Reach your arms up to the ceiling. Open your chest. Open your heart. An excel roll down. Bend your knees.

Reach your hands forward. Extend your right leg out behind you. Press through your arms. Your arms are active. Hover your back leg up off the floor.

Hold it here for me. Lifting your spine into a tabletop position We're gonna reach the arms forward and hold the car for 5, 4, 3, 5 pulses down, and we go 5. 4, 3, 2, and hold. Bend your right leg up off the floor. Extend and stretch that right leg forward, hold it for 5, and 4, and 3, to, and let's reverse it up and reach circle around.

Lower the body down. Roll forward. Extend and reach the arms forward. Be active in that back. Left leg goes out behind you.

Press into that right hamstring. Hopper the back, hover the lake, hold for 5, and 4 abdominals lifted 3. 2, and we go pulse 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, binge, or knee reach it forward, stretch and hold for 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Place your foot down, lift your arms up, interlace your hands behind your head, inhale till to the right side. And exhale left and inhaled to the left side and exhale up.

And inhale over and lift 1 more and inhale. Email and exhale. Reach your arms up, breathe in, lift your breastbone up, up, up, Excel lower your chin, roll forward, allow the changes, to bring the balance into your body. Take a breath in hell. That makes our roll up.

Could up, lift your arms, reaching up one more. And Excel, lower your chin, and roll forward, hanging over your thighs, take a breath in and exhale to roll up, lifting up, continue the arms, circling up and around and finish in your beautiful, organized upright posture. Well done, you guys. Alright, everyone. Well done. With all the pulse this.

On the next session, we are going to bring in your Sarah loop. So make sure you have that handy, and we're gonna do a lot of glute work. A little bit of stability and more resistance work with more pulses, so don't give up. You've got this.


Ingrid H
1 person likes this.
Challenging class! Thanks Tash for the great cueing, and motivation.
3 people like this.
Another Challenging class, Tash, along with great cueing and encouragement.  My 70.5 yo body is enjoying this Late December Challenge.
Thank you, Tash! I do feel better and more aligned at the end than at the beginning.
2 people like this.
First I thought I couldn't do this today but thanks to your great motivation I could! Thank you, Tash. Challenges are needed to see what is still possible by nevertheless being careful and precise. I feel amazing!
Tash Barnard
Ingrid H oh we’re better together !! 🤸‍♂️🤍
Tash Barnard
1 person likes this.
Janice M you’re inspiring Janice !  WOW !  Thanks for sharing your age with me - but what a revelation : Jo Pilates was right !  ‘You’re as young as your spine is flexible’. COME ALIVE !  
Tash Barnard
Patricia Quayle Wickman Yayeeee !  I’m rejoicing with your body Patricia !!!! Well done !!!!
Tash Barnard
Pauline E COME ALIVE !  This is so good Pauline !  I back you !  You’ve got this !!!
1 person likes this.
Excellent class Tash! I survived until the end! 😊 There were some I could not do towards the end but that is allright; it gives me a way to assess my improvements! 
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Great for a New Years Day. Those pulses always add that extra challenge! :) 
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