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Day 5: Theraband Strength

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 5! You will feel the burn in this invigorating class with Tash Barnard. She keeps the energy and motivation up in challenging sequences that will push your strength and endurance. She includes a Theraband for the entire class to help you strengthen your deep stabilizer muscles.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Dec 25, 2023
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Welcome back to class 5, everyone. Today, we're gonna use your Sarah loop. And if you don't have one, don't worry. Just be strong in your body, create your own resistance. And, yeah, we're gonna do another beautiful, intense, deep, full body, workout starting right in this upright position with your feet slightly separated. We're gonna start with a little bit of shoulder work.

So bring your elbows into your waist. Stand up nice and tall. Keep your chin parallel to the floor and make sure you feel that your neck muscles are drawing your your body back and up. Take a debrief, you guys, inhale. Excel. So my strap is not on that heavy side.

Of things because I wanna work my deep, deep stabilizers. Just keep going. Excel. If your strap is too tight, if you selected a heavier one and you're not getting the range in your hands right now or in your shoulders, then drop your strap and keep moving through the arms. Keep going. Exhale, exhale, and inhale. These are so good for your rotator cuffs.

Make sure your posture's upright. Your head is in line with your spine. Good posture is always a win. Doesn't matter. What you're doing, have good posture. Keep going. I'm burning.

4 more. X health 3. X healthy. And hold it. Little tiny pulses, external rotation. Keep going.

XL 5, more, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Great stuff. Bring your palms down, everyone. Extend your arms forward this time, breathing. Excel Preswhite with straight arms and forward. Moving from that posterior part of the shoulder, exhale.

And exhale. I'm gonna turn sideways. Keep moving. Excel. And exhale. So my shoulders are not hunching up.

Should the blades are nice and wide, and 4 more. XL 3, XL 2, and we go pulse 8, 7, and 6. 5, 4, 3, 2, hold it here. Bend your knees, reach your arms forward, tabletop line, and lift your body up. And we've been down inhale and inhale and exhale up and breathing.

And exhale up and being down, alignment, alignment, and lift up 4 more down. And left. Keep the tension on your strap guys. 3 more and up. And 2, and left. And one hold it here, really feel like you're lifting your pelvis up, keeping your spine aligned, and we pulse the arms up 1.

Pull wide on the strap 2, exhale 3. Abdominals are lifted 4, and 5. 6, 7, hold it here. Rotate to the right side. Come back to the center.

Rotate to the lift. Keep those abs close to your back and rotate and forward. And rotate form or elongate the spine and 3, keeping the headings in the center of the arms. And one more each side, exhale rotate, and exhale. Come back to the center, reach to your floor tuck your head in, breathe in, and roll yourself up.

Take another breath. 2 roll downs here, inhale. And exhale to roll forward up and over, bend the knees, inhale, and articulate your spine rolling up. Nice and easy and free in your spine. 1 more inhale.

Excel, lower your head, roll down, roll down, breathing in, and exhale tuck your pelvis. Call back up and arrive. With your upright posture, we're gonna move down to the floor. Everyone, because Stecker said forward, Keep your strap in your hands, lie in your supine position, and we're going to extend your arms, reach them up to the ceiling, have your palms face your knees. Make sure there's great tension on your straps. Take your inhale. XL deep flexion in that lower back.

Roll and lift your hips up off the floor, inhale extend your arms back over your head, and then exhale, cool down. Reach down as your pelvis hits the neutral, bring the arms back to the ceiling. Inhale. Inhale arms reach back. Exhale to cool down. Working through your spine.

Inhale back. Again, inhale, and exhale up, inhale, reach back, Excel, cool down, deep Excel, and inhale lift the arms. 2 more. Inhale reach back. Shoulder should feel the work. You guys, exhale rolled out.

And down and lift the arms inhale one more breathe in and exhale to curl up. Left, lift, lift, reach your arms back over your head. Excel, cool, and roll down as you lift your arms this time. Draw your chin and your chest forward into your chest lift position. Lift your right leg off the floor.

Lift your left leg off the floor. Reaching your arms over your head, pulse your arms wide for 8, exhale, 7, and 6, the chest lift pulse in 5, 4, 3, 2. Hold it here. Reach your arms back over your head. Single leg stretch, exhale. And exhale.

Nice deep core work working into your stabilizers for pull the strap wide. 32 and hold it. Rotate over to the side and exhale over to the side. Inhale in exhale. Inhale in exhale. And 6.

Pull the strap wide 5, while the pelvis is stable for 3, 2, and 1, come back to your center, place your strap over your ankles, lower your head and chase down arms in your tee position. So keeping the resistance on your strap, but pressing into those glutes. So press into the lateral part of the hip. We rotate inhale to the side, extend the legs away, exhale, draw back, and bend. Inhale to the left.

Extend the legs away and pull back and been breathing. Continue the inhale on the knee extension. X hell back and been inhale and reach XL 2 more. Inhale over, reach away. Exhale back and bend one more over.

And reach and lengthen. Draw your legs back. Hold it here. Intellize your hands behind your head. Go into that external rotation in your hip.

You're gonna breathe in. Call your head and chest up. Lower your legs, maintaining your pelvic lumbar stabilization here and lift up and lower down. And exhale to curl up and lift and lower the head. 4 more exhale and exhale draw into the abdominals, you guys, and lower back down.

3 more exhale. Excel, lift, and lower 2 more, and exhale. And exhale and lift up and lower last one, exhale. And lower. Reach your arms forward.

Hold it here. We inhale 2, 3, 4, 5, and exhale. And in hell, I'm still pulling white on my strap. 5, 2, 3, 4, 5, inhale, reaching your gaze down 6. And 7, 2, 3, 4, 5, inhale. And 8, 2, 3, 4, 5, inhale.

Last 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, pause. Lift your legs. Lower your head. And roll over. Flex your feet. Keep the tension on this strap. Excel. Roll down.

Control and point your toes, inhale left, and exhale up and over. Flicks your ankles. And exhale to call and roll and roll and lower down 2 more guys. Inhale up? And exhale to roll over, up and over, flex your feet, and exhale rolling down.

Hopper the feet, control that inner corde, and last one, and up and over. Flex your feet. Roll down. Roll down. And this time, lift your head. Roll up. To balance up off the floor.

Alright. Remember from our previous sessions, we're gonna roll over rolling knuckleball, roll over, touch the toes, come up into a squat maintaining the resistance on your strap. 1st, 5 rolling knuckles. And we go. Email, and Excel. And for more, I'm after the quality of the movement and 2 more.

Email? Last one, then we touch the toes over the head and boom. And hold. Keep the control. Touch over, roll up, and hold, and call over.

Roll up. Enhold how you guys doing. 3 more. And up. Getting the progression going.

2 more. K. Get your wrap your head around it. One more and we're gonna squat. You've got this. And, boom, let's go.

We roll, and we touch, and we come up squats and hold for 5. 4, 3, 2, game and bend and roll. Touch up. Hold 5, 4, 3, 2, and again, and roll. Remember if this squad is not available to you, you're hovering the teaser position. Okay? 3.

2, 1, and roll over, up, pause, and up, 4, 3, to last one, you guys, and up and over, lift, hold, and 5, 4. 3, 2, and I'm gonna turn to face you. We are going to keep the flow. Tap your right. So out and lift her in and out and out and tap. Come on, guys. It'll glued me Gotta work hard. 4, and 3, and 2, hold it here. Lean forward.

Get the precision of the placement of your body in the right position, leaning forward, standing on your supporting leg. We pulse up 1. Xl2xl3. 5, 6, 7. Hold it here. Move your leg diagonally behind you.

Keep your alignment and pulse up 8. And 7. 6543. Do you feel the burn? In your standing link. Okay. Let's go. Other side, repeat the sequence.

Tap and tap and tap. Out and 3, 2, finish on the other leg lifted up, and we go 1. Excel to 3. Gosh. I feel my supporting leg working hard. And 3. 2.

And are you gonna lean back? Keep the stability, pulse up 1. In the glutes. It's in the glutes. Work from the glutes. 5. 4, 3, 2, and 1.

And well done, you guys. Alright, you guys. We're gonna keep this strap around the ankles, but you're gonna turn to come into your kneeling position, working on all the glutes just the glute needs, you're gonna bring your strap, and you're gonna let it press over your instep. We are on day 5, guys. So tuck your toe under. You're going to hover your left knee up off the floor. The right leg is gonna press up exhale.

And exhale. And 3, don't be too high off the floor. The lower you hover, the more intense the work. Keep your spine in that neutral position 3. XL 2.

XL hold it. We press with the bent knee into your park. Come forward, hover and hold. And 2, we do 4. And hover and hold. And 3, and hover.

Last one for hold it here. Press that heel up for 8. XL 7 6, 5, 4, 3, To don't collapse, stay here with me, hover back down, and straighten your leg. Pass up 4 x. And 7, and 6. Feel the burn, guys. 5, and 4, 3, 2, and 1, lower down.

Swapping sides. Okay. That was hard. Oh, other side. Let's go. Tuck the toe. Press into your shoulders.

We hover the right knee off the floor. Excel, press up 1. Excel 2. 4, only moving from the hip 5, and 6, and 7. Hold it. We press down. And down and forward hover and hulk.

3 more Excel and Excel. Nice and controlled with great quality of movement. 2 more praise and praise. And forward one more Excel. Hold. Hold.

Hold as you come forward. You straighten the leg, and we go 8. 7, 6, abs up, 4, 3, 2, and 1, and come down. Have a quick break. Everyone take a breath and exhale.

And one more and exhale. Bring yourself back up onto your hands and knees. Your strap is going to stay over your ankles. You're going to press into your plank and hold it here. Pracing to your plank, press and hold.

Separate your feet wider if you need more resistance on your strap. Alright. Take a deep breath in hell. Left your hips. Take the right hand. Reach to your left ankle. Come back to your plank and hold.

Left to right. And back and hold, right to left, back and hold, aiming for full range of motion, reach, Alright. Single arm reaching forward. We go into the cross. Reach the arm forward hover and hold. Place it down.

Reach and cross. Reach the on forward, hover and hold. Place it down. 4 more reach and cross. Hover and hold.

Place it down. And 3, you guys are doing good. Hover and hold. They line your bodies stabilize your body. And one more each way. Reach and hold.

Last one. Reach across hover and hold. Stay here. You're gonna pivot into your sideburn position. Hold the position. Left your breastbone.

Take your front leg and lift it up. We're gonna pulse the leg up for 5. XL for 3 2 and one, place it down, pivot forward, other side. Hover and hold. Left the leg.

Pulse up for 5, and 4. I feel we need to do that again. To earn one, place it down. Plank, rotate, lift the leg up for 5. 4.

3, 2, place it down, pivot forward, side bend, lift the leg, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 come back to your plank. Lift your head up. I lift your hips up. Alright. From here you guys, we're gonna come back into our plank position. We're gonna lower the body for five counts to the floor with control 1. And 2, and 3, and 4, don't collapse, don't collapse, and 5. Did you do your best? Did you do your best?

Maybe we should do it again. Come on. Let's do it again. Press up and go into your park because we're gonna do this in one of our other classes that coming. So get the precision of the movement. Trust your body to hold this whole perfect line as you lower down for 5 and 4.

And 3, 2, well done, you better to reach your legs up off the floor. You're gonna bring your hands underneath your head, everyone. Squeeze and lift your legs up long lever with the resistance too. We did this yesterday. 3, XL 4, and 5. 6, 7, and hold it. Bring your knees. Reach and hold onto your ankles.

Left your chest, extend up, and lower back down, and lift and reach, reach, reach, and lower back down and 3 more up and lower. It sell to keep those abdominals lifting off the floor and down. And one hold it reach your legs away, hands underneath your shoulders, and we press up into this one. And we drop down and lift. Keep the tension on your strap. Down and up.

Down and left. Keep the tension on your strap. Excel one. Hold it here. Lift your abs and press back into your wrist position. Well, then roll yourself up.

Take your strap out of your feet. And we're gonna bring this strap underneath your elbows. Right underneath your elbows. We're gonna spend a little bit of time working on that plank press up to keep the body in one straight line. Alright? Cause we're going to aim.

By session 7 to do this more than once. Extend one leg out. Extend the second leg out. You wanna lower your brace going towards the strap and exhale up and hold. And inhale, inhale, and inhale, and Excel up and hold.

And Seremo. Keeping your head in line with your spine too. And one, hold it, lift up, stretch if your head is in the way of the strap. Just move it and then step forward into a lunge. Bring your strap to your wrists. Lift and reach it up here.

We tilt over to the right side and lift over to your left side and 2 more. And reaching and up and over and up straight in both legs. Lean forward straight back, straight arms. Fold your body down, stretching to that hamstring. Breathe in and out. And in and out.

Pinioni, press back, swap sides, and left. And reach. Hold it here. Find your position. Feel connected in your body.

Tilt to the left. And up and to the right and up and to the left and up one more over and up straighten both legs, lean forward, Lower down, tuck your head in, and stretch. Inhale. And one more. Bend your knee, elongate your spine.

Press back into your plank. Left your hips up. And we're gonna walk heel to toe for it. Heel to toe for it. Heel to toe.

Heel heal toe and hold it here. Back into your squat. Press wide into your arms guys. Use your shoulders. Rise your right heel up and down and left and down and right and down and left 4 more exhale and exhale and 2.

And we go 2 hills up, and we rise, rise, and lower. And rise, rise, and lower. And 3, Excel 4, And 6, are you pulling wine with your arms or your arms just hanging out? And 3 more, exhale to. Excel, hold your heels up nice and high.

Can you activate the back of your legs a little bit more? And we pulse down one. XL 2. 4 XL 5 and 6. And 7. And we hold it for 8.

Come on, guys. Use your hamstrings. Use your glutes. Have it hold it 5. 4, 3, 2, lower the heels. Tuck the head in.

Take a deep breath and roll yourself up. Excel. Excel and Excel breathing in. Excel, turn to just roll forward. Roll down.

Pull one on your strap, breathing in, and exhale curling up. Rolling up. Left and hold. One more breath. Inhale. And exhale. Roll down.

All the way down, let go of your strap. Rotate to your right side, lift and stretch, and enjoy the rotation here. Breathing and out. One mole and change. And left and Excel.

Come back to the center. Leave your strap roll up halfway. I'm gonna Get you to stretch your glutes out. Cross your ankle over your thigh. Bend your knee.

Relax your arms here. Take a breath and exhale back of the neck as long. Inhale and exhale. And one more and change and Sitting down. Hold your stretch.

Trust your body to balance in this position. Breathing in. And out, and breathing, and out, and one more. And place your food down. Take a deep breath, guys.

Take it in hell. Exceler your chin and roll down. And down. Grab hold of your elbows. Rotate your body to the right side.

And center. And over to your left side and center 2 more. Over to the right side and back and over to the left side and back, breathing Keep holding onto your elbows, rolling up, finishing off with a beautiful lateral stretch into those lats over to your right side. Go a little bit further and and over to your left side, reaching up and over. 2 more inhale.

Feeling light through your joints, feeling bad balanced in all the muscles in your body, one more over. And up and relax. Well done, you guys. You did it. I will see you back. For session 6. I can't wait.

Alright, you guys. So did you feel that deep work in your body? We are close to getting to session 6, and it's a combination of all the good things that you've committed to for the last 5 sessions. So can you let me know did you manage the little roll over into the squad because there's another surprise coming. Let's see how we go. Show up for you, and we bated today that you guys


Maria P
1 person likes this.
Great session, great energy! I use a chair for support for the one leg standing balancing exercises. Side planks leg lifts- still a little challenging for me- not sure why I have not been able to do those successfully- could be something to do with me being taller and having weaker wrist on one side? Are there any tips to modify? I can do them on my shoulder but not on straight arms. Great challenge and great athletic sequence to start your day and keep you going!
Ingrid H
2 people like this.
Great class! I had to modify a few sequences but loved the flow!
1 person likes this.
Wonderful.....I am able to modify when needed.  With arthritis in my CMC joints, I am on my forearms on half roller for planks side work.
Nora H
1 person likes this.
I really enjoyed this class. It was challenging in a good way. Thank you!
Elizabeth  V
1 person likes this.
Challenging, but I feel great afterwards! The rollover to squat is intense!! Go girl!
Silke B
2 people like this.
Loved this class - slowly getting there with the rollover into squats. Thank you so much Tash, so amazing working out with you ❤️
Taghrid K
2 people like this.
Woww these rollover into squats were tricky even though I used to do them before, but I guess if you don't practice them, you lose it with age.. Thank you for the reminder. I could do them but wobbly and a couple of times I had to  use my hands so stoped the video and practiced repeating them. 
Claudia T
1 person likes this.
Ammmmazing! Thank you!
Andrea S
1 person likes this.
I love this challenge - such hard work. However, I just can't get my legs over my head without swinging and definitely cannot stand up into a squat without my arms. I would love to work on this throughout the year - any guidance around what to do to build the strength to achieve this? 
I can do the rollover to squat when I come up on both legs. One leg for support is a whole other story! I loved your creative exercises with the band! Thank you, Tash!
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