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Pelvis and Hip Joint Mat

50 min - Class


Discover deep connections within the pelvis and hips in this insightful Mat class by Michael and Ton. With the aid of a Theraband, Spikey Balls, and a Triadball, you will be led through various exercises that help expand your range of motion and build stability throughout the hips. Get ready to activate, align, and awaken your hip and pelvic awareness!
What You'll Need: Mat, Spikey Ball (2), Triadball, Theraband

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Hi. I'm Joan. And I'm Michael, and welcome to our pelvic and hip joint class. Have fun. So what we're gonna start is, first of all, we need to know and feel in the hip We're gonna start with an exercise we call the standing figure 8, and it's to give your client and yourselves the feel of what it feels like to have the hip stationary and the femur moving freely in the socket, which it normally should do. So just gonna come up and take a wall. I suggest at home or take the back a chair, whatever you're using, and I'll start over here.

And she's just gonna give me the weight of her leg. So it's just and she's gonna bring the leg just front, then she's gonna externally rotate it. Then she's gonna bring it back down, so it's back in the starting position. Then she's gonna bow back, and she's going to internally rotate to bring it back front. So it just opens up like an 8.

You're on your own, babe. Checkout Angel over here. Now the tendency not saying that angels doing it, but the tendency is to wanna manipulate it and do it, glute heavy. Don't. Do you feel that feeling of how the femur should be able to rotate in multiple directions and positions?

Good. This side is looking good, so let's try the other side. And just note, you might not be even. Nobody is. That's what makes life exciting. So you just start and you lift it up, externally rotate, bring it back, you internally rotate to come front.

And the circle to the back will be smaller than the circle to the front. So don't try and think you have to make an even 8. It's sort of that some people call it that infinity sign. It's which is sort of a lopsided 8. That's the look we're going for. And relax.

You could do it just standing. But when first trying it, I would suggest you hold a wall the back of a chair just for your balance. So you're not trying to grip so hard. Then the next exercise, you're just gonna stand, and you choose an arm. I don't care which one.

And what you're gonna do is just flex it, and the fist is gonna come in. You're just gonna think of pulling it up, your body, then you're gonna open your hand and reach long towards the ceiling and then just side bend over. And then bring it up and bring it down. Make the fist again. So it's just a lateral stretch in a different way of getting there, stretch those fingers out long.

And, yes, I don't care if the shoulders up by your ear. If you're reaching for the cookies or chocolate on that top shelf, the shoulder does do this. We all know we've all done it. We just don't want to ummit that we went for the last cookie and stretch it over and bring it up. The last time, make that fist.

So you have that pull spiral in the arm. And then you've got the push spiral going away, like, out, and then just bring it down. Now think of We talked about this before, Joe, in the outside where he's in that big x position and his little underwear or swimsuit out in the woods It's that Vitruvian man from da Vinci. So we're just gonna start there, but we're gonna take the Vitruvian man and think of making him kite. So your sitz bones are gonna drop down, and you're gonna think of bringing your pelvis forward.

So there's no pressure sit bones down, pubic bone. It's like pulling up and then just come back. So it's almost like the wind caught you, and then it brought you back up. So it's just a breathing reaching long with those fingertips and back up. And you can just inhale.

Look at the glorious day. And one more. Just deep breath in. Exhale. Just bring the arms down to the side and slowly roll yourself down all the way. Good. And we're gonna be in a quadruped position.

So and what we're gonna do is cat stretch. So you're gonna basically curl your toes under. And all we're gonna think of doing is just rounding, bringing your head your pelvis together and then release it. Now I want you to put the focus on the hips So think of those sits bones that pubic bone pulling up. And now think of sending those sits bones away like, think of sticking out your pelvis.

Even though you're going through the flexion and extension, I'm trying to put the focus on the pelvis. So the pubic bone pulls up towards your sternum, and then think of sending your sits bones back and separate it. And so it's opening it up. So one last time, pull it in. And then let it go send those sits bones back. Now you're in the site extension, so bring the head back down in line, but keep the back cheeks smiling.

From here, you're just gonna rock. So you're gonna think of rocking back sending those sitzabones back, keeping the spine long and front. So just rock back. There you go. And front And one more time back and front.

Now because that's looking so good, let's take one leg, and you can do the opposite leg from each other. You can take the down stage leg out or the up or the up stage. It I'm totally flexible. You're gonna try and keep the foot down. It might go down all the way this way, or it might be here. Again, it depends upon your body. There's no right and then is no wrong.

So you're gonna think of sending that sits bones back and come back up. So you're just rocking and you're getting a bit of a stretch. And if you're not getting in that stretch, bring the foot more forward. And you'll get even a deeper stretch, and you can bring it even. Yep. There you go.

Send those sits bones back. And then come back and bring that leg in. And we're gonna bring the other leg out. And from there, we'll do it on the other side. So you're just gonna send it back and bring it in.

Send it back. Bring it in. How's it feeling? If you want more, remember, bring it more forward. Don't worry. I'll move.

I wouldn't want to deprive you of your stretch. So you just last time, bring it in, then you're gonna just bend that leg, bring it in so you're about hip width apart. So your knees are in line. You're gonna come up. You're gonna put your fingers right in front and your thumb, as you can see, with Aaron's thumb's just gonna be right.

There. From there, that whole theme of stick those cheeks out. Stick that butt out. You're gonna think of folding you're gonna try and keep that elongated spine by lifting the back of your brains. So keep that. Go ahead for one last time and come up.

Now bring your feet together so you have external rotation and do the same thing. So the femur is in a different position in the hip socket, then open the feet out. So now you're in internal. For some people, this feels great. For others, Not so much.

And relax. Then you're gonna grab your tripod, and you're gonna just place it right between your legs. You're gonna hold on to the backs of your thighs. Your feet might touch the floor, or they might not. It doesn't matter.

Yours do. Mind don't, which is okay. From here, you're gonna hold on the back, and you're gonna think of sending your heels away as you roll down squeezing that ball until your arms are straight. Then you're gonna roll up by pulling up this way and squeezing the ball and pulling your heels in towards you. And once you're up, you change the hands, press in and lift your sternum so you have an extension and then slowly round again. Roll it down till your arms are straight.

Roll in, think of bringing your head to the trial ball, and then change your hands. Lift up. And if you wanna make them more intense, push your heels away in the extension. And then the full amin to go into the flexion one more time. Rolling it down. Your arms are straight.

Still pull those heels. Yes. There you go. Now going into the extension, push the heels away. Lift up, hold that extension, and just relax. Then we're gonna keep the ball, and we're gonna place it right underneath your feet So we're gonna do a variation on the 100, but it's gonna be like with the footwork.

So you probably want to put it So your feet are in the front edge of the ball and keep them together. And we'll just start by bringing the head up, lifting the back the brains, elongated spine, arms long. We'll do two sets here. Just breathe in and push down on that ball. And and And out now we're gonna add him a girl in 3, 4, 5, and then out, 2, 3, 4, 5, and in.

And out. And now we can go a little bit quicker, and we go in and out. And in 2, 3, 4, 5, without 2, 3, 4, 5, and in, 2, 3, 4, 5, out, 2, 3, 4, 5, in. 2, 3, 4, 5, relax. 2, 3, 4. 5 and in. 4, 5. Out 2, 3, 4, 5. The last time I was feeling, and relax. Oh, thank god. That one's done.

We're gonna stay with the tribe ball. So you're gonna have to sit up. I know. You're gonna place the child ball right between your calves and your thighs. You're gonna squeeze it.

You're gonna be just on top of your toes. From here, hands are gonna be long. I know this trick. No. This way. Fingers long towards the ceiling.

You're gonna think of lift the sits bones and drop the sits bones. And do not remove your elbows. And so it's a lift and a drop. There you go. If you think of lift and drop instead of back and front, so it lifts and then it drops. So you lift the sits bones, rise up, and drop them down. There you go. And try not to touch.

We have one more with ceiling. Keeping those elbows there and hold. Hold. Then place your feet down. Get rid of your tripod and lie down on your back.

We're gonna place our feet roughly in like a diamond shaped ish position, and the hands go behind your head. So the first thing we're going to do is just elongate the back of our brains. So keep your head on the floor and just give it with your hands a little pool on that neck lengthening that out and then just release it back down. So you just have that little pull to lengthen and then release. Let's do it one more time.

We have a little pull to lengthen. At the same time as we give that little pull, we're gonna curl our pelvis slightly off the floor. So we're gonna lengthen the back of the head and then curl the pelvis slightly off the floor, and then everything releases. So we have long in the cervical, long in the lumbar. That pulls us up and then re release.

Think of the pubic bone length and the pubic bone rolls in towards you and bring it down. The next time we're gonna stay up there. We're gonna lengthen. We're gonna curl them. I'm gonna stay up there.

And now with our pelvis, we're going to do like a backwards pedaling motion. As if we are outside in our canoe paddling backwards on the ocean. We're looking at the dolphins. We're seeing a shark, so we're gonna pedal a little faster. That might be appropriate.

And then Relax yourself down. Place your feet down. Grab 2 of your spiky balls. And when you reach behind you, you feel these bones by your pelvis. And you have one on each side.

You're gonna place the ball right slightly below it. So you're gonna lie down on your back, and you have a ball on either side. Now, as we are going and you feel that you need to place the ball somewhere else in that neighborhood, please change. So the soles of your feet are going to be together. The knees are gonna be open, and you're just going to take a couple of breaths there. You can open the arms a little bit So you have a good balance in the body, and move them around a little bit to make sure you are in the right place. Then we're just going to put a little bit more weight on one side.

So we're moving our weight to one ball to the right. And then removing it to the left. So just allow yourself to rock from side to side nice and slowly, allow the weight of your pelvis to kind of like move into that ball and then move to the other ball. And we all gonna have our own speed, and that is okay because we are individuals. Then wherever you are, make sure you're even before you move on to the next one.

So you're gonna start sin in the center. Use your hands and your feet feet and just let yourself rock up and down. So make a short rocking motion You can go as fast or slow as you want to go. What feels right for your body. And just try to release the pelvis as much as you can.

Then slowly fade out, so just let it slowly go. Then we're gonna, again, move the weight onto the right hip, but this time, we're gonna move it all the way on top of it. Now the left knee is going to go straight up to the ceiling, you can adjust that foot. So now I can take the ball out from underneath my left hip. All the weight is on that one hip. I'm gonna use my leg, my top leg, and I'm gonna roll the ball towards my hip joint.

And then back towards my sacrum. So it goes on a diagonal to the outside of my thigh where the bonus, the greater trochanter, to my sacrum, and try to keep your pelvis as relaxed as possible. So the weight of the pelvis is reading on the ball. So you really sink into that ball and have that lovely, lovely feeling and reach. I have a lovely feeling.

Okay. I'll shut up. Now then you're gonna grab the ball again, and you're gonna place it back. So we start back in our center, And then it's the time for the other side. So I'm gonna move the ball to my left hip. I'm gonna change my right foot up or my right knee up.

Can take the right ball away. And then I'm gonna roll the ball again towards that hip joint and then back towards your sacrum. So you go towards that graded trochanter, that bone ride on the outside of your thigh, and back. And we're kind of like following the line of our par reformers. There we go. Let's do a couple more because it feels so good. And then we're gonna place that ball The second ball back, we end up in the middle again.

Gonna place both our feet on the floor. We're gonna curl our pelvis under to take the balls away and we slowly roll through our spine down and relaxing our pelvis. It should feel pretty good at this moment. I know what feels good. Then you're going to have the legs hip width apart.

Arms are down. That sort of like was our feel good, do good moment of the workout. We're going to curl our pelvis under. It can roll up until about the bottom of your ribs are still on the floor, and then you're slowly going to roll back down. We're not gonna go into a full shoulder bridge.

We're just gonna do a pelvic curl. You curl the pelvis when you're at the bottom of the ribs are on the floor, and then you're gonna roll back down. Now we're gonna roll up, and we're going to stay there. So we're gonna roll up And now my lower back is slightly off the floor. I'm gonna just keep my body in this position, I'm just going to release my pelvis so my sits bones move towards the floor, but my lower back is still off the floor.

And then I'm gonna curl it back up and bring it back in. So I'm gonna release my bones. My lower back stays off the mat, and then I come back up nice. So I'm gonna move right through that hip joint of releasing it, which how do you don't do it in the ribs, but really in the hips and coming back in. Now when you release it, you should feel those sit bones kind of like separating when they come down. And when you curl back up, you might feel them coming together again.

Right? So you have a little bit of that opening and closing that you had earlier with Michael. Now come up and stay up And then we're gonna slowly roll back down. Once we're down, I guess it's time to come back up. So we're gonna curl back up, and we have that lower ribs still on the floor. I'm going to really press my right foot into the floor. As hard as I can so that I can take my left leg just off into a tabletop without having to shift.

And then I'm bringing it back down. Press into my left leg to bring my right leg up. So we have a tendency to focus on the leg that is moving, and it's actually the opposite. So push into the leg, it stays on the floor, and that will help keeping your pelvis stable. Don't worry about the pelvis that, of, of that comes up.

Because it will stay up high if you push hard enough with the bottom leg. Right. So it's about the bottom leg, not the top leg. Bring it up and then bring it down. Are we even? We are not cons we're not quite sure.

And now we're even, and then we roll yourself back down. You're gonna roll up again one more time. I probably should not say that. I'm probably lying. We're gonna be up.

We're going to bring that, like, now straighter up to the ceiling. It doesn't have to be straight. It can be relaxed. The hip that the leg that is up, that hip is rotating down towards the floor. Then I'm gonna push with my leg back into the floor to lift that hip back up.

So the hip is lowering down. The leg stays straight up, then press through that leg to come back up. You really feel that hip working. So Now only that hip moves. So this stays exactly where it is, and then you rotate it up.

So don't lower the other hip. Only the leg that is up, that hip is moving. Then bring that bend that leg back in, slowly roll back down through your spine to give yourself a little moment to come back up. To roll back up, lift the other leg up. There you go. The leg that is up, that hip lowers a little bit.

Push through that leg to come back up. There you go. Lowering it down. Try to keep the hip absolutely stable. That leg that's on the floor, that hip just rotates.

It doesn't lower. And going down to come back up, two more times down to bring it up and one more time down to bring it up. You're gonna bent that knee. You have your ah moment when you just lowered all the way down. There you go. And then roll yourself up all the way.

Then we're gonna open our legs as wide as comfy. This time, we're gonna keep our spine absolutely straight. You can have your hands in front of you. You can have them here. You can have them here.

Don't care. Then you're going to keep that hinge and you're just gonna lean into that stretch without fixing your pelvis. So the pelvis comes with you forward. Almost think of your center of gravity, kind of like coming down to the floor. There must be a better sound effect than done. So we're gonna stay here.

Now we're gonna be here, and we're going to do little pulses, and we just bounce into it. Don't go wah wah wah. It's just really kind of soft pulsing into that stretch. Letting that release as we go. Let's have a couple more. Good times. And then we jump all the way back up. You're gonna grab your spiky ball.

Now I'm gonna be in his, what we call the z set. So in the z set, I'm gonna be on my left hip for now, and my left knee is straight in front of me, and my other leg is straight on the side. The spiky ball is going to go under the sits bone of the leg that's in that's forward. So in my case, this leg, I'm going to place The ball right by. That's its bone. There we are. The other hand, one hand is for balance.

The other hand goes on the hip. And we're gonna rotate this all in and back. So we're gonna rotate slowly over that ball, but don't worry about the ball too much. It will move by itself because that is what balls do. Going forward and back. Science. Forward and back. It's amazing.

It's amazing what balls do. Then you're gonna place your hand on your thigh bone. We're gonna counter rotate. So when the hip goes forward, we're gonna move that femur out. When the hip goes back, we're gonna move that thigh in.

So the hip goes forward and the thigh goes out. And the hip goes back. It's the other way. So let let it really go in. Yep. So now it goes, yes.

Now bring it out. There you go. And I really bring it in when you go backwards. There you go. Going out. And going in one more time, going out, and going in. Then we're going to take this ball away We're going to stay on this side, and we're just going to place our elbow down.

So you might wanna go to the site. Yeah. So protect. Be on that elbow. Bring both legs on top of each other. So move your upper body slightly forward so that the elbow is more in line with that with the knee.

You're gonna press your knees into the floor, and I'm just going to press myself up, move my hips forward into that side bend, really pressing that bottom leg into the floor. So we're really using that hip there. Fold into the hip to bring it back. Press into it to come up. And then come back down.

We're going to stay in the up position. Now remember the first exercise we did who can think that far back? Bring that leg up, and we're going to do our figure 8. So we're gonna go up, turn out, backing in. Front and turn out. Backing in.

Wait a minute. This doesn't feel as good as we start it. One more time, and then relax down. We're gonna lift ourselves up, and we're gonna start with that z sit on the other side. So make sure the leg is right in front of you to the side place its balls right underneath your sits bum. There we go. Have the hand on the hip.

Bring that knee a little bit more to the front, the right leg, right in front of you. And then that one can be more open. There we go. And then we're gonna roll back and forward. So this hand on the floor, just place it wherever it needs to be your balance. There we go.

Moving back. Now place the hand more in the hip. And we're gonna rotate again. So the hip goes back and the leg rotates in, and the hip goes forward and the leg turns out. So when the left hip moves backwards, it rotates, and then it rotates.

We're gonna moving that hip and the femur against each other. So good. So good. I mean, when it's good, it's good. You know, what what else are you gonna do?

You're gonna do more of them. That's what you're gonna do. So we're gonna get rid of the ball. We are gonna lie down on the side. Knees are on top of each other.

Elbows forward. Make sure it's right underneath your shoulder. You're gonna press those legs in, and you press up, and we fold back. And press up. I know what's coming.

And back up. So do I? And press is up. And bring it up. Here we go. We're gonna bring it up. We're gonna lift that leg up, and we're going to do our figure 8.

We bring it to the front and turn it out, go to parallel to turn it back in. So see that we can keep the height of that hip so that we don't start to sink down. So make sure that bottom leg is very active pushing down into that floor. One more time, wherever you are, and then leks together and have a soft landing down before we move on. Let me get that ball.

Here we go. And you're gonna lie down. You'll like this one. It's not much thinking. Yeah. So let's start with, so they can see it on the tape with the triangle underneath your down stage ankle towards the camera because it'll be easier for a seat.

Now Some people like it more in the middle. I suggest when first doing this that you put the foot past and you can flex it, lose loosely point it, but you don't wanna type point because you wanna keep those quads relaxed. All you're gonna do is draw the leg up, and you're gonna think of turning out Whoops. Oh, you're anxious. Just rotate and turn out as you bring the ball up.

So you have the external rotation. Bring the knee up to the ceiling. Now internally rotate, bring the knee across your body so you go down in internal rotation. So we have up on external. It just feels like through soup, and you just pass through to go down an internal.

And enjoy the ride. Just open up. And this is basically the movements you just did with tone and the 8. You have your external and internal rotation. Not much new under the sun.

Now we could reverse it. So once you're down there, come up in internal rotation, push out in external rotation and then bring it parallel at the bottom. So we come up internal, pull it up, externally rotate. One last time with feeling. And just pull it out and change sides. So just how we feeling.

So just to remind those at home, you just wanna start with the ankle. Usually, it works if the heels over both tone and I is where we sort of like, but everybody's an individual and pull it up externally rotating and bring the leg up, and then you go to internal rotation on the way down, and just really Really try and relax in those hips. Don't try and do anything. Just let the ball roll and do it in your own time. We don't have to be a choreographed. Just set piece here.

Just find your own rhythm. And then once you finish down this time, then let's start by reversing it so you come up in internal rotation. And go down in external rotation. And just roll it up and internal rotation. And down on external rotation.

If you're just watching this, this is probably very, very boring, but if you're doing it, which you should be, it feels really good. The last time and relax it down. Then you're just gonna both get rid of that trial ball. You're gonna roll over to your side. And we're gonna do side kicks. So you're just gonna be down.

Long, and the top leg is gonna be bent at 90. Top hand is gonna be just on top of your greater Try counter your hip bone. And all you're gonna do is think of lifting that knee up so the leg starts right at 90. So it's straight front. And you're just trying to keep that foot on the floor and lift it up and down and lift it up And down.

And then you're gonna end up, and you're gonna slide the whole shape of the leg at 90 down. To a forty five degree angle. Don't just bring the foot in, which brings the knee down. You take this whole 90 and bring it down. Does that make sense? Then we do the same thing. Try and open that knee, and your hand is up here to keep that hip long There we go.

And stacked on top of each other. The tendency is we wanna sort of roll in and roll out. Now for the grand finale, you take that whole 90 shape and bring it back behind you, and you do the same thing. And don't roll back over there. Won't mention names, but she's wearing blue.

And bring this back farther. Baby blue and lift it up and lower it down, but I don't wanna be exact and lift up and lower down and lift it up. Does that feel good? Love her then. Uh-huh. And up.

And lower it down. Then bring the leg back and bring both legs in front. And all you're gonna do is sit up. I'm gonna do, like, a little s stretch. So you're gonna bring this heel as close to your pubic bone as possible.

This leg, you can either leave bent or you can stretch it out. You or do both. You're gonna bring both hands behind you, and you're gonna try and stretch. And reach around you and relax, but keep staying and reach inhale and try and rotate more, rotate towards The door. Yes. There we go. And relax. And one more time, just rotate and twist.

You can bend that back leg and try and bring the foot around to your sternum as if you were gonna suck on your big toe. There we go. Now they got the cue and relax on their side. So we're just gonna swing around. Well, I'd ounce.

You're just facing the same way. Bottom leg is long. Top leg is bent at that 90 degrees. Other hand is on top of your hip to keep those hips stacked. All you're gonna do is lift the knee in the foot by come flat or it might not. It doesn't matter.

It's your body. It's your mobility. Whatever that happens to be, And for me, that varies from day to day. It's like the weather. Some days, it sunny. The hips open.

Sunday is that's a little cloudy, a little tight. They don't really work. There you go. Then we take that whole shape down so the leg has moved down, and then we just do the same thing. And keep the hand. Yep. Very good.

And tops of the hip stay stacked. And you can smile even though that you're not facing the camera. Well, one can concentrate with a smile. There we go. And then bring the leg back behind you, and we do the same thing.

Bring the knee down and keep this long. There we go. So it stays open. There you go. The last time and relax, then bring the legs back together. So you come up Then you're gonna take the front leg.

The heel's gonna be as close to your pubic bone or you're growing as possible. Other two hands are gonna both go down If you have enough flexibility, hands can be flat for me because of my long arms, my fingers just reach. Mhmm. And all you're gonna do is think of a deep breath inhale and you try and rotate more, and you can stretch out. And if you want more, stretch, you can flex that foot and send the heal energy away as you rotate and then just relax. And then just inhale again and try and fill up and rotate even more.

There we go. And relax. One more rotation because this is a big, grand finale. You take your tail and flick it. There we go. 2 on the toe. Yeah. And relax.

Good. Then the last stretch is gonna be a shoulder bridge. So what we're gonna do is get the triangle. And mine rolled away. Exit entrance. Quellights.

From there, you're just gonna place the ball right between. You're gonna squeeze it gently. And from there, you're just gonna curl the pelvis under, and roll up, and roll it down. Now let's keep those shoulders rotated back and keep those shoulder blades on the mat and also press down with the hands, and you'll feel the connection through your shoulders, even though we're talking about hips. And roll it down. We can do 2 body parts at the same time. The last time roll it up and you're gonna stay there, Keep squeezing without shifting the weight.

Take the right leg off and stretch it. Keep squeezing that ball and bring it back in. And other leg. Keep the shoulders rolled back. Yes. Thank you. Somebody just fixed it.

And bend. And again, squeeze and lift, but don't drop the bottoms. Yes. Keep pushing down with those hands last time. Since we have 2 legs. Gotta do both legs and bend it back in. Now you get to melt down or roll it down.

Slowly and relax. Then you can roll yourself up. Get rid of the ball. And we're going to end up in a tiny little, but it's called diamond shape. And then we're going to just have the arms in front of us. We're gonna curl ourselves under, curl underneath it, and then roll it back up.

So think of the pubic bone curling up again, like we've been queuing for the last 40 minutes. Curling on there. So by now, you should feel the trend. So now come here. Stay here. Lift the feet off the floor.

And just straighten the legs out, bring them back into the diamond shape, and then roll back up. That's it. We're gonna curl in. We're going to lift. We're just gonna straighten They're not trusting me. They think something more is coming.

Maybe it could be. Maybe not. Who knows? The tension you can cut with a knife. Bring it in and coming back up.

And really, that was it. So from here, all that for nothing. So we're gonna do a little seal. So place the hands on the inside roll, move to the front edge of your mat, we're going to do the way that Joe did it, which was like only two clubs in the front and nice and slow. So we're gonna be here, we're gonna have 2 even going release and release roll yourself back come back up and have that balance to go 1 and go to Curl ion.

Curl up and go 12. See if you can find that curl in the pubic bone again and release the hip joints as you do the little claps. One more time, we find it. We have 1. We have 2. End of the seal.

You're going to grab your theraband, and you want your legs to be either together or quite close. And you find you're roughly the middle of your band and place that on your thighs. And then you're gonna wrap it around, trying to keep the band relatively wide. Now depending on your band, that's going to be once, twice, or 50,000 times. Wherever, at some point you come to the end, and you're going to wrap that underneath. You might wanna do it once.

You might wanna do it twice. Find somewhere. Where it then sticks. Then you're going to open your legs, and we're gonna move on to our hands and knees. We're gonna maintain that tension, and we're gonna curl the toes under.

And our hands are just underneath our shoulders. So you can feel how the the band wants to pull the knees together. Of course, we're not gonna let that happen. Where we're gonna be nice and long, we're gonna press our heels back, and we're gonna lift our legs up without changing the knees. Then we're going to lift the right leg up and turn it out slightly and place it back down. And then the other leg and I make sure that the knee leg that's on the floor, so just keep alternating.

You can look at it. The leg that is down, that you do not lift, that that is not pulled inward. So make sure it stays open or at least in line with your feet. We're going to do one more set wherever you are. Because then I am done and even.

Then you're gonna lift your hips up into a downward facing dog. Holy moly. Then walk your hands towards your feet, bend the knees, roll yourself all the way up. You're gonna maintain that tension. You're gonna bend the knees.

We're going to step out on a diagonal. So you can have your hands on your hips, whatever feels more comfortable. I'm going to make sure that this foot that I'm not gonna use is staying stable. I take my foot off and I step on a diagonal. This leg really turns out as I come forward, watch out if this knee is not falling in.

Keep that open. And then I'm gonna shift my body weight back and place my foot back down. Other side. So both legs are actually x certainly rotating as you place that foot down, put more weight on it, watch out for Disney, not letting it go in. Then coming back and coming down. This is okay for you.

Stay here. However, you can go in I can shift my weight all the way and and lose my Therabant and lift my leg up and bring it down and back home. So we go to the other side. We keep the rotation. Keep both legs turned out. Now make sure that this back leg stays turned out as you lift it so the knee does not fall in. It maintains that angle coming back home one more time.

We go over. Are you feeling some contact? Okay. So I was just concerned that some that that Aaron might not feel it. And that would be very sad going down and bringing in. Are you feeling it angel? Happy people. Happy, happy people.

Lift it up. Bring it down. And then relax. If you need to relax your legs a little bit, take a little weight off by bringing your legs together, not too much because of the terrible fall. So We are gonna move ourselves in a little bit. Here we go. And we're going to one goes up, one goes down.

There we go. So what we're going to do is we're going to do our walking squats. What? Yes. So I'll be over here. We're going to Benjonese. So being a really good kind of squad like position.

You're gonna shift your weight all the way on one leg. I don't care which one. Make sure that hip goes back. So watch out of it when you shift, it doesn't open. But it moves back to the back wall.

That allows you to take that other leg off. You're gonna step forward, shift your weight, Now this frontal hip has to travel back to the back wall so you can take that leg off and reach angle. Change the hip and go back and move. So each time you have that weight shift, you have the hip moving backwards. The hip moves back to take the leg off and the hip moves back to take it off.

There we go. Nice. Your hands don't have to stay there. Now, in the most graceful kind of way, you're going to turn yourself around problem solved, and we go back to our mad. I wouldn't particularly say it was the most graceful, but it was effective. And she did turn around. Right?

So I cannot say anything. You know, sometimes people come up with the most creative ways to solve a very easy problem. Just turn around. There you go. When you're back on your mat, take the unhook it and then From the Therabant, we go to our tried ball. Now it's going to be a little bit more unstable if you stand on on the mat.

If you want a little bit more stability, go to the floor. We're gonna place the ball between your knees. If you have shorts on you're going to have to give a little bit creative in how you put it there. Now, we're going to be on one leg, pick a leg, that leg comes off. The leg that is coming off is the one that does the squeezing. So that's, for me, my right leg is going to press into my left leg. So it would be that leg.

Then I'm gonna cross that over, so I'm gonna move the foot, the leg forward, and cross it. Then I'm going to release it or bring it to the front. I'm gonna allow my hips to open up I'm going to bend my standing leg and fold into my left hip. This leg goes to the back. Then I'm gonna come to the front, and I come back up. So I'm gonna make that kind of figure 8 again, of cross Open, get that squeeze, bring it to the front, and bring it up.

See if you can keep that squeeze as constant as possible every single time you lose your weight or your balance, it's not a mistake. It is just the body figuring it out, and eventually it will learn 58 years later, but still, I have hope. We'll go to the other side. Here we are. Have a little squeeze that leg moves in. You're gonna curl it in.

Turn it out. Bend and really fold in that hip. You really feel which leg is the easier one. I'm gonna be over here, Andrew, because in case of doubt, blame the mat. Going over. See, definitely was the man.

Getting it in. Coming forward. And back up. Open and around. And back up. Let's do it one more time.

And then we take the ball away. Stay on your mat, have your legs hit width apart. Hopefully, you should feel a little bit more grounded in your leg. We're gonna take a big inhale up. Let me just relax.

And he'll lift up. Exhale. Open. We're going to do it one more time, lift it up. Exhale. Relax.

Soften your legs. Hang a little bit. I'll join you for the hang. I like the hang. Hang out. Hang loose in California.

Yeah. Here we go. So thank you for joining us. Thank you, Aaron. Thank you, Angel. Aaron. Thank you, Angel. Thank you, guys.

Thank you. And we'll see you next time. Bye. Bye. Bye.


Great movements-my hips and pelvis loved this class­čÖĆ
Ingrid H
Fantastic class! Thank you. Love all the cues.
This could be my morning routine needed so much thank you Michael & Ton
thank for this excellent class!!
That was wonderful - following the tutorial - such great cueing and slow controlled movements throughout the class enabled detailed focus on the hip mobility and weaknesses ! More please ! 
Fun and playful, hit "the spot". Thank you for your positive energy!
I find you classes and tutorials super interesting , do or can you do one focused on the knee joint please ?
Chanda Hinman
Kate B thanks for your comment! We'll be sure to bring this suggestion back to the team. In the meantime, you might find this program helpful for knee health!
Claudia D
These guys are just fabulous! Loved this class! Hoping for more. Greetings from Germany
loved this thank you
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