Class #5549

Buns n' Guns on the Mat

40 min - Class


You will feel the burn in your arms and glutes in this playful and challenging Mat class with Amy Havens. This dynamic Pilates class focuses on creative variations of exercises such as Bridge and Squats, allowing you to strengthen and tone your entire body. Join Amy for a fun and energizing workout that will leave you feeling strong and accomplished.

Props for This Class Include: (1) Yoga Block, (1) Hand Weights, (1) Heavy Hand Weight
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (3)

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Rebecca G
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Gracias Amy! I love all your classes and this was super!
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Really enjoyed that! 👏. Thanks Amy
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Hell yea Amy!!! This class was awesome!! The strength conditioning I need!! Thank you so much for making this a mat class! 
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Courtney G
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loved this head to toe!  Thank you!
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This was such a fun class. Thanks Amy. Your classes never disappoint.
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This was a great class, really enjoyed its creative moves.
Maria P
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Love Amy's workouts!
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Such a fan class! Really loved the play on bird dog 
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That was so much fun! Loved every second, thank-you Amy!
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