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Here is your quick, core-focused Mat class from the fabulous Tracey Mallett that you will return to again and again. Tracey keeps you connected to your core through a variety of challenging exercises, such as Planks and the Series Of Five. You will walk away from this class feeling challenged and refreshed, as you strengthen and engage your core muscles.
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Mar 25, 2024
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Hello, everybody. Welcome to Pilates anytime. I'm array of sunshine today. I'm gonna bring some sunshine into your living room today with this 20 minutes, maybe a little bit longer, but gonna keep to 20 minutes intense core workout, Matt Pilates. Are we ready?

Okay. Let's get going. Let's turn around. We're gonna get into the middle of your mat. We're gonna take a deep breath in, Inhale here, exhale tincture chest, roll down towards the floor.

Fill that stretch and curl all the way up. Stacking each vertebra 1 by 1. Be mindful that we're drawing up, scooping up through those apps, touching the floor. Do a little bend and extension here. Drop that head down.

Nice and heavy. Down and up. Let's do a couple more. Amazing. Hold it there. From here, we're going to bring up onto a elevator, heels to butt, and transition down onto the floor.

Let's start with our classic roll up, reaching the hands forwards, get ourselves into a seeker position, and continue that roll down. In how here XL roll up. And curling back down again. Lyft the head, and spiral lift up, and then roll down again. So remember to lift the head, then go into flexion as we reach forwards, and then coming back.

Let's do a couple more. Excel. Reach your abs in our position as you reach your hands forwards and then curl down. As you come up, slide the sit bones underneath you into that c curve, reach, and then slowly curl back down again. Reach the hands down by the side of their body, bring the knees up into chat position. And from here, we're gonna lift up your head and neck and shoulders, float the hands forward, palms go up, circle the hands around, and start to walk out those legs.

Yes. Just reaching those legs out. Remember, we're tight on time, so we are going straight for the kill, and we're reaching those legs out. There we go. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders, inner thighs are swooshing against each other. Fantastic. Now We're gonna go. It's just straight legs.

There we go. Long legs. Long legs. Keep lifting up. Back to bent legs. Reaching those legs out nice and long.

Are we ready for our straight legs? Go. There we go. Long levers in our scissors for 4, for 3, for 2, for 1, bring those legs up, chair position, and drop the head down, lift the head back up. Inhale drop the head down, exhale lift up. Look where your knees are. Are your knees over your hips? If they're not, push them out about an inch, so that your knees are stacked over your hips. Your shins are parallel to the sky. Fantastic. Now we're gonna add the legs with it.

XL elongate. Inhale we come back. Excel elongate. Inhale back. Excel, we reach.

3 more. Shoo. And back 2 more. Shoo. One more. We hold it up there. Up. The legs go straight up. Double straight leg.

Down we go. Inhale. We go up. And then lower those legs down as far as you can handle keeping the connection with the apps. You might not go down as far as me, but you go down as far as you can control it. Down we go.

Left we go. Keep that c curve and really draw those apps in. And then you lift with those quads and hip flexes, press down, lift up one more, And then exhale, lift up, lower your head, neck, and shoulders down, circle the hands around. We do a little pelvic tilt and then bring it back. Little pelvic tilt. So now your abs are drawing in and lifting the this up. This is, like, your 1st phase of your rollover.

Right? So it's your 1st phase of your rollover. So you're gonna get palvic tilt before you take your legs all the way over. So exhale, inhale down. One more. Now we're gonna take it to step 2, lower the legs.

In hell 90, we're gonna go diagonally up. Bring it back. Drop the legs down. In how ninety you ready? Diaglia. Bring you back.

Lower down. And again, XL, tilt. Pubic bone to belly button really scoop out. One more inhale 90 diagonal up over your head. And then back. Bring the knees into your chest.

We're gonna do that again. You're either gonna repeat it, or we're gonna go into our rollover. Use your upper body to press down into your mat to get your legs over. Are you ready? So either do what you did before or you're gonna come into that rollover with me. Lower the legs, ready inhale 90, press down.

Left. Open flex. Reach the energy out through the heels and circle the legs. And come down. In l 90, we go in again. Hexcel, parallel to the floor, open flex. Scoop those abs, lay one vertebra down 1 by 1, and turn. And, again, inhale up and over.

Open flex. Curled down. 2 more. Get that nice fluidity of motion. We are moving. And we've got 1 more inhale 90. Hexcel over, open flex.

Roll yourself down, and bend your knees. Give us up a little bit of a hook. Reach the arms and legs out in here. Pull your shoulder blades down, exhale roll yourself up, transition, and then curl, lift all the way up. From here, we're gonna circle the legs around.

We're gonna go into a quadruped position here, knees underneath your hips, hands underneath your shoulders. Curl the toes underneath, push away, open up through your shoulder blades, open up through the back, and lift. Hold it there. We are here. Now from here, we're gonna hinge back. Stack your shoulders over your wrists hinge back and stack hinge back and stack. There we go.

Inhale, exhale or just breathe. Hinge back, hips go back and forwards. Remember, your arms are connected to your back, so try not to sink between the shoulder blades, really open up, the middle of your back. Reach out for the crown of the head, guys. Don't drop your head.

One more. Hold your quadru bed, stack your shoulders over your ribs, your knees, underneath your hips, and you're holding it there. I know you don't want to, but you are. You're holding it, and you drop the knees down, but don't lose the connection with the arms and the back because we're going back up again. Ready.

Scoop. Press, lift, we rotate, we open our arm, we're gonna kick forwards. We go back. Ready for that rotation? Quadripet. We open hand behind your head.

We kick. We go back. Quadruped. Dada. Kick down quadruped.

Data. Kick down quadruped downward dog. Walk the hands back to your feet, bend your knees, curl yourself all the way up, and come back feet hit with the part in how here exhale, curl down. Walk out into your plank position. Push away.

From here, we're gonna rotate, open the arm up. And from here, we're gonna reach up into that rainbow position and then look down to that hand, lift up. And from here, we're gonna try and drop the hips and look down. So we go up, do a little rainbow, look down, hold it here, Look down towards your feet as you drop your hips up. Rainbow. Hold.

Drop lift up. That was 3. Rotate to the other side. Alrighty. Hips come up, lift up with your obliques. Look down into that rainbow, and then drop the hips down, look down to your feet, lift back up, ready for your rainbow. And up and down.

Ready. Lift up. You need it there. And then press your hips down, lift up, come back into your plank, and walk the feet Woke the hands back to your feet? Crawl yourself all the way up. Ah, and step into your center.

Take your legs nice and wide. Turn your feet out. Bend your knees and take the hands down and stretch. Hold it here. From here, we're gonna take your hands, and we're gonna just rock side to side just to stretch out for that next exercise, we're gonna go into snake twist here. We take the hands down, little stretch, bring the legs together, And we bend the knees, and we're gonna come down into a kneeling position.

We start with the hands, one hand forwards, one hand diagonally out. We reach that leg out, and then the underneath leg is gonna cross in front, and you're gonna go up into like a little pike. There we go. So we're here, like a little pike here. Now slowly come with me. We drop down.

And then we're just gonna look out on the horizon, and then we're gonna use those apps to come back up again. Your knee is bent. And rotate around your shoulder joint. Look out. You can press and see if you can go up a little bit higher. Back up and pike. And again, draw your shoulder blades down, push away from the floor, Look out.

There we go. Lift up through your plank position and hold it there. Bend your knees, come into a quadruped position here, arch cat, and arch and release arch and release back into into your little shell position, roll yourself all the way up, transition 4 as you're ready for the other side. So put your hands diagonally out. Step that top leg out. Underneath leg crosses, and we're gonna pike up the way all there.

So pike up, And we're gonna press down, and we're gonna look out on the horizon. And now we gotta use those abs to push against the mat and lift ourselves up. Inhale down. Look out. Up up. And curl and lift up.

You got one more in you. Draw the shoulders away from your ears. Push away from the mat. Look out on the horizon. Use your core to come back up into your pike, and then turn around.

Ready cat cow? Cat cow? One more. And then from here, curl the toes underneath, walk the hands back, roll all the way up. We're gonna turn around.

And from here, we're gonna step this leg, your front leg back. Alright. We're gonna band down. We're gonna go all the way down. Little Pike. Go back up the same way.

And to here. So we're using our hands, so don't worry. Using your hands. So start here. Right leg is back. So we're a little modified here. We go down.

Pike, same leg, and I'm using my hands. We go down. Pike lift up, push up, and again, down, pike, lift up, one more that makes 4, and down, take, lift up, switch. Whoo. How do we get on? Now we're gonna do the other lags. So keep your hands prayer here. Remember, it's the left leg. And we go down.

Pike up. Left leg goes back. Push up. Step back. Press the hands up, down, and lift up. You ready? Watch me? So you go down, pike, Left. So I'm using my upper body to get up in that pike.

And down. Pike Up. Should we do one more for good look? Okay. Let's do it. Go. Down. Take.

Up. There we go. Bend your knees in a squat position. Take your hands down. Step back.

Now from here, press your chest through your arms and come up into that Swan position here, curl back, into your shell, and then we call back again. Swing those legs around. Bend your knees. Right leg goes up. We're gonna climb down the leg.

And we're gonna circle the arms around, and we're gonna climb back up the leg. Wee. There we go. Did you get there? We climbed down the leg. Circle the arms around, ready to climb up. Up.

We climb down the leg. Circle, Can we do one more? Climb down the leg. Keep that leg still circle around. Hold it there. Lift the opposite leg.

Guess what's coming? You know it. Scoop. We roll roll back. Balance. Send the sit bones underneath you. Okay? You ready?

Back. Balance. 2 more in how back. One more. Hold it.

Bend the knee. Forward flexion. Curl all the way up. Get that leg up, nice and tall. Okay. It's climb down the leg, circle the arms around, chin to chest, curl all the way up, Here we go.

Curl down. Try and keep that leg where it is. I know it's challenging. Trust me. And up.

Get that stretch. Walk down the leg. Try and keep that leg still. Circle. Now use your upper body strength to lift up. Let's do one more.

Scroll down. Reach. Ready. Pull those abs in. Hold it there. Draw the shoulder blades down. Spine is extended, and we reach that opposite leg out.

Now draw those abs in pubic bone to belly button before we even start. See that difference? I went from here to here. Let's go. Inhale. Excel. Hold balance. Inhale, exhale, whole balance.

2 more. Inhale, exhale, whole balance, Last time, inhale, exhale, balance, bring both leg together, We are there now. Bend. Extend. Bend. Extend. One more.

Bend, extend, grab that right leg, roll yourself down, reach that leg out, circle the hands around. So hands behind your back of your head. We go in circle, split, circle, split around the world, like your helicopter, circle hit mobility here, Biggest circle you can do. Last time. Now switch with the other leg.

Circle. Circle. You can really feel those inner thighs work. It's all about releasing your hips. Getting some mobility back in those hips is one thing that I've struggled with as of ages to keep the flexibility in my hips without Pilates, I would not have what I have right now.

Couple more. One more. And then bring the legs straight up. Amazing. Hold it here. Bend the knees.

Circle the hands around. And we're gonna go all the way up and balance. Balance. Class your hands. We're gonna go right then left.

And then right then left. Little rotation. There we go. So just intense abs. Little rotation here. And 4, and 3, and 2, and one back.

Lower your feet, reach, crawl into that sea curve, simplistic here, right then the left hand scissor arms, but those abs are fighting. They're working, and we're gonna go a little bit deeper into that last few minutes. We've got left here. We've got 4. We've got 3. We've got 2.

We've got one arms forwards. Little lift. Come on. We know out the woods yet. Draw those abs in. Ready? Ear? Bicep to ears.

Test your balance in a minute. 2 more. 1 more. Slide down, testing your balance here, go up, float, down, and back, up, test your balance, down and back, up, float, down and back, hold it here. Now reach those legs up, circle them around, come into a little diamond position, and slowly slide yourself down and reach the hand straight up over your head, give that elongated feeling with your apps. You're reaching out in that beautiful stretch.

Slowly release your head, neck, and shoulders. Toes down, heels up, knees lifted, and we're gonna try and roll all the way up to finish. Who ready? Inhale. Excellent. Roll up. Lift up. We're gonna do 4 of these, and then we are done.

And back. XL. Shoulders stacked over hips and then down. 2 more. Shoo. Up.

And down, last time, holding here, knees together, little twist to finish off with. 2 more to the right. To the left, lift yourself up, and then forward flexion. Woo hoo. Nice work, everybody. Isn't it amazing what you can do in a short amount of time?

And feel amazing how you feel right now This is why we do Pilates, and this is why we move our body. Roll ourselves all the way up. Come back to center. Put your right leg in front, little stretch, and then switch other leg in front, Thank you so much for joining me in this quick workouts. I hope you feel energized.

If anything, just look and feel how amazing you do now, ready for your day, your energized, or maybe you're gonna go to sleep now, and you just feel tired. Either or is great. Thanks for joining me. I hope to see you back here again. Bye.


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Awesome class !thank you so much!

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Incredible class!  What a great way to start a busy morning:) Thanks, Tracey!
Sara P
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thank you...I loved it !!

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Shona Croft
That is going straight into my favourites Tracey! 😍
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Just love love love she can’t do anything wrong! More TM pls!!!
Lina S
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Nice to see you back on the mat! I've really enjoyed this class filled with exercices in different planes of motion. I'm glad we did the snake. We don't see that exercise often on the mat. It's stretching and strengthening at the same time!
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Tracey, you are brilliant. Absolutely AWESOME, EFFICIENT, and challenging (in the very best way) class. Ty!!
Justine J
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This is going to be my go-to class when I need to get a lot of bang for my buck!  Love your cues and flow.  Excellent.
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That felt great!
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