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Foam Roller Coordination

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Cecile Bankston is back with another Foam Roller class. This class is definitely a challenge for your coordination, and proprioception, and a good workout for your abs, obliques, and legs! Cecile puts some of the exercises that are typically done on the equipment onto the roller. These exercises include Stomach Massage, The Hundred, Coordination, and the Monkey. Also included are some favorites from the Kathy Corey Pilates repertoire such as the Leg Walk series. The roller is used in unexpected ways, so get ready to have fun. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Jan 28, 2012
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Okay. Welcome. Good afternoon. So glad to be here. Glad to see you all here. Um, in this class we are playing with different patterns with the reformer. Um, several of them are simulating things that we do on the reformer with the roller. Um, and then some of it is going to be a challenge for your appropriate reception and your coordination. So, um, you may feel a few of them like you're doing this, but it's meant to be that way and I want you to have to focus on everything and all parts of your body and really, really tune into what you're doing. So with that, let's get started. We're going to put the roller at our feet to start with and we're going to lie on our backs in a neutral spine position.

We're going to put our feet on the roller and you're going to keep your knees bent. Knees can be either directly together or you can separate them hip distance apart. Um, I'm, I'm going to leave mine together. I think it's a little harder to leave them together and we're going to have a nice neutral spine position. So we're not talking to our arch. We're going to take a deep breath in and as we exhale, we're going to roll that roll or away from us without losing the abdominals. And I flex my feet as I begin to roll it away so that it ends up underneath my ankles. Good. And then you roll it back in.

Inhale and exhale and bring it to the ball of the foot. So inhale and exhale. Bring it to the backs of the feet, right to the back of the ankle. And inhale and exhale, bring it in. So really make the connection through the abdominals. Inhale and exhale, bringing it out. Good. Keeping the knees and feet and ankles together. And again, inhale and exhale. Good. And Roll it back yet. Nice. And bring it out.

Yeah, last one. Roll it out and roll it back in. Good. Now we're going to rotate the legs to a small v position. So this one's a little bit harder to keep the the roller underneath you. So you really need to connect all the way through the leg, pressing out conduct through the backs of the thighs, try to meet the backs of the thighs together and pull it back in. And again, pressing out to good.

Keep that rotation and bring it in. So Nice Little v position and three really zip up those abdominals and the rib cage. Pull it in and for red cash days, cause really try to meet the back of the thighs. And five good in and six really zip up the inner thighs. Two more and seven good. Don't lose the connection as you straighten last one and eight and pull it in.

Good. Now let's go to single leg, parallel ball of the foot. The other leg starts in tabletop. Okay, now that foot, that leg can either bend and straighten as you bend and straighten the leg that's on the roller. Or if you want to just leave it in tabletop, you can do that. Okay, so we're going to roll out. Inhale, good exhale, pull it back in. White and hail. You can straighten and bend or you can just leave it. Then as far as the one that's not on the roller three and pull it in. Make yourself pull it in. Don't just mindlessly roll it.

Connect to the movement. Good. Five very good. And pull it in and six to pull it in. Good. Two more. Seven. And in last one, really watch the abdominals as you straighten and pull it in.

Let's change legs. Good. And pressing out and yeah, and again, pressing out. Make that connection good. And in, and three, make sure your shoulders are down and back. Good. And inhale out. Good. Exhale. Pull it in. Five and pull it in. Six and in two more and seven bulletin. Last one, eight to pull it in. Good.

Let's go back to our first leg. Now we're going to leave the knees bent. We're going to take the right leg up to the ceiling. We're going to leave the left leg bent on the roller. Okay. I want you to really think about pressing down into that roller with the standing leg. Okay. Really stabilized with that standing leg up probably on your arch. Yeah. Okay.

Your your leg, that's up to the ceiling. We're going to do a little leg circle towards the center line of the body, one and oh and two and hold it and three and hold it. Good and for good. Now we're going to get harder as you circle the next four over the next four circles. I want you to travel that roller all the way until your leg is straight.

Take four to do it. One and two. It's supposed to take four to do it. Get it all the way out there and for and for. Good. All right, change legs. Good, so I'll do it with you. You going to start with just the standing leg bent.

You're going to go one and stay at the ceiling circle two and three and four. Good. Now as I do the next four, I'm going to take all four circles to get that leg straight. So you're moving very slowly with the leg that's on the roller one and hold and two and hold and three good and hold and four and hold. Very nice and bring the legs back in. We're going to reverse this circle. Start with your legs straight this time. Yes. All right. So, uh, first leg back up. We're going to circle away from the body. One, leaving the leg, the leg straight. Two. Beautiful, good.

And three, really anchor that standing leg and for travel in for the next four or one good polenta. Those abs too. Very nice. Good. Three. That's it. You got it. And last one for other side. Start with the leg straight. That's on the roller. And we're going to circle away from the body. First one and whole and two, don't lose the abdominals.

Really work on the old bleak on the standing on the, I said this standing side, the side that's on the roller. Good. And start traveling inward and two, bulling the roller in and three, keep breathing. And four, I told you you're going to feel like you were doing this. Good. All right. Okay, good. Let's put that, we're going to take both legs and put them on the mat and we're going to put our hands on the roller. So pull the roller close to you to it. Close to your seat. Yeah. And we're going to bring our legs into tabletop.

So just put your hands close to the roller for now. Deep breath in and as you exhale, you're going to brown forward, head, neck and shoulders and roll the roller away from you. Good. And relax all the way back down. And again, roll that roller away from me. Really slide the shoulder blades down and away from your ears. Beautiful. And back in two more to go.

And three very nice that, that really, really re reach those shoulders away from me. Last one and four. Good. And come back down. Now we're going to go out. This time in the legs are going to straighten as well. Okay, so reaching head, neck and shoulders and legs out and pull it back in and reaching out. Roll that roller. Nice. And it makes you get a little bit more of a contraction than you might normally.

Good. And last one, four. Good. Now stay there and open and close the legs. One and close to and close. Reach that roller away from you and for close, relaxed. Good, and come back down. Very nice. Good. Okay, let's go onto our stomachs and we're going to put the roller at our heads at the end of our arms. So on your wrist probably or your fingers? Yes.

Okay, we're going to start with our swan. So we're going to separate the legs about hip distance, our part or a little bit wider. Um, closer. Together you are the more difficult it is on your back. Okay. So nice deep breath in. I want you to slide your shoulders away from your ears. Exhale, roll that roller towards you and lift the body up into our swan position.

Pulling up through the abdominals, even though you're going into extension and come back down. Okay. And again, rolling up into extension. Inhale and exhale, lift, lift, lift. Good. And deep breath in. Inhale and exhale to go back down, right. So even though you're going into extension, you really want to pull into those abdominals and again, lift up. So I want to really see those abdominals picking up off the mat and come back down.

Okay. And one more. So as I'm coming up, I'm really, really pulling those abdominals up and come back now. Good. Now we're going to stay down. Keep your forehead down on the mat. We're going to bend the arms and straighten, so we're going to keep the elbows open, bend and straighten. I really want you to work that upper back.

Then really try to work that upper back and straight and so does this coming in and out. Bend and straighten and bend and straighten. Add six. Good. Now if this bothers your back, if anybody has any backs, issues, you can sit on your heels and do this same thing, seven and stretch last one and eight. Stretch it out. Now let's place the right arm behind your back and we do it with only the left bend and straighten.

So try to keep that elbow as it's coming back. Even with your shoulder not lifted up higher than that and three, you may have to move your hand in towards the center a little bit so that your roller stays with you. Four and straighten and five really press down into the roller even though you're rolling it in and out. That will help keep the roller stabilized so that it's not shifting. Good. Two more to go. Seven and out.

Last one and a very good and straightened. Let's do the other arm. Good. So if you're really pushing down into that role or at the same time you're rolling in and out, you should be able to keep the roller in parallel, so pressing out and in. So that's it. Good pressing out so that you really keeping that roller so that it's not going onto a diagonal bend and straight and for good and straighten. Really think about keeping the stomach scooped in and out. Good.

Really, really pull into those abdominals. That's it. Two more. Seven and stretch. And you've got to resist the movement. Eight and Straten. Very nice. Okay. Take both hands off and let's go into a kneeling position and we're going to put the roller to the side of you here. Okay. And you're going to put both hands on the floor.

Just leave the roller right to your side. Okay, good. So we're gonna start with a couple of just plain cats just to stretch the back out. Take a nice deep breath in. As we exhale, we're going to take around back position. Really pull up into the abdominals and flat. Now as you ran again, really try to think about that lower spine rounding and not the upper spine so much cause the upper spine is going to go no matter what. That's just going to happen.

It's the lower back that doesn't always get as much roundness as we want. One more and come back. Good. Now we're going to reach up to the ceiling with the arm that's furthest away from the roller for our thread the needle. Reach up, up, up, and stretch those shoulders away. Now thread the arm through. Place the hand on the roller and you're gonna roll that roller away from you. Bringing the ear towards the floor and come back up with, and don't take the hand off the roller again. Reach it through, that's it, and come back up and again, reach it through. Really get that nice rotation in the spine, but keeping your hips stable and up.

Last one and rotate. That's it. Good. Now leave the roller where it is and just reach your arm back up to the ceiling. As we started, rotate both shoulders. Really, really try to rotate and then come back to the middle. Change your role or to the other side.

So we start with the hand that's furthest away from the roller where each up to the ceiling. Inhale, stretch it, stretch it, stretch it. Good. Exhale, thread that on through. Put It on the roller and roll it away from you. And then come back to the center. And again, the read it through and reach NYSE and come back. So you're really trying to keep the hips nice and level as you're going. Good. Even though the spine is twisting last one and reach very good and come back.

Nice. Okay, great. Good. Oh stop. You're right. Reach to the ceiling. Good. Both arms. That's it. Stretching, stretching, stretching. Good. Okay. Come back to sitting now and we're going to put the roller back at our feet for our stomach massage series. Okay. So we're going to first start with our feet in a small v position and I want you to choose, sit up nice and tall. Now from here, we're gonna take a little bit of a rounded position, a scooped position, like you're on the reformer. If you do reform a work, just like your stomach massage there.

But what you don't want is to sort of just sink in this position, right? So this is not the same as that. Okay? All right. So from here, take a nice deep breath in and exhale to reach out, connect the back to the thighs and pull it in and again, press it out and pull it in. And three, pull it in one more and for good to pull it in. Now we're going to add a flex point for us it out while you're there, fool point to pull it in and reach to flex point and pull it in. And if you need to adjust it so that your feet are in a different position to roll out. Good. And, and you can one more forward flax point and pull it in.

Good arms up and overhead. Nice. Long reach on a diagonal, slightly forward, right? So same thing with the flex and point reaching out to flex and point. Pull it in and out. Flex. Beautiful. Good. Really make the connection on the pole in to the abdominals just as much as the output in from the abs for flex point and and good arms come right in front of you for our twist. So as we stretch the roller away from us, we're going to rotate. Okay. So I want everybody to rotate to the left first.

Okay. Nice. Deep breath in. Exhale, rotate and reach and pull it. And now hang on just a second. As you rotate, remember you want to try to rotate the entire body. Okay, so it's not here, right? We really want to rotate around that spun, rotate and grow taller. Mr [inaudible] described it as rainy out a wet wash. Cough. Okay, so from here, here we go.

Let's start over and rotate and reach really length and grow taller and come back. Good and reach. And just imagine somebody pulling on you. Nice and bad. And the re, imagine somebody grabbing this arm and pulling you in opposition. Good for. And pull it in. Add five, stretch, taller, good. And six, grow taller. Beautiful. Two more. Seven. Very nice. And last one, eight. So really grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, good. And Ben?

Good. Let's place our hands on the roller as well as our feet for our monkey. So we're going to bend our hands in real, I mean our knees and real close to us to start hands go on as well. And you're going to slide that roller out as you straighten your knees, bring your head, neck and shoulders forward towards your knees and then roll it back in. Good. So yeah, so from here, nice deep breath in. I like to flex my feet and come back in now even though I'm stretching forward, notice that we're really, really keeping that seat belt on, if you will.

Keeping that, that scoop and the abs right so that you really, really, I'm not stretching from the hip, but you're really getting that nice c curve. Good. And keeping the abdominals held good. One more for me and pressing out great and come back in. Wonderful. Good. How did that feel? Good. Okay. It takes a while to kind of get the connection, but the more you do it, the more you'll, you'll really find your, your rhythm with how to roll the roller in and out and all that. It takes a little bit of coordination at first. Um, we're going to lay on our side and put our bottom leg on the roller.

Okay. Now for this, you want to be in whatever position you normally do, your side stretch a side kick, a series. So for some of you, you may be lying down, you may go up onto your elbow, you may be on both hands and you may be even lifted higher. If you do that, normally, wherever you normally are is where you should start, okay? Um, now if it gets difficult, you know the options. You can always go down, okay, press down. Once again, we're anchoring with the standing with the leg that's underneath. We're going to lift the top leg up and now we're going to reach forward and flex and reach it back to point without moving here. Reach Front, flex and reach it back. Inhale, reach, exhale, stretch and NL. Keep pressing down into that roller. Reverse that. So we're going to flex it back. Point it front.

Good. Flex it back and point front. Very good. Staying real stable in the back. So I don't want to see the back arching. Good. Is that for good? One more and reach and good. Okay.

Now the next one, um, is we're going to be a little bit more, uh, coordinated on this one. This is, uh, from Kathy Corey. We call it the leg walk series. So you're going to take the arm that the other arm that was behind your head and bring it out to the side of you. You can either be, you can go down low or if you need to, for this one, you're going to lift the top leg. As the leg comes forward, the arm goes back. As the leg goes back, the arm goes forward. So reach and stretch. Good. And three.

Yes. Inhale, reach and Oh, three more. Good. Don't hide your hip up as you come forward. Think of the length right here. Good and beautiful. One more. Okay. It gets even harder. Okay.

Now we're going to start with our arm back and the leg forward. Okay, everybody with me. Now from here, as the leg goes back in, the arm goes forward. You're going to bend your bottom leg and stretch it out. Bend and straighten out. That's too much. For some of you, you could just leave your other leg straight like you work for ad. That looks great.

Five good six. Makes sure the red cages held. Yeah, kind of gets away from US sometime. Good. And one more a. That's it. Great. Okay, come back down. Now we're going to go to our elbow now. Take the legs off the roller and let's put the top leg in front of us. Okay. Now for this, your position, this is going to be here. Okay. And I like you.

You may have to play around with this a little bit. I like my roller to be ever so slightly on a diagonal going to the back. So you see it's kind of behind me. And the reason for that is because as I asked, it's hard on the table because I don't want it to fall off the table as I straighten. I want the alignment to be here. I don't want my leg to be in front of me. Okay.

But you want to roll the roller so your knees going to come off. Yeah. And you come back in. So the knee is going to come off reach and in and reach and in. Okay. So everybody kind of, so go put your, take your knee off of it if you need to and push the roller a diagonal back a little bit. Yeah, you got it. That's it. But take it a little bit behind you. I think. Try that and see if that's more is better. Is that better? Yeah.

Yeah. Good. Yeah, that's it. Okay. So hang on a second. Elbow is good. If you're not feeling it, what you should be feeling is right here and right here. If you're not feeling it, get off your elbow and come up to your hand. Okay. All right. So we're going to straighten and bend eight times. Okay.

So stretch and bend and straighten, and then good. So you can be here if you want to Ben and for and Ben, you should really be working the obliques and Ben. Good. Six and Ben. Two more. Seven. That's it. Good. Last one. And aide and Ben. Good. A little tiny pulse. Two, three, four.

Good. Five. That's it. Six. You really feel it now. Seven, eight. And if you can get it as much to the back of you as possible, you really get that in the glutes as well. Five, six, seven and a wonderful, good. And it is a good stretch in your soul. It's good. Let's take the legs and bend them to the side of you. Keep that roller to the same side so it's by your feet and your knees are more together. Good. Okay. Stress the arm up to the ceiling. Inhale. Exhale. Roll that roller away from you and come back up. Good. Reach Long. Inhale and exhale.

Good. And again, reach up to the ceiling and ham as hell to stretch over. Last one. Inhale. Exhale over. Good. Now, one of my favorite movements that comes from Kathy Corey. We're going to reach over and rotate and roll that roller away from you and come up and rotate away. So we reach up and round over the roller and roll it away from us and come up.

It's hard and open so it doesn't feel like it has anywhere to go and row. And if you weren't feeling your waist before you do now, good. One more. Reach up and over. Really scoop out the ABS and row and come up and open. Very nice. Good. Let's do everything on the other side.

So we start with our side kick series. So bottom leg is on the roller. Yeah. Awesome. Good. Now hands go behind the head or if that was um, too much, you can put that front hand down or you can go on your, on your arm completely. Okay. So we're going to lift the top leg, make sure your hips are stacked and we're going to bring it to the front flex pointed, bring it to the back, don't move in the waist, keep the stomach held so that your stabilize back. And three, reach it back. That's it for, so you're not going to get too far back without losing your position.

And back. Seven. One more. Good. Reverse. Reach it. There we go. Pour it front and back. Front and back. And Front and back. Good. Front and back.

Front and back. Good. And last one and back. Good. Okay, now we add the arm. So as we have our leg back, we're just going to reach our arm forward. Now as we bring the leg forward, bring the arm back and again, reach to change. Yes, three. You got it. Still maintaining this good. Five. Good. Lots of space here. Six good. And seven.

Good. Last one. There you go. Eight. Good. Now we add the more difficult part where we bend the bottom leg. So reach the arm, forward the leg back, bend the bottom knee, and then change. Straighten the leg as you reach forward. You got it. Bend the knee as you go back. Then you need the, as you go back and straightened as you go forward, you got it. Reach and fat and reach. Good.

So it's here and there and reach. And two more just because, and good and reach and nice. Okay. Come on up to sitting in our little seated fourth position and we're going to put that ankle or are the um, bottom of the leg on the roller. And we want the knee level with the roller if it's not on it to start. Okay, so you don't want it down here. Okay.

Now as we straightened and I can't get mine quite back as far as I'd like to cause it'll fall off the table, but you want it, you want to get it kind of back and we stretch. And Ben, there you go. And stretch and pull into those ads. Floor and bend. Five. Good. Six if you really want to challenge seven and eight. Good. Okay. Little pulses. One, two, three, four. Keep that connection. Six, seven, eight, again, one, two, inhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale. Seven and eight. Good. Bring the knees together, roller to the side of you reaching up to the ceiling. Inhale, exhale to stretch it over.

So inhale, reach up to the ceiling and exhale, stretch it over. And three, two, stretch it over. Beautiful. One more and reach it over. Good. Now with the rotation. So we're going to reach up and over and stretch the roller away from us.

Now reach up to rotate around to the back. So inhale and exhale. Stretch it away. And Hale and excellent, good and hale. Exhale, stretch it away. And Hale and exhale, rotate. One more. And Hale, roll it away from beautiful inhale and exhale, rotate. Very nice. Let's go onto our backs with our feet on the roller. Once again. Now we're going to do some bridging.

So our feet are going to be on the roller. Good. M w our feet are hip distance apart. You could have them together if you want to. It's going to be a little more difficult that way. Um, so whichever version you choose, you want the roller not too far away from you to start. Um, you're gonna start with a nice deep breath in. As you exhale, I want you to tilt the pelvis, roll the tailbone first, go through the middle back, and we grow to that bridge position.

Take a nice deep breath in while we're there, hold it and exhale. Just stay there. Again, deep breath in and exhale. One more breath for me. Deep breath in. Get as high as you can without going into an arch. And exhale, deep breath in. Roll down one vertebra at a time. Good, good. Because you're all the way down. Wonderful. Okay.

All right, so gets harder. We're gonna go back up. Grow back up from the tailbone calves. Okay. All right. Roll it back up. Good, good, good. Okay. Now if that just holding was enough for you, do that again. If you want to make it more difficult, I want you to march in place. Little tiny marches, not big. Pick up the right foot down, left and down without moving your hips please. Down and left, which means you really have to stabilize with the other leg down and left.

And Dan, you got it right. Add down one more and down. Take a deep breath and live both hips. Roll down from the breastbone through the chest, through the lower back, and that tail bone is the very last thing to go down. Good. Last one, we're going to roll back up. Deep breath in. Exhale, grow from the tailbone.

Really try to keep those shoulders away from the ears for me. Right? Good. Get as high as you can. Sit without getting into an arch. Now we're going to roll that roll or towards us. Roll it towards you and back to where it was. Roll it toward you, back to where it was. Squeeze those glutes, roll it toward you, back to where it was. Beautiful. Really keep the rib cage close. Good, and five. Nice six and row seven.

Keep breathing. Last one a. Now stay there. Lift higher for me and then roll down from the breastbone through the rib cage. Good. Very, very nice. Good. You got it. Wonderful. How was that tough. I know, I know. I know. It's not fun. Okay, we're going to sit on our roller now, so we're going here.

Oh yes. Okay. No, this isn't terrible. All right, we're going to sit on our roll and put our hands back behind us again. I want, you can see how I'm ever so slightly scooped out. Okay. I'm not here. Right. Really pull into those abs so that we're supporting. We're going to go into a little diamond. Okay. Now from here we're going to lift that diamond up and down and up. Use those abs. He says low abs and up. Keep breathing.

One more up. Don't get into an arch down. Now. Here we go. We're going to get a little harder up to straighten and bend and damn, we do this on the spine corrector and stretch and bend and down and to mom to straighten. Very good and down and up. Good stretch. How are you, Andy on you. Okay. All right, good. Okay, let's get off of the roller. Put our hands on it. Very good. We're going to put our feet out in front of us. Now. This is a series. It's actually done on the Cadillac, not a series and exercise and we're going to flex the feet and we're going to roll that roller away from us and round the spine and sit back up and round.

Forward rolling the roller you. So sit up nice and tall. Flex the feet round the spine. Beautiful. Sit back up. Point the feet and reach forward. Good. This time we're not going around the spine.

We're going to do more of a hinge and we're going to open those shoulders up, more hinge and sit up nice and tall and round to reach forward. Flex the feet, open the chest and hinge and sit up nice and tall. Two point and reach forward. Good and sitting up. Great. Okay, let's go over our roller for our series that we do on the spine correctors. So we're going to round over the back of it. Where you want the roller is is so that your lower back is supported.

Okay, so we don't want it way over here cause then my lower back is, is totally unsupported. Okay, so I want it supporting my back. Now we're going to put our legs up to the ceiling and we're going to start with some circles. So we're going to bring the legs open to this side. Turned out. Inhale, bring them only as low as you can with your stomach held together and come up. Rotate, open down together and up. Open down to gather one more to go open down together.

Hang onto those abs and up. Reverse that down. Open and up, down, open and up. Three open. Keep breathing. Inhale down. Big, long. Exhale. Good. Okay, let's do scissors. So we're going to reach and I really want you to focus on the top leg, the one that's closest to your face because the other leg is going to go.

Once again, it's the one that's closest to your head that doesn't want to go and we're going to change and reach and change. So if I'm looking at you, keep going. I should see an even split there. Not one leg lower than the other. Change and reach and come back to the middle and reach and to the middle and reach and to the middle. Last one, and good. Come Center. Good. Now let's go to our bicycle. And what I like to do for the bicycle is each time we're going to stop in that split position. Okay, so that you're getting a maximum stretch.

So we're going to start in our split with our right leg towards our head. Now we're going to bend the left leg, bring it in and up towards the eyes. Now we're going to stop right there. Bray. Bend the right leg, bring it up and finish in your split. Bend the left leg stretch and finish in your split right bend and reach to the split. Reverse right legs going to bend, stretch and reverse bicycle hold, left leg bins, stretch and whole right leg bins to stretch and whole left leg bins. Stretch and hold. Stay right there. We're going to go into our helicopter, so our right leg and our left leg both rotates so that we are in a side split.

Then we reach them around to the other sides to the other split, rotate to a side split. Reach them around to the other, split good and again reach and stretch around to this split last time. Reach, stretch around. Good. Bring both legs straight up to the ceiling and we're going to do a variation on the short spine. So we're going to bend our knees in a diamond. We're going to bring that whole diamond down towards the floor only as far as you can go with your stomach count. Stretch the legs out on a long diagonal. Bring them up to the ceiling so we go into a diamond.

Bring the whole diamond down without losing the control of the stomach. Stretch it out and bring it up to go to a diamond down. Stretch it out. Add last one diamond. Bring it down, stretch it out. Hang on to those ads and up. Now we reverse that. We bring straight legs down.

Go to your diamond, bringing the whole diamond up to the ceiling. Stretch it up. Everything goes down, legs go down. Good. Go to your diamond, bring the whole diamond up. Make sure not to lose those abs and stretch up. You want that roller to stay onto your back. Good. And bring it up. Last one and bring the whole thing down. Go to your diamond, bring the diamond up to the ceiling and stretch it up. Last thing, we're going to bring our legs towards our eyes.

Now make sure your roller is still onto your back. If it's not, get it under there. Bring your toes towards your eyes. Good. Now from here, I want you to take flex the feet. Take the right leg down to the floor as far as you can. It's not going to go to the floor and bring it up. And only as far as you can go without lifting your seat up off of the roller left leg. And No, keep your feet over your eyes. Just your, just your right leg goes towards the floor, out towards your head, towards your eyes, right leg towards your eyes even more towards your eyes.

Right leg. You got it. And back up to the other one. Left leg towards your eyes and back to the other. Now we got good. Good, good, good. Sorry. Right. And these people had been doing it and they're dying. You have one more and go. Very good. Both legs, but legs go even further and come back up to your eyes and back up to your eyes. Keep breathing. Last one and to your eyes. Beautiful. Good Ad. Roll that roller out from underneath you.

Good. And let's put the knees over the roller for me, for our last one, and we're going to just get in a, you can put your hands right here. Once again, a little bit of a scooped position and we're going to straighten and Ben, now I want you to hold that scooped position. Straighten and bend and straighten and bend and straighten. Now let's do both legs straight and hold your scoop. And Ben, you should be feeling this in your abs about now straight. And if you're not, let go and straighten. Stay in your scoop and keep your ankle bones. I want a thin piece of paper between your ankles. Then two more.

Straighten and been, and last one and Ben. Very nice. Thank you very much. Oh my God. Yeah, it's out there.


Elizabeth D
Brilliant, Cecile! On vacation, and missing being able to do studio sessions, have just done this in my hotel room! Hope you'll be teaching more classes on PA, love your reformer & cadillac workouts. Thank you!
of course I love it! Thanks again Cecile!
2 people like this.
Fantastic!! Roller is one of my fav places to be.. what a wonderful class this was. A new spin on some fam moves. Thanks Cecile!
I love this one too. It takes a few times to get the hang of some of the moves but once you do, it's fun and a great workout.
Beautiful beautiful class!
Super creative and fun workout! Thank you Cecile!
Bring on Monday, Clients going to love this! Thank you!
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Excelente clase y cuántas variaciones. Muy amena y divertida.
Marlisa E
This was so great!! Thanks!
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