Class #693

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Elongate your body! Courtney Miller has designed a group of exercises that will open up your hip flexors, stretch tight shoulders and mobilize the spine. Enjoy these innovative and often challenging exercises that will have you feeling long and lean before you're even finished with class.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Hand Weights

About This Video


Hi, my name is Courtney Miller, and today, I'll be teaching a group of exercises that I have chosen to help elongate your body, open up tight hip flexors, mobilize the spine, and open ...


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Thank you Courtney for another great reformer class!! Love the new material and ideas that I can bring to my own classes!
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Courtney , You do the most Interesting things on the reformer!! I cant wait to introduce some of these movements to my clients.. not to mention Myself!
Hoping you will do a session on the Cadillac or Tower.
Its a joy having you here. I always know its going to be good!
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I loved the articulate cueing!
Hi everyone! This class made my mind and body feel so refreshed and rebalanced! Hope you all enjoy it!
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Great Class! Love the cuing and enjoying Courtney and her Stott perspective!
I absolutely LOVE your classes and cues! I've been watching all of your classes every week, so PLEASE keep posting!! I teach at a studio in Tustin, Ca..but would LOVE to take a class from you!! Where do u mainly teach at if u dont mind me asking??
Amazing as always!! :)
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i love this class!!!!so great and challenging exercises!!! thank you Courthney ..
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Seamless choreography. Loved the Sgl leg pulling straps Any tips on wrists. I've been Pilates-ing for over 7 years. Apparatus for over 5. Certified instructor and still I tend to feel those pesky wrists. Thank you again. You rock!
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Another super class!! Please keep the Stott style coming.
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Love this class!! Thanks Courtney!
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