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Mat for Scoliosis

60 min - Class


Scoliosis, in broad terms, refers to any lateral (side-to-side) curve of the spine. Scoliosis can create misalignments in the pelvis, vertebrae and rib cage. These misalignments are not self-contained in specific muscle groups, but influence all movements from standing to sitting to lying down. A component of treatment for scoliosis includes exercises that strengthens weak core muscles and stretches the tight structures of the trunk. With the emphasis on core alignment and stabilization, asymmetrical movement patterns, and a holistic approach, this Pilates Mat work program is designed to improve body awareness and increase core fitness and function. The first 8 minutes Kathy offers information on Scoliosis, including the methodology for working through your mat class either as one with scoliosis or working with clients with scoliosis. Class continues to be highly instructional throughout class as Kathy shows you different techniques and ways to identify your patterns. This is a thought provoking and an interesting class to experience even if you don't have scoliosis.
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May 16, 2012
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Very much an instructional type session throughout. My back definitely feels more stretched out. I could hear my back popping at times like a had been to the chiropractor (which I like). I am a student of Pilates, not an instructor like many on PA are I'm sure. That being said, it is not a "workout" per se (not that this is necessarily a bad thing) but more stretching from a student perspective (in my humble opinion). Kathy is a very passionate instructor and I certainly respect her greatly for that
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best class I have seen for those with scoliosis , easy to understand and great delivery, I love this instructor, so easy going and fun to listen to.
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Love this class, so helpful for my scoliosis clients!
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Awesome. We ,Pilates teachers need so much Education.Scoliosis is a special problem, as each and one of our clients have different issues. .Would love more Education like this , there are plenty of workout lessons. As always , Kathy is GREAT.
Valerie, your opinion matters very much. I will try to describe the class a little better so those coming in for more of flowing workout will not be surprised. Thank you!
As someone who has minor scoliosis, this video is great for me... But everyone has some kind of asymmetry in their body, so I think this is great for everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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More more more!!!
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Fantastic I always say, it's one of God's many jokes....we are not symmetrical. loved how it ended as we started. Thank you!
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This was a fantastic class, great and logical tools for people with Scoliosis. And a fantastic presentation by Kathy. I really loved it and would love to see and hear more!!
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Absolutely frustrating and completely profound (if that makes any sense. lol)

Man did I meet my imbalances! Trust me, I'll be watching/exploring this class over and over. :)
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