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Mini Foam Roller Release

15 min - Class


Feel the releasing benefits of this short but sweet Foam Roller session with Amy. This mini-class is great to do after a run, bike, hike, spin class, etc., or do it before a Wunda Chair or Reformer class and feel the freedom in your hip joints! The lengthening psoas stretch is sure to bring you back to this class over and over again. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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May 17, 2012
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Okay. So I have a short little foam roller stretch and then I want to share. It's wonderful. It's delicious. And the roller I'm using this morning or today is softer. And if you research foam rollers out in the marketplace, you're going to start seeing some that are much softer density for a l.

So for, because some people have, it's hard to be on the roller. Those really dense roller, sometimes it's just too dense and uh, the comfort of being on it as you're not getting, you're not comfortable. Uh, we want to have a healthy positive movement experience most of the time. So I love it. This is soft. I'm even gonna show you from the side kind of warm Ben's, this one happens to be from optp. It's their pro roller. It's the soft, uh, I know there's a few others on the market. This is just the one I'm choosing. And uh, it also has some oranges on it.

So there's a little little feedback that your body make feel rather than just that flat surface of the other rollers. So this will primarily be for, uh, the hip area glutes and to help promote more ball and socket freedom, really, which I think we're all after. So, and then has a relationship of course with our, so as muscle. So where I'm going to have this start and you'll be on for most of this will, all of the stretches, this whole series about 10 minutes, 10, 15 minutes, great for after class after a run. Uh, you know, things like that where you want to stretch. Okay. So I'm on my sacred im just a little bit above my SEI joints. So maybe more like top of pelvis, not in the lumbar at all. And you're not on your coxix.

You've got more landmarks of your bones between those two points. You want to get in a place, a feeder flat to start, and you can actually get your, your sacrum and Coxix to reach over. So there's a little arch here and we wanna. We want to kind of promote that sense rather than the posterior. I don't want you to Tuck back this way, uh, not going to get the freedom in your sockets.

We want the freedom in the sockets here. Okay? So I'm going to start just by folding my right ankle over the left thigh and just observe observing that. So in that pelvic, uh, structure, that deep internal kind of lining of our pelvis bowl, the pelvic bowl is that Iliac, this muscle, this can actually be a little broadening for you depending on your, how your tissue is structured in your body. That might be enough right there. I'm going to go a little further and flex at my hip joints and I bring that, uh, other thigh in. Now here's where things can go awry.

I'm not just don't go here. This isn't, you're not gonna get it there. You want that tailbone, your Cox six to be stretching over, okay? And that might limit how much flection you have, but it's actually more accurate. I don't. So just be with that. Now, for those of you who have a lot more range and you can keep that a sacred placement, we go ahead and fold in. You want to deepen and you'll feel it. So around where the femurs intersect in the joints right now on the right sides and sets the one that's crossed.

You might be feeling inside more medial, you could be feeling more lateral posterior. Now let's go ahead and deepen it again and release it one more time and deepen it in and release it. Now I'm gonna take the legs and veer to the right over into the softer tissue on my left and my right butt area [inaudible] and then again, bring the legs in and bring them out and bring 'em in. If I did this on the regular rollers that I've been used to, the blue white ones or black ones, um, it would be not so comfortable. See on smiling. This feels good. It feels good to do this.

I want to do more of this and then I'm going to take the legs from the left completely into this squishy side. Broadening the glute medius and all the external rotators on the outside of the right. And again, in come the legs out goes the sacrum and Coxix and down two or three [inaudible]. And again, I just want to allow your body to just, you know, get kind of mushy gushy on this stuff. Very often when we're up against that connective tissue where we might feel restriction, we can hold back and do that and we don't, we want to pass off that, pass that away. We don't need that. Relax into it. Let your body just be very liquid like and then come to center.

So what'd you going to do now is instead of having your body straight side bend to the right a little bit. So I'm going to have my head and my tail kind of veer over here in a lateral side bend. I'm going to do each thing again, some bringing the legs straight in towards me and away twice. So you'll notice that you take your torso in your spine in a different alignment. Everything responds differently to it. So you're taking the legs to the right, going up again, you find a different relationship with your and its potential. I feel it was this. Now I'm really enjoying the next stretch. Still feeling my hips, but I'm getting all around through this open side.

Okay, so now staying a right side bend. Here's a, this one's more challenging for me to take my legs to the left, but yet still keep a right side bend. Same thing here. Go the legs in, in feeling all around my hip sockets. Okay. And then body through center and you know it's going side bend left. And then the legs coming in through the center two or three times each direction. Breathing as you need to. And let's veer the legs to the left and bring him in and bring him in.

All right, this is my favorite way over here and then in and in and through [inaudible] center. And then bring your body through your center. Take the leg down before you do the other side. Just take a notice of of that. What's going on, you know, made me more open on the one side. Of course, that's what we're seeking here. So you may need to reposition and then we'll start very the same thing.

You're in a straight line with the torso. Legs are coming in, flexing at the hips and reaching out through the sitz bones and then legs down two or three times [inaudible] yeah. Okay. And then legs to the left and legs toward the body and a way it really, you know, feeding the, the and that a lot idea of the FIM or femur glide and rolling and not having such a restriction in the joint structure. Okay. And then as you take your legs to the right, same thing, you're on the fleshy part of that side and flex. Can you use some imagery if you want to. Many of us enjoy massages. You might want to put some massage oil.

Think about that inside the joints of your hips and that gliding quality that happens when you massage soapy water image might help. Okay. And then bring your legs through the center. Now let's take our side bend to the left. So I had been left and then legs in straight in two or three times. Again, I'm staying in that present moment of what's, what are you feeling different on this side? Wow. I feel a nice stretch on my back.

Now I'm going to take my legs to my left while inside been left. I'm getting even more kind of broadening on the outer right side of my lateral line. Almost done with these figure fours and I have one other so as stretch. So staying in your side, bend left legs to the right and here we go. That's where I'm going in.

Hmm. Last time it'd be a great little series in a mat class if you needed some variety someday or at the end of clients. Have a few minutes to stay after or just for yourself, primarily for yourself. And then if both feet are on the floor, just feeling that also can maybe bring you to more awareness of what level pelvis is or level sacred and level pelvis in the front and hopefully the sides feel fairly well the same. Okay. Now the kind of layer two I'm going to have you stretch your right leg out, flex through that heel, right arm up and change the leg angle. We're going to take the leg over toward the left.

I'm almost getting even cross it above my ankle. And same thing with this upward arm. I'm going to reach it over and then the opposite hand, wrist and not pulling, but just reaching. Okay, so again, this whole right side is enjoying the stretching and opening up releasing. See if you can allow your bones to get just a little heavier and I won't actually let your belly rise and fall for us.

These doers, it's so hard to actually let our abs for some of us relax your abs. No, not, we're not doing ab work. They don't need to be engaged. Really. So a little rounding of the belly, a little soft puff. One more thing. If you want to take your head and rotate it up toward the right, looking kind of to the back corner of the mirror or the window there. [inaudible] one or two more breaths and then we'll bring that arm and leg and spine more linear and straight and we'll bring that foot in and armed down and enjoy the other side.

Leg across. Yes. And then arm and spine in a side bend opposite hand to assist the lengthening [inaudible] feel the abdominals rise when you breathe in. Really what that's about is allowing that diaphragm to move in there. We don't want to keep it lodged up here all the time and it really meant to lengthen down. And in this position it's actually gonna give an appearance probably of this stomach doming so you're okay. And then lastly, if you want that head turn [inaudible] and one more deep inhale. Exhale as I'll go together and [inaudible] and then it's a fun to center arm and leg and spine.

Bring that foot in. You could maybe take your arms into a 90 degree goalpost physicians. Sometimes we'll call that or even out to the sides if you have flexible enough shoulders and want to go all the way up here. That's good too. And I want you just to do one more roll of your head to your right. Let's roll it. Take two deep breaths.

[inaudible] yeah, and again, and then roll the head to the left. Hopefully your system has relaxed a bit and then find your head to the center. This is the way I like to come out of that is to press my hips up slightly. Just enough. I can unroll that to the back of my knees. And just kind of also one more moment.

So I've hope you've enjoyed that little mile fashional a treat and it might be nice if you wanted to just kinda get up and walk around. I won't do that. I'm going to lay here and finish this sensation. We'll walk around and see how your hips feel and I'm sure they feel a little more loose. So till next time we'll do another body part next time. Thank you. Ah, I can stay here for 20 minutes.


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Amy needed this class!! My hip joints need this exercise-Thanks
Lovely, Amy! Yummy way to begin the day!
I was so inspired Amy that I ordered 2 of the OPTP Pro Soft Rollers soon as class ended. I have 2 clients that immediately came to mind . so I thought this would be a great addition to my studio. Cant wait to try this class on the soft roller. And please come back to do a few more classes with maybe a variety with soft and reg roller? Ty! Jamie
Thank you ladies! And Jamie.....I will do more with the soft's really nice and does provide some variety. My clients are really enjoying the soft rollers and the differences they're noticing with the ease in releasing myofascia. It feels really good!
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Very nice! I can imagine it would be nicer on a softer roller. I have one that is not as dense, now it has a flat spot in the middle, haha. Found the hardest part was keeping left leg bent with right ankle on top--left quads not happy. Other side fine, there's the imbalances...loved the last stretch, really nice for lengthening out the scoliosis side! Looking forward to the next body part!! Thankyou!
Great feedback Kerry, thank you! I too have a little scoliosis....or imbalance ... so the last stretch feels great to me as well. I will often go back and do that side a second time :) Thanks for your feedback!
Elsabe D
Thx Amy! Cant wait to use with clients!
I hope they enjoy the releases too!!
Amy, my rollers came in! I really enjoyed this class and used it with a client who has notorious tight hips..The feedback I got from him was very good. I am hoping you come back for another class using this soon.. Maybe a bit longer.?
You offer such interesting classes wtih variety.. thank you!
Jamie.....yay, don't you love the new rollers? I will do another class soon and will make it a little longer, yes. Thank you for asking for that! Next it will be upper body/arms, neck and lats.............which I think everyone needs to get in touch with.
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