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Foam Roller Tension Release

10 min - Class


Take the roller to your Glutes and Ilio-tibial band to free up accumulated tension that may be the source of discomfort or pain. This 10 minute class may be just the thing you need to start or end class with to leave you feeling balanced and ready to go.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Okay. So let's, let's roll our glutes out a little bit. And our I man. Okay now, Nice, wonderful line on the side of our body. So all feast you just get comfy. I really, it doesn't matter if you're formal. Yeah, I really, this is what's really fun to watch us all kind of like little critters. So probably the best start is on your, this is why what I think on your elbow, bottom leg is the straight leg, top leg is bent in, your foot is in front and that's going to be helpful to kind of use it as a little rudder. Maybe that goes back and forth. So if you start right on the side of your glute, so you're finding your, your pelvis, the side of your pelvis, the bone at the side there and your pelvis bone and run right along the side of your bum first.

And not everybody has ouchy spots or tender spots. You might come onto one little little part that kind of goes, we kind of get a little breathtaking moment. Uh, just be aware that could come up. Okay. Yeah. Feel free to also, I'm going to make my foot come forward quite a bit more and let my torso even come forward. So I'm going to change a little the area on the side of the hip. And right now we're really not on the it band yet.

We're still right on the side of the gluten. Put my food foot behind. Now you can just explore a little bit. Some are just got a spot. Oh, that's okay. There's often some moaning and groaning that happens with the it stuff. Okay. So now if we go down the side of the thigh and being on the elbow is fine.

You're getting some weightbearing with your arms, but feel free also to come up onto your hands, uh, which I'm going to do. And you'll just kind of push with the, the one foot and drag yourself over the, uh, roller toward your knee, but right. Not right to it, near it. And you're just going up and down. Yup. And breathing is essential. It's a form of hydration, which this tissue really need. [inaudible] that'll, that, thank you. That'll inhibit rolling over a hand weight.

And this might be something fun to think about and especially if you, you know, do a lot of the roller work. Let your bones be heavy in. It's going to get heavy into the roller itself and see how that might change the quality of what you feel. There's often a, when we're getting near that sensitive place, a hold back that happens. You pull up away from it and see if you can go the other way and go into it. Not Easy to do. It can be a little bit of a mental game. You're doing good. Ready to change legs. I could do this all, well, not all might, but I can go for a while, but let's go ahead and we'll do our, what we often will say is a little comparison, the consumer comparison, the sit for a moment. Feel the one leg pretty hard not to be aware of what happened on there and then the other side and, or the turnout. Yeah, the ability. Yeah, the turnout of your hips. Yeah.

Interesting. Okay, so second leg [inaudible]. Yeah. Oh, I left something out on the first side. That's all right. Next time, something that was even more of a challenge. So first a yes on the side of the glute. [inaudible] hi. Hi. I know pretty close and just, yeah, be aware. Kind of take a notice of what's that due in.

Is it more sensitive? Maybe that's the side you use more. So there's more build on that side. I don't know. [inaudible] kinda decide. Well, lateral hip muscles. So yeah, I'm kind of more on my, the side of my hip, you know, all the sideline leg work, these little good guys. It's kind of those muscles mainly take a giant step if you want, if you want to let your torso come forward a little bit, just, you know, changing the weight of your body on the roller. Good.

Nice you guys. Okay. And now we'll go into the bigger movement. So now I'm more up on it. I'm on my hands and going down the length of the Femur to ward the knee, but not quite all the way there. And again, get heavy and let yourself be very ragdoll. Like a little raggedy and all this being [inaudible].

So did they can't, it's funny. I wish the audio, they could pick that up. There's a trolley outside that's [inaudible] Mary Mary. Yeah. Happy, happy trolley. It probably all well spirited right now. You know what I mean? How are you doing? I've gotten pretty quiet in here.

Yeah. Yeah. It's a lot. It's a lot of, lot of sensation. This tissue needs it. Okay. Let's come off though and just again, do that little comparison. It's just having no luck with this. All right, pretty good. One more thing then let's go on to our back and a yes, you can have the barrel, right? Excuse me. The corrector, um, the foam roller. God, right at the middle of your back. Hands behind your head.

Yes. Lift your hips. We've done this many times and most of us have, you're just running the length of your spine again or most of it down at the, to the base of your rib cage, not in your lumbar vertebra and then up toward the tops of your shoulders. You don't have to do this with your hips up, but you can, it feels pretty good. I think you have more weight coming onto your back. Same thing. Check and see if your can you get heavy on it.

Let your bones is really settle into the roller. Good. You guys take a few deep breaths. [inaudible] roll up one side of your spine more than the other. Can I track the left up and down a few times? Hm.

And then maybe the right side. Good. Do hold a little bit of work in your tummy. Just enough to support you back as you're moving. Good.

Then last thing we're going to do, if you all just bring your hips down to the floor, I'm going to adjust myself and it's another back extension. Samantha's kind of already in blissful land over there. She'd be, yeah, that's kind of where I'm going. So keeping your hands, uh, supporting your head in your neck and allow your elbows to open just a little bit and extend over the top of the roller. You are going to go backward over it. If you want to get your head lowered the ground you can, but delay that. Think of first really more about the elongation back to the wall behind you. And it's like right in the breastbone is that thoracic zone behind the breastbone. Trying to walk those vertebra more and more away from each other.

And then you're free to go back a little bit. Okay. Want to working that segmental space between the bones, not just literally going backward but lengthen as you go back. Okay. Take a breath. As you exhale, bring your chin down to your chest and curl up. We'll do just one more of those. Good you guys. Yeah.

And here you go. So yes, it's going like long, long. Nice supple muscles. See that? And then all the way back, we may have to do one more. Actually that was gorgeous. Let's take a breath and exhale. Chin into the chest and up. We should do one more. Ah, yeah. Creating a lot of space between your rib cage, your pelvis, your spine, your ribs. No. Take three giant breath. Let your belly rise and fall. [inaudible] and on that exhale, bring yourself all the way up before we get up and walk away. Narrow your elbows guys.

And lightly flex forward. Just to counter that pretty extreme extension, lightly, press your head into your hands. [inaudible] good. And just ease those shoulders down. Okay. All right. Nice work you guys. Thank you.


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Hi Amy! Congrats on having filmed 100 classes for PA! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and insight, your classes are wonderful. Please keep them coming!!
Thank you Kerry.....I love you support and enthusiasm! :)
Has it been 100 classes? Fantastic. You are always such an inspiration to me Amy. I miss you.
Yes, can you believe it?!!! I miss you too Krista! Can I come visit soon? Need any workshops over there?! I want a surf lesson too!! :)
I`d appreciate a bit of guidance on how to select a foam roller for purchase. Thanks!
Hi Joni,
What specific questions do you have regarding what roller to purchase? Lots to consider really.

Thanks Amy, great quickie for before or after working out!

You're welcome Sue!
good explanations...what happened to the real/artificial wall with ocean? this is the first video that i've seen that doesn't have that in the background
Pilates Tot, the real ocean is about 12 miles south of Amy Haven's studio which is located in the heart of Santa Barbara. She was/is so important to us that it was worth it to us to go to her place for the first couple of years. Perhaps you'll visit both real places one day?Amy's Studo
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