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BASI Reformer Flow

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Challenge your strength and flexibility with this BASI Flow workout. Meredith focuses on spinal mobility and gives some fun variations on intermediate and interesting exercises. Featuring Semi Circle, Rowing, and Standing Leg Work. Enjoy!
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Aug 26, 2012
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Hi, today we're going to fill my intermediate level reformer class focusing on spinal mobility and lots of other fun things. So lifting the spine tall, standing just a couple inches from the edge of the foot bar and feeling grounded through the fee. And just stay for a moment and connect to your body and inhale and feeling the feet rooted into the floor and the spine lifting almost effortlessly off the pelvis and in here and this time as you exhale, allow the head to drop towards the chest. Allow the hands to just gently start your reach forward, finding the edge of the carriage. Here we are in deep spinal flection, supporting through the abdominals. Start flattening out the back by lifting the tailbone, supporting through the Nisa. We build the spine into a straight line.

And then if you can keep your spine straight, take the carriage more forward and XL feeling weight equally distributed over the feet. Curl the spine back in until the carriage comes to the stopper. Start with the pelvis undulating into a flat back, reaching out, feeling the shoulder blades broad and stable on the back. And exhale as we bend our way back in and in how we lift the Polis, feel the ribs stretch out away from the pelvis, but also draw upwards with them towards the spine. So we avoid overextension through their thoracic spine. And now we curl back in. Let's just do that two more times.

Taking that lovely hamstring stretch, getting the back to start moving and exhale, creating a consistent space between the ears and the shoulders. So the reason that the spine has moved carriage is moving is not because I'm pushing with my arms, it's because I'm lengthening out through my body and that the carriage just moves along with the spine. The arms stay plugged into the shoulder joints at all times. I don't know. I think I said, but that was the last one. But we're gonna go one more time. Reaching out or reaching, lifting and supporting through the waist and now coming all the way back in.

Once you feel the carriage come to the stopper. [inaudible] we're rolling all the way, Sandy. Okay. I did that on one spring. I don't know if I mentioned that, but now I'm going to add another spring of amount of blue because I'm looking for a good hamstring challenge. If you want less of the hamstring challenge, a little heavier spring would be appropriate. So coming all the way down onto the back, head raices down. I'm going to put my feet on the bar and wrap my feet around the bar in a prehensile light position. Arms down at our sides. We inhale to prepare, coming for a pelvic curl, flattening the spine first and then feeling the spine. Just lift up off the reformer. Almost reluctantly.

Reach the out over the feet, press back through the arms and breathe in. Exhale, bring the chest through the arms. Try to keep the carriage pulled in towards the StopRA so there's a fairly decent work. There is fairly decent work in the likes. In fact, a lot of work. Exhale, we curl up again, so flatten the spine. Allow that to be pure abdominals. Don't even press on the feet yet. Then once we lift the pelvis, we have to start pressing into the feet and again, assure yourself that you're equally distributed. Weight-Wise through both feet. Feel the shoulders open, the hips, hod the ribs, low and XL as you undulate downwards, feeling the creation of more space in your body as you reach all the way down to your pelvis. And two more times. Exhale. As we flatten the spine first, feeling the pressure on the feet as the pelvis starts to float up into the air.

Reaching the knees out over the feet. Work the hips up into the air, but press the arms down into the carriage. Exhale as we reach back down, feeling the ribs soften, feeling the abdominals. Guide the spine all the way back into the mat. Really seeing the pelvis down and back on one more. Excellent. We fold our way back up. Reaching the knees out over the feet, pressing the arms down in you. Look for just one more inch of height and exhale to come all the way back down.

Once you arrive all the way down on your pelvis, reach around for the hooks where the head straps live, dropping the elbows, nice and wide lifts one leg followed by the other for the spine twist. So we take both legs to the right on the inhale, anchoring through the left arm and shoulder. So use that as an opposition and then draw deeply back through the ABS and come through center. Inhale as we rotate towards the opposite side, anchoring with the opposite side, and exhale as we come to center. Feel that as the knees move to one side, the abdominals dropped backwards in opposition supporting the spine and now exo, dig deeper as you come back to the middle and inhale as you reach across and action. So as we come back to center, just creating a little gentle mobilization of the spine, reaching [inaudible] over oh over, oh over and back.

Giving yourself time to challenge that movement over, over and back. Curling the head and chest. Sta reached for the backsides of the size and then just do a gentle rocking action through the spine, trying to keep the carriage from moving. Just rocking, making it a little bigger each time and a little bigger still, and then coming all the way to the top with control. Bringing the legs around to the floor. Take A, I'm going to use one blue spring.

Now we're gonna turn around and face the opposite direction. Taking a hold of this straps, make sure they're even and take a hold of the ropes. Position the legs far enough away from you that you can lift all the way to a straight back. Bend the elbows wide to the sides. Stretch the arms forward and right away. Start to peel the pelvis down into the reformer, working the spine down, working all the way down until you feel the low back.

Come into contact with the reformer. Inhale and then bend inwards deeply hollowing the abdominals. Come all the way forward in a rounded position and then lift through the back as the elbows bend. Take the arms back straight. Start curling away from the knees with the spine, reaching the knees forward away from the moving spine and inhale, shoulders heavy. Exhale, curling back up. Creating a nice deep movement, an intense contraction through the abdominals and reaching up through the chest as the elbows bend and they arms straighten legs pressing together as we draw backward through the abdominals, feeling that same heaviness in the shoulders every time.

Inhale and Exhale, rolling, rolling, rolling up. Shoulders over hips, and then build the spine back straight. One more like that. Taking the arms forward, rolling back. Okay, back, back. Inhale and exhale, curl the spine inwards, inwards, bending, creating all that beautiful flow fluid movement and reaching up and taking the arms back. Start bending the spine down. Come all the way down onto your lower back on the carriage. Once they're assessed that the pelvis is in a neutral position and in here, exhale fold inwards.

It's a tiny little mini curl and inhale down and exhale. We fold in just increasing that deep spinal flection. And as you do that, again, just assess again that you're not doing it by tucking the pelvis, but instead you're reaching up and over that neutral pelvis with the spine. And two more and one more. And now coming all the way up again, all the way up into around it.

See Long Sea Shea and inhale, bring the back up, bring the arms back and reach the arms forward. And as you exhale, peel back down again. Once they're again, assess neutral pelvis and hover the left leg. Stretch the left leg out and breathe in. As you exhale the same the spine does that same little mini curl as we bend the left knee into the body and reach Ya and Ben defunding through the abdominals and reach Ya and bend and reach Ya. So it's a gentle bend and it's coming from right underneath the rib cage and last one. And take the laid down. As the spine comes down, hold the bottom, pick up the right leg, extended forward, and inhale and curl the spine, softening the knee as you pull up into it and reach out. This is intense.

If it's not for you, create more intensity within yourself. And three more x here and back and exhale and back out. One More X. I'm back and bend the knee. Place the foot down. Roll yourself all the way up, all the way up and bend the elbow. This time as you bend your elbow was all out of this upper spine.

To reach up an extent, take the arms forward, come back upright through the spine. Exhale as we curl downwards again into the reformer. Once they are, we're going to rotate to our left side with our upper body keeping bullsh shoulders held, still XL cruel into that position and uh, and curl into that position and down and serene. More deepening as we lift. Keep both sides of the pelvis equally heavy and last one, lifting and back and center and turn the opposite direction and haul through the abdominals. Check the level of the knees.

See that there's totally stall or totally level and three as so you only had one leg and back and work on the Leigh down as well as on the way up here as number one. Curling into it. Find your way down. Come to center, curl the spine on. Lift the spine as the elbows bed. Stretch the arms out and lift the back even more into extension. Take the arms back forward. Excellent. As we curl down again, we've got one more thing to do. Peeling down, finding the lower spine. We're going to rotate to the left again, but as we do list the left knee, stretch that left leg out just like we did in center. And now we lift in, curl into the knee and stretch out and curl into the knee and back.

And here's number three of five and back to and back. And the knee just softens as it comes in and center. Put the leg down and the other direction and lift. Silly extended out and pull into it. And, and again, the shoulders are heavy and and the leg is soft. The abdominals are feeling that strong, intense contraction. Number two and down. Last one here and the place the lake down. Come all the way, all the way up in a nice rounded spine and knee. Elbows.

Lift the back to straight, extend the elbows and extend through the spine, opening up and take the arms out straight and or a straight back forward. Back up a little bit and open the knees out to the side. If you'd prefer to do this with legs straight, that would be fine. I just, this is a pretty comfortable position for me and I want a lot of freedom here, so we lift the spine up and in here, initiate the rotation with the waist. As we start turning to the left, we bring the arm with us and reach the right arm straight out in front and you can heal as we find center, initiate the rotation from the waist and then feed the arm into it. Reaching the opposite arm forward and center and again, lifting, spiraling upwards, feeling that nice mobility through the spine, but also creating a lot of support. Try to keep your some concentrated effort in holding the pelvis still so it's only upper spinal or it's the full spinal rotation, but it's not happening in the hips.

So we're grounded on our sitting bones and we reach up and press that straight arm out even though there's no tension on the strap last time, reaching out and back and then just bend over. Taking a little bit of a stretch. And while you do drop the straps back into place, I'm bringing the legs around to the ground. Set up for footwork. Okay. I'm using three reds in a blue spring. Three heavies in a light. I'm coming down onto the reformer [inaudible] checking out your position, make sure you're nice and straight places the heels of the feet on the bar, engaged you, the backsides of the thighs.

And we press out all the way to a street supported knee and pull in and pull in. And again, feel the quality in the legs they've all got one leg with it. Needs to work a little harder. So let's all commit to putting our focus there. As the legs press out, reach the arms towards the foot bar. So there's activity in oppositional Mu, uh, directions reaching and bending and feel that as you come in, you're dragging yourself in.

Not just not just resisting the springs, but literally pulling yourself in from the backsides of your legs. Last two and last one, we're going to come halfway in and we're going to pump. So really absorbing the springs to three, keeping the feet, sta, keeping the arms, lungs seven, eight, nine, 10 we take it all the way out and bring it all the way back in. Coming onto the Tosa. Exhale. Feel that the spine is velcroed to the reformer so that you're moving from the center of your body as you're reaching out through your length, commit to this strength of the knee. Support, the hamstrings, the shoulder extensors, that sense of being velcro to the reformer so we get nice, strong heart abdominal work and [inaudible] and oh and just creating a rhythm and breathing and back and last four pulling in theory, pulling, keeping the ribs connected to the carriage. Here's number one. Holding here.

We're going to do 10 calve raises all the way down and up, all the way down and feel the work coming from all the way up the leg so as the hills drop down, lift up through the hips and lift up to the hips as you drop the heels down. And here's five by my count anyway, we all know how accurate that can be or not to Benton and pump to absorbing the spring, focusing on the down six sec. Hey, working from the hips, 10 all the way back again for 10 more calf raises down and Ah, and Paul more than the springs will you see you create a little bit more work on your own. And here's five, keeping the arms long, the neck long and four, three and two. And then [inaudible] and then he used to bring the carriage and bring the heels together, toes apart and is just about as wide as your shoulders connecting into the hips. And we wrap through the inner thighs, advertiser and Paul and rap and Paul and again [inaudible] good. Feeling the legs fully straight in each time and bring the reformer all the way back each time.

Keep committing to equality through the legs. Keep committing to the relaxing of the neck, the reaching through the arms for more by, by, by my account. And yet, yes, three and back to um, and know, here's our pumps. We go down and yeah, and not from the feet. So keep the few pretty relaxed, but work from higher, closer to the source from the hips. Three, two, one an and, and, and bring the heels to the outer edges of the bar. Aligning them up. Feel a slight sliding action of the heels towards one another, turning on the inner thighs. And then we stretch from there and pull. Keep that energetic sliding inward feeling and [inaudible] and slide.

Good. Resting velcroed to the carriage. Feeling the heaviness of the center of the body. Work through the hips. Last four here, long neck and three as you create that inward pull, create an outward rap, one coming back and da Da da, inner thighs, outer thighs, pelvis, still four, three, two, one. Take it all the way out. Bring it all the way in. Slide two the toes and go ah, and back. Inner thighs, strong glutes, strong hamstrings, doing the work, bringing the kerogen reading, committing to that fully extended, supporting me. Last four here.

Reach and pull in and reach and pull in and last too and feel the knee. Straighten it exactly the same moment. Uh, what am I? I think, I don't know. So here it is and pump down down down was this thing that hurts up, pushed from the feet. Feel the workout higher in the thighs and the hips and the abdominals. Even four, three, two, one back all the way and all the way in.

Bringing the feet to the center of the bar. Press down and straight into Francis and down, up, down. Create that rhythmic action in the feet. Work both feet. So it's a push. Paul Push Ball, setting the pelvis, feeling that beautiful stretches. We reach underneath the bar and last three two and taking the handle down.

Hold onto the uh, carriage, not the carriage, the frame of the reformer and pull the carriage further under with your hands. Increasing the stretch and then just saw from that niece of the stretch changes slightly goes lower for me anyway and change you. Stretch any other side. Soften the knee for a moment. Reach it back straight under the bar, helping yourself by pulling and then in the knees coming all the way in, coming up off the reformer. When you take the springs down to one red spring, turn around. So now we take the straps, we put them all the way over the knee, holding onto the legs, float the Lexa and just start to gently work the spine down with control into the carriage.

Setting up that nice high connected curl and we take the hands behind the head and the leg stretch out in the abdominals, dressed so deep, and then we dig even deeper as the knees come in and any stretching out. Annex hollowing to bring the knees in and out. Just challenge the upward pull of the chest a little as the knees are coming towards it and pull and feel that resting in the hands. Set. The deflection of the spine is not coming by US pushing her head forward. It's coming from just underneath the ribs and in and and, and, and in hold. Hold the lengths.

Reestablish the CRA. This is a little break and we're going to go into some rotation. So we lift the arms, bring them behind the head, stretch the legs up. Then both knees lift up and across to the left. Stretch both legs out, stay high as you come through center and strip, rotating to the other side, high as you come through. Center and turn. So challenge, try to go higher when you're coming to the middle and then keep that height as you turn and he reach up and over. I just caught myself pushing on my head. Try not to do that. And all right, you know, coming across and reaching higher and coming across and last time on each side.

So here's our last one and back. Find Center holds center. Reach forward and just slide arms up to the knees and a slide the arms up to the knees and slide to the knees and, and turn to the left and reach past the knee and reaching past the knee, keeping the lower back stable. If you're feeling your lower back, you should have arrests or you should bend your knees. We find center and lift center and two and three and then we go to the right and overreach and two and three find center bin. The nice man that was hard and curl.

Just create a little rocking action in the spine. Again, Nice and control, curling up just a little bit higher, but staying round and back and making the position a little smaller and back and not take the hands to the top of the knees and we lift all the way into the rolling. Likable. Oh, the way out. Balancing just behind the pelvis and yeah, and left. Yeah. Last one. Yeah. Let's, oh though. Yeah, I'll have the feet to come down. Keep the hands on the knees and just pull the back up right up into the size and then give yourself a nice lift through the chest and then take the straps off the knees. That was tough. I don't know about you, but I sure felt that.

Okay. Okay, so we're going to go into some hip work. Now I'm adding another blue springs of wood. Now. Got One red and one blue spring connected to the reformer coming all the way down into our backs. I'm bringing the feet into the straps, so we're going to start with six circles in each direction. But before we do, let's take a minute and organize all our pieces. Arms, long, hips, externally rotated, lifting to wherever you can without allowing the Powell of this to left.

And now as the legs go away from you, lift up like you're pulling the carriage back with your abdominals and the legs are responding and then reaching around, increasing the rotation in the hip joint. Bring the heels together and reach out through the abs and bring the legs around to the top. Just warming up the hip joint, reaching long and around reaching long. And Are you going to do two more? I've got my feet, not gripping, but just pointed. Checking in with the arms and shoulders.

Feel that heels come together. Reach out the opposite direction, pulling back on the abdominals and [inaudible] and reaching and taking care of time as your legs come up. Play with the edges of where the pelvis can maintain neutral and, and be sta cause a very nice stretch opportunity there. So take advantage. I am anyway. Last two only reaching out and around. One more time reaching out and around, and then we're gonna lift the legs up in a, bend them into kind of a long diamond shape. From there, keeping the heels connected, I want you to rotate the knees out away from one another. And with that feeling, we take the legs down pretty low, as low as you can without lifting your back and then lift that diamond position back and the hips work to move the carriage.

The spine stays velcroed to the carriage and the legs come on and we reached out and we lift up. Let me support through the waist, just one more. So lift up and reach down and then list the length, keeping the carriage. Absolutely still continuing to create more rotation in the hips or think about that as you stretch the legs into the air, towards the ceiling, dropping the femurs into the hip joints. Anyway, as the knees bend in, turn away from one another and exhale, we press it back down towards the foot bar and any of the legs come up and exhale as we stretched, pressing the pelvis back into the reformer. Inhale as the knees soften into that diamond shape and Xcel. As we wrap to press and tune while lifting and reaching and bending, pulling down and and one lifting and wrapping and bending and and now stretch the legs out, bending the right and you bring it just underneath the a right foot just underneath the right knee. As the left leg goes to the side, the side bones are level with one another.

We take that stretch when we pull back with that straight leg and change. Take a minute to feel that position. Five bones on an equal plane, one knee bent, one leg straight, and then the straight leg and initiates the backward pull and again, inhale and exhale and inhale and Paul and feel the pull coming from higher than the pelvis and open and Paul and open Ampa and last time and bending the knees, flexing the feet, stretching the arms forward. Make sure your headrest is down. We're going into the short spine. We take the legs forward, pointing the feet, wrapping open through the hips. Anyhow, as we fold inwards, bringing the carriage all the way in and touching the stopper. Then keep the carrots still at the stopper as we built. Lifts the spine, staying round, staying focused in heel to bend the knees towards the shoulder blocks. Exhale, keeping the feet just over the eyes. Start Rolling away. Rolling away.

Start dropping this thigh bones towards the body in an effort to keep the carriage still. As you come all the way down, Dorsey, flex the feet. Feel the abdominals. Continue to press the legs forward the backs of the legs engaged. Try not to do too much. Work through the feet and then press four point and then folding in half.

Bringing the carriage all the way and keeping the legs nice and strong. Exhale as we lift up, stay focused through the center of the body. Longstreet arms in Yalta. Bent Xcel to undulate down through the spine, reaching down, reaching the five on the outside of the chest, Dorsey flexing the feet and feeling that, ah, that hinges action over the top. Coming from the legs, the hamstring specifically and from the abdominals. One more time. Reaching in, creating stability, [inaudible] and enjoying that beautiful stretches. We reached out, reaching down flex and coming off of the top. Lovely. Okay, so we're gonna take the feet out of the straps, so take one out, put it on the foot bar, take the other out, put it on the foot bar, place the straps back onto the hooks and help yourself up.

I'm just going to adjust my spring and lie right back down for the semi-circle. I'm on one red spring now, so put the arms on the the hands on the shoulder blocks and start to reach out. I just wiggle. I don't know that there's a perfect way to get into this exercise so they heels are together, that souls are apart. We've got that nice high lifted position and we'd come in as close as we can over the over the foot bar. From there, keeping the feet still, we undulate through the spine.

Feel the arms dropping down away from the shoulder blocks. [inaudible] that's not a precise statement. The arms are reaching into the shoulder. The shoulders are dropping away from the shoulder blocks. Press out about three quarters of the way, feeling the spring underneath you.

Then Peel Baca. Keeping the carriage nice and still lifting the hips up. And as you bend in over the bar, keep the heels down, but lift up high in the pelvis and then curling down, reaching all the way back until you're in an extended spine and then press out about three quarters of the way. Start Peeling your way back. Lifting, lifting and yeah, and last one, keeping the arms strong. Then they're straight. We press out, we curl up and we bet. And then we're going to take it the opposite direction where you reach out, pressing up into there, peel down all the way until you feel your hips come down into the spring.

Bend in, come as close as you can and then stay as still as you can as your knees reach out over the toes. We roll through this spine, lifting up. Press out. Only three quarters of the way. Roll down. I don't lift one more time and yeah, well all the way back up. Lifting the hips, take the hands off the shoulder blocks and place them on the, on the frame. Just pull yourself in. See if you can pull yourself in. So close that you reach and hold onto your foot bar and then keep holding yourself there. But press up into the stretch. That's such a beautiful stretch.

This one holding, enjoy. And then gently letting go. I'm just sliding back onto the reformer. It's a hard, if you're sticky, isn't it? Like I am. Okay. And then helping yourself up. Okay, we're going to do stretch. So a same red spring.

Step up onto the reformer. Put your hands on the shoulder blades and that in fact, take your head rest off if it's not. Step forward with the left foot and take the right foot back on the bar on the arch of the foot in a slightly turned out hip. Bend the front knee and reached through the back leg. So we lower the spine down nice and low and holding here.

We're going to stretch the carriage forward, reaching back into the bar with the opposite leg and we're going to bet good and stretching out, reaching that back leg in opposition and Ben and stretching out and each time see if you can go a little lower into that stretch. And Ben Enriching. Yeah, I don't know. Holding here, going lower and then less the hip Sam lengthening out through the spine, squaring the polos and bending the elbows forward over that leg. Bend the leg you're standing on. Step in place the right foot on left, laid back on the bar, on the arch of the foot. Strong incurred position through the length and bending into that stretch.

And as you stretch the right leg out, press back into the bar with the run for the left foot and keeping the pelvis nice and love on bend. And we're reaching out, working with legs and opposition in each time we take it just a little lower. Keep that back like super straight and strong and bend. And one more [inaudible]. Yeah, you're a little lower. And then lifting the pelvis up, squaring the hips all the way in and bending the arms and bend to step in. I'm down onto your knees on them, former back them up towards the back end. Place the hands just um, just on the shoulder blocks.

So I have the heels of my hands on the inside, the closer edge of my shoulder blocks. My hands are wrapped around that. The outside, uh, assess that via risks and the elbows are in a straight line from the shoulders. Step one foot back onto the bar and push out with it stabilized. Prepare the other legs go into, here we go. So the, we're in a Schulte, we're in a scapular print position, we'll call it, and we're just going to take the arms forward, drawing back through the abdominals and back, shoulder push and we pull back on the shoulders as the arms and the carriage. Travel forward, holding the bodies nice and still super strong through our middle, reaching and bring the arms back.

Now we list the hips, reach the head down towards the reformer. Come all the way up in a nice flat back. See if it can reach in and touch the stopper and then reach back for bringing the elbows underneath the shoulders. We're going to do it one more time. Reaching out through the arms and back and taking the arms forward and back. Keep the legs strong. Last one and and back. And then take the head between the arms lifting up through the spine as we bring the carriage all the way in against the stopper and press that enough so you can lower one leg. Bend the back knee. Come on.

Okay. Sliding the feet against the shoulder blocks, rounding back through the spine. Feel the carriage at the stopper. Press the heels into the shoulder blocks, and then press the pelvis for the heels. Continue to reach back. Lifting the spine up and forward into the down stretch. We press out and lift all reaching up against the bar and slide the shoulders down to reach out. Pressing, holding Elvis.

Nice and steady. I don't. One more. This has gotta be one of my favorite exercises and now we're going to bring the carriage in. Curl back, keeping that carriage superstar. Reach out into a straight back. Press with the arms so the body goes nice and low.

Careful with your shoulders here. Reach out for us. The hips down. Lift all the way up through the down stretch feeling the carriers come to the stopper. Keep the stopper as you round back. Straighten out the back, reach out through the arms, press out through the legs, lift all the way in, all the way, all the way, all the way in and up. Rounding back, flattening the back. Last one, press with the arms. Reach through the length lifts all the way in and out, all the way in. Holding yourself here. Start lifting up onto the fingertips.

Reach the right arm up, find the shoulder block, lifting the left arm, and then lift back up and back and reach the left arm up. Reaching back, right and reaches up overhead. And then my left, I'm coming back, turning the body around. I'm gonna lower my foot bar. I'm going to had heading into some rowing exercises.

Headrests down. Okay. Give yourself about a hands with the space behind you and take your straps in your hands. So reaching the arms straight out in front of us, finding a straight line in the spine. And then I'll just take the arms out to the sides, straight out to the sides, feeling the breadth and whiteness of the shoulders, and then forward. And as the arms come back out to the sides.

Be sure not to arch through the roof. [inaudible] hold the spine nice and steady and open out to the sides, holding this spine steady and back. One more. Pulling the straps, the reaching the arms out and away from one another and then forward and bend the arms. Inhale and bring the body down, curling, sealing the back. Come against the reformer. Open the arms out. Press back a little bit on your straps, keeping the carriage still as you bring your arms down to the small of your back. Then reach into the spring. Start to lift the arms, drawing your shoulders down as you reach your arms all the way around your feet. And as they come parallel, we bring the Batty Baca and we bend the elbows and curl the spine back, digging deep, digging d and we open up the arms internally, rotating the shoulders and we keep the carriage cells.

The arms come all the way behind us and lengthen out through the top of that. As the arms reach up, the shoulders draw down and the carriage comes in. But the spine continues forward over the legs and roll up. One more. Inhale, bend exos. We fold down with keeping Nice, strong shoulder position, taking the arms out, reaching over, taking arms all the way back, and then lifting oh all the way around and rolling up through the spine and bending the arms. Inhale. Exhale, curling down, bringing their arms just to the sides of the body. Three bicep curls and to and sorry, and then lifting into extension, reaching up through the arms, up through the spine. Straighten the elbows.

Sit up tall as the arms drop, florid and bend and curl backwards. That's rounding, rounding, and three bicep curls. One and two and three. Remember reaching up, up, up, and taking the arms forward. And last one, bending the elbows, curling drying deeply in words, keeping the wrists strong.

Three girls digging deeper into the abdominal. Here's number one. And we left almost effortlessly rising up off the reformer, stretching me arms out and taking the spine straight. Dropping this drops down, turn around, I'm picking up. This drops in the thumbs. Bending the Elvis of the arms. So just underneath the straps, so just inside of my upper arms and body. Take the arms forward, take them down to the mat, lift them up, go into internal rotation, and then wrap arms around the strap as you come down to the carriage with the arms. Inhale, Tibet. Exhale to reach forward, keeping the spine steady. Inhale down and then up and then reach out as you reach to the shoulders and bend and take the arms forward and reached down and up. Man Around and bend holding the carrot.

Still taking the arms forward down then, uh, and then catching the straps. And as the arms come down, lift the spine through the arm, lift the spine through the arms and bend. And to take the body forward through flection. Begin to extend the spine as the arms extend coming into that nice flat line of the spine. It all the way up and wrap into the straps as we come down to the carriage and bend. Inhale, exhale to flex forward. Inhale, building the spine from the base to the tip of the head. Shoulders are now in internal rotation near the ears.

We said all the way up and bring the arms down and two more bend reaching all the way forward, lengthening out through the back and then all the way out and I'm standing out. Last one. Exhale, feeling that beautiful spinal movement of getting that back. Nice and along. I'm going to lift and bring the arms down. Setting the straps back and coming off the carriage. We're going to do the side splits. So I've got some stickies. If you want stickies, you should get some. Um, yes.

And then go all the way to my shoulder block today. That's, that's the idea anyway. Okay, so we step up onto the frame. Hold the carriage still with your hands, lift up with the other way. Hold the carriage. Still look for the evenness to the fee and then roll through the spine. Lifting all the way up, bringing the spine into position, lifting the arm straight up from the shoulders. And inhale as we open.

Oh, open and access. We lift through the waist and come into touch the stopper and inhale as we open. Excellent. So you come all the way in and I don't want to do one more. Make them count. I can count costs low as you can, as low as you can. The arms are reaching north, eastern west, and Ben, the light that your s is on the carriage, and if you've got that sticky all the way out there and bring it in so it's pretty close to the edge of the carriage. So standing in turnout, taking the arms out straight in front of you, bend your knees, keeping the carriage still open the arms to the side, stretch the legs out simultaneously, lifting the arms overhead and then bringing the carriage in.

Has the arms dropped back forward, bend the knees, open the arms, extended legs, lift up, and then dropping the arms forward as the carriage comes all the way in. Feel that nice strong hip work, Ben, keep the carriage still stretch out. I've just messed up in my arms. That's okay. Lifting up and down and a reverse. I'm going to go out, arms up, bend the knees, keep the carriage sill as you wrap the hips open, and then bring the arms forward as we just shift back over both legs and straighten the legs with the arms. Reaching out. Open the arm now bend the knees, rapping backwards. Bring the arms forward, sliding the carriage and standing on last one, bending and or bringing the arms forward and stepping up. Yes, love that. Good. And just carefully stepped down.

Setting up for the other side. All right, so [inaudible] I've put my stickies in the front, stepping up onto the frame in parallel, placing my hands down on my frame and my carriage to keep it still as I step up and place my other foot and in place. Then holding the carriage. Still we roll through the spine. Lifting up, send the arm straight out from the shoulders and then opening the lights. Opening, opening, opening, opening, pulling up through the center of the body. Nice. And even with both legs. Feel the carriage touch.

Prove it to yourself by holding it there for a moment and then opening. This is hard on your knees or your back. Him. Cool. So Hawaiian with your legs. I've been practicing getting here for awhile and I like the challenge, but it's not for everyone. And come all the way back using [inaudible], lifting up out of the pelvis. Oh, bend and step in. I'll tell you what, three of those is enough for me. Okay. And then we set the feet externally rotated hips, feet quite close together. Arms out the front. Bend the knees, open the arms.

Carriage is still okay. We stretch the legs, lifting the arms up. We pull up through the abdominals, bringing the arms down in front. Bend the knees, keep the carriage still open the arms out. Stretch the legs out, lifting the arms, pull up through the spine, bringing the like see others. We dropped the arms down front. Bend, stretch, lift and the arms drop forward. We reverse it. We lift up through the arms, take the legs out, open the arms, bend the knees, keep the carriage still as the knees bend.

Then back in equal weight on both legs as we stretch it, separating the arms in the lanes, bending the knees and arms in front, sliding back up and up and open the arms and knights and feel that stability in the characters. The knees bend underneath you. Bring the arms back forward as the carriage comes in and step up and take the arms down and then step down onto the ground. Okay, we're almost there. We're going to do a little bit of lateral flection. We're going to do a little bit of back extension and call it a day. So we're going to do some sides on the box. Taking the box, set it on the reformer in the short box position. Set up your springs for stability.

Okay, and grab the strap and sit on the ball. Alright, here we go. So please say that hand that it's my left hand because I'm sitting on my left tip. Wherever you are in space. Same side. Hadn't seen side hip on the box. Reach out through your spine, lift the opposite arm straight up into the air. And then without changing anything in terms of spinal alignment, just float the other leg so that the, that's not a leg, it's an arm float the other arm so that the arms are in a t position.

Just holding here. Now we lift the arms overhead, challenging that work through the obliques. We open the arms back out, reach over, tip the floor, come back up to the straight line lift, bringing the that free on that opposite arm down and reaching up and over and then shooting straight back out to the long line. Take the arms, reach them overhead, reach them back to the tissue, reach down, tip the floor, lift back up, straight. Lift all the way up. Taking that left arm for me. Oh [inaudible]. Oops I forgot the arm. That's okay. All the way up and over and then lets go all the way back out again. Holding here, lengthen the arms overhead and we take the arms pull spine down and up for three and down and up.

Two and down and up one and all the way over the top. Reaching out for a stretch, enjoy and then helping yourself up. Changing. So I'm on my right hip. I'm going to put my right hand down, finding a straight line through the body and lifting the opposite arm and then bringing the other arm straight out. Now we just take the arms overhead, feel the work in the back and the sides. Take the arms down, reach over, tip the floor, lift back up to the straight line, lift all the way up. Reach up and over, shoot straight back out. Arms into a tee shirt. Lift the hands into the earth, supporting through the abdominals. We take the arms out, we reach over to the floor, lifting up, find the straight line and then come all the way up and over. No, we didn't do the arms this time, but what we did do, oh we did go one more time, didn't we [inaudible] out all the way up. Get ready for the tough bit. Here it comes. So he come all the way on and take the arms overhead and we stretch over the box and reach and stretch over the box and reach long. Keep the arms narrow and straight.

Stretch over the box and reach. Long and all the way to the ground. [inaudible] wow. Three of those is enough for me to, okay. All the way down and off. Take a place the bar up. I'm just going to leave one red spring on for now and I'm going to put my bar up on high bar.

Turning the box [inaudible] I get a little fussy with my buckets and has to be just so and then coming onto the box and positioning the body so the chest is just over the edge, lengthening out through the legs, keep them active, put the hands on the Bar, light on the arms, lift off the arms with the spine slightly and then just reach out, pressing out through the arms and Paul stretching the bar as you come in all the way and reach out. [inaudible] Paul holding the bar apart, feeling that broadening in the back. Keep the elbows just in line with the shoulders and reach out and hold and pull back. I'm just holding that slight extension for now that I created earlier when I'm going to change it now. So we're going to go out in a lift through the spine, start extending the heads, bending the knees, reaching the spine all the way around and touching the knees to toes to the back of the head. And as we lower down, we extend the legs and now we create a reverse articulation. Cervical spine, thoracic spine like lifting and extending into the hips, reaching back, reaching back, tipping the toes to the back of the head.

Nice strong shoulders and stretching back out. Last one here. Headfirst by spending, creating a rapping action through the hips, reaching all the way back, all the way back and all the way out and then bending the elbows to come home. Stepping down off the box. Stand just to the side of the reformer. Take the arms up overhead and down. Inhale and take the spine towards the floor. Drawing the head down. I was checking in, feeling the stretch of the back, feeling the weight on the feet.

Inhale, rolling. Baca. [inaudible] building spine, feeling the energy in the body that we've created and the lifter head comes up. I'm just come up, I, I'm just drop to the side and I'll go one more time. Rolling down, lifting through the center, supporting that movement in coming all the way back. No, it's fine. Thanks.


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Perfect session while we await tropical storm the minor tweaks to rowing & other traditional exercises that you bring. Feel perfectly balanced now ... Ready for the storm(s) ahead. Thank you!
Meredith, I am having al sorts of technical difficulties with this video .its my computer today!! The work I saw was just beautiful. Your form is the epitimary of what I believe is BASI perfection!
If you dont mind can you please list what the spring settings were for the standing stretches ? Plus the arm series... i pretty sure thats one red though.Looked like you had the gear bar set on the 1st setting as well. It keeps freezing up on me at that point, then skips over parts of it.
Thank you for bringing BASI to life! I strive to have half the form you do.. its a goal I have set for myself...
Merridth you are my favorite instructor on this site! I love your cueing I love your style and I think your awesome!
Lovely Meri! Great workout.
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Intense fine details! Loved it"
Thanks EVERYONE!!!! You always make me feel so great.

Jamie, I would have used 1 red spring for the standing stretches as well as the arm work. Thanks for your compliments and good luck on achieving your goals.
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What a wonderful workout! I will be repeating this with regularity! Fabulous!
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OMG Loved this class. Is it possible for you to speak more loudly? I had my volume to the highest setting but you were a bit more than a whisper. There were parts of it where you weren't a whisper, but I was straining to hear you...
Pele, for you, I will try!
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Great class! That lateral work! Holy Moly! Could you not speak so loud? I had to turn the volume way down! Just kidding Pele. I actually do like your calm nature though. That's why I click on you again and again. Thanks for another great one!
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