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Challenge and invigorate yourself with this Advanced level BASI Flow Workout. Featuring Control Balance, Horseback, Snake, and much more. This class will make you feel great!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Jul 07, 2012
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Hi, I don't know about you, but I feel like working hard today. So if you do [inaudible] come along. I'm going to start on the box with a blue spring, but before anything, we'll just take a moment to focus standing tall, just behind the reformer. I give yourself enough space so that you'll be able to roll down, reaching the arms down, lifting the spy and breathing it and just breathing out and letting tension flow out of the body and breathing in and allowing the head to draw forward into the chest, the lifting of through the abdominal muscles. As we bend inwards into the spine or from the spine, reaching the tip of the head into the floor, the eyes go in towards the inner thighs.

Inhale as you reached the bottom length in the spine there, and exhale, balancing the weight evenly throughout your feet. Peel up, rounding, rounding, rounding, and eyes forward on stepping back to some, my hair is banging into the reformer and inhale and exhale folding and [inaudible]. Taking the time here just to connect your mind in your body. To let everything else outside of you here and now go and exhale to lift. Rising up taller each time, active through the arms, allowing the eyes to just transfer forward in here. Exhale, rounding down, feeling the full exhalation of all the year out of the body so that as you arrive at the bottom, you fill up in here and exhale, lifting the shoulders just fall away from the ears. The pelvis shifts just over the knees, the spine stacks right on top of the pelvis, and now I'm just going to step in pretty close to the reformer, placing the hand on the reformer. From there, rounding the spine, press the pelvis towards the box, the head down towards the chest and inhale.

Stretch out the spine, reaching up through the tailbone and then take the body low towards the floor, but keep the back flat and then Xcel rebound the spine resisting the pull of the springs. Rounding into the upward position. And in here we reach out through the tailbone. We reach out through the head, we keep them muscle. Then the front of the body controlled and supportive of the spine. As we round back up and as we linkedin and lifting the pelvis, we in here reaching out, reaching out, feeling the sit bones broad on the back of the shoulders, broad on the back and exhale and I'm going to take us through that one more time. When reaching down, reaching, feeling the spine lengthen. Inhale, bend the elbows, pulling the box toward you, lifting the spine even more and then releasing the arms forward and pulling the box in and easy on the arms, on the air and pulling the box and easy on the arms on the outline in here and exhale to come up. All the way of this carriage comes to the stopper. We just lightly lift off the box, coming all the way back to standing.

And while I'm here, I'm going to set myself up for foot. Work with three reds and one blue spring or three heavy springs and a light sitting on the box. I'm gonna just check out my position so that I want my shoulder blades to be just at the edge and then rolling up. Lifting up tall. I'll have my feet on the foot bar spine as long in here, create a curvature of the spine, reaching the arms forward, but draw deeply back through the abdominals. Once that's creative, then bring that shaped down into the box. Inhale as you arrive at the shoulder blades, exhale as you draw down on words, curling the spine forwards until the shoulders arrive over the pelvis and then reach the arms. Press through spaces. You open the chest up an inhale.

Exhale, push the arms forward. Bend the spy curl backward. Continuing to exhale. I'm pressing in with my feet just a little bit pressing down in here and Xcel reaching forward, reaching forward, signing the rounded shape and in who we build the spine to straight and we press the arms forward and bent and exhale to curl back. Curling, curling. Just imprinting that lower back into the box and inhale and Xcel to come forward. This time I'm going to reach a little bit more forward through my spinal, like a wave linkdin out through the chest.

Find the flat back over the tops of the thighs and sit up and exhale. Rounding back and in. You'll take the arms up around to the front, round forward. As you exhale, start reaching out through the back, press the arms out to the side and come up to sitting on one more. Reaching back as the arms push forward. Exhale, inhale the arms lift and circle and we curl the spine of work deeply.

Reach forward, but continue to pull back through the app. Press out through the arms, out through the spine and come up and take the arms forward and curl the spine backwards. Keep the shoulders in place on the back. Find the lower back. And now inhale, the right arm reaches out and back. Look back at it. Pick that stretch and exhale to center and in Halo. Left arm reaches out in back and exhale to center.

And we open up through that sideways and we deep in as we come through center Aeneas open through the sideways and deep. And as we come through center and one more open. Big stretch there. Exhale and open access an inhale center and exhale, curl forward. Reach the spine long over the thighs, press the back towards the thighs. And come all the way to the top. Take the arms forward, create the rounded shape. Again, breathing, thinking about imprinting the lower back. As the lower back comes down, start to just float the tips of the toes off the bar. Take the arms to the hips.

We inhale lifting the arms up, top the toes on the bar, and exhale, press the knees in as the arms reach forward. And inhale we tip and exhale we press. And in here we tip holding myself, lifted up off the box empress. And inhale and exhale. We press on one more reach and XL two press. And now take the arms overhead as a leg raise. Reach out, circle the arms around them, the knees, double leg stretch.

And we reach out and we pull around and we reach out and we pull around as the arms reached back, press them overhead and push them through through space as they come to the knees and reaching up and coming back and reaching out and coming back. One more. Reaching up and coming back. Now make sure you have the strength to keep the lower back connected into the box. I'm going to take my body over the box in extension as the legs go out. Here we go. Taking it over the back into an extension and circle in left and reach over the top of the box and circle in left.

And I know we're reaching out and circling to lift and reaching out. And all right, last one here. Holding the backs of the legs. We guide ourself up just a little bit higher and then we go into the single leg stretch, reach and rate. So five just regular reach, reaching out on that high diagonal, pressing the chest towards the thighs. Two and two, one for the next set.

We're going to take the straight lake into extension, reaching over the box. So we press with the hamstring, reaching down, looking for the front of the leg to find a stretch. Here's number two, and to number and one both knees and hold their spine up a little bit more. Take the hands behind the head. We crisscross one and what to lifting up off the box. Three and three, four and four, five and five.

And now we take the leg into extension, that straight leg reaching down as we come across with the upper body reach, keeping that bottom knee as straight as possible. Last two and two. One more and one both. Knees bend and reach for this size. Rock through this by just gentle rocks and we roll all the way. Placing the feet down. I'm going to move a little bit forward. I'm pushing myself over the back, a little too close to comfort for me.

Reaching forward, feeling the spine down as the lower back connects. We lift the leg, floating them up, reaching back to bring the hands behind the head, stretch over the top of the box and then curl to neutral and be neutral and over the top. And again, neutral first and B and neutral and over the top and neutral. First and beyond. Neutral and over the top and neutral and crossed to the left and neutral and over the top and neutral and across to the right as you cross your body, can you keep your knees lined up with one another? And we go to the left and we find center and we come all the way over the back, keep the abdominals on and we lift to stray and we come into flection as we rotate and center and then all the way over the back and one more to the left and center and all the way over to the back and last time, up and across and center and all the way over the back.

And now lift to center. Reach the arms forward, reach down, place one foot down on the foot bar, give it a little pulse. You want to feel those hamstrings working, put the other foot down, give that foot a little pull and in here and we [inaudible] all the way back up and list the spine in the arms and place the hands behind the head and spiral to the right and center and spiral to the opposite direction. Then center and we lift up as we go across and center and up as we go across. She was opening up through the spine. Feel the length, feel the movement of your spine. Keep the lower half the body still and reaching across and center, working from the waist, spiraling upward, upward, upward each time as center and last one listing and center and bringing the arms down. Stepping down off the box. Okay, I got to tell here, it's pretty hot today and put my box back.

You'll forgive me, I'm sure. Okay. Okay, so we set up for work. I already have my springs connected, lifting the foot bar, placing it in place. [inaudible] I'm coming down onto the reformer feet flatter, a feet flexed on the bar in parallel to one another. Taking a moment to just assess the neutral pelvis, pressing the arms down, breathing in and breathing out to press ass and working as we come in and drop down through the abdominals and and can we feel the action each and every time coming from the hips, the hip extensors, the hamstrings.

We get that little glute connection. Keep the bottom of the ribs, press down. Nice control both on the app and on the end. The neck is long and relaxed. The arms are long but maybe not as relaxed. Perhaps they press backwards into the carriage a little bit last two times and pull last one and pull.

And then we come to the toes breathing in to prepare, breathing out to press. So at the top my feet are a maximum, plants are flection. And as I bend my knees, my heel state absolutely still and press out and bend it and press out and bend in. And all of us have to think just a little bit about the side of our body that doesn't want to work as hard as the side that does want to work harder. And can we stay connected to that side and yeah, and add an n. Just keep that rhythm going and we have four to go. Finishing that leg extension by lifting the kneecaps up away from up towards the hips and to sue. We keep the knees just in front of the ankle, but we support with the quadriceps. One more holding here, spiraling, open through the hips, bringing the heels to connect, squeezing the glutes, squeezing the heels together.

Inhale and fresh. Throw wrapping from the back of the leg and in and press. And keeping the long, the length of the spine. I have my address down today. I'm feeling, I'm feeling like I want just that long neutral spinal position and and squeezy. He'll see access work through the adductors and press and pull slider and Paul last for and reach.

So then playing with something of late and it's an idea and this is what it is. Here's our last one and then I'll give it to ya. Okay. I'm gonna change the foot position a little bit today for our wide v heels and go extra wide. So we're in a little bit of a plea, a shape with the, with the hips. So my idea, try not to push with your feet. Don't initiate the movement from there. Instead initiate the movement from the head and allow the hip to pull the leg straight rather than pushing with the feet to straighten the legs and then in and pull from the hip as we stretch and pull in and ass.

And as I come in, I'm wrapping my knees down towards the ground. And it's interesting for most of us. One knee is going to want to not stay as low as the other knee, so concentrate on awareness on even on being balanced and last five out and reaching through the waist and in and keeping the neck long. I just keep reminding myself that one was for me really last too man, man and last one and as we come in, spreading the knees down towards the ground and accessing the stretch, the openness of the insides of the thighs, slide to the toes and bring the knees in a little so they're more in the regular position. Right. Gina? I'm coming back and reaching out.

N n just going through our checklist, neutral pelvis, shoulders down, neck, relaxed, equal work on both sides. A lot of things to think about in [inaudible]. That's why it makes it so interesting and re and working that night, even rhythm last three, pulling in two hauling in, one pulling and bringing the feet to the center of the bar and we press out, wrapping the toes over the bar and lower the heels and, and lower the heels would say active through the tops of the legs. I'm not just talking about, oh, I'm talking about the tops of the back of the legs mostly. And uh, and then really focus on that downward pull. That's the more important movement in my opinion. And reaching under and, and reaching under and float and reach.

And as the heels go down, the length of these whole spine oppositionally length and the waist length in the neck, create space between the bones of your spine, create space between your ears and your shoulder, Bri and hold at the top and prancing. One foot goes down. Both you've made at the top end up to go down, up to go to we lift and Paul and lift and par feeling that full movement in both feet. The articulation of the foot stretch, that beautiful stretch are getting in our cas and five up four left, dow three up to up and up and down. Oh, that was fine. I just kept going. It felt so good. I'm going to give myself a little stretch here and I'll stretch on the other side.

Yes. And now we bend the knees and bring the carriage in. Coming up off the reformer for a moment, or not all the way off, but just sit up. I'm going to take my springs down to one red and one blue or a relatively light spring. We're going to do a side, um, single leg side variation. So lying down, I'm going to bend my arm and rested on the head rest.

Holding onto the hook at the back. Just this Mike, we're phone a little bit. Good. And then we come all the way down on our side. So what I want you to do is press out through the bottom, like keeping it straight. We're gonna use the bottom foot to push the carriage out first and then adjust the top foot so that when you sort of standing on the bar, the heel is just underneath of the hip. Let your head go down onto your arm, then lift the bottom line. That worked better. And now we just bend only as far as we can without lifting the heel and slide and pulling it. And this is a great place to practice that pulling from the hip action and in and stretch and in working from the hip, keeping the waist long and lifted. I'm just resting my hand on the shoulder block in front of me.

That feels comfortable to me. Could I also put it down in front of your body? I'm gonna need you to keep the bottom like pretty active here. It's lifting up and sliding up into that top leg. Now hold here, lift the heel, rotate the foot so you're in external rotation. Keep the bottom like pulled up nice and high. Bend the knee, wrapping the knee to the back and stretch out. Got Working Nice and hard through that glute and reach out and don't forget to try to come all the way in.

And then so you get that last moment of having to pull the springs in or resist or pull those springs that aren't very heavy at the bottom. But that's where we can get a great deal of pretty intense hip work. Gina and Ben and we reach out and that down last time, bottom leg is straight and working heels are coming together at the top and Ben Den, then the bottom knee come all the way. Yeah, and Jameson. So again, I have my elbow bent, my hand is holding onto that back, um, handle, push out with my bottom leg. So with my top foot on the bar and my bottom foot on the frame.

Basically I'm standing as though I would on the ground. The head then goes down, adjusting the position, finding the work through the waist, lifting the bottom leg and bend an extent. So feel that there's a connectedness into the heel of the foot. Now this isn't an, it's not an incredibly heavy spring, but that doesn't matter to me cause we can really create the work that we want here and reaching and finding that stretch through the calf. Yeah. And holding that bottom leg nice and high.

I'm going to go four more times. Here's one and out and two and three and four. And, and now just lifting the heel. Yep. Rotating in the hip joint, not just from the foot or the ankle and Ben rapping the knee backward towards the back of your body and stretch. Squeezing the legs together as that top like straightens and stretch and Paul and range and keeping the long waist. So you want to just monitor that there? No hiking in the hips at all.

And out and back. Yeah. And, and last for and last three, last two and make it your last one on this last one. Reach everything. Working and coming all the way and just helping yourself. Huh? Okay.

Going into some abdominal work. I'm going to keep the same springs. I neglected to check my straps before I lied down. And so I'm doing it now and I'm glad I did cause they're not even. It's always a good idea to have a look at the straps before you use them. Okay, here we go. To come all the way down onto our back.

Okay, taking the arms just above the shoulders and then from there, once we have tension on the straps, we're going to lift the legs up and we inhale here, lifting the head and chest, pressing up. Exhale. Inhale. Taking the legs off, x a, lifting them into the bend them and press out and lifting them into the air bend and press app and lifting them into the bend and press app. Now as they lift into the air, we lower the body down. We bend the knees and lift up. Press the legs out, lifts them into the air and lower the body down. Bend the knees, lift up with bent knees. Reach out, lifts the legs, lower the body down, bend the knees, lift with bent, knees stay there, stretch the legs into the air. Reach past the hips as you lower the legs down, then the knees in and lower down. Lift the head and chest, stretch the legs to the ceiling. Press them away from you. Bend them in, pressing the chest to the thighs and lower the body down and lift the chest and stretch the legs up and press the legs away. Dig deep in the abdominals, bending the knees, reaching past the hips and coming down. One more. Lifting up, stretching the legs up. Take them away from you. Hold there, rotate out through the hips. Rotate in through the hands.

Open the arms in the legs and everything back and inhale. We take it out and we schoolies everything back in. Inhale, open the legs. Travel out on a horizontal line. The arms travel out on a horizontal line. No higher or lower than your own body. Good and ass and together and as and to gather and feel the legs reaching away from you as you pull in and up through your center. Last one, bend your knees, lower your body down. Inhale, exhale. Pick up the head and chest. Stretch the legs into the air.

Take one of your legs towards the bar and switch and switch. And as that upper leg lifts, we press up through the chest. And as we're doing moving through the legs, we're pressing down through the arms and we switch and we switch and we switch. And when we switch and one more and one and both legs up, bend the knees and rest. Bringing the food into the straps.

[inaudible] bending your knees. So settling yourself into a neutral politic position. Pressing the heels together. Now here's what I want you to think about. Visualize the rotation. The Bony wrote, the rotation of the bone of the femur inside of the hip joint as you reach out through your legs with as little muscular tension as possible. Now that doesn't mean I want you to feel that your legs aren't working. I want you to find ease in that outward movement of the foot, but focus on the deep rotation, the deep work in the hip.

I may reach out, reach out right cha and bet one more. Now, Ben, the, he's bring the bottoms of the soles of the feet together and then the legs are a little bit beyond a 90 degree angle. And then I've just opened. Now I want us to press by opening the knees. So press the knees down as we take the thighs towards the carriage. Keep the pelvis steady. Lift that shaped straight back up towards the ceiling.

So we're moving out. We're externally rotating the hips to press down with the legs. And now we lift back on and we open up the hips to move the legs. Go ahead and go as low as you can without going into arch of the, of the lower spine and, and open open. And I'm going to change it here. We're gonna open like just like before. I'm gonna stretch the legs out.

Start flexing the feet, lift the legs up, bend the knees, opening the knees, bringing the bottoms of the feet together and Presta stretch out through the legs. Opening the feet, flexing the feet, lift up as you bend your knees, open the knees out, bringing the bottoms of the feet together and press and reach through the heels. We stretch out, we lift the legs up, we bend the knees, opening the knees of that, the bottoms, the feet. He come together. And we press down. Now we're going to reverse that right hand and go, I'm going to Guinea. Keep the carried. Still. Stretch the legs into the air, opening the feet up into flection, Dorsi flection and press down as the knees bend.

Feel those deep external rotators working as we open the knees out. Lift the legs, stretch keeping the reformers still dragged down through the abdominals. His legs reach up and flex and Presta. Two one more bending. Yes. Keep those hips working as we stretch the legs into the air, squeezing the legs together and and last one, maintain finding that diamond shape.

Lifting the diamond shape in one piece from the pelvis, stretching the legs up and flexing the feet. Press down in, point the fee, Ben the right knee and open the left leg to the side and pull yourself back together with the left that straightly and bend the left knee. Bring the foot just just in line with the [inaudible] inside towards the leg and press. And we keep the foot just under the knee as we open both sides away from one another and pull from the straight leg. Allow the bent knee to follow through. So the tendency I think is is to want to press through that bent knee, finding power there. But let's keep that steroid working to bring us to the center and stick a few more. Keep the legs low, find the stretch, it's worth it.

And coming to center and last time and coming to center and last one to the other side and center. Keeping the legs in external rotation heading into the long spine. My headdress is already down. If yours is not, you should take it down. Now lifting the legs to vertical. Exhale as we roll through the spine, rising into the air.

It's uneasy in this one. Separating the way, rolling the spine back down, keeping the carriage nice and steady, nice and steady as you lower all the way down to the pelvis. Allow the legs to come together and touch. Inhale to lift the legs just to vertical. And then we keep the carriage so as we use the abdominals true, but also have to be a little bit free in the front of the body so that we can find the back extension in the movement. Separate them, they peel the spine, Duh, all the way, all the way. Keeping the legs strong, keeping the Armstrong and are reaching and together and one way and focusing on lifting without moving anything without moving the carriage is what I mean. Rising that very separate and watch the politics bones here.

The SSIS, it's a good view of them. If they pass by your face, you can see if you're rolling down evenly and then as they go past where you can't see anymore, you just feel the center of the spine as it comes into the bed and reached the legs down and together and bend the knees, taking one foot out, placing it onto the bar, set the strap down, other foot back out and we come all the way in. Sorry. There's a fly trying to fly up my nose. Okay, great. See, come to the side of your reformer. Take off the blue spring or take off the take off one spring. Basically you want one spring here. We're going to do this scooter.

You're gonna put your inside foot up against a shoulder blocks and then you're going to step back with the opposite foot. So the heel of the foot, excuse me, the foot on the floor is lined up with the toes of the feet on the carriage arms are on the foot bar. We're going to bend that outside leg, round the spine backwards. Then deepening through the abdominals to lift that need off the carrot holding. Nice steady position here and take the leg out and and pull it in and out and pull in with the emphasis on the end. The spine is not changing.

The leg on the ground stays bet and we do five and four drawing through the center of the body, resisting that screen. Last two and one more. Bring it all the way, all the wheel, all the way, all the way in and put the knee down on [inaudible] the carriage. Take the opposite foot forward. Step up near the frame, lengthen up through the body. Keep the body lifted up. As you reach down into the hip flexor stretch, pressing the pelvis forward, trying to not overarch the lower back. Check for hip level. Keep Ma'am remember to keep weight on the leg on the ground from here.

We're gonna stretch that back knee off the reformer and Ben. Yeah, stretch that back knee off the reformer. Pressing all the way onto a straight way and bent, reaching out, reaching a holding here. Take the hand that's closest to the leg on the ground. Lift it off and place it on the frame.

As you start just reaching out through that bottom, reaching out, reaching gently, placed the back knee onto the carriage. Gently bend the knee and lifting your back. Wait up as we bring the carriage all the way back in. And then we stepped down. That's a big stretch for me and switching sides. So the scooter first got the toes of the foot tucked under the knee on the carriage far set up heel of the foot and lined up with the toes of the foot on the reformer leg on the ground, bent arms strong back round.

And then once you're there you want to just feel that you're already in the middle of the exercise. Then lift up from the abdominals that knee up off the carrot, check for alignment and we're off and it's an excellent cause. Then nothing else changes in the body. The new season, nice and low. We're working that knee towards us from our apps, pressing back with the back of the leg and pulling in from the front of the body and four and three and two and all the way in and rest. Taking the front leg forward just outside the frame, lifting up through the spine, keeping the shoulders aligned over the pelvis as we just start sinking down into that stretch. Breathing.

I know it keeps the alignment of the spine. We engage energetically through the back of the leg and we lift the knee pressing through the heel and then back Lyft, Sydney, reaching all the way, getting that leg as straight as you can. Push into the here and Ben one way and reaching out. Finding that extension hip extension hand on the closest to the leg on the floor reaches down to the frame. Start to stretch that front leg out. I'm using my opposite arm on the bar to help me stabilize, reaching down, keeping the alignment of the spine breathing, and then gently bend the back knee down. Gently bend the front knee.

Come all the way back in and up and yes, coming up onto the reformer on both knees, sliding the feet up against the shoulder box. I'm still on one red spring. We're going to do five knee stretches, so it's a light spring. Now I've got to really focus on that carriage control on that spinal control. [inaudible] keeping the heels against the shoulder blocks. Spring the pelvis forward or working up into the down stretch.

We press the heels against the shoulder blocks, lifting up and in here and reaching through in tobacco extension, pulling up away from an imaginary wall as you come all the way to the stopper and press out of machines. The breath I want. Exhale, I think, or breathe as you need to. Plan left. Work on not over arching the lower spine. Keep the abdominals and the hamstrings working to help control the pelvis and lifting up, up, up, and hold. Now keep the carriage at the stopper. Round the spine back towards the feet, holding that knee stretch position for a moment. Then straight in the back and press out through the legs.

Dropping the pelvis down and lift up. Coming through the combination and we eye the pelvis back, drawing the knees underneath this, keeping the carriage at the stopper and straight in the back and press the legs out. And inhale as we lift up, reaching up away from the bar and exhale as we flex back through the spine. And inhale as we straighten the back and exhale as we press the legs out and in. Yes, we rise up. Oh, ah, ah, ah, and exhale as we sink back and inhale the spine, Lincolns and last one we press the pelvis down and rise all the way up, all the way up and curl and Rola. Okay, so we can do a little arm work.

Next, take the bar down. I'm gonna keep that same spring though. Red Spring there, bringing the legs through the shoulder blocks, seeing just at the end of the edge of the carriage, taking a hold of the straps with both arms, both hands, lifting the spine, finding a straight back, eyes forward leg straight in here. As you exhale, take the arm straight out to the sides, straight out to the sides without arching through the rooms and come back and exhale open steroid out to the sides. Nice and reaching back. It's a beautiful movement. Feel so good. Opening through the back, feeling that powerful back work and taking the arms forward and again we reach out and coming back and keeping that nice lifted spine and reaching out, trying to find a position that's just parallel to your body and forward the last time of year, reaching out and forward. Good. A little bit more forward cause we're going to go into some rowing.

They're taking the arms forward again. Can we inhale to bend the arms? We now exhale to curl through the spine. I mean all the way down to our lower back. Inhale, take the arms down and out to the side. Excellent. As we reach all the way over our legs, keeping the carriage stone, take the arms all the way behind the body.

Then up start rolling through the shoulder joints as the arms come all the way forward, carrying the spine with you and roll up and inhale bed. Feel that the shoulders stay so strong and stable. The legs press down into the carriage. We take the arms out to the side, we reach all the way forward, bringing the emcee of the behind and then left rolling through the shoulder joint, stretching the spine forward and around up and inhale. Bet and press down on the shoulders as you curl the spine into the reformer and India's the arms. Go Out, no movement in the carriage pulled all the way forward. Continuing to keep the carrots doe reach all the way up, all the way around, going through the spine, going through the spine and rolling up one more time and healing to that excelling to fall backwards, reaching, reaching open, reaching over, reaching all the way.

Take the arm, the spiraling through the shoulder joints. As we reach your round and come all the way up. I'm going to exchange my, excuse me, red spring for a green sprain. Am I going to do the rowing back to, so we start with straight arms. We bend the elbows, we excellent the curl the spine done. Just bring the arms, let them settle down next to the body. The angle of the arms doesn't change when you do five bicep curls here. What?

That's why I wanted to have your spring. By the way. I knew this was coming three and four and five and then we find that 90 degree angle with the arms. We just barely find flection. Start lifting up and beyond, up and beyond reaching up through the arms and as we sit up the arms drop forward and we inhale Tibet and exhale to fold the spine down into the couch and open the arms and open the arms and then an open and bad drawing. Focusing on that flection, that abdominal work there. And now we see lift, reaching up and back, lengthening out through the back, allowing the arms to extend upwards and now forward and back and rounding back and take the arms straight. Hovering the left leg. We bend the arms in that one, knee and out and bet and, and three. And we are working strongly through the abdominals. And as the arm straight in, the lake comes down and we read in the Elvis and we rise up, up. Oh, I don't allow the arms to drop down.

And last one, rolling back, holding the ABS close to the body, lifting the right leg and bending the elbows on the knee and reaching and pulling it and her reaching her and three and her reaching out to her itching and bent and reaching out. And please select down, no change in the center of the body. Rebuild the elbow, start to rise through the back, rise to the back, reaching up in, out through the arms and allow the arms to come down all the way. Placing the straps back, turning your body around, lie down on your back. Okay. And do the control balance. Yeah. So we take the strip hooks with our hands.

Settle yourself just a little bit away from the shoulder blocks. Lift one leg, lift the other leg, press the elbows down without creating undue unnecessary neck tension. Stretch the legs out, lift them, and then exhale as you roll yourself over. Create a little bit of length through the spine. We're going to drop the left leg towards the ground and take the right leg all the way into. Yeah, so you've got that nice long line through the spine and switch reaching up and reaching up and reaching up and reaching up.

It's a double pulse. That topic sensor works really, really hard. The elbows stay open and wide. Last one, take both legs down over the top and slowly rolled the spine. Duh. Okay. Coming off the reformer, we're gonna finish our arms on the box and do another exciting exercise. Then you do the horseback today. I'm not going to use pads on the box, but if you feel like you need some pads for your legs to make the box feel more comfortable for you, you should get some. Okay. I like one red spring for this exercise, one full spring of some description.

Before we do the horseback, however, we're going to do just a little bit of arm work. So reach back for your straps. This might be a tough spring for this, so if it feels too heavy, drop the spring down a little. So we start with the arms next to the body and we lift the arms up. It is tough and open and back. Okay, so the hug a tree, we keep the spine elevated and keep the arms working evenly and focusing on the center of the body and reach.

We're going to do a huge number of repetitions is the goodness and itch last too. Bringing them together, bringing them together, opening the arms, bending the elbows. So I've taken my elbows into about a 90 degree angle there. I'm gonna take my arms forward, press slightly downwards, not lowering the arms down, but just energetically and bend and reach forward opening. And Ben and I reach forward, open the arms and Ben, just two more reaching out. Feel the length of the spy.

And then last one opening. And I'm just taking the items down to our side. Okay, so setting up for the horseback, keeping the straps in the hands. We want the legs to be nice and straight. Um, position your legs on a slightly forward diagonal and squeeze the box. Six one strap in each hand.

Starting with the spine nice and straight. I'm going to scoot a little forward on my back cause I think, okay, here we go. Spine is nice and straight. We inhale as you exhale, start flexing through your spine and reaching out through your arms. As the arms reach the, the pelvis lifts off the box, it hovers, it hovers. The abdominals drop backwards away from the arms reaching, reaching. And then the hips come down and the arms come down. The spine goes straight in the eyes. Go forward. Any inhale and round the spine.

Start elevating the arms, reaching the legs, squeezing the box, lifting up off the box, dragging back through the abdominals, down through the shoulders and the lower the arms and lift the back up. And in here, annex hovering, hovering. And I just wanted, my thing is hard to be just plenty. So reaching the arms right as I'm start moving. Start Flexing, start lifting up off the box. The abdominals pull backwards. Oh, oh, I almost fell off my horse. Oh yes. Reaching the arms, lifting a little higher, a little higher and all the way down. Okay, great. Step down off the side breaststroke. Have you take the straps in the uh, thens pulling on pulling part.

I still have a red spring if that's not appropriate for you. For the breaststroke dropped down some [inaudible]. Sam's are at the shoulders. Elbows are reaching down's towards the straps. Legs are energized, spine is straight. And now the arms go out in the spinal lifts and the arms come all the way just to the sides of the body's not behind.

And then we slice the elbows back to the shoulders to lower the body down and inhale, keeping the leg stuff, reaching all the way back and hello and inhale. Feel the shoulders dread down away from the ears as we press out through the arms feel as we circle the arms, the shoulders slide down even more to more reaching. You're circling around and, and last one reaching out and all the way down. Okay. Allowing the back to settle for a moment. Then stepping down off the box, control it as it comes in. And is that the straps down? Okay, so you put the box away.

We're going to finish with the twists and the snake. We'll do three of each on each side. Ah, I'm going to keep my bar down today and I am have a sticky right here that I got earlier cause I knew I would want it. So the sticky goes on the, on the foot bar and standing just to the back of the reform or the side step. The leg closest to the bar onto the bar first. And then we placed that far away. Hand on that shoulder black, get it nice and ready to hold weight, placing the opposite arm on the opposite end of the carriage lifting, crossing the ankles. And now we press out through the carriage. We keep the carriage. Absolutely. So as we twist and pull in and out and swing hips under looking behind us and out and in and out. It goes to character, it stays sauce.

We turn back and, and now taking the carriage out, starting to lift through that, keeping the abdominal muscles engaged, reaching through the legs, reaching through the eggs and the lifting the spine back out and reaching out. Undulating through the spine, lifting the head, allowing the pelvis drop through the beautiful hip flexor stretch and lifting back in and reaching out. Yeah. And carefully stepping to the ground. Let's make me breathe hard, but they feel good. Okay. So we set the foot first, we set the hand. So the other hand, before you step up, make sure that you're prepared to bear weight on your shoulders.

Be ready and lift, lengthening out into a flat spine, reaching the carriage out, spiraling under an up, pulling the carriage, reaching out, rotating from the spine and making that rotation nice and active. And now I start to reach out through that, reaching the pelvis down, lifting through the spine, looking at it, and we lift back in Emile as we guide the spine, outward, reaching, reaching, I know lifting in and the last one. Yeah. Lifting again and stepping down to the ground. [inaudible] I'm ready to finish up. Just at the end of the reformer where we started taking the opposite and diving down into the carriage. And now he in Yellen press out through the spine, flattening through the back, reaching and exhale as we curl through the spine. Any comments anybody else? We reach out keeping the abdominals strong, supporting the spine and coming back.

So put all your weight on your left way. This time I just in fact just put the right toes behind you starting that, but you're still round. But now as you reach out through your spine, you reach out into hip extension, into hip extension and then curl, oh the weight over that flipper, that stuff. And then all the way back and all the way over the foot bar. Got a really good stay rounded through the back to clear the foot bar and then stepping the foot in and rounding up and take the left leg onto the floor. Yeah. And reaching down and out. Not like lips, nice and high.

The body's nice and the long arms are straight. Shoulders are down. And then we Curlin picking up that knee right over that foot bar, getting it right into the chest. And then you were reaching, lifting the leg into the air and curling in, reaching him and stepping the foot down onto the ground, taking the spine a little lower, a little longer. And now rounding all the way in, all the way in. As a character comes to the stuffer, soften the knees, lift the back up, rolling through the spine. A lot of like sit straight in as the spine straightens, taking me and up overhead.

[inaudible] and I don't eat in here lifting up [inaudible] and that's all I've got. Thank you.


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I love this class. Her slow speed and intention is what takes normal moves to deep moves with tension! She's calm and secure.
felt so great, wonderful flow and perfect amount of challenge, thank you!
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I can't wait to try this out! Control, control, control!
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Great set! My first Reformer class at home. Got me sweating and felt the same as if I went to a studio class.
Marlisa E
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Beautiful class!!! I loved how serene the class was, though extremely intense. Great cues and creative additions to the advanced reformer repertoire. I enjoyed the side lying series with straight leg reaching below the bar as well as the scooter/Eve's lunge (adding the deeper stretches). I loved the Horseback series and snake. I can't believe how much Meredith was able to get into the hour....and it didn't feel like a manic pace!!! Adding to my favorites and hope to spice up some of my reformer classes for my clients. Thank you!
Extraordinary! Components of fluidity in movement, grace, dependancy of breath to movement, flow, illuminating display of confidence and control. She captured my attention with such attentive connection that it prompted me to smile right back at Meredith at the end of the class. :)
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Menuda clase más buena. Me gustan las series de brazos. Muchas gracias Meredith.
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Fantastic...and transcending.
WOW!!! Thank you so much have all made my day much brighter. :)
Thank you Ali!
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