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BASI Reformer Flow™

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Short on time? Meredith takes you through a challenging, condensed full body BASI Flow™ workout. This class features Shoulder Prep, Jack Knife, Corkscrew, Cobra, and plenty of fun variety. Enjoy!
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Jan 15, 2013
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Hi, today we're going to work on the reformer at a high intermediate level, and I'm going to try and keep it down to 45 minutes. For those of us who are just trying to squeeze a workout into our already busy day. So with that, I have my spring set on one red spring. I'm going to start standing just at the rear end of the, or the front end of the reformer for a couple of CNN roll downs. We stand tall. Taking a moment just to find yourself over your feet, to reach your arms down towards the floor to lift oppositionally up through the head. And in here an exhale. Allow the head to nod forward as the head reaches forward.

Allow the knees to start to fold inwards so we allow the knees to soften. As the spine moves down towards the floor, check in here. See that you're equally weighted over both feet. And inhale as you exhale, feel the floor. Reach away from the spine as the spine stacks over the hips. Get the lower spine to straighten before the knees start to straighten and lift the head of the last moment. Inhale. Okay. Xcel allow the head to draw for it. As the head draws for the knees, pull forward slightly. The abdominal is pulled back.

Oppositionally we've got equal weight over our feet as we reach over the legs towards the floor and inhale and exhale. We pull back up, reaching, feeling that nice mobile spine and lifting up. Looking for, and one more in here and exhale, feeling the bend of the spine, that deep backward bow. As the knees bow forward, we feel the spine come all the way forward over the legs. Inhale and exhale. The knees are still pointed forward as we drop back with the abdominals.

Allow the pelvis to start your reach and the direction of the knees and as a low back straightens and knees and take the arms up way away. Big Grass in preparing to move. Bringing the arms down. I suppose we already have moved, but anyway, stepping closer into the reformer, I'm about eight inches away I'd say. And taking the arms up overhead. Reach forward with the hands. Find the hands on the reformer carriage and pause.

So here we are in a very rounded spine. We're going to inhale, start to tilt the tailbone up from there. So we flatten out the back first and then we allow the reformer to start to slide out. Keep that long flat spine there. And then exhale, feel the pelvis move the opposite direction as we curl our way back in, flatten out the spine here at the top. We were you aware it's slightly easier to find. And then once you found that nice flat back, reach down, pull weight back towards your heels as you reach energetically out through the crown of the head and in here. And exhale, we pull back in and now we're going to do it on one breath pattern. So we breathe it in.

[inaudible] yeah, undulating the spine and breathe out in curl and take advantage of a long movements of feel, the length of the breath, long deep breaths and exhale and reaching a and exhaling back [inaudible] and reaching out last time. And that Nice, beautiful stretch. And reaching back. So keeping the weight balanced over the feet. Once again, find a flat back. You can go low, go as low as you wish to hear. I'm gonna stay at pretty high cause this is where I like to be. So we're going to sly the right leg out.

I'm trying to line my head up with the my spine straight parallel to the floor. We're in a lift with the right leg as we just slide the carrot slightly forward and bring the leg back in. The carriage comes in and standing over the left leg, we reach out with that right leg nice and straight. And then we slide the arms in. So in terms of what the arms are doing, feel the shoulder blades depress as the arms reach forward and back two more times. Shoulders depress going in the direction of the lifting leg as the arms just stretch oppositionally forward away from that leg, keeping the back and the standing leg straight. We hold that back position. We're gonna bend the standing.

Me going to stretch the standing leg, lifting up that back like a little bit higher. And now I'm taking my body on a slight diagonal forward, reaching up through the back leg and bend and reaching up through the back leg, lifting the body back to parallel to the floor and stepping the right leg to the ground, sliding the left leg behind you. Take a minute to check your position to check your pelvis and then lifting the left leg. Now we just let the carriage move out a little bit and bring the carriage back and reach the carriage forward. Feel that the shoulders stay right in place and back.

So the arms and the legs reach away from one another and back. I'm encourage or I will encourage you to play with the lifts. So don't just lift where it's easy challenge. I lift, try to push beyond the comfort level or the easy level. We all, we want to remember that we need to challenge our bodies and the only person that's going to do that to the best of your ability is you. And, and now we hold that long line and we reach low, reach low and bend the standing leg and feel the spine lengthen is the leg straightened and then the standing way and reaching out and last one and reaching a, lifting the body back to straight, stepping the leg in, bringing the carers all the way in if it's not already and are rolling ourselves all the way up to standing. I'm going to set up my bar here for some foot work, so I'm choosing to use fairly heavy spring three reds in a blue for me on this piece of equipment. I'm coming down onto our backs. I'm going to start with some bridging. My head rest is down, the arms are down at our sides. We're going to breathe in here. As we breathe out, we're bending the spine under, curling our way up, keeping the weight over the feet, over the heels, pause, press up in here and Xcel. As you curl your way back down, the chest reaches through the arms stay long and straight reaching for the foot bar. We just mobilize the back, reaching the pelvis down and inhale and exhale.

Feel equal weight in both feet, arms press down to enable the height of the pelvis or to just create a little bit of an opposition in your body. On inhale and exhale, we roll back down, pulling the bar towards, yeah, and releasing the pelvis and in here and we reach out and in here and Xcel to go. Do feel the pelvis come down in here, XLE bend, stay there. [inaudible] little presses where you press up at the pelvis and draw down through the ads up and then down, up and then down. So it's the action of trying to create a tilted pelvis. And we'll do four and three and two and one n in here, here, and take it all the way down. Slide the arms out to the side and reach back for the pegs where the shoulder where the straps live. Legs up in tabletop. Take the legs over to the right, pressing the left elbow and shoulder down. Feel the left rib cage. Come back into places and knees. Slide back to center. And any of the other way and XF finding the obliques and in who we reach and exhaling to come back and reaching across.

Drawing oppositionally back through the abdominals, keeping the arms low and steady eye a pull outwards on my pegs a little bit to keep my back engaged and active. Last one to either side, inhaling and exhaling to come home and inhaling. Reaching the head through the arms. An excellent to come home from here. Let go of the pegs, curl yourself up. Fun meets with the hands and for the double leg stretch, take the legs just over the bar, arms back and exhale. Draw in and inhale legs just over the bar and XL. Draw in, so create activity in the stretch. Get the arms to reach in, narrow and behind you, but not at the expense of having to elevate the Scapula to do so.

And we reach out and pull back and reach out and press the arms through space and two more and pull back a last one and holding onto the left knee. Stretch the right leg over the bar. The lights have to be a little higher than then. Maybe it's totally normal to just clear that bar, but that's okay. But still feel that the toes reach together towards a bullseye.

So one leg doesn't draw lower than the other in terms of the alignment of the feet. They're right on a straight line and we go four more and four. Push down on that inside knee with your arms. Here's the number to two. Here's number one and one.

Both knees in lift. Reevaluate your position. We're wringing your hands behind your head. We go to wards, the right lifting and towards the left and to wards the right. Staying high as we come through center. Challenge the height. In fact, did you come through center? Here's our number one. Then we're going to add something. So now take that outside our Mentz.

Lice past the knee and reach slicing past knee on reach. And here's three, and here's two. And here's one and one both knees and maybe take the legs. Lift a little higher, both hands behind your head, both legs up. Take the legs away and pool them back and we take the legs away and we pull digging deep to the abdominals and press the chest forward as the legs go away.

And two to go. Reaching, lifting and reaching and lifting. Now just the left leg down, the right leg back and switch and switch and push down on the bar with the leg and curl the body. Two one and rotate it up in a cross one. Here's number two out of five and hubs are still in the hands and two, ah, last one. Both legs up both arms. Forward. Head comes down.

Lowering the legs to where you can keep the spine stable. We lift the legs back, we curl the spine over, separate and flex the fee and then peeling the body down, reaching the arms actively into the Mat, opening up through the back. Point the toes circle to touch. Inhale, exhale. Roll ourselves over, keeping your arms long and straight. The neck, long opening, flax rolling down. Reach to the toes. Circle together. Inhale up. Last one. Exhale, mover and separate and healed.

One bone at a time. Point. Circle, attach and bend the knees to the Bar, placing the heels on the bar, lifting the head recipe if you prefer that or keeping it down, pressing the arms down. Find the weight on the heels, find a neutral pelvis and press out. Find a nice straight leg and Paul and it's a stretch and a pole. Keep weight equally distributed. Feel that it's not starting in the feet. The the, the movement starts in the pelvis or just underneath where the glutes and the hamstrings meet. You concentrate there on pulling the carriage back and then you resist pulling carriage back and resist.

Four more out finding a fully straight knee each time and two and back and what, and back coming all the way back, placing the toes on the bar. Press out through the lanes, check the alignment of the feet, lift the heels up. But as the knees bend, keep the feet still so the feet don't lift and lower. As the carriage moves in and out. They stay pointed fully as the legs are extended, but they stay there as the knees bend in an ASP and back. We just create this nice rhythmic movement, moving the springs, working in all directions, feel a sense of heaviness around the rips.

Feel that again, have to keep checking. Am I pressing with my feet or am I working from closer to the source? Closer to the pelvis. Last too and last one coming all the way in. We bring the heels together, press the heels together, check the alignment of the pelvis, press Allen, zipping the legs all the way together and pull the reformer in and reach out and back and reach out. Lengthening the body. As we bend our knees, can we find the sensation of pulling the spine?

Oppositionally so something to think about. Keep the arms long, keep actively working in all directions. Lasts five out and pullback, straightening and coming back three and two and we bend. We take the heels to the outside edges of the bar, flexing at the feet, keeping the feet adamantly still reaching out and back. Still in straight like there's a wall underneath your feet.

The here just resting, right? Not Pushing on, just resting. Feel equal contraction. I keep saying that. I said, I'm reminding myself just as much as I'm reminding you I don't even go five and pull and pulling back through the center of the body and [inaudible] and squeezing inside with the knees. And two, how much work can you find in your body in such a simple movement? Oh, I lost count. Let's do one more. I think that might be right and bend in, sliding down to the toes and he's just over the big and second toe and we reach up and pet. Hurry, chat, generating energy, warming up the body. Neck is long. Abdominals are reaching and rights.

I may go five. And for finding a fully straight lake, give yourself a moment to be there to check it. Make sure that it's straightening all the way and three, pulling back and two and one and back walking in the feed into the middle of the bar, wrapping the toes over the top, pressing thick the heels under the bar and pull beyond the tension of this springs using the anterior Tibialis to maximize that Dorsey flection of the foot, lifting up through the hips and opposition. Keep the quads engaged to support the knee reaching under an app, keeping the arms working from the center of the body, distributed, distributing energy through the body. Five more. Ah, wrapping the toes over the top, stretching the feet as the heels. Reach under four and three and two.

And and we find the left and we bend and lift changing fee Franzi. So meeting the legs together straight in the middle and then pooling deep polander with each foot every time. Watching the alignment of the knees, the Nigos straight up towards the ceiling as it bands. And we'll do three more, two more, one more and stretch and stretch the other side and lift up to bend it. Coming up, changing springs for a single item. Just going to take one of my springs away. Lying back down.

Starting with the left heel on the bar, lifting the right leg into tabletop position. We press out with the right leg and lift up the left leg. Presses the right leg lifts and bet. So one legs extending against forests and one legs creating for us and checking in with the pelvis, pulling back, holding that femur bone. Very still.

Say here, flex the top foot. Open out, pull in an bent reach, flex the foot open out, pull in and bet and three more up. Flex out in point bet. Keep the left side of the pelvis heavy as the rightly reaches out up. And then last time up, flex out in and bet switching sides. Left leg in the year we press out with the right leg and extend that left leg and bet reaching and reaching.

And two more like this feeling the hip working, supporting. So here comes our openings. We stretch the legs, we flex the foot open in bent, press the legs, flex the foot open in. Then you got to be really conscious about that opposite side. Pelvis. I just caught mine lifting in and bet and reach. Oh obliques on the opposite side. Help and bend.

Last one, flex out in and bet placing the left toes on the bar. We reached the right leg on. Going to bend the right leg as the left leg stretches, pull it under the bar, reach it up, bend and come down. So we thread the leg in, we reach, we reached through and keeping that left foot nice and stuff. And we're just gonna do this six times. Here's his number, four and five and six and three. And now he reach out in hold. Keeping that top layer up. We circle in Ana and keeping the foot on the left.

Stir the arms long last one. Stop and center reversed down around and back down around them back. There's three and two and one. Bend the knee. Reach under the bar as you come in and then bring your leg back and switch sides. Left foot reaches under the bar, right toes on the mat, on the bar.

We bend an extent, bend and reach, she's through. So the legs are hitting the straight line at precisely the same moment, working evenly, Ben and reach through, finding that fully straight leg at the top. Here's number five and number six, pause there and circle it yet. And holding the body stuff and four and five. And we take it the other way. Reaching out in, up, out and out, and not check the alignment of that bottom foot.

I don't know. Ben reached under the bar as you come in and roll to your side and come up the switch, the springs for abdominal work or you can go straight into the a hundred I'm using one red and one blue spring, I mean all the way down. Taking a hold of the straps, holding the straps in both hands. Find a little bit of tension on the straps and lift the legs and breathing in. As you breathe out, you're going to curl the head and chest Sta.

Reach the legs out and breathe in and breathe out. Two, three, four, five and in and out. Two, three, four, five and in, keep the carriage stuff. Oh two, three, four, five and [inaudible]. I have two, three, four, five in and split the legs. Two, three, four, five. And in Split, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, seven. An extra two, three, four, seven cares. Nice and stuff. Don't forget that part. Last one, two, three, four, five. Split. Two, three, four, five in three, four, five, both like that. Bend the knees, reach the arms down and inhale. Exhale. Again.

Press the chest up and forward. Keeping the knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Pause. We in here, we excellent. Heal the pelvis as high as you can off the mat. Lower the pelvis down and reach back and exhale. Curl the chest forward and yeah, and peel the pelvis.

Don't get the feet to do it and then reached down and back and again. Exhale, lifting the chest and heal the pelvis and resist the urge on the way up to lead with the arms. It's trunk flection. The chest lifts, reaching your arms forward. The knee is pula. We release and resists down. It's tough. Exhale to lift again. Pause there. Rotate the knees to the right and the feet to the left.

Peel the pelvis up that side. Lower and center. Knees to the left, feet to the right. Rotate, lifting the knees, bringing them right into the shoulders. Lower down. Find Center and come down. We go the other way. Chest lifts first. Don't move the arms and then follow through with the arms, knees to the left, feet to the right, heel up that side. Lower down that side and sensor. Knees to the right.

Feet to the left here. Let that Sun lower down that side center and really placing the feet down for a moment. We're going to bring the legs into external rotation here. The arms are gonna still be parallel to one another, slightly inside of the shoulder blocks. Lifting the feet up off the bar. We inhale there, watched it, the femur stay still. As we exhale, we finally suicide. Reach through the legs, bend the knees and lower the trunk again. Reached the ribs down, chest forward, reaching out through the legs, pressing the shoulders down.

We bend and come down and we open him. Reached through and Ben Dinda. Two more. Opening reach though. Stay here and pause, pause. Keep the pelvis heavy too. Woo for the knees. Lower the spot last time. Curl the chest.

External x and pulse. Two pelvis down for five fold the knees, lift the by. Lower the body, lift the arms and place the feet into the straps. So here, why didn't do six circles in each direction? So we lift the length, get the pelvis nice and steady, press the legs down, reach out, and then press the legs down. Reach out enough heels, come together, toes are apart.

Press the lakes down, reach out. And then last two [inaudible] control. Last one, like together. Unrevised three two down or at the thighs together. Lift through center. Reach, open and down.

Heels come together and left. I had reached through and left. I didn't reach through and up. And last one left. Holding up the top. We bend the knees, wrap the knees away from one another. Use that wrapping sensation to press the legs forward and lift back up.

But it is moving that diamond position, wrapping the knees open, pressing the legs away and lifting back up and pressing open. Man, I am pressing open and and now poorest down. S try not to move the reformer as and music stent. Bend the knees again, keeping that reformer stuck and left. Same thing here. We stretch up trying to keep the reformer absolutely still bend the knees, wrap the knees away from one another. Impressive. Stretch the legs, pulling them deeper into the hip joints. Benjamin and lift. [inaudible] worry cha keeping the thighbone still and fry one more like that.

Make it count. Reaching. Keep is nice and still you gotta pull away from the feet and then reach up and telephone reaches down as the legs stretch, stretch, sliding together. Press together and bet. Take the feet out of the straps. I don't know about y'all, but I really felt my hips working just then we're going to do the corkscrew and the Jackknife for spinal articulation. So we take the head rest down. Let me take a hold of the the, what are these? These are posts stretching the legs up, lower the legs away from the body. Inhale, bringing the legs. Exhale, we take the spine over it, we shift the pelvis to the left. We roll down the left side of the spine, cycle the leg through, roll up the right side of the spine and find center and reaching over.

Keep the elbows wide. Reach down around in a crossing up and find center and across reaching down. Elbows y down, around, across and up. The other side and center and open and down, around, across and up the other side and center. Rolling down through center. Feel the elbows reaching wide, coming all the way down through the body. Bend the knees, take the straps in your hands. I still have a red and a blue spring on from when we changed it for our abdominal work. Take the arms over the shoulders, lower the legs on the diagonal.

Breathe in as you press down through the arms and lift the legs to vertical. Breathe out as you roll yourself over. Breathe in as your legs go down and then pressing into the reaching the legs into the ceiling. And now we lower the spine down with control, keeping the arms straight, peeling. Duh. Lowering the lanes as the arms lift in here. Press down through the arms, lift the legs. Exhale, reach over in. He'll go down on reaching up nice and high with the body and exhale down. Pressing the arms away.

And one more. Lifting up, pressing the arms down, roll up and over. Lift time. Touch the ceiling. Take your time. Explore that lift using your back extensors. Using your hip extensors. Ah, externally rotate the hip. Make five circles to reaching the spine taller for five.

Circle the other way. One arms are straight to 30 personal legs. The weighted lifted spine higher. Last one. Parallel lengths. Reach all the way over this seven folding in half and coming down reaching the arms law. Bend the knees and Lithia place this drops back well to your side and come on. Go to one spring, one red spring.

Take your right foot and put it right up against the shoulder block right up against the shoulder block so that the Shin of the right foot is lifting up straight up and lifting the spine on kind of stretch is what I want us to do here. Let's take our arms off. Lift through this fine. Just start to press that back leg away. Bending deeply into the front knee, using our balance, breathing and coming back. Put your left hand on your left thigh. Lift your right arm up, press the left side away from you. And just with a, it's kind of an energy thing. It's not going to go anywhere. But as you press the left side forward with your arm pulled back on your ass back on your spine, and then bending the left elbow, been slightly to your left and then coming back, place one hand on the bar and one hand on the frame and stretch that front leg, lengthening out the spine, Ben to all the way back in liftoff and he's the leg out.

Walk around to the other side. The knee comes just up against the shoulder. Block the Shin going straight up and I have to get it nice and wedged in there. Using the bar for a moment to find your balance. Can't quite get mine right. Okay. And then you reach the arms out to the side, pressing the spine.

The thigh reaches back, bending the front knee, pressing the pelvis forward, taking the right hand to the right side. Push that right high away from you and just with your energy. Reach the left arm up. Bring the right elbow to the right side, reach over the top. Come back one hand on the foot, bar one hand on the frame. And keeping the spine long. We just reach out into that hamstring stretch, bend and come all the way back in.

Come up onto both knees, feet up against the shoulder blocks, bringing the pelvis forward into the downstream. So now we press the feet into the shoulder blocks. We reach out, we lift up into the foot part away from the foot bar using the upper back and reach out, passing back and inhale. Feel the feet, reach back, feel the ABS, reach back with the feet. Feel the spine. Get longer and straighter, wrapping through the upper back and press back a little quicker. And we just rock up, rising up away from the foot bar and press out and rising up away from the foot and press out and rising up away. I know you're around the spy grounding back.

Straighten the back. Press out with the arms. Keep the back long. Careful how low you go. This isn't an easy on the shoulders. Stabilize the shoulders. Reach out with the legs. Bring the pelvis down, lift all the way up over the bar, extending through the spine. Keep the carriage at the stopper round back, straighten the back, press out with CIO's. We'd take the legs out, we feel the feet reaching back against the shoulder boxes. We lived all the way up.

Rounding back, I just caught myself reaching and kind of under the bar with your wrists. Try to keep the rest and nice and strong. Right on top of the bar, straightening the back, taking the arms out, reaching out with it. That's lifting up. Feel that there's a weight coming off the arm, not bearing down into the arms. You're pulling yourself forth through the upper back and then just bring their feet together behind you. Rest the Sha forearms on the bar and sit down from here. Took the toes back under.

Lift the spine up, flatten the feet and reach back into the sheet. Finding your elephant. Let we find that nice long spine and we take the legs back and hurry each the legs. Keep weight on the heels. Take the legs back. Keep the spine long. His legs come right underneath. Yeah, and Rita, I ring the legs and [inaudible] shifting the left foot across. Sorry, the left hand towards the right hand. Stand on your right leg. Bring your left leg out to the side, reach the leg up behind you. Find in one long line, bring the right leg back and pull in.

Reaching the left leg higher as the right leg comes in and back and pull in, pulling the shoulders down and one way and pulling the shoulders down and how we open up that head and we'll let that knee bend and we take this stretch. We lift the leg higher, rotate the hip down, take the leg to the side, step the left foot down. Step the left arm across the right on my cross. Redefined the nice straight spine. Sorry I got a little tight tag on. I use the windows to help me and then we reach that top leg up and take the left like the right light comes in as the left. He comes into the right leg and reaches up oppositionally and reaching out and taking the spine nice and long back like really high.

One more back leg, really high. And from here, we rotate the pelvis. Allow the leg to lift even higher. Bend the knee, take a stretch, stretch the light up higher. Turn the pelvis back down. Bring the leg to the side, come down onto your knees and turn your round. So now take the straps with our hands lining the body up. Very straight arms right next to the body, right in front of the body. And we take the arms back and forward and down and back. Keep the elbow straight, working from the back.

Think about that downward pull as the arms reached down. Keep lifting through the spine, lifting through the spy. Okay, now we go five more for [inaudible]. Feel the length of the body. Feel the ease and the lay eggs. Ease in the legs, ease in the feet. So what I'm thinking about, and one more, I now bend your arms next to your body and sit your spine back so that your back is straight. And press out for three tricep. Press two tricep. Press one. Keep the arms back, roll the pelvis forward. Lean back to meet the arms with the body. Find it, find it, opening the chest and lift all the way, and then the Arbus sitting back drawing the abdominals in. For support, we press one, press two, press three. All this fine for reaching the arms back, reaching the spine out long and left.

Last one sitting back. Press one. Press two, press three. Curling forward, reaching back and lifting up. Set. This drops down. Sit down. [inaudible] well, I'm running out of time. If I want to keep this to 45 minutes, we better move. Okay. Blue Springs, blue spring. Start with the knees just a little bit back to the shoulder blocks.

Hands on the frame, maybe an inch or two back. Shift forward so that your shoulders are in front of your hands. Your knees are slightly behind you here going to curl, bringing the knees underneath us, so find that that abdominal work, hip flection work. Now keep the spine round and continue to bring the carriage all the way through, all the way through, all the way through the knees, past the yarns, and then find the rounded spine and then release. And again, exhale. First round the spine. Reverse knee stretch.

Find the position. Now bring that entire position forward, forward through the arms deepening, deepening, deepening and reaching back and release one where like that, flex the spine first fine, deep, strong work. Don't just swing the carriage through. You've got to take your time to set up the position, reaching under, see if you can reach so far under the almost sit down on your feet and he reaching back and I realize that it's tough. Okay, so we'll do a few arms circles. Turning yourself around, placing the feet up against the shoulder blocks. Fida reach back for your straps. I've got a blue spring on now. I think we talked about that. Take the arms forward and I sit narrow.

Rotate the palms and reach the arms wide. Take the arms forward and rotate and reach out. Lift up and out. Two more. It's who's opening? It's like a big yawn in my mind as the arms come down to the side. Last when keeping the shoulder blade stable, maybe yawn as the arms open to the sides. I know we lift the arms at, we rotate the arms down to bring to the carriage and keep the arms where you can see them and reached down.

And the arms reach us three. You can see them and reach down. And two more. Lifting up and down. Okay. Lifting up and okay. All right, so for our lateral section, we're going to do a um, a kneeling prep for the star star another day, maybe not today.

So what you want to do to get into position is take the knees up against the shoulder blocks. I kind of wedged in a little bit on the diagonal with most of the weight on that bottom side. Hand comes onto the bar and the arms starts next to your body. Oh, I just realized we still had a blue spring on. That's too hard for me. I'm going to read you choose. I'll be much happier there.

Okay. Or even a green spring, even in green spring would do. So here we're on the diagonal. We lift the arm as we press the body out, stabilizing the shoulder, we pull ourselves back here. Strong waste, real lift them as we reach out through that left door and press the right arm down to the side. So both arms work and reaching out. And this is a great way to develop enough shoulder strength to do the full star.

Here's number two and reaching in last one, keeping the spine long and reaching it and then come away from the hand and switch sides. It's not an easy exercise by any means, but it'll help to prepare you. Okay, so we get the knees line done. Most of the weight on the bottom leg, both knees kind of wedged up against that shoulder block arm just to your side. Karajan and then we reach out reaching, just just play with your own range of motion but can come all the way back and that outside. I'm just goes with you didn't come all the way back.

Yeah. And this is how we go out on the inhale. I think back on the accident last year, [inaudible] reaching up out of that waste. That's super helpful. And reaching up out of the waist, I mean all the way into the stopper. Reach away from the arm and step down. Take the bar down for back extension. We might make it, we might make it after all, picking up the box. Place it on the reformer long ways.

[inaudible] I like to check and make sure my boxes right in the middle. Okay. Sometimes worth the extra time to just make sure you're all lined up. Lying down on the box. Legs. Height, box height. Reach up nice and high on the strands. Legs lifted body low in here. As you exhale, reach back with your Scapula, allowing your arms to follow through, lifting the spine and bringing the arms to the sides of the body and reaching down. Let's do that extension on the inhale so we inhale to lift up and exhale to take it down. Strong legs, supportive abs. Inhale to reach and exhale to release. I like to hold at the top for a moment.

Just checking all the pieces. Lifting that are the arms straight? Are the shoulders down? Are The abdominals working? Is Everything functioning as it should and lowering down. Last one we lift up. Yeah, let me take it down. So prom to lower your hands a little bit on taking my hands down, back towards the buckles a little bit more.

We're going to do five and then we're going to do at the end of five I'm gonna reach up with the arms just straight up holding the t position. So here we go. Taking the arms out to the sides. We lift the back, keeping the palms facing down and out just to the t and lift the back. And just to the g, checking myself good. And reaching out. Back and reaching out and back.

Last one, reaching out. Hold the lift, bring the arms to the TJ and now just up and back with the arms. You're trying not to move the carriage, just bringing the scapula together. Two and one and slowly release yourself all the way down. Placing the straps back, stepping off the box, standing tall, taking the arms forward, rising up onto the toes. Feel the length and the whole body. What were the heels down? Lower the arms down.

Allow the spine to float through the arms tolerance. If he come to the floor and I'll take the spine forward. Exhale, rolling towards the floor. Yes. Feeling the energy in your body and lifting up. Exhale, feeling the shoulders just gently draw and allow the eyes to come forward. Sweat your, reach the arms forward. They lift forward and a lift up. God finding our balance. You know, it was come to the side so the heels dropped down in here. An exhale. Just folding inwards, bending the knees, stretching the back.

Inhale and exhale, lifting up. That's it. Thank you.


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Thank you Jody!
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lots of fun, thx Meredith !
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Loved the sequencing of this class Meredith! I have really enjoyed each of your classes - you bring an extra element to the work you present. Thanks!!
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Once again Merideth, thanks for sharing your talent w/us. You are such a good example for me as a teacher. Merideth you have taught me a tremendous amount about how to successfully communicate w/my clients about mindfully moving.
Thank you ladies for your sweet comments. It is always a pleasure to hear your thoughts. Thank you for taking class with me!
Meredith, really enjoy your classes. I know that i'm getting into it when i start talking back to you! Thank you for adding variety and challenge to my workouts : )
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Brilliant! Loved all the challenging variations ~ very nice and deep work. Thank you :))
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Great class! I especially loved the diamond stretches.
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What a great workout, flow was perfect. Love all your classes. Your cuing is great!!
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