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Foot Fitness

20 min - Class


Recognizing the importance of the feet as they relate to our whole body and the efficiency of our workouts, Niedra moves away from "the powerhouse" and addresses the feet in this class. Using a kitchen towel, a Theraband, a Magic circle and a Foam Roller, you will learn many techniques to help your feet become more mobile and pain free. If you do this class regularly you may discover other areas of your body positively affected as well!
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel, Theraband, Magic Circle

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So I thought this evening we'll do a very serious subject called the feet a because so many people have painful feet. Bunyan's hammer toes dropped, arches inflammation on the sole of the feet, heel pa...


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tanta "roba"!!!!So many ideas to do!!!txs a lot!!
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Thank you Niedra...The importance of the feet is often overlooked. You have given me some new techniques to challenge my feet and my clients too!
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Felt great!
Very nice and useful!
It' s very fun to walk around the room with the magic circle :D
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Awesome! Been working with (strong) clients that are quite humbled by standing balance work. This helps me to help them tremendously. Thanks a bunch Niedra!!
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Thank you. I so need this.
I LOVE feet and am fascinated by how complex they are. So glad you all enjoyed this foot fitness class.
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Thank you Niedra. I totally enjoyed the foot workout and I have clients who could really benefit from it!
Good to read this Margaret, I hope your clients benefit from this work.
VERY helpful ! Many thanks.
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