Class #868

Tower Workout

60 min - Class


Karen Sanzo uses all the pieces of the tower in this moderately paced class. With her precise cueing, she takes you deeper into each exercise. How does that little finger affect your shoulders? Take class to find out! You will discover or re-discover, key connections in some very traditional exercises brought alive by changing the position of the springs and the handles used. A wonderful systematic workout for the whole body. Be sure to check out the leg circles on the push-through bar.
What You'll Need: Tower

About This Video


This tower workout today will utilize all the pieces of the tower. We're going to be making some key connections and some very traditional exercises. Start with your hands on that roll...


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I really enjoyed this class! Particularly Karens creative and accurate cueing. Wish I could take one of her classes for now am happy
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Loved this! Easy to understand. All clients would enjoy.
Great class! Karen, you are fantastic.
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What a lovely exploration of the towe--thank you so much! Beautifully inspiring:)
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Nice one Karen! You bring such pizazz to the workouts! thank you!
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Oh PA! After taking Kristi's awesome combo class yesterday, I was just going to watch this class and take it tomorrow. After watching it, I immediately restarted it to take it!! It just looked too yummy! So glad I took it. You never disappoint. Thank you Karen. I look forward to taking this again (and your new mat class):)
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Anne-Marie ~ Keep your eye out for something very special from Karen that will be going up tomorrow ;)
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Yay! I can't wait!! She's fantastic:)
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What a lovely teacher!
A fantastic pilates workout!
Tzipi dudovich
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I would,love to take a class from her. She uses so many of the same cues I do and some great new ones. Great validation and fun workout.
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