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This lesson about having fun and playing with concepts of the Mat. The theme of the day is Rolling Like a Ball, which is re-introduced in several creative ways throughout class. This is an advanced class that includes Scissors and Bicycle, Open Leg Rocker "no hands" and The Splits out of the Side Leg Work. Enjoy!
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Mar 03, 2013
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Because I've been sitting at a computer forever and I feel like I really need to move. This lesson is going to be about having fun, moving the body and just using the math work to enjoy ourselves. I have Colleen here who is a fantastic teacher as well. So we thought we're just going to play with the concept of the method and get our bodies moving. So let's come to the front of the Mat, powerhouse up, cross the legs, bend the knees down, come into rolling like a ball, roll back, roll up and stand up and cross the feet the other way. Then down, roll back, roll up and stand up and cross the feet again. And let's make sure that every time we're crossing another way, roll back, roll up and cross up and I'm moving forward to move back.

Bend down and roll back. Roll forward and stand up and crossing again. Go all the way down, uncross roll down on your back. And let's start with hundreds that breathing in an hour. Yeah. And out and out and out.

Hmm. And in and out, in and out and in and out. And now bend the knees and deepening into the powerhouse and five times. Cause the theme of the day is rolling like a ball rolling up and rolling back and rolling up and back and up and back and up and back. Up and back and coming up, extending the legs out long and deepening over and rolling down. Rolled down into rolling back, rolling back, rolling back. Arms over the head.

And then as you lift up, keep the arms back by the ears and using the powers to come up and go over and rolling back and deepening. Did the powers come up and go over and go back and roll up and rollback and we'll laugh. Lean down this time, slow shoulders down, articulating through the spine, placing the hands flat on the Mat. Roll over, lifting the legs up, lift the hips and go over. Press Open, press, lift the legs and articulating through the spine, through the spine, through the spy. All that feels so good. Lifting the powerhouse up, pressing over, open over, lift and reaching along and together. One more time. Lift the powerhouse up and over. Open over and lengthening and reversing differently. Big Wide Circle, keeping the legs close to the trunk and literally sliding the legs up and over.

So this is much more for increasing and lengthening this flexibility. So keeping the legs close to the trunk as you rolled down out, big circle up, sweeping up over and keeping the legs long and close to the trunk. And last time sweeping up and over and over. Now sweeping the arms out, grabbing the ankles and very slowly rolling down, pulling the size close to the trunk, stretching the hamstrings down and then holding onto the right leg as the left leg comes to the mat and giving the leg a bit of a stretch. Hands by the side and doing single leg circles. Circle, circle, circle, circle and circle.

Reversing it up every time. Connecting to the powerhouse. Three, four, five. Now one, one more stretch, flexing the foot just to get that extra little straps and lengthening the like all the way down to the mat. Other leg comes up nice and long, both legs long and again, circle, circle, circle, making sure the circle goes almost the dimensions of the box, ear to ear, reversing it. So up [inaudible], ear and nose, ear and nose, your nose, your nose. One more stretch and then flexing the foot one more time. Nice stretch. Lengthen the legs all the way down. Ons over the head, deepening into the pouch, rolling up and popping forward for rolling like a ball.

Hands behind the head and bringing the elbows to the outside of the knees. So trying to stay in touch here. Who? Owning the act up and balance and back and up and balance and back up and balance. Focusing on the role being extremely symmetrical. I started out going all over place but now evening out, right and left side of the body and that balancing, balancing, balancing and then rolling back, articulating through the spine on the way back, making sure to roll through for single leg stretch and switch switch [inaudible] to switch and three and four and five and six and seven and eight both legs in and now doing the command.

Is it gonna do double leg stretches. We start going straight down, arms down, so rock to the shoulders, rock to the hips and stretch and then up to the left, forward and out, up, down, F and stretch back, back and down, up, up, stretch, up, up and down, up, up and stretch up, up, down. I think I was blowing it a little bit but who care and stretch and last one just for good measure and down, reversing it up, up and stretch up, up and down, up, up and reach up, up and over their head, up, up and down, up, up and over the head, up and down, up, up and over the head and going into scissors. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul. So as we're both pretty flexible, that's really get those legs going as much of a stretch as we can and now modifying it with flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, legs up, hands behind the head. I'm going to lower the head down just for a minute to rest the neck and who lifting up again, slow with the legs, way down. Hold, hold, hold. Lift up, lower down, hold, hold, hold, lift up and lower down. Hold, hold, hold, lift up and last one. Yeah.

Hold, hold, hold. Lift up. Bending the knees in. Four variations for the crisscross. Mowing. Head down for a minute. Hands up, left hand over the right. Lifting up and bobbing to the right. One, two, three, four, six, seven, eight right hand over, left, left side one, two. So you really waking up the obliques. Five, six, seven, eight rolling down Hansen, prayer lifting way higher and eight times two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight rolling down, hands behind the head. Lay legs and table top. Curling up, twisting to the right.

Lifting and lower. One inch. One, two, three, four, six keeping the left waist down to the left. One, two, keeping the right water waist down. Five, six, seven, eight going into crisscross. Twist to the right lift. Twist to the left. Lift with the the right twist to the left. Twist to the right twist to the left and both legs in lowering to the mat. Legs over and out. Arms over the head.

Long stretches for a moment, pulling the toes. And the fingertips as far apart away and then gathering into the powerhouse. Rolling up. I'm going to pop back and opening the legs up for spine. Stretch forward. Big Breath in, lifting up the whole waist, the whole spine and slowly articulating one vertebra at a time.

Diving the head down was staying here. Taking a breath in, breathing out, seeing if you can get your head all the way to the floor with the hand staying off the floor, rolling back up, lifting up the spine, lifting up the chest. Long back, big breath in and first exhalation, opening up the back body, pulling the powerhouse in, in, up and curving over. Curving over. Perving, over, curving over. Now deep breath in here and breathing. I have deep exhalation to get every last remnant up here. Air Out and get the head to the math if possible. Roll back up.

Oh, I'm waking up. One more time. Big Breath in and breathing out. Really widening between the shoulder blades so that high part of the rib cage gets stretched. Pulling way back and try to get your nose as close to your navel as you can to separate every bone in the back. Big Breath in here. Breathing out, going even deeper, pulling the trunk into a very round shape and then rolling back up. Rolling back up.

Rolling back up long body and getting ready for open like rocker. Lifting the legs up nice and long. Scooping through the powerhouse and rolling back to the shoulders. Rolling up and balancing. Rolling back, rolling up and balancing. Rolling back, rolling up and balancing. No same thing. Distance between the hands and the feet stays almost the same as it is supposed to take. Oh, the challenge here, much easier to teach this than to do this.

I'll plug the up legs together, grab the big toes, see if you can stay in touch with the big toes. And here we go again. Roll back up. Oh, I haven't done this in a long time. Roll back, row up. One more time. Roll back, row up. Grab the legs, being the trunk in close to the legs. Get a good sandwich. And then with control, walk down the legs. Lowering the body to the mat. I'm just going to move myself down because I moved up so far and we're ready for corkscrew. So we'll do full corkscrew legs, unit hips up, roll up onto the shoulders and then roll down. Taking the legs to the right all the way around. Left hips forward and up and reversing it.

Rolling down to the left, right over and up and again, rolling down, right, left over and up and reversing it. Left right over and up. One more time. Rolling to the right, left over and up and last one to the left, right over and up. And let's support that. The hips with the hands. So as much as possible, the weight is on the shoulders and on the hips. Without the legs coming too far over, they should be going straight up doing scissors in the air.

So right leg is forward, left leg is back, double pouts, double poles, double poles, double Pauls, double pals, double pals, and going into bicycle. The back leg reaches way back towards the Mat, way back towards the Mat. The trickier is to try to get it too. If possible, even caress the mat, you have to let the pelvis go. If the pelvis is just lifting, it has to actually go into an arch. The same shape it would be in if you're supported by the spine corrector. So reversing it, reaching back and down, reaching back and down, back and down.

Extending those hip flexes out, back and out, back and out and back and out. [inaudible] up. Arms are down. Slowly roll down through this spine, articulating one bone at a time. Legs come all the way down to the mat. Let's keep the arms right here. Lift the head and chest and row up for saw. Not something nice and easy. Lifting up, twisting to the right, reaching towards the little toes.

Reach to three and lifting up, twisting to the other side, scooping the right waist, way back as we stretch forward and lift for a side again, reach, reach, reach and up. Other side twisting. Shoulders are down, waist is pulling back. So use really stretch the sides of the ribs and the side body and this section right along the side of the spine. And last one, stretch two, three and up legs come together. Arms a long shoulders are down and very slowly articulating down one bone at a time. Looking to drop every section of the spine on the Mat.

Ah, big breath in and breathing out. And let's roll over onto the stomach for first of all, neck, neck stretch. So placing the hands under the shoulders, lifting up so it's kind of like a, like a swan dye. So nice length through the front spine. Shoulders are down. Take the right dia to the right shoulder so as the right ear goes to the right shoulder. Big stretch on the left side. Roll the head down, roll the head to the left. He stretch that right shoulder down and come up.

Lifting the body, lifting the stomach and then reversing left ear to left shoulder. Rolling the head downward to the back of the neck. Gets a stretch right ear towards right shoulder and come up. Lift the body up. Shoulders are down and come back down. We have one more variation. And again, starting upper chest, lifting up, lifting up the stomach, lengthening the spine, and now turn the nose and the face to the right. As you go to the right, pull the left shoulder back and bring the chest for the forward and up.

Roll Ahead Darryl. Turn your head to the left, right shoulders pulling back. Look straight ahead. Nice long neck, reversing that. Looking long to the left. See if you can see your feet roll down. Look to the right, left shoulder, goes back. Can you see your feet? Look straight ahead and all the way down to the ment. Lifting up with swan dive. Rolling all the way up, all the way up, all the way up. And we'll do the full swan dive.

So here we go. Rocking one, two, three and go reach and lift. Reach and lift. Reach, lift, weight and lift. Last one, rate and lift low with down, make a karate chop with the hands. Lift the head and chest. Pull the shoulders down the back and slowly glide the hands until the elbows are under the mat and then make fists with the hands. Take the knuckles and bring them together.

So you're actually stretching the outside of the palm and press down into the hands to get that extra lift in length in the powerhouse legs along and together. And the first time we'll go slow. Bend the right knee in, keeping the hips tight and point and then flex the foot for the second cake. And as you lengthen the leg out, pull the stomach up. Other side left like point flax and down I will go to speed point. Flex and down point, flex and point, flex and down point, flex and point. Flex point, flex point, flex and point. Flex. Very, very good length and down onto the mat foot. Double leg kicks. It's both of us.

Turn our face to the left, both hands behind the waist. Take a moment to get the hands as high at the back as you can and then let the elbows lax down. [inaudible]. So for me, takes me a moment to let the shoulders relax enough to get that to the elbows to get towards the floor and check to see is your left ear really on the mat. So you're actually stretching your neck out and working both shoulder blades to widen away from the center of the spot with the knees and hips from bending both feet. Here we go. Kick two, three. Um, stretch way back. Open the chest, turn your head the other way. Lowing down. Kick it to three and open the chest and first side again.

Clip two through and pull back and broad shoulders. Other side kick two, three. Um, pull back and lift and for side Hook two three, pull back and lift and other side kick. Two, three, pull back and lift. Okay, push back into child's pose. Pulling the stomach in and up and slowly opening up and decompressing the lower back and then coming forward. Lying down on your stomach and rolling onto your back foot. Neck Pool. So fita hip with the park, with the hands behind the head and lift your head and chest up. Elbows wide, shoulders down, rolling up, lifting up nice and tall and then diving the head down and in and curling down.

So the top of the head is going towards the knees rolling up again. Unraveling the spy. Shoulders down, lifting up through the center of the back and leaning way, way, way out and articulating down to finish the rope and again curling the head and chest up. Using the powerhouse, keeping those elbows wide. Lifting up nice and tall. Lifting way up and diving down. Head comes in. Head down towards the knees. Rolling back up. Reaching the heels away from the trunk. Leaning way, way, way out.

Slowly rolling down. Rolling down. Rolling down. Last one, lifting your head and chest up and lifting up. Diving the head in, opening up between the shoulder blades even though the elbow statewide rolling back up and bringing the knees in. Four a few. Rolling like a ball. Rolling back. Rolling up. Rolling back. Rolling up. Rolling back.

Rolling up. Now let's cross. Left hand grabs the right ankle. The right hand grabs the left wrist. The knees hugged the temple, so it's a very tight hold. Keeping this. Let's do it again three times. Rolling back and rolling up. Oops.

Rolling back. Rolling up. Ruling that ruling up and feed on the mat. Rolling down, rolling down til we're lying flat for shoulder bridge, feet and Nisa together articulating the spine slowly to lift up, hugging the midline to inner thighs are working really strongly. Broad collar bones and slowly rolling down through the spine, keeping the innercise working, allowing the back to get nice and long and again deepening through the powerhouse, rolling up all the way from the art myths to the knees. I like to think of pressing into the feet slightly to elongate my neck and upper back and then slowly articulating down through the spine and last one, rolling up, hugging the midline, lifting the hips up, making sure the spine is long.

Now stabilize the left leg, bring the right knee in and lift it up. Flex the foot and the leg comes all the way to the floor without the hips dipping up and all the way down and up and all the way down and up. Bend the knee and put the foot down next to the other one. If the hips have dropped, lift them up again. Other side, lifting up, flex all the way down with the hips, staying up and lift all the way down and up, all the way down and up. Bending it in one foot next to the other with the hips.

Lifting and slowly articulating down through the spine till the back is nice and flat. And one more time. Bending the legs in, rolling up, rolling back, rolling up, rolling back, rolling up. And just for the fun of it, coming to a standing position, coming up, crossing, coming down, rolling back, crossing your feet the other way and up and standing and coming down. And last one, rolling back without standing up, putting the feet down and rolling down onto the mat for sidekicks. And I think let's face each other. I think that'll lead the easiest thing. So you'll be facing me. That part of the Mat. Shoulders away down. I like to work with this position.

Looking to stretch out the armpit. If you have tight shoulders, shoulders, Colleen doesn't flex the feet, lift the legs up, bring them forward and put them down at the front of the mats and Nice Long Spine. Shoulders away down. Take the top, like lifted, going forward and back very slightly externally. Rotate. Bring the leg forward, double pulse and reach it back, keeping the pelvis stable, but let it go. And again, forward, forward and reach long forward, forward, and double pulse to the back as well. Forward forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back, going right into bicycle. Bring the leg forward, bend it right as tight to your chest as you can. Need to knee. Stretch the thigh back and reach the leg out. Lengthening the waist again. Bring it forward, bend it in, press it through, stretching the thigh, reaching way out. One more time. This direction, forward bend. Press the thigh through, reaching it out, and if there's no wall, it's easier going backwards. Taking the leg back, long, long, long reach. Now try to keep your knee.

There is a leg comes in without the knee lifting. Bring the leg through and as it extends, don't let it turn in and swing it back. Bend it, and keeping the knee the same height. That's the challenging part. Yes, yes, yes. Bring it through. Ex ended out one more time. Benetton out, I should say. Now Ben didn't bring it through. Extended out. And one more time. We'll do a stretch. So bend your foot and grab, grab it.

Make sure your pelvis is long, your knees in line with the hip. And now start taking it back. And as you move the leg back, let the shoulder go back to, so you're getting a stretch in your hip flexor in your thigh. The stomach is pressed up and if the shoulders are tight, it's a lovely way to open in the chest. Now, other direction, bring the knee into the chest hug. You can even slip your hand to the floor and try and get the legs as strong as long as you can. Right? And let's put the foot on the floor and slide into splits just for the fun of that part. And bend forward over the front leg and lift up.

And a little back bend and then come back, coming back down. Sweep the leg. So we're coming back to the same side. For sidekicks, we can't miss the side kicks. So top leg is turned out, swing it up, flex and, and up. Flex and down. And ideally the bottom leg will be flexed. So that's it. So it's like you're standing on that leg. Lift and down and lift and down.

Going into past Sais, how high can you bring that big toe? Great up to the shoulder. Keep it there as you extend it out, flex your foot and press through the heel coming down. Slide the leg, knee to the ceiling. Bring the knee right to the shoulder. Keep it there as you extend the leg. Flex. Push through the heels to come down. One more time. Slide it up. Need to shoulder press all the way from underneath your hip to get the leg up and down. Now we reverse it. Point, swing the leg up.

Keep the knee there. So you try to get to the meat. To your ear. Yes. Get the foot to the inner thigh and slide it down. Reaching the leg long. Oh yes. Ah, fun to work with you. Slide and stretch. One more time. Bring the leg up, bend it in, and slide the leg all the way out. And little circles. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Reverse it in. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Let's take the top like bent up.

Inside leg is flax, then lift and now really press the heel towards the ceiling to get that inner side fire and lift and lift. Pointing the foot and little circles. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Lift the leg up. Extend the other leg out, lower it and lift and lower it and lift and lower it and lift and lowered and lift. And let's see if we can come up. Swivel the legs around and lower back down. That's a pretty good transition, but I'm going to need to adjust the mic. So little break here and so I'm not lying on this thing.

Okay, so legs at the back part of the mat, lift the legs up, flax, bring the legs forward and bring the legs down. Lifting the leg, hip height. Very slight external rotation, checking the hips. And here we go. Double Pulse and reaching long and double pulse and reaching long. Keeping the shoulders down, especially as the legs go to the back. Try not to have your shoulders rocking forward and back.

They should be really quiet. Forward, forward, back and back and forward, forward, back and back. Going right into bicycle, forward bend. Press the thigh as far back as you can go and extend the leg out. And again, forward bend. Press the thigh way back and extend. And again, forward bend.

Press the thigh way back and reach that leg, bringing the legs together, reverse it, take the leg back, bend it in, bring it through, extend the leg out and back. And I have to say that when you moving into the advanced practice, you actually have built such a good foundation. So there is some movement that starts to come in, into the chest and into the spine because the body can do it. So we're doing our stretch now, so when you're basic, we're just holding the body still. But when you're advanced, you're letting it move. Now letting the chest open, letting the thigh move back, and keeping the tailbone down in order to get that length in hip flex and beautiful big opening and the hip flexor and in the stomach, bringing the knee in tight to the chest and extending the leg out to the nose if you can. Yes, I knew you could do it. Bring the foot down, going into splits and bending forward and bending up and back and back together and back onto your side. For sidekicks, shoulders a down the leg is turned out and hiking up and flex down and up and flex down so the hips will move slightly, but you're attempting to keep them stable and stacked one on top of the other as much as you can lift.

And now we do the passe glide up knee to shoulder. Keep the knee there, extend from underneath the buttock as far as you can. Flex and pressing through the heel down. And again, glide knee is open. Knee to shoulder from underneath the pelvis, extending up and flexing down in one more time. Gliding, need to shoulder press underneath the buttock flex and all the way down and reversing it up. Bend it in and, and up and down. And it's amazing how much your hips actually get to work in a very deep level when you work this way. And last one and little circles are next. And one, two, three, four, survey stables, hips from reversing it. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight.

Taking the top leg up and flexing the inside leg and lifting the heel up so the toes going slightly down to rechallenge, the inner thigh and lift and lift and lift. Now extend through the art and little circles or big circles. Two, three, four, five, reversing it. One, two, three, four, five extending both legs out. So now the obliques are being challenged and lowering the legs and lifting up and lowering the legs that lifting up and lowering the legs and lifting up and lowering the lays and lifting up. And one more time lowering. Lifting up on the elbows. Let's see if this transition is going to work. Yay on rolling.

Let me just adjust the mic here. Rolling down. Bending the knees and single leg teaser. Such a good stabilizer, rolling up, reaching towards a toes, rolling down, rolling up. So focusing here, very much an evenness between the right and left side of the body. Lifting both legs up, bringing the right leg down and rolling down. Same thing again. Rolling up, rolling down, rolling up, rolling down, ruling up both legs, up, reaching the arms over the head.

Shoulders are down in with control. Rolling down. Arms over the head, reaching towards the toes. Teaser, rolling down. Legs stay up. It's more basic but that's sure as much harder and rolling down. One more time. Up. Reaching hands come behind us and bend the legs down just for a minute. Lifting up the spine, making sure the shoulders are wide. If it's too much, we can come onto the elbows for hips, leg circles, hip circles, hip circles. And here we go.

Circling the leg and up and circling the legs and up. The trick with this one is every time the legs come up, really lifting them from the lower abs and up. One more time and up and up. Now bending the knees to the mat for Cancan. So knees to the left, right, left, kick down, right, left.

So this is so much fun because it's light and it's easy. It stretches out the waste. And with all of the controlled work that was done before, it just gets the kinks out. So the body feels free. One, two, three and up and last one, one and two and three and up and stretching the legs out, rolling down, arms over the head and rolling onto the stomach for swimming. But let's do it this way. Elbows are under the shoulders, the legs are long, the stomach is long, and you just reach your right arm and your left leg out.

So they reach almost through. It's more distance away. And then put the hand in the leg down, left arm and right leg. Go up and out and down, right arm and left leg, reaching away and down. Left arm and right leg, reaching away and down, right arm and left leg, reaching away and down and left arm and right leg. And now reaching Dale, extend the legs, lifting arms and the legs up. And we go for swimming. One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, one, four, five, six, seven, eight. Let's set three, four, five, six, seven, eight, lower, way down, hands under the shoulders, and pushed back into child's pose just for a minute to stretch away out.

Okay. And then come up on the hands and knees and coming a little bit forward. Let us stretch the right leg back. Just full plank pose, pulling the stomach up and stretch the left leg back so you're holding the whole body and just rock the heels forward. Rock them back, rock them forward. And you can go all the way over the toes if you want to see roll all the way through and up. Yes. Now keep holding the middle right leg comes up and rock forward and back and forward and back and forward and back and put the foot down so the hips have to be firmly held. Left leg comes up, stomach is in, forward and back.

Forward and back. Forward and back. Put the foot down, bend the knee. He's and let's turn to face each other. Sitting on our knees going into mermaid. Drop the hips to your right. So we'll go both go the same direction. Holding onto the anchor, lift the left arm, way up, big lift.

So the whole right side of the ribs is pulled. Way Up and stretch over and wrap the hand round your head and stretch the arm out and come back up. Lifting in the waist and the first time bending the elbow and using the hand on the mat. Press the hips away over and use the powers to come up and lift up again and stretch. Wrap the hand around and reach a little further and up and again, pressing the elbow down and stretch and up in last one.

Lifting way up, bending way over, wrapping the hand round the head. Now deepening and curling down. Opening back out. Stretch as far out as you can. And this last one, the head all the way out, reaching out. And here we go for the powerhouse. Park up, stretch, swing around and we have to perfect that one. This arm comes up, pull the left ribs in and up.

So this side, instead of being out pulls up and big lift, stretching over, wrapping the head, stretching the arms and up. Bend the elbow down and push the hips in the opposite direction. So the waist that's closer to the ceiling gets a stretch. And again, big lift up the side. Ribs all over. Wrap the head stretch a little deeper.

Pull with the arm and up in the hand goes a little bit further out. Press the hips away and stretch the upper ribs as much as you can. Last one, big stretch up, wrapping around. Curl the head and chest. Way, way, way down. Open out again and stretch with the arm. And now reaching way out, sliding the handouts already you connect into your powerhouse.

The trick is not to lose it. Stretch. And now I can't totally do that, but nevermind. We swing and we'll finish with seal. So pants in prayer, wrapping underneath, lifting up shoulders way down. Feet are in line with the knees. Clap three times. Clap, clap, clap and over. Clap.

Three times. Clap, clap, clap up in balance. Clap, clap, clap, rolling back, clap, clap, clap, rolling up. Clap, clap, clap. Last one. Come to standing, clap, clap, clap. Cross and stand up. Arms Up, swiveling around so we can face each other and roll down to the floor. Roll down, roll down. Roll down. Three little circles here. Reverse. I'm doing four. I can't count anymore. I'm having too much fun. Rolling up, rolling up, rolling up. Stretching the arms up. Now hugging the mid line, lifting way up onto the balls of the feet. Spine is long. Innercise along. And then slowly lowering the heels and trying to stay.

This tall, long lifted back, lifted spine, lifted, stumped. The heels come down. The body becomes weightless and effortless. And thank you so much. This was so much fun.


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a smiling teacher for a concentrate lesson!!fabolous!txs a lot!!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you MOnica, I just checked your history and you ROCK, you view loads of classes so you must benefit and love this work.
I hope you teach as well - someone who loves the work this much should be part of a community.
Thank you for your lovely comment.
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Your dance backround adds so much flavor to your classes, love them all. Look forward to more.
Whew, just when I thought I was advanced!!! love the core and flexibility challenges and the "let's have fun with this" spirit!!! more, more, more please!!!
Niedra Gabriel
the challenges with this work never end ... aren't we lucky to be so fortunate to get to be challenged and stimulated this way?
Hi everybody and thank´s Niedra for this class.
I have a question about all the class i.m taking i still have problem in my back ...i.ll get burn all the time even if I put something between my mat and my lower back....and it help me to goes up in the rolling up without I cant get up without gather speed and can keep my foot root on the floor....( Sorry for my english...) thank´s for your answer and enjoy your day! Karine.
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What fun - Im really only a level 2 but I'm so happy I tried this class what amazing positive energy - thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Karin, without seeing you I am guessing but here are some suggestions ( I looked at your photo and tried to figure out your body story from your face and I " think" you have a flat back? and you are stiff in your lower spine? I expect you should spend time on the partial roll back - not go all the way to the floor, and really work on rounding both the shoulders and hips on the way down - hold your knees and do not try to work with strength but stretch out your back. once the spine gets looser it will be easier for your muscles to elongate and allow for fluid motion.
If this does not help and you would like a private on line session - please email me directly, and we could set up a session where I could see you via the internet and see what you are doing and perhaps help you unravel some of your restrictions.
Best of luck and keep doing classes - this is all part of the journey of becoming more of who we are - and you are a fabulous artist.
Loved this class!! I feel taller and ready for my day. Thank you!
Teacher and exercises give positive energy!
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