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Short on time but need a workout? Get your heart pumping with this fast-paced (for Meredith), full-body class including plenty of abdominal work, some stretching, and favorites like Control Balance, Twist/Side Bend Combo, Pushups, Up Stretch, Arabesque, and more. Enjoy!
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Feb 06, 2013
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Here comes another 30 minute math class. Let's go. Okay, so we sit feet parallel, spine long. Take a moment, just breathing in and breathing out. And just one more moment. Lifting the spy, supporting yourself with your arms. And as we inhale now we prepare to move. Exhale, feeling the pelvis round out from underneath this, the shoulders stay right where they are and then we lift Bacca. Inhale and exhale, curling the spine, almost holding yourself up with your arms, resisting that backward movement of the spine and inhale and exhale and we make it bigger. Exhale, let the pelvis move.

Keep the shoulders where they are and then I'll allow the arms to straighten. Press into the thighs with the arms as you go down, let go, reach up, reach around to the sides, reach forward through your spine, forward all the way. Try to lay the spine out over the thighs, lifting up in an arc and bring the arms forward and press the arms through space. Exhale and inhale. Arms Up, exhale, arms around and exhale. We curl up. The inhale was in between those and we reach forward lifting the spine. Try to get the chest right over the tops of the knees. We come up in extension and the arms reach out and reach back. Last time.

Rolling back, feeling the energetic downward, pressing the feet. Inhale, arms, arms open. This time the arms. Stay here as we roll back up. Oh, it's hard already. Reaching forward. Feel the lifting, the reaching out of the back, increasing the wind span in your arms and lifting all the way out. Bring the arms back forward. Scoot the feed in, close.

Reach down and touch yourself on your ankles and then try to roll yourself down from there. I think I need to be more forward. Here we go again. Rolling down, placing the feet down on the mat. Inhale here. Exhale into a pelvic or we flatten the spine first. Lifting the bones of the spine off the mat one at a time. In inhale and exhale. The chest reaches through the spine, comes down bit by bit, arms reaching for the heels. Pelvis drops down all the way. An inhale and feel the spine flatten first.

Start now to put some energy into the legs, feeling the knees, reaching out over the feet, pressing the arms backward in opposition and inhale and down. So we work with the breath and we're working pretty quickly today because 30 minutes, it's not much time. We want to move, we lifting up and pause there and Xcel as you come down. One more time. Make it count in here as you drop into neutral. Exhale as you build the spine up. Pause at the top, lift the left leg and reach up and just tap the floor and lift back and tap the floor and lift back and tap the floor and app. And last one. This time as you go to tap the floor, your foot will stay there, rural through that foot. Check in with the pelvis, lift the opposite leg and reached down.

Tap and dig deep and drag the leg in and reached down. Tap and dig deep, so feel that both backs legs are active. Here's number four. This is the one where the foot comes down, so we find the toes, we roll through the foot, we start rolling through the spine. Reaching our arms out to our size. As the pelvis touches, we lift one leg than the other and inhale, coming towards the left and exhale back to center and inhale over to the right and exhale, dig deep and inhale over to the left and exhale back to center and inhale to the right and exhale back to center. As you rotate twice more to each side, feel that the arms are reaching, reaching, reaching long.

There's no lifting of the shoulder blades as you rotate away from them and also try to feel that you're increasing or looking for more movement each time without shifting the knees or feet to do so. We placed the feet down, we placed the hands behind the head filter, curl the head and chest. Inhale and exhale to lower down. We're going to do one more like that and then I'm going to do some fancy stuff. Exhale to curl up or not fancy but different, just different and and now curl the chest. Sta. Hold the chest. Sta.

Now tilt the tailbone in, roll up, pressing the rib, the bottom of the ribs into the mat, but the upper ribs into the mat as well. And then let the pelvis come down and let the upper body come down. So what do I mean by that curling up? I mean that we feel the low back, clear the mat, but we don't lift any higher than that. And as we're doing that, we're trying to increase flection through the chest and then we release back to neutral, trying to keep the hike. And now we lower down and we're going one more time. Exhale to curl up. Inhale as we go into a little pelvic curl, barely any feet there, barely any.

If he lived the chest more, keep the chest lifted as the pelvis goes back down and hold. And now Xcel as you rotate to the left and inhale to center and rotate up in across to the right and inhale to center and to the left and center and to the and center and to the left, picking up the left leg and placing it down and to the right. Picking up the right way and center and picking up the Left Way and center and picking up the right leg and center and lower the body down and lift the body up and pick up one leg and pick up the head. Both hands on both knees, curling the spine up and reaching out. Double leg stretch, Anna or and India. And so we feel energy in the body in both directions and out and back and big stretch and open like you're yawning. Opening your whole body up on the last three common around keeping the body lift and around last one and around single leg stretch.

Here it is, or reaching, enriching, pressing the chest in the shot up against an imaginary bowl. There's a big bowl in here. I'm in your imagination. The eye pushes against it and the chest pushes against it and we do three more and three and two and two and one and one and now both knees in and curl a little higher and hands behind the head. We rotate to the left and to the right. Reaching up as we go across each and every time up as we go across and I get, and I'll take the opposite arm in, stretch out past that.

Me reaching up in Florida, letting the body follow that line, reaching and reaching, reaching one more and the last time man. Find Center and reach forward. And now just take the feet down to them all the way. I know. Stretch the legs out length in the body. Yeah, squeezing the legs together, pressing the legs down, lifting the head and chest. Curl up through the spine.

Find the rounded position first at the top and then reach out through the back and rotate the palms up. As we flex the feet and we rotate, rotate, center and twist, twist and center and feel the rotation coming all the way from the base of the spine all the way through the top of the head on one more. Okay. And again, I now press the arms forward and point the fetus roll back. Don't go all the way down. Just lift the arms to the ears, reach around to the sides, curling ourselves back, lifting the spine, arms out to the sides, palms up, feet flex and rotate. And Roti.

Keep thinking arms straight from one another and straight across. And now press the arms forward and point the seat and roll back. And just at the tips of the shoulder blades, we take the arms back and we circle the arms around and we were all Baca lifting. Rounding the spine, reaching out, flexing the feet at its t, twist center and twist with center and open and center. Open, keeping the feet stone open. And last one. And now take the arms all the way up.

Reach the spine a little taller. Take the arms behind you, press into the arms with your wound, the arms with your arms into the hands. Press down in the mat to lift the spine off the mat and now lift the pelvis off the mat, reaching up, back support. And then we allow the hips to come down. The chest reaches forward and Xcel as we left, reaching up, up, up and inhale is become back. And exhale as we left. Go for it. Go for it. And inhale to come back. Last one. Short reps today. Short Reps. Make every movement, every I oda of movement count and sit down. Sit Up, separate the fee, reaching the arms forward. Inhale. Exhale.

Take the head forward. Pull backward on the abs as you take the spine all the way forward. And inhale when you get there. And exhale as you peel one vertebra at a time. Lifting up and inhale and exhale as we take it forward, reaching, reaching, and lifting. Yeah.

And in here I'm gonna Change Jack. Here we go. So from that forward position, I want you to bend your arms like you're trying to drag something heavy to bend them. So your upper arms come just next to your sides. Now straighten your back and straighten your arms. Going into a tricep extension. Hold your back straight. Reach your arms all the way back up over your head and die forward.

And then the elbows and lift the back. Pressing the arms out. Don't let your upper arms get behind your body and reach the arms up. They cycle through space. And we dive over. And one more like that. Bend reaches, straightening the arms, reach up, lengthen the spine more forward, roll forward, lift arms out to the sides and turning to the left for the saw. We reached down and forward and in and back and lifting and center.

So there's two dynamics here. The forward back dynamic and the left hand, right hand side dynamic or eastern, west and center and spiral. Make the spiral the easy part. Make that stretch where you're really trying to milk each segment of your spine and left and center and in turn feel that you're trying to really link and lengthen. Lengthen out the back. So we try for a flat back end center. Last time. Inhale and reach. Chin going, going up and center. And last time to this side. Go ahead, go ahead and uh, and center. Slide the legs together.

Reach the arms behind the head and we back on the diagonal and we roll through the spine and come down and inhale to lift the head and chest and xls. We reach through the spine. Reach all the way forward. Build the spine back straight, hinge back on the diagonal, reluctantly at the last minute, the Povo stocks and we roll down the feeder, actively pressed into the mat, lifting the head and chest and curling over, reaching forward, reaching forward and lifting the back. And last one and rounding down [inaudible] and lifting up and reaching over her, reaching forward and lifting the back. Here comes a transition. We sit back, we tuck the pelvis, rounding down, controlling it, controlling it, getting to the lower back. Bend the knees, bend the knees just off the shoulders with the spine.

Stretch the legs up externally. Rotate the hips, take the legs down, bend the knees in and stretch the legs up. Press the legs down, pull the knees in, stretch the legs up. And three is the last one. But then we're going to reverse. So we're going to bend. We're going to press forward with the chest and the legs and then pull the legs up and then, and press forward allowing the legs to take the chest further up. And last one. Reaching forward and pulling up and bend your knees and place your feet down the scoot a little forward. Inhale, going into a pelvic curl.

We roll ourselves up, press down into the feet, come to the top, lift the left leg, stretch it to the ceiling and take it down and up. Reach and up, keeping the pelvis lifted high as we reach that leg through space. Last to last one, holding it up and we push up. Two, three, four, five bear money. Pick up the other leg. Stretch it up right away and take it down and back. Reaching one, three or five, four or five. Last lifting at three, four, five. Ben, journey in here. Curl the spine down. Take your time, reach the arms. Check in with the shoulders rolling down.

How's the pelvis touches? Bring your legs into your body. Stretching the legs up and we exhale to rollover the feet. Come to the floor, the arms circle around. Find the feet, lift your back. Find the longer spine. Hold onto the left foot with both hands. Reach the right leg into the air, into the air and away from you. Push, push and change. Reaching up, up and away. Push, push and switch. Lift, lift. Feel the legs come over right by one another.

Reaching up higher and higher every time and one more. Last one and both feet down. Ballsy down, holding onto the C, you know, just slowly down, slowly down. I'm holding onto my feet. I'm giving myself a little stretches. I roll down, roll down, yes. Bend the knees and roll up and turn to the side.

I'm going to do the twist, excuse me, top foot in front of the bottom foot, arm, straight on the mat. Shoulder stable and breathing. We lift into a side plank position. We reach under with this by using the arm to press back and lengthen the spine. Long in here as we come through center and now exhale as we reach into the sideband, looking down at the and inhale as we come through center and exhale as we reach under and finding that nice long position and inhale as we come back and exhale. As we said, one more.

I'm reaching under a long slot, back, shoulders under control, up to lots of that and reaching back. And now lifting up, almost like you're weightless and coming back, dropping the bottom lane, bringing the top hand behind the head, lifting that other leg up. And I bring the leg forward and reach back. Keep it high and find a consistent height and try to challenge that place number four of five and five and holding there. And now we take it down to the back, up to the front, up to the front, down to the back.

So we are looking to clear a hurdle and three more up, up. So I want you to think about the leg that's moving through space right now. It's my left leg. So we're gonna keep on this side for a little while. So stay down there, stay down and back with that left leg. Or if it's your right, just be aware, reassure your arm, start your, rotate your body forwards, rotate your body forward. Allow the left arm to come to the floor or the Mat.

Turn the right knee so you're now straight on with your mat. I put my clothes on for just one second. Here we go. Stepping into a plank position, we do three pushups, two and three. We lift that same leg, left leg for me on reach out and two and three and four and keep the leg up and now reach up into Arabesque, lifting the leg nice and high and then down and reach up nice and high through the like pushing the opposite heel into the mat and down. Last time holding you, we bend the knee into the chest now and reaching up and bend the knee into the chest so we get that flection and then we get the extension and really work those hip extensors. Last one, bending in, reaching back, stepped down. Lower your body. Three more pushups, one to [inaudible], three bend your knees and I think it'll work if we just turn around and position our bodies at the other end of the mat. I'm short of breath. Here we go.

So Oh, calm down. Just a minute. While we set up chiller down top leg with the bottom, like here we go. Reaching out into the side. Plank, reaching through rotation. Finding the lung back and now back and now up, looking down at the hand. Okay.

[inaudible] center and exhale, spiraling under, reaching back towards the legs, breaching under with the spine and inhale and last one reaching under and back and only lifting up and back. Dropping the bottom knee to the mat. Lifting the opposite leg. Hide hand behind the head. Leg swings forward and back and to and back as very and back. Checking in with the shoulder. Just caught mine trying to turn in. Reds.

Last one, pressing the head into the hand. Take the leg down behind you. Lift it up and bring it to the front. Lift it up and bring it to the back. So each time you clear a higher hurdle with that lay. But there there's no spinal movement at all. Last two times, now one and one and two and two.

And now we take the leg back, reach out, reach that opposite arm for the right arm forward or the same arm and Sagan, same leg are reaching. Turn towards the man, rolling yourself into neutral, aligning with parallel. And now we step back with the left leg. Putting weight on it and we do three pushups, one and two and three and now we point the right leg and reach out. And as a leg lift there's no bending in the spine. It's just a nice hip extension. And now we take the leg up.

Oh are we kidding? I'm nice and [inaudible] and lift up and back. Shifting back into that lane and down. And last one from here, we round the spine, bring in the knee into the chest and then reach the back. Long and strain and around the spine.

Bring in the knee into the chest and reaching long and straight. Here's number one, reaching one in street. I know he step in and lower back to plank position and three more pushups. One he, we slow down and we work with precision and Ben Journeys and sit all the way back to your feet. Take a breath through to year the turn the face this way. Interlock, the hands high up the back and left hovering the legs up off the mat, drawing the shoulders down and we kicked the legs in one, two, three.

And then we take the body out wall and each time you come back into the bent knee position, you rotate your head the opposite direction to three and Mary Jo. And what? Two, three. I'm trying to keep the body from being real. Wigley by focusing the bending. The work in the legs are way up at the top of the hamstrings.

Last one here, eating out. Ah, AH, and back. N O bows down, back and now let go of the arms. Reach them overhead. I had a nice solid position with the left arm in the right lane, right? I'm left like at this base. Inhale, two, three, four.

Exhale, two, four. Paying attention at both sides of the body are working for you. And inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four. Inhale, two, three, four. So last breath and everything, right. Give your spine a minute to settle and then press yourself up and sit back on your feet as you do that.

Organize your Shin so that they're parallel to one another. Then keep the arms reaching way out in front. Finished with the combination. So from here we call this spine, reaching the shoulders forward over the hands. As that happens, a lot of the pelvis to drop towards the arms. Support that with the back of the leg and then undulate open through the chest, lifting the eyes, pressing through the arms, and then bend through the lower spine.

Allow the rest of the spine to just respond and sit back. But just hover, just hover and inhale and exhale as we roll through the back, pressing down through the shins, letting the chest reach first down and then forward and then forward as the chest reaches through the arms and then curling the back, lifting up off the mat with the apps and we'll go one more time reaching forward. [inaudible] unwinding, opening the chest. Stay here and take one big breath. And as you exhale, come all the way back. Stay have or just over the knees, but pull so deeply back with your abs that you get a stretch and then start to roll yourself up. Bringing your hands towards your knees and then let your hands just trace the lines of your thighs and sneak to the outsets of the sizes.

Yooralla lifting arms to your sides. And now reach forward with your arms and back with your pelvis and deep with your apps. And then open pushing through the heels of the hands, opening through this fine, reaching the arms back, and then allowing the arms to reach forward and curling the spine. So it just heavy sitting back towards the heels and then flexing through the heels of the hands and reaching open through the chest as the body comes just over the knees. And then allow the arms to reach down and just one inhale, lifting the arms up and feeling the energy and taking the arms down. And that's it. 30 minutes, right? Exactly. I think, whew.

I feel good.


Jodi B
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what a fabulous 30 minute quick workout for teachers like me who must keep up our own practice with little time. LOVED IT! Will be doing this one again and again and again!
Great fast,rigorous 30 min workout. Thanks
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30 minutes just BLEW by....I feel good too. :)
Thanks Nancy!!
Thank you ladies! Happy to be of service :)
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Now Im ready to face the day! Thanks for your inspiration Meredith! Saw you at the LV party. It was fun to see everybody dressed up!
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Favorite new quick workout. Meredith you are stunning to watch!
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Another great 30 minute class!! Love these!!Thanks!
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Hell yes! A new fantastic 30 mn work out from the fabulous teacher Meredith Rogers!!! Can't wait to try this one!
Vigorous! Who says Pilates can't be aerobic?
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