Exercise #1434

Swan Dive

2 mins - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Abdominals, back and hip extensors.

Objective: Strengthen the back and hip extensors and stabilize the powerhouse.

Start Position: Lie on your stomach with legs together and hands placed by your head. Lift your abdominals away from the floor while sending your tailbone to the floor.

Movement: Press through your hands into Swan, maintaining a long spine and lengthened neck. Release your arms straight to the side as your body rocks forward. Maintaining the arc position of the body, the legs will lift off the Mat. Rock back onto the thighs, lifting the chest, and maintaining the extension and arc position of the body. Repeat.

Precautions: Avoid lifting the chest and extending the spine so much in Swan that you feel a pinch in the lower back. Maintain the length in the back by lifting the abdominals to spine and sending the tailbone to the Mat. Prevent the legs from releasing the arc shape by engaging the glutes, inner thighs, and back extensors. Swan Dive should not be performed until you have learned and practiced the Swan and Swan Dive Prep.
What You'll Need: Mat

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The next exercise is called Swan dive. It takes a lot of back muscle control. It opens up the chest to create an atmosphere of exhilaration and excitement. Obviously it's an advanced exercise. So to g...

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Why are the arms to the side rather than reaching forward?
Good question Safiah, we were looking to duplicate the exact version that is done in Return to Life ( original book written by Joe Pilates where he describes how to do ever of the mat exercises ). Normally I teach advanced students to do this with the arms forward and I consider it the most advanced interpretation of the swan dive.
New to me too!

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