Lower & Upper Back
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3455

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thank you Niedra, now I have a different body, from time to time I come back to these unravel classes.
Love you
I am so happy to be reading this Laura, I am so glad you benefited from this challenge
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This is an amazing release; I am always suffering from tight lower  and upper back ; I think these are what I should do everyday; Thank you Niedra
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After this releasing work my roll ups, rollings and even teasers were fluid and easy. So inspiring! Thank you!
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This is an area where I have a lot of trouble with. I did it twice. First with an overeball. Then with a smaller ball of a heavy sort. I felt relief right away and even more this morning. Thank you!
We all teach so much we can tend to neglect our own bodies and our own practice.  I definitely was neglecting this work for my body and have significant lordosis as do many of our clients.  This was incredible for my lumbar spine.  After several sessions of this I was finally able to articulate my lumbar spine during a roll up after so much neglect :)!  THANK YOU THANK YOU
thank you Cate Dupslaff Katarina , I am so glad this work is bringing you relief.  Great time to take care of yourslef. 
Beautiful lesson! I liked the part from the shoulder blade and neck and I smiled I lot during it.Thanks so much :)
I have a question regarding the big ball, is it the same ball used for the rhythmic gymnastic?
Francesca Stocchi I have no idea what the ball is for rhythmic gymnastics.   
In the tips for success at the beginning of the challenge, I go over all teh props and what the measurments are and where you can purchase.   Anything that works for you is fine.... 
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