Prenatal Pelvis Mobilization<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1235

Prenatal Pelvis Mobilization
Leah Stewart
Class 1235

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Leah, This class felt so good today! I am 25 weeks along with my second son. I have been in a funk with my own practice, and was looking for some inspiration. I found it in your class today! I feel lighter and happier already! Thank you for sharing! Megan
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My pleasure, Megan! So happy you enjoyed
I love your reformer workouts. Gives me a way to continue what I have done for years--at 31 weeks. . . what happened to the workout with the reformer and the ball? I loved what that did for my sore lower back. . .
You are a beautiful spirit, I love your teaching qualities.
The care you show throughout your workout for mother and baby.
I have had all my babies they are adults now, I only wish this work was around back in the 70's coming forward.
As a Pilates Instructor I see many pregnant women. You you are my inspiration which I take into my session for my lovely mummies to be
Thankyou Tess Scammell Australia Melbourne
This is wonderful! I am an apprentice instructor, teaching a trio Friday with my first pregnant client and your videos have given me some excellent ideas for how to keep her safe while also challenging the other two ladies.Thank you!
Super super super!
Thank you for another wonderful video! I appreciate the exercises you include that challenge both my pregnant clients and non-pregnant ones alike =)
Great ideas!
Leah, you are magic.. More more more! Happy holidays!
Such amazing comments, ladies! I am SOOOOO happy that these classes inspire you. Thank you!
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