Prenatal Pelvis Mobilization<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1235

Prenatal Pelvis Mobilization
Leah Stewart
Class 1235

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My friend suggested I watch your classes now that I'm teaching more pre natal clients. I found myself really enjoying it myself! The "Blah" was awesome. It works. Fabulous!
Jaime I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying yourself. And yes, the "blah" is a keeper
You are genius. It will gonna big help for my class with my pregnant client. Thank you!!
Leah Stewart Thank your awesome prenatal classes. Amazing resource for new instructor like me.
Thank you Leah for the this amazing class!! Although I am only 17 weeks pregnant, I felt like my body needs all these hip stretches, pelvic girdle movements and the back extension! Awesome workout!! 🙏
Julie K
Leah... I'm so grateful for your work!  I actually study your method for my older clients.  Most of my peeps are 70 ish and, as a new teacher (2 years), I've really struggled to find creative movement for them that's safe and fun.  I love the huge variety you offer!!  
Bless you!!
Loved this Leah! At nearly 40 weeks it felt amazing, particularly the lat and arm work at the end, thank you :) 
Allana KD
wow this felt amazing. I have HG and a head cold and this was absolutely perfect. thank you!
Barbara P
Did this today, not beeing pregnent this time. Loved it anyway! ❤️
Carolina P
Lovely class. I'm 29 weeks pregnant. It offered a much needed release in the lower back and hip flexors. I particularly liked the hip stretch and footwork on the box. I also enjoyed the spiritual component at the end taking a moment to connect with your baby. Thank you for creating this video! 
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