Prenatal Pelvis Mobilization<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1235

Prenatal Pelvis Mobilization
Leah Stewart
Class 1235

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Leah, I'm 16 weeks and I'm so happy that this workout is something I can use throughout my pregnancy
32 weeks now and love this class! Felt so nice to move my spine and get some extension!
wonderful, well balanced class! thank you for the creativity you bring here. I teach groups of pregnant women, and I watch your classes and get so many ideas! it's all so applicable to the average pregnant woman. thanks again. great inspiration
Dear Leah,
You are an angel of creativity
Love all your class.
So inspiring
This has been my favorite pregnancy class so far. Everything about it was wonderful. Thank you, Leah.
Can't wait to use some of this great class with a pregnant friend in a few days!

I hope the class with your pregnant friend went well I'm so glad that you liked the content.
Leah Stewart How soon after birth could I start pilates? Is it ok to do prenatal classes after birth?
Jessica Yes, Prenatal classes are great for postpartum as well, but as always it depends on your individual situation and of course, the content of the class you want to do. One of the best elements of Prenatal Pilates that should be carried into the postpartum period, particularly the early postpartum period, are modifications & variations to the abdominal work, as for the first few months, traditional Pilates abdominal exercises should still be modified. As to when you begin Pilates again, light movements and breathing can begin with in a few days. Check out my early postnatal mat classes from my second pregnancy, they have really great, safe exercises for new moms
This class is great, the focus on opening the pelvis was just what was needed.
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