Healthy at Any Age<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1981

Healthy at Any Age
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1981

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I love classes whit real people!! What a wonderfull teacher!!
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Niedra and Shirley, gold stars for both of you. The changes all the way through were quite evident. And I agree with you 100%, that we need to get more seniors on the reformer and through away the walkers for good! So important that people see and do this work.
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Wow, what a great first session. Best of luck to you both as you get that flat stomach Shirley. I am sure it will happen quickly as you have a teacher that is just the BEST and you are so positive. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
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Loved loved this class! With the average person being taught it reflects the real responses and how the experience has resonated with them and in them! Niedra loved your execution and patience with Shirley and how at any age changes can be made! Shirley was a doll!! Would loved to see a follow up with her progress!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you all for your enthusiastic comments. I will share them with Shirley next week - I go over to her house and work with her when I am near by. She is such a wonderful person, and working with seniors is soooooo important and under " delivered" in our current culture. ( they often cannot afford privates or group classes as they live on social security) so any service classes spread out to that part of our community is a gift and more - it makes their lives MUCH MUCH better. Shirley is sleeping better, walking better and generally much happier with doing a few exercises every day. So happy you all got inspired and want more - I know you will go out and help ...
Loved loved this also! Teaching active seniors is a wonderful vocation and I hope to continue my PTA career working with pilates for seniors! Shirley was so great! You were terrific with her! I was happy she didn't fall over from orthostatic hypertension which we so often have to were quite careful with her, which is so important! We always have to teach seniors to stand with support since so many have had injuries where they are weakened. It was great to see your fine tuned training in explaining how to use her body, how to challenge herself and how pilates will benefit her functional strength! Brava!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Tessa, I am thrilled with how much interest this lesson has generated. Your vision and desire to work with seniors is a wonderful service. wishing you much success.
Many thanks to you, Niedra, ?? you encourage me! I'll look for more of your work!
Oops. Smiley face got lost... Ha :)
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What an inspiring session. I find the enthusiasm and sense of adventure you get from seniors contagious! Going back to basic cueing was so useful Niedra and reminds us what is like when you learn pilates for the very first time, Shirley picked it up so well and visually you could see her body start reacting to your cueing.....fantastic, looking forward to a follow up
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