Healthy at Any Age<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1981

Healthy at Any Age
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1981

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Sue B
fabulous love your pace and cueing you are patient and careful without being patronizing.
Thanks for teaching this wonderful class Niedra and demonstrating that Pilates is indeed good for all ages!
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Thank you so much Niedra and PA! This session encouraged me to work with my 84 year old mother-in-law who was in pain for a long time. Walking more and more bend to one side, her Lumbarspine showed sliding discs and pressure on the ischiatic nerv. The doctors told her to rest and told her not to go swimming anymore. She was desperate. For a long time I was insecure but in urge to do something. I did exactly your exercises and she loved it, felt energized and happy. "Finally I see light" was what she said! Again I took so much advantage of your work and I am so grateful!
Jodi H
Thanks so much to PA and Niedra for addressing Pilates for seniors. I find working with older clients to be so rewarding but their challenges and needs are truly unique. It really is never too late to start -- kudos for bringing that message to light. I look forward to more videos like this featuring people who are new to this wonderful movement system.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you every one for your enthusiasm regarding this lesson with Shirley - she has no idea she is such a star... and has inspired so many of you in your own work with seniors. I agree with all the comments - this is invaluable so I am very happy to know there are so many enthusiastic teachers wanting to help our elders.
Fantastic class with senior client, I think it's very importan show your fantástic work with Shirley, Thank You very much !!
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Excellent video! I work with an older population and have been longing to see others who do the same. I liked the work with the short box which I will incorporate into my workouts...and teaching how to sit is also very important. Thanks so much! MORE videos for those in the 65+ years.
This class is so important
This class tells me why
This class gonna help so many people
This Class make my mother start to exercise
Thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you MingFen,Patty and Roberto, I am so happy to see that this class is inspirational to you - Shirley has no idea how much she has contributed to the world of teachers, working with seniors .
Thank you,
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Wonderful lesson Niedra! Thanks for sharing this. Having achieved my teacher certification at age 60, I am a big believer in Pilates for seniors. I work with the senior population quite a bit. I have used all of these exercises with great success. I find that older clients really love the reformer. I hope you will offer more classes like this.
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