Re-Align your Body<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2054

Re-Align your Body
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2054

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Jo-Anne Callaghan
Great Class. thank you
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Another genius Niedra class!!!
Thank you Niedra: lots of myofascial lines being unravelled and many concepts straight from osteopathy being used here. Thanks for high lighitng that sometimes we need to let go before we can go forward with pilates.
Niedra! This is fascinating! Did you learn these exercises or invent them? I can't wait to try this! Thank you so much for sharing this work.
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Wow, this really feels different and great! I'm excited to keep up with it--I really have weak and lopsided hip adductors and I also sit at a computer for so many hours every day. I think this will really help. Thanks so much, Niedra--I love your work!
Niedra Gabriel
Love reading all these concepts and so happy you are all interested . As the video was filmed a while back I need to watch it to see what I did ( !!! ) but looking at the photo I know I was using some of the work from Pete Egoscue, who has some very interesting therapy work to re establish the stabilizers in the body and rebalance the muscles and skeleton. I highly recommend reading his books, one is called " The Egoscue method of Health through motion". I like his work and this book is thorough, as he talks about how various conditions ( like cartilage wearing down, spondilothesis and other conditions) normally considered irreversible, are correctable, with right rebalancing of the body.
(this is my kind of belief system too.) So - this is some of my inspiration.
Enjoy " the journey " I am just a student, learning all the time, like all of you...
Kinney F
Thank you for sharing these exercises. I did them and they were great! Really helpful for my shoulders especially. I will definitely look into the book you suggested. Exciting that the spondys can be reversed!
This is a great class. I felt so relaxed after completing the class it was the first time that I did not have any lower back pain from tightness and disc buldges. More please!
Love these exercises....can't wait to share and read the Egoscue Method book. Thank you for sharing. I am grateful for your enthusiasm.
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This is wonderful. BUT the best part is the presenter. It is so easy to spend time with you, as you present with such a warm and relaxed way. I love your style and your material.
Thank You from Rachel in England
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