Re-Align your Body<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2054

Re-Align your Body
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2054

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Niedra Gabriel
Thank you "Rachel from England". I like your comment - as inside, I was always very up tight about working and moving myself, so my goal as a teacher was to create a learning vibe that avoids that sort of stress. I am touched that you appreciate this.
Eva T
Greatful for your suggestions Niedra! I am having serious problem (pain) with my left elbow, but after doing your exercises the pain seems to ease off. However, even though I am keeping my shoulders down as I do the straight arm circles with scapular retraction, I still feel it in my neck. Am I overdoing it?
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for your comment Eva, no you are probably not over doing it, this exercise fatigues muscles that tend to be under worked. Just keep checking that your head is really on top of your shoulders and not in front ( normal for most people) and that you are retracting the scapula, then any pain is simply retraining that part of the body. It is common for people to feel fatigued and worked in the neck.
Hope this helps.
Eva T
Thank you for your suggestions. Will do the exercises every day for at least 2 week, in fact I will introduce them in my classes (giving credit to you). Will let you know if we have good results. Thanks again!
Niedra Gabriel
awesome - thanks
Niedra Gabriel - I have wear an tear in both my hip joints (72!) and do a lot of hip mobilization to keep the ball joint moving with freedom in the acetabulum which helps a lot. The main problem is that it aches when walking, perhaps, you have experience with this issue, and might suggest ways of dealing with the soreness.
Surgery - No thanks!
So cool....I am sure this will be a go-to for me....shoulders hips pinkies - it's all connected! Thank you PA & Niedra
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you both for posting. " The Mat" to answer your query, the about the hips is complicated but always - yes, there is a way to reduce pain and restore function, always.. I agree with you that surgery is not a solution as there is a reason the problem happened in the first place. The exercises in this video are very helpful to restore the muscles around the hips so they bear weight again and function when you walk, but there can be more to this. I suspect your hip flexors are tight ( I don't really know what your condition is without seeing you ) but I do know this condition is common in today's world. If that is the case, unless you balance your hips and legs prior to walking the wrong muscles take the blunt of the motion and you end up ' aching" as the joints are not releasing the right way.
Niedra Gabriel
Your feet could also be too tight which means there is tension thrown upwards into the knee and hip joints. so do explore ways to release and increase range of movement in the feet. Last but not least - do you have a second toe longer than the first one? if you do look up Morton's
foot - in fact go to that website you can find out if you have this and the insoles my change your life....
I hope this all helps - hard to help without seeing you in real life, so I am tossing out everything I can think of here...
Good luck and wishing you happy pain free walking.
Short workout, and it doesn't feel like you're doing much until you've finished! After just one class, I have a greater range of motion and no more "popping" in my left shoulder (one that had been giving me some problems). I feel my hips seem to have realigned a little bit as well. Hoping with some repeated classes, things will get even better! Great class!
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