Re-Align your Body<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2054

Re-Align your Body
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2054

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Always delighted to learn from you niedra, you are always so enthusiastic in trying to get your teaching across comprehensively.
Could do with you in the room with me to check my alignment.....!! 😀
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This is fantastic. And exactly what I was looking for
Fascinating class thank you - I learnt a lot. The lying with feet up and extending shoulders felt really good and just relaxing the pelvis and softening the belly also. I am a hyperextender with posterior tilt pelvis/tight psoas and this felt really good thank you! With best wishes from the UKx
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Sarah for your comment. I am glad you benefited from this class. Sometimes we just need to let go to come back to our center.
Erin W
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This is exactly what I needed after a night of jaw clenching... the painful result has melted away. I will be sharing sweet tidbits from this class with so many. Thank you!!
Niedra Gabriel
enjoy enjoy
very nice workout, funny how I tense up, just before you say: relax......
Liza P
Wonderful class, Niedra Gabriel!  I added to my faves list. I have a couple of questions:
1. In the exercise where my feet are on the wall and I'm rolling my knees in and out, the muscles on the outside of ankles/calves started to fatigue. Is that supposed to happen?
2. How can I tell if I'm rolling my sacrum forward but not arching my lower back? What should I feel?
3. In the last set of shoulder exercises at the end of the workout, how do I know what height to set the blocks? Also, during the setup, you said to roll the feet and legs out so toes touch but then in the middle you said to roll the legs in. Which should it be? Finally, the top of my forearms started to burn like the muscle was fatiguing. What can I do to correct this? It was really uncomfortable so I think I was doing something wrong.

Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Great Questions liza , remember you are activating muscles you may not have used for a long time, it is to be expected that you feel fatigue .  
1) if the outside of your ankles and calves have not been working the yes, this would activate those muscles and they would fatigue.
2) place your hands on your waist area to navigate whether most of the motion is coming from the pelvis or the waist.
3) Blocks do not need to be exact, but you could emulate the height of the back or your ribs as a target height, so you are aligning the harms with the trunk - it really will be dependant on how tight or loose your shoulders are so you may want to play with this. the burning in the forearms may be caused from tight shoulders - I don't know.   it is also normal as you are again using mostly unused muscles.
Hope this helps
Sandra B
Wonderful class! I cannot wait to try it out!
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