One Lung Breathing<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Tutorial 2480

One Lung Breathing
Deborah Lessen
Tutorial 2480

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A delight to see the work of Eve Gentry. Both Eve Gentry and Carola Trier don't get the recognition they deserve in the Authentic Pilates World. Huge Contribution to Joe Pilates Methodology.
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The dynamic duo strikes again. Love it. Yes we often don't go back and work on those fundamentals that are the basis for all the pilates work. Perhaps more importantly proper motions of the spine, whether you do pilates or not. Thank you Deborah and Niedra. You are a great team! ??
Such important work that should be the foundation of all side lying work and such great work for spinal imbalances. Thank you Deborah! More like this please :)
That was wonderful. Very clear to see on Niedra. Thank you!
pure Physiotherapy work.
I agree with you Mat Work.
Amazing 12 mins packed with essential information that I can use tomorrow in class!!
Wonderful teaching and demonstration. I loved the idea of correct breathing into the lung in order to create support, and to see how we lift the legs to align with spine in torpedo.fantastic for preparing for side lift.
Jamie H
Thank you for the helpful hints. This was very insightful.
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