Mat for Triathletes<br>Carrie Macy Samper<br>Class 2789

Mat for Triathletes
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 2789

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Super Outstanding Class with easy doable smooth moves with fluency for every part of the body! Great clear and pricise cues!!
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I keep coming back to this workout - the bolster work was a little confusing to me in the beginning but I am really starting to feel it now - LOVE this class x
So glad, Debra!
Wonderful class, Carrie! I don´t have that many bolsters to do it with my mat-class, but I rolled up the mat, which is a half inch airex mat, and that worked great! It helped my back to feel free, without any discomfort. Can´t wait to do it with the class! Thank you!
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I love this Carrie!!!!!!! Just did this class!!!! Going to use alllllll of it!!!!!!!
Andrea Flores
So glad you liked it, Andrea!
Carrie Macy you NEVER disappoint!
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Stunning as always. Gawd, I miss you!
Chanda Hinman
Loved it, as always, Carrie!
Thank you, Chanda and Lauren!
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