Straightforward Reformer<br>Kevin Bowen<br>Class 3018

Straightforward Reformer
Kevin Bowen
Class 3018

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Please note that this class also requires a jump board. My reformer, while it has a box, does not have a jump board
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Really enjoyed having that bit of cardio added!
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Really beneficial to see the Stamina reformer being used alongside the studio version. Many thanks Kevin! Really enjoyed the class!
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I loved this...I have the allegro 2 and it worked perfectly with this 😀 nice to get to use my jump board...perfect!
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I have a Stamina Reformer at home, much appreciated. Wonderful class!
Kevin Bowen
Hi Nerak - I will make sure that we list jump board required
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I love your voice. Peaceful Pilates!
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More without the box please 😀
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Great content! I like how you reminded us to re-organize ourselves and check alignment. Thanks! :)
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I love Kevin classes, he always have the best energy as possible 😘
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