Breath and Endurance
Amy Havens
Class 3028

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Loved the first class and looking forward to the rest.Thank you Amy Havens
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I loved breathing with you this morning, Amy Havens! And my meditation theme this morning happened to be breath as well! Synchronicity! Looking forward to the next class :)
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This was fantastic Amy, thank you, I loved the imagery of the ball to enhance the breathing, it was a great help, It made a difference to every exercise but especially the side twists and rolling like a ball for me - thanks so much!
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Great kick-off, looking forward to the rest!
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I am so happy to see you all here with me, keep it up, have fun, enjoy each day to the fullest! I've got some great things in store for you in this challenge!!Anne P. Chanda Chiara Denee [Ed.] Ewa Gerri Helen Helen Julie Katie Laura Peggy
Summer -- you are a rock start for keeping track of things like this, what an example!! Can't wait to hear about the things you notice!
First day with wifi in 3 days... Such a joy to discovery this challenge awaiting my first day of connection. Your joy and passion are so clearly articulated and demonstrated here Amy. Looking forward to the rest of the series!
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You are Amy so inspiring ☺️ Realy always Love Youre class ☺️
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Aaaawww! Love the class! That´s breathing….. focusing…..mobilization…. GREAT! Thank you!
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I took your suggestion Amy! Just did class 1..ahhh refreshing and great reminder to breathe fully! Just lovely! Thank you!
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