Tension Release Mat<br>Debora Kolwey<br>Class 3065

Tension Release Mat
Debora Kolwey
Class 3065

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Enjoyed this class .
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Fabulous indeed! Thank you Deb!!
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Wonderful and effective imagery! Thank you for a fabulous class that left me feeling great!
Andy M
You are a teaching legend, Debora Kolwey !
Debora Kolwey
Dear Andy, what an outrageous compliment! I am glad you enjoy the class and glad to "spend time together". The wonder of technology xoxo
Deborah, i just love you-) You do are a sunshine;i miss your classes-) Florence
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That was by far the most motivation teaser version I have ever seen/done; thanks so much!
I love the class a lot; focusing on feet really helps for lifting the hips and feel the lightness of lower body...thank you
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Thank you Debora, I enjoyed this class. 
Lovely cueing thank you and further ideas for teaching. One I'll come back to. The cueing of the arms in prone was really useful.
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