Practice What you Preach<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3874

Practice What you Preach
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3874

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Thank you so much for putting this together and making it available for no additional fee. I trained with Power Pilates and this section was completely absent from my training. I have been teaching for many years and as i started to teach i started to ask a lot of questions, many of them you address here. I think it is quite hard to avoid doing that. Every day i ask myself what am i doing, why am i doing it? What is my goal? How could i improve upon what i am doing? 
The improvement might mean that i need additional information and study something but it can also be about my own approach or state of mind that needs to be looked at. You sorted this out very nicely, thank you.
I am right now in a position where i do not want to and cannot stay and i am constantly thinking about how and what to change, what to do. This course will hopefully give me some ideas as i am going further in your lectures.

Niedra Gabriel
Copycat thank you for your post - yes, there are many questions we should be asking our selves and you are doing this - there is a way for you to create your own abundant life and no one but you can design and create this.  I support you on this journey of self discovery and empowering yourself.
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Ideal Day for me:

Getting up around 7:00, eating a good breakfast, walking with my doc Gracie, teaching a few hours putting 1/2hr breaks in between students, time for myself to move either Pilates or strength training, time to cook healthy food, read or study, bed around 9:00.

Niedra, this video goes so much farther than our Pilates teaching. I realize that in many aspects of my life, I often forgo what would be part of an ideal day. Sometimes it's fatigue and laziness, but usually it's just because I don't prioritize myself and then the day is done.  I was really inspired by this one and I want to make those changes. Writing it all done is definitely key; thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
sandyjgrant  and Bonnie , great insights.  Bonnie, I bet you can do this even now, just start moving the parts around to work for you. and sandygrant, yes, write it all donw, and begin to think about how you can apply this. You are NOT lazy, just Hazy about yourself... this is clarity about your needs. Invaluable for happiness.
My ideal starts with an hour of Pilates and a short meditation, then a power-walk or run. I can cope with anything when the day starts like that. But my first private starts at I have been pondering how to fit in making mornings my power-recharge time. I have been getting up at 5 lately to fit it all in and getting ridiculously tired and run down. I am now going to re-schedule some my  8am's,so I can start an hour later and the relief of making that decision is immense. Thank you for your inspiring course!
Niedra Gabriel
Anne-marie bravo - realizing you need to re organize your life to make it work for you is a muscle that gets stronger and stronger.
Enjoy your now regular power mornings.
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I'm going to start with 1 change this week. I often teach  3 sessIons in the morning and don't have time for a cup of tea or coffee as the gaps are too short. By lunchtime I'm feeling neglected! I'm going to make a flask up each day and ensure I take the time to drink it.  
Niedra Gabriel
Caroline B , yes, good girl. It can sometimes be that small changes.   Well done caroline.
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My ideal day starts with movement, time spent outdoors, nutritious foods.   I'd like to see clients with a sufficient buffer in between.  I want to be busy but not rushed.  Scheduled, nutrition breaks with healthy choices that I have prepared ahead of time.  Ideally I begin by 9 am and end by 6 not  late evenings.  I work evenings because I was always told I have to accommodate the clients. Do i really enjoy it?  Do i really have to?   If I am going to work until 7 or 9 pm, then why not work 4 days and take a 3 day weekend?  Things to ponder and contemplate.  I realize the clients will find me. I am in business for me- that is the beauty of being self employed.  I can honor me. 

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