Practice What you Preach<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3874

Practice What you Preach
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3874

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Thanks Niedra. I really resonated with the idea that we aren't hardwired to put ourselves first. I have four children and a growing pilates studio and I've realised how hard it is for me to say no to clients or move people around. I need to free up some afternoons so that I have time for me to workout properly, get my admin done and sort out my house(!)... and have time to enjoy it rather than rushing from one thing to another without looking up to see and feel the sunshine. Now I need to be brave and move my clients!
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Really enjoying the supportive community aspect here. 

My ideal day starts with tea sat in bed waking up, followed by a workout of some sort - Pilates, yoga or a run - then breakfast: nutritious, sustaining, fulfilling prepared and ready to eat at home. Coffee is a must before starting work.
Work involves being in a supportive community with like-minded professionals from whom I can ask questions, who can ask questions of me. Who I can give referrals to and receive referrals from. This space exists somewhere in a lovely setting in the mountains somewhere with lovely, fresh air and big sky (I come from New Mexico and now live in the UK so really missing this at the moment!) - I nearly cried envisioning being in this space, it felt so happy and good. 
Home time is at 6 and this is when I can unwind and relax with family.
Niedra Gabriel
Emma  and Andrea - well done ladies, yes, you are THE BOSS, and if you set defined boundaries your clients will align with you, or go elsewhere.   Keep going!
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This is a REALLY inspirational and important session, thank you again Niedra. I did pause the video to make notes, but I realise that this is a seminal point for me, and I am now super excited about the three hour train journey I have tomorrow whereby I will be losing myself in this ideal working professional existance that I wish to take forward. I will be setting out S.M.A.R.T. objectives which I plan to implement and share with others as appropriate. To Caroline B, thanks for the comment about not having the time to have a drink in the mornings. I always state to clients they should hydrate, but you made me think maybe I need to model this, so a flask and a sip at the beginning and end of class might just work??.....thanks to you all. I am looking forward immensely to the rest of the sessions, but am pacing myself and am not diving ahead, thanks also for asking us to honor that Niedra. xxx
Niedra Gabriel
Mel yes, take the time - it is about the work you put in way more than listening to ,me. Bravo, keep working on your life.
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I am so enjoying these thought provoking sessions. It can be so easy for a regular routine to get sidelined. We can feel pulled every which way and just lurch from cleaning/caring/shopping/cooking/sl eeping etc etc I have made a note of my ideal day which I do on occasion have and will work towards it being more not less 😀
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Hi Niedra, listening to this I am realizing now that I am actually in a pretty balanced place right now in comparison of years ago. I've taken a mastermind course last year and I find lot of common ground here in this course. My ideal day is
Working out first thing in the morning, then breakfast, then I love to cook fresh food practically every day. Teaching 3 or 4 hours mornings or evenings. Later in the evenings i love to hike to reset my mind or plan a dinner with friends. Best days are when I can get a massage or do a sauna. 
Niedra Gabriel
Marta andFrances S Good for you! it is great to read what you are reflecting and realizing for yourselves.

Rajashree Srirangarajan
I loved the analogy, "wear your oxygen mask first before you help others", as I use this all the time. This sessions' title is one of my favourites as it's one of my life principles.
I have been a para-med professional all my career life and needed a break from it. Just 5 years ago joined Pilates class and long story short became certified recently as an instructor. Now I get plenty of "ME" time and have been enjoying teaching pilates with a small group 3X a week.
Niedra Gabriel
Rajashree Srirangarajan  How exciting to read your post and applause on taking the big jump into a new life.    
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